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“You won’t make it with the baby by yourself."

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“Wooo!” Paisley exclaimed from the bathroom.

“What?” Gerard shifted Helena to his left shoulder as he made his way from the living room.

“I’ve lost 15 pounds of baby weight,” Paisley did a victory dance in the doorway.

“That’s awesome. What’s your goal?”

“Thirty. But that’s my overall goal. I think that I’ve lost enough that I can find a wedding dress that will make me look beautiful.”

Gerard rolled his eyes, “You look beautiful anyway. You don’t need the help of a dress.”

Paisley smiled at him as she exited the bathroom and took the baby.

“Thank you baby,” she replied giving him a kiss before turning her attention on their baby.

“Hey, pretty girl. Are you ready to go for a walk? We’ll get your stroller and walk downtown.”

Helena responded with a smile.

Thirty minutes later Gerard and Paisley were pushing the baby’s stroller through the apartment complex’s parking lot.

“Is there anything you’re looking for in particular while we’re downtown,” Gerard asked as he pushed the stroller at a leisurely pace.

“Um no,” Paisley replied as she adjusted Helena’s blanket around her as a breeze blew, “ Just window shopping really.”

Three hours later the little family was back at their apartment.

“I thought you were just window shopping,” Gerard grumbled as he took out several bags from the storage area on Helena’s stroller.

“Well I was. Until I saw something I wanted.”

“Several somethings,” Gerard mumbled.

“Plus I filled out that job application and the manager told us I was the first one to ask for the job, so that’s promising.”

Gerard frowned.

“I thought you were going to stay at home and take care of the baby. Not get a job.”

Paisley narrowed her eyes.

“Are we living in the 1950’s or something?”

Gerard shook his head, “No, but I thought that was our understanding.”

Paisley promptly took their sleeping baby and lay her in her crib. When she came back she had her hand on her hip.

“No, Gerard. That was your understanding. I don’t know why you’re making this out to be a big deal. This job is only part time, and I would only be working from 9 to 1.”

“I don’t think you should be working. Helena is only three months old. You should be here with her.”

“I’m just the opposite. Gerard, you’re working for an art design place right now and you’re getting paid pretty well. But if I work too and get a little more cash flowing, that would help tremendously. I mean what about rent? The money I make can go towards paying the rent and that leaves more of your paycheck for other things.”

“I’m not having this discussion with you. I don’t really want you to work. I want to provide for you and our baby.”

“You’re damn right you’re not having this discussion with me because you can get to steppin’.”

Gerard stared at her, “What?”

“You heard me. Get your things and go somewhere. I don’t know who the hell you think you are telling me what to do. We aren’t married. And even if we were, you don’t own me. I’m an independent female and I was doing just fine before I met you.”

“You won’t make it with the baby by yourself."

“Watch me,” Paisley challenged.

Gerard stiffened momentarily before heading to their bedroom. Fifteen minutes later he came back with his belongings in several duffel bags.

“Don’t let the door hit you in the ass,” Paisley glared at her fiancé as he passed by her.

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