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Chapter 3: The Betrayal

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Chapter 3

Vergil has returned? Is this correct?

Yes, and the damned fool is practically giving Mundus what he wants.

A personal quest of revenge will be perfect for him. Mundus will take the opportunity to escape the demon world once more, and this time, he will be prepared to fight the Sons of Sparda.

What about the new one...Nero?

The boy holds more potential than that of Dante and Vergil combined.

I wouldn't hold him that high, Credo.

It wouldn't matter anyway. With what Mundus is planning, all three of them together couldn't stop him.

There's going to be a war.

Indeed. We may have to risk revealing ourselves.

Even if we did help, there would still be a terrible amount of loss.

We will most likely have to.

Yes, but are we sure that turning Earth into a battlefield is the best plan to overcome Mundus?

Dammit...yes! It is the only way he will be stopped. Ever since the incident on Mallet Island, he has been gathering a substantial amount of power. There's no way around it. Mundus is just too powerful. He will undoubtedly invade when Vergil releases him, and we will have to intervene.

Are you sure.

Are you not listening?!'s just...nevermind.

You're too attached to your boys. You have to accept the fact that no matter what happens, there is a possibility that they will die. Sparda...are you listening?

Yes. I have been listening the whole time. It's just as you said. I've never even had the chance to really meet them.

Hmm...we shall hold a vote...just the three of us. Credo, do you wish to carry out with the anti-invasion plan?

Yes, of course. It's the only-

I didn't ask for a reason. Just a yes or a no. Sparda...what say you on the matter?

...I relay forth an honest vote. No.

Very well. I myself, vote yes. Two of three votes are yes. The anti-invasion plan will be carried out at the first sign of Mundus' attack.

Lord Evangel, may I ask a question.

Of course, Sparda.

What if Earth and the High Realm fall to Mundus.

Then God be with us all.

You both worry too much. With our combined efforts, the High Realm, along with all three of your sons, will be more than enough to wipe out Mundus.

I hope you're right, Credo.

Chapter 3: Part 2

"How many of these bastards are there?!" Dante yelled out at Vergil as he chopped and hacked through three more of the demonic guard, their purple blood spewing about from the gashes and tears left in them.

"Less talking. Concentrate on the fight." Vergil replied as he slid his katana through one of the enemies. It fell with a shriek. Vergil continued his barrage of attacks by releasing a large force of seething-hot blue swords. He sprayed the area, killing a dozen more.

"You'd think that there's a whole damned army in this one room!" Nero grappled one of the demons with his devil bringer arm, spinning it around, pummeling several others in the process, and then hurled it across the room, where Dante leaped into the air, slicing into three.

An endless swarm of the horned monsters was pouring out of every door in site. They all carried small weapons of sorts, ranging from sickles to short swords. Their purple, scaled skin was no match for the weapons of Dante, Nero and Vergil. Unfortunately, if the fight lasted too much longer, it wouldn't matter. The three would be overcome by the sheer amount of demons.

A distant thudding pulsed through the floor and into the feet of the three devil hunters. Dante paid no mind to it. Nero took notice, but continued his massacre. Vergil was the only one who stopped. He allowed the vibrations to fill him, thoughts flooding through his head.

"Something very, very big is coming." Vergil spoke, almost sounding slightly worried, as a demon reached for him. A quick swipe, and the demon slid apart at an angle.

"So what? We'll beat the daylights out of it." Dante said, confident at the moment.

The thuds stopped. A monstrous roar filled the room. Nero looked upon the fattest demon he'd ever seen. It looked relatively similar to the ones they'd been fighting...just a few feet taller, and perhaps a good dozen-hundred pounds heavier. "Dante...I think you may want rethink what you said."

Dante turned to look at the giant demon, standing in the corridor across the room, jerking his sword from the chest of a demon. His mouth fell open, "Oh...daaay-uuumn! What a fat, tubby lookin' demon he is. Oh my...I'm sorry, guys, but I have to take a moment and name it."

"You're not serious...are you?" Vergil questioned, decapitating another of the guards.

"Of course! Now then...what should I call you." Dante spun his sword through a few more demons and then placed it on his back. "I got it!" Dante drew Ebony and Ivory, leaping into the air, using one of the other demons as a fleshy springboard. As he made it midway to the larger demon, he yelled out, seemingly stopping his fall, "I'll call you Teddy!" And then he unleashed a swath of bullets into it's head. Gunfire roared throughout the room, as Dante kept pounding bullets into it's head.

The demon howled ferociously as Dante landed on the ground, holstering his pistols and dusting off his jacket. He looked at the big demon, and smiled, "Aw...fatboy havin' some slow-mo issues?"

The demon fell with a boom, squishing a few other demons not smart enough to move. And then the fighting resumed. It seemed like a whole hour went by before the fight ended. Upon Vergil swiping the last demon into several layers, the three continued their search for the Staff of Hermes.

"When you see it, tell me." Vergil snorted.

"Yes Lord Vergy." Dante chuckled, replying.

"Don't ever say that again." Vergil paused. "I will hurt you in ways you never thought possible."

"Yeah, yeah, whatever."

"Hey...would this be it by any chance?" Nero waltzed around a corner and was staring right at the staff. Vergil and Dante appeared behind him.

"Yes, that would be it." Vergil's mouth formed a crooked smile. "One step closer to watching you die, Mundus."

Chapter 3: Part 3

Dante slowly walked circles around a seated Nero, looking at Vergil, "So now that we have what we came for...what do we do?"

Vergil narrowed his eyes at Dante, "We find a gate into the demon world. But we may need more than just the staff."

"Wait-" Nero paused, "Aren't we already in the demon world?"

"In a matter of speaking, yes. But, we're not in the correct part. This place is actually a separated part of their world. There's no way to get there from here unless one of the-" Vergil's speaking was cut off by a loud humming noise.

"What the hell is that?" Dante asked no one in particular.

Vergil stepped around the corner with a rather surprised, but pleased look on his face. "Unless one of the demons opened a portal into here."

Nero and Dante followed Vergil around the corner to look past the pillar, "Wait...what...we did all of this work searching for that damned staff for NOTHING?!" Dante shouted angrily.

"Indeed we have, Dante." Vergil shook his head smiling. "That fool, Mundus, wants me to come kill him."

Dante paused, "You know, now is a good time to talk about who's going to be doing the killing. It's going to be me. I'm getting payed to kill him."

"'re not, because if you're referring to the man who gave you the job, I sent him." Vergil nodded, "You didn't even see him in his true form. I sent you a Doppelganger for a client."

"You bastard! You just got us to join up so we could free you and help you with your vendetta against Mundus!" Dante stomped his foot against the ground and shook his fist.

"Yes, that's exactly what I did. Now to answer the next question-" Vergil was once more cut off.

"Tell me this! Why didn't you just open a portal to their world yourself! You brought us here." Dante's brows furrowed.

"As I was saying before you so rudely interrupted me you half brained twat! To answer your question, I simply did not have enough power to do so." Vergil sighed, finally done with speaking his piece.

"Well, he obviously wants us to go, so what are we waiting on?" Nero asked.

"We shouldn't be waiting on anything now. Let's go." Vergil said, looking at Dante.

"Well, the sooner we get this done, I guess the sooner I can get back to my shop." Dante shrugged.

"When we're done with this, there may not be a shop for you to go back to." Vergil smiled.

"What are you saying."

"I'm saying that once we confront him, he will be released onto Earth." Vergil spoke, eyes narrowing even more than they already were.

"Are you...stupid?" Dante's face actually looked serious. "You want to release Mundus on Earth?"

"Yes. Him and the army that he's been massing. It will be the only way for us to fight properly. A battlefield worthy of Gods." Vergil's smile grew more crooked and evil every second.

"No. I won't allow you to do this." Dante shook his head, stepping forward.

"I didn't ask for your permission brother. You don't have to come if you don't want to." Vergil looked at Dante, and then at Nero, "What about you. Who's side are you on. Mine or his."

Nero looked at Vergil, and then stepped next to Dante. "I don't know who you are, but I'm with Dante on this one. You're insane."

"Well, then I must tell you that if you choose to interfere, rather than just walk away, it will result in the death of the both of you." Vergil snarled, stepping towards the portal that had opened in the floor.

"You're full of **, Vergil. You're not going to release him." Dante stepped after him.

"I am. Try and stop me." Vergil said, knowing that Dante would.

"Kid, you with me on this?" Dante questioned Nero.

"Of course. I'm not ready to see our world get trashed." Nero replied, stepping forward.

Dante nodded, pulling Rebellion from his back once more. "This seems slightly familiar." He rushed forward, jumping into the air, sword above his head.

Nero speedily followed, running below him, Red Queen at his side. He growled, charging after Vergil.

Vergil turned, unclicking Yamato from it's sheath. "Too familiar." He said, deflecting the other two blades simultaneously.

Nero and Dante unleashed an ungodly amount of attacks on Vergil, who effortlessly blocked them all. Then Nero grabbed Vergil with Devil Bringer. "Bad move." Vergil smiled, reversing the grapple and hurling Nero into Dante.

Nero kicked off of Dante's shoulder and flew into the air, pulling Blue Rose it's holster. He fired the double barreled revolver at Vergil. Dante flipped away, pulling his pistols out as well, and unloaded in Vergil's direction.

Yamato began spinning like a fan, sending the bullets in all directions. When the sea of ammo stopped coming at him, he faded and immediately reappeared next to Dante, bashing his jaw with the hilt of his katana. Vergil then sliced through Dante's gut, and kicked him down, impaling him. Dante grunted, "And now, things kick off into the next round."

Dante grinned as a red cloud appeared around his body. He glowed, and his body brightly flashed for a second. Dante's clawed feet were planted on Vergil's stomach, and he kicked him off.

"So you've already reverted to your devil form, hmm? You do things too soon. I'll just have to-" Vergil was bashed across the back of the head by Nero's fist. Vergil flew back into Dante, who grabbed him, and smashed him against the wall. Grabbing him by the face, Dante spun around and threw him back to Nero, who grabbed his jacket collar, and fired a shot from his gun into Vergil's chest. Vergil flew into the wall.

Everything was silent. Nero landed next to Dante, who was still in his Devil Triggered state. "Is he dead?" Nero asked.

Dante's voice rasped in response, "No...he's just getting started."

A rumbling sound and a violent shake revealed this to be the truth, as Vergil erupted from the hole he'd made in the wall. His skin was blue and scaled, and his eyes glowed a bright yellow. "Big mistake, boy."
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