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A Day of Grey

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Kyo is a very angry little man. Kaoru’s his best friend. Die and Shinya aren’t very talkative. And Toshiya generally just wants to sleep. Kyo hates people. Practice is typical. And Kyo’s plag...

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Kyo shuffled out of his bedroom; his blond hair was messy as ever and sticking in every which direction. Kyo was not a morning person, despite it being almost noon. The other four members of their five-piece band were gathered around the circular breakfast table, nibbling on sandwiches and the remnants of their lunches. Kyo simply prepared himself a bowl of semi-stale frosted flakes and sat down in the single empty chair. The other members were accustomed to his odd morning hairstyles. "Morning, sunshine," Kaoru said with a faint chuckle.
Kyo simply glared a little at Kaoru while cramming a spoonful of cereal into his mouth. Once he swallowed the bite, he left his spoon in the bowl and crossed his legs on his chair. "I had another dream about you guys, by the way," Kyo stated plainly.
"Oh really?" Toshiya chimed in.
"Mmhm," Kyo mumbled.
"What happened in it?" Die asked, knowing the imaginative-and often twisted nature-of Kyo's dreams.
"Meh, nothing abnormal really," Kyo began. "I gouged out your eyes, burnt you alive. You know, nothing strange."
"Did you write a song from it?" Shinya cooed.
"Oh yeah. Woke right up and jotted down some lyrics," Kyo replied, nodding as he crammed another spoonful of cereal in his mouth.
"That's cool," Kaoru told him, stuffing his face with some potato chips.
The table was fairly quiet as it usually was during the morning to mid-afternoon. Die and Shinya wandered off to go watch television together, cuddled up on the couch. Kaoru continued to nibble on potato chips, as Kyo ate his breakfast. Toshiya tiredly gazed out the window, his mind obviously in space. That was when Kaoru decided it was time to get out and do something. "I say we stop wasting time and go do something. You know, terrorize old people, and taunt little kids. Something."
Kyo stared at him as he downed the milk that was in the bowl then stood to toss the dishes in the sink. "I'll get dressed. You're driving," Kyo mumbled.
"Totchi. Tooootchi. TOSHIYA!" Kaoru shouted.
Toshiya twitched and nearly fell out of his chair. "WHAT?!"
"You were day dreaming."
Toshiya narrowed his already narrow eyes at Kaoru. "I'm awake."
"We're going out."
"Gah, I'll get dressed then."
Just as they were getting ready to leave, the apartment phone rang. Kaoru heaved a deep sigh and moved to answer it. "Kaoru speaking."
It was someone whom they were supposed to claim as their manager. "Kaoru, I hope you guys remember you're scheduled for practice in a few hours. Considering you're going on tour in a few weeks, I believe it's of great importance for you-"
"Blah, blah, blah. We get it. You've called everyday for the past week."
"And you've ignored me... please just this once?"
"Fine. We'll be there."
Kaoru hung up the phone and slipped on his slick aviators. He adjusted the thick leather jacket he was wearing before stuffing his hands in his pockets. "We've got practice today, since we've ignored the poor guy for the entire week. I figure he has a point about us preparing for tour."
"Meh, I need no practice. All I've gotta do is scream," Kyo stated simply, getting in the passenger door of the massive SUV they used for travel.
Die and Shinya were seated comfortably in the center seat and Toshiya was comfortably laying in the backseat, possibly preparing for a short nap. Kyo folded his arms, staring rather complacently out the window. Kaoru started the vehicle and began driving to no particular destination. They were cut off by a slow-moving truck. Kaoru knew what was expected and simply sighed. Kyo rolled his window down and proceeded to shout at the truck in front of them. "GODDAMNIT YOU STUPID ASSHOLE, MOVE THAT FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT BEFORE I GET OUT OF THIS CAR AND BEAT YOUR ASS!" he screamed.
However, with Kyo's poor accent on English profanity, some of his incessant screaming was hard to understand. It was typical. Toshiya almost fell out of his comfortable place on the backseat, staring over the seats at the rather pissed off Kyo. Shinya pouted a little, nudging Kaoru's shoulder from the middle seat of the SUV. "Kao~ he's doing it again," Shinya whined.
"I know, I know. There isn't any stopping him," Kaoru replied.
"Scared the shit out of me," Toshiya muttered.
Die chuckled faintly and leaned forward, tugging on Kyo's shirt. "C'mon, little man. Get back in the car. You're freaking people out."
Kyo carried on for a good five more minutes before sitting back in his seat and rolling up the window. Kaoru immediately turned on the window lock. "Feel better?" Kaoru asked.
Kyo huffed a little and folded his arms again. "Fucker," he grumbled. "I hate people."
Kaoru and Die laughed faintly before continuing. Kaoru parked the car in one of the many parking spots across the street from their studio. "We're way early. I figure we can walk around a bit then surprise them with being on time. Or early even. This is considering they have a feeling we aren't showing up," Kaoru explained.
The five men began wandering the sidewalks, occasionally drifting into music or instrument stores, the occasional grunge clothing store. It carried on this way for awhile. As Kyo was exiting one of the stores, another man ran into him. Instead of apologizing, the guy muttered some sort of vulgarity and kept moving. Kyo's eye twitched and he just about jumped the guy. Instead, his torrent of rage was unleashed via his horribly profane mouth. "You FUCKING BASTARD. I DARE YOU TO COME BACK HERE AND SAY THAT TO MY FACE, YOU FUCKING PRICK. I WILL RIP YOU A NEW ONE, GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE," Kyo shouted.
Kaoru and Die had the right idea-restrain the little bastard before he killed anyone. They each grabbed an arm and held on for dear life as Kyo thrashed and screamed profanities. The guy, needless to say, did not want a piece of Kyo. If it weren't the fact that Kyo was rather scary-even for being five feet three inches tall-it was the simple fact that he seemed like he was bent on eating human flesh or something.
Kaoru and Die slowly began backing up with Kyo in their grasp. "Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to hang out and walk around awhile. Remember, Kyo hates people," Die muttered to Kaoru.
"This is very true. I say we hoof it back to the van and go get something to eat before practice."
"Good plan."
So, instead of the conventional method of returning Kyo to the van, Die leaned down and grabbed Kyo's knees, throwing him over his shoulder and walking across the street with him. Of course, Kyo flailed the entire time, now directing his profanities to Die. "PUT ME THE FUCK DOWN! I WILL DESTROY YOU!" Kyo exclaimed.
So, Die did as he asked, though before Kyo could go about kicking anyone's ass, Kaoru wrapped his arm around Kyo's head. He held him in a sort of loose chokehold, just strong enough to keep him still. That was when he realized Kyo was incessantly chewing on his arm. However, Kaoru couldn't feel a thing through his thick leather jacket. "If you put a hole in this with your teeth, you're totally footing the bill for another one, Kyo-chan."
"CHAN?!" Kyo screamed, only chewing on his arm as intensely as he could.
Still, Kaoru felt nothing. "Don't make me purchase you an anti-bite mask. Can we just get in the car and go to lunch?"
Kyo sighed in a defeated manner, muttering another series of vulgarities before agreeing. "Fiiiiine."
Kaoru let him go and reluctantly Kyo hopped in the passenger seat. Toshiya found his comfy spot in the back again and flopped over. "Totchi, why don't you converse with the rest of us?" Shinya asked, turning in his seat to look at him.
Toshiya opened one eye and stared up at the somewhat feminine male. "Why?"
"Because you're being too quiet, that's why."
"Ugh," Toshiya muttered, pulling his hood over his eyes.
"I think that means no," Die snickered.
Shinya huffed a little and folded his arms, leaning against Die slightly. "Apparently."
Kyo leaned his head against the seat and sighed again. "So, where are we going?" he asked like an impatient child would.
"I have no idea. I just figured we'd find something else to do. I think they wanted lunch since nasty sandwiches don't exactly cut it," Kaoru replied.
"Sounds fine. You pick the place since you're driving. We're not picky."
"I know."
They proceeded to a cheap restaurant to enjoy a brief lunch before returning to the studio where they were instantly greeted by their manager-figure. "You guys did come! I'm so happy, I-"
"Hey, we don't care. We're going to practice, record, and then leave. Kay?" Kaoru said.
The manager moved to stutter some more words, but he was shut down. They grabbed their instruments, though Kyo instead held his microphone. They performed their rather popular song, The Final. They practiced this song a good four or five times before switching to Garbage. By the seventh time of practicing that song, Kyo decided his throat was a bit raw from screaming. It was time for a break.
"I'm shocked you can speak after singing like that," Kaoru muttered, taking a drink of water.
Kyo downed half a bottle of water before replying. "I'm a fucking god. Of course I can."
After their break, practice continued normally until they were tired. They packed away their instruments that they kept at the studio and then headed back to the SUV. "It was a good practice. I think we're pretty much ready for anything at this point," Kaoru commented.
Kyo shrugged and nodded. "When have we ever really failed?"
"Because we're fucking awesome."
The five of them laughed together as they packed themselves into the vehicle. Toshiya was out in a heartbeat in the backseat. Shinya laid his head against Die's shoulder and fell asleep pretty quickly, too. Die was fairly awake; though it was clear he was ready to go back to the apartment to his comfy bed. Kyo sat quietly in the front seat, muttering lyrics and rhythms to himself. "Do you ever stop singing?" Kaoru questioned softly as to not disturb the resting members.
"Nope. It's what I do to get paid, and it's what I do because I enjoy it. It's like therapy for me. Consider the shit I write," Kyo replied with a faint chuckle.
"Ah, indeed," Kaoru responded with a grin.
The vehicle was quiet aside from Kyo's gentle humming and the occasional spill of words. They arrived at the apartment. As opposed to waking him up, Die simply carried Shinya upstairs. Toshiya stumbled tiredly to his room. Kyo and Kaoru followed behind. Kaoru yawned, getting himself a quick drink of water. Kyo moved toward his room. "Night, Kao," he told him in a rather dull manner.
"Night, Kyo. Sweet dreams."
"Of course," Kyo replied, leaning around the corner to peek at him. "I'll dream of slaughtering you again tonight, I swear."
The both of them laughed though Kyo knew it would be true. His dreams were never pleasant. And, despite never being able to admit it, his nightmares were some of the scariest things he'd ever had to live with. Lyrics never seemed to do them justice.
I dare you, he thought silently in a rhythmic tone to himself, take one look into this shadow mind and you'll be appalled at what you'll find. Dusk and death, blood and sweat; you've really not seen anything yet.
Dir en grey-One-Shot-"A Day of Grey"
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