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Chapter 4: Possesion

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Chapter 4

And so the war finally starts with a small conflict between these three. Terrible that it will grow into such a bloody conflict.

Vergil exploded forward in a blur of speed, diving right into Nero, smashing and sliding against the floor before bouncing right back up into the air. Dante didn't think Nero would be capable of holding his own against Vergil, but he was countering the barrage of super-fast attacks that Vergil had him locked in.

Dante could barely see them, they were moving so fast, but in one moment, Nero yelped and Vergil was out of sight, leaving Nero to fall. It was silent until Vergil seemingly flew into Nero out of nowhere, crashing into the ground. Dante went to investigate, only to have it revealed that Vergil tackled Nero into the portal.

"Dammit. Well, here goes." Dante sighed and hopped into the portal, leaving it to close behind him.

Upon falling from the ceiling out of the other side of the portal, Dante landed in what seemed to be an organic room. It was vast. Dante trudged forward a few steps, glancing around. He couldn't see anything aside from the fleshy walls of the room, and the squishy, wet floor. However, Dante could hear everything. Nero and Vergil were still locking swords. The clanging of their blades rattled through the room, and the air whistled, cut by their sheer speed.

Dante listened until a split second when they right above him, and in that short frame of time, he jumped straight up, sticking himself between the both of them, "Come on now, guys, can't we just settle this kindly over a beer or two?"

Vergil jerked his head to both sides, rapidly looking all over the room, and then propelled himself off of Dante, landing on one wall, ricocheting off of it and onto the next wall, and then flew back into Nero and Dante from the side, tackling them. All three smashed into the ground together, creating a large crater.

Vergil growled in Dante's face, Dante chuckling until he noticed what was behind Vergil. A dome of Vergil's magic swords was floating above their crater, and in that moment, Vergil jumped away, and the swords came flying down into Dante and Nero. Nero gasped in pain, coughing up a small bit of blood, and Dante cringed, pulling one of the blades from his chest. It didn't matter. Vergil clinched his fist tightly, and all of the swords exploded into a magnificent, blue flame.

Feet gently touching down onto the floor, Vergil scoffed, changing back into his normal self. "Waste of time."

He turned, walking towards a gigantic, white marble set of doors, and pushed them open. This room was drastically different from the previous one, taking on the appearance of a kings palace. Marble pillars protruded from a white, tiled floor. Everything had a distinct shine to it. At the end of the room, a gargantuan statue sat.

Vergil strode up to it, "Mundus. Your death will be carried out by my hands on this very day. It is time for your short lived freedom from this shell."

A deep voice laughed, "Ha! You have no idea why I brought you here, do you?" Mundus sighed, "Son of are the gate through which I will invade and destroy Earth. Your body will be my weapon. You will once more be a slave to my will."

The statue's head began to glow, three bright, red circles appearing. A beam of energy shot out of Mundus' head, enveloping Vergil.

"Wha- What is this trickery?! What are you- AGH!" Vergil squirmed, unable to escape the cage of energy.

Mundus laughed, "No point in trying to escape."

Then Dante, charred and bleeding, walked through the door, Nero slumped over his shoulder. He frowned. "I knew I recognized this place."

Dante sat Nero down on the floor, looking at Vergil and then Mundus. "Let him go Mundus. You're not taking him from me again."

"Ah, Dante! Right you are. I'm not taking him from you. I'm becoming him!" Mundus chuckled.

The beam joining Mundus and Vergil started to expand, surging on occasion. Vergil screamed in agony, "'t... you can't do this to me! I will come back! Get out of my head! AGH...DANTE!"

Vergil flailed, attempting to escape before one last surge struck his body. The beam faded. Vergil laid seemingly lifeless on the ground. Dante limped over to his body, only to be blown back by an explosive wave of energy. Vergil's body floated into the air, and he turned to look at Dante.

His voice sounded different as he greeted Dante, "Hello, scum of Sparda."

"MUNDUS?!" Dante took a step forward, surprised.

"Yes, it is me, Dante." Mundus smiled wickedly through Vergil, "And now, I will destroy your home and your world, along with all of it's people, so that demon-kind may flourish in a new domain!"

Dante attempted to run forward so he could attack Vergil, but he missed as Vergil's body faded away. "**!"

Chapter 4: Part 2

Has Nero died?

No. As I said before, Nero is far stronger than the other two. It will take something horrific to kill him.

I agree. think that Nero is more powerful than both of your other sons?

I do. It wasn't even that long ago that he proved this to be true by unleashing the Devil Bringer. It was with him since he was born. All of us have something, a devil form, if you will. He has become so powerful that part of his true devil form has made itself a permanent feature.

Sparda, you never did tell us. Why did you orphan that boy?

It was for his own good.

But why?

When they were all born, I felt something from them all, but he was different. Something about him felt...pure. I only felt power from the other two. But Nero just seemed different. I don't know how to describe it, but I didn't want him to be like the other two would be. I knew they would develop in their own ways, but I had to make sure he was completely his own.

Sparda, you're not making much sense.

Credo, when you first met that young man, what did you see in him.

I don't know.

Yes you do. You don't want to admit it, but you saw a real, noble hero. We've seen what happened to Vergil, and Dante isn't exactly the perfect paragon.

Yes, this is true, but how is he going to stand up to Mundus?

Nero is more powerful than Dante, and you don't think he can defeat Mundus?

No. Not now. Mundus has gained more strength in these past few years than you could imagine.

It doesn't matter. We will fight at Nero's side, and we will all destroy Mundus.

Yes. Well, we'd best prepare ourselves. It will be very soon now. Before the moon rises, there will be blood spilled.

"Come on kid! Wake up! The world is in danger and your ass is asleep!" Dante yelled, smacking Nero across the face a couple of times. Nero flinched.

"Dammit! Wake the hell up! Mundus is going to go kick the world's ass and you're taking a nap!" Dante said, almost begging. And then one of Nero's eyes moved.

"Dante...get off of smell." Nero chuckled.

"Wow, you're one smooth criminal. You get the ** kicked out of you and you can still come out with a few classy insults." Dante laughed, pulling Nero up. "C'mon, we got get outta here. Mundus already left with Vergil."

"Well, let's go help him them." Nero nodded, edging over to the marble doors.

"There won't be any helping him. Mundus took Vergil's body over." Dante looked at Nero, shrugging.

"Well...ain't that something? We still gotta get out there. I have to make sure Kyrie is okay." Nero waved his hand towards the door, and jogged back outside.

"Where's the portal?" Nero asked, looking back at Dante.

"Mundus must have closed it when I fell through behind the two of you." Dante frowned, looking at the ceiling.

"How the hell do we get out of here then?" Nero glanced at the ceiling, asking Dante.

Dante scratched his head, and looked up at Nero, "How did Vergil do all of his ninja tricks?"

"Maybe he just concentrates really hard on a place that he wants to go?" Nero shrugged, doubting his guess.

"'s worth a try." Dante grabbed Nero by the shoulder and shut his eyes. Thinking of the Devil May Cry shop, he imagined all of the things he owned, and where they were in the shop, and everything outside of the shop, and he thought of the convenient store and that fat lady behind the cashier's desk and...God did he hate her face. He could spend a whole hour listing things he didn't like about her, and-

Dante's thoughts were interrupted as he and Nero were sucked into a nothingness and spat out into one of the isles of the convenient store. Nero landed on his back, and Dante smashed into one of the shelves, knocking it's contents all over the floor.

The fat lady appeared at the end of the isle, "What the- where did you- why the hell are you destroying my shop you asshole?!"

Dante looked over at her, "Listen up...I've had one HELL of a day, and if you don't the shut the ** up, I'm going to rip the blubber right off'a your leave me the hell alone!" Dante dusted his jacket off and walked over to one of the coolers, pulling out two beers.

He walked back over to Nero and helped him up, handing him a beer, "Here, bottoms up." Dante smiled, and they both drank the beer right in front of the woman.

"Adios." Dante waved at her as he and Nero left the store.

Chapter 4: Part 3

You killed her! You son of a bitch, you killed her!

Nero and Dante walked down the street, glancing around at everything. Nothing seemed to be out of order. There were even a couple of bums on the side of the street. The sun was setting, leaving orange and purple streaks across the clouds in a dark, gray-blue sky.

And then it happened. All at once, over ten different explosions occurred throughout the city. Fire was quick to spread and burn down even more buildings. People came rushing out of every door possible, screaming in fear. Soon, the sky was black and red, and the city burned ferociously.

"See anything out of the ordinary yet?" Dante asked Nero, both of them still walking through town.

"What? Aside from a burning city? No." Nero shrugged.

A screech came from a nearby ally, followed by a woman screaming. The girl came running out, pushing past Nero, and following her on all fours came a demon. It looked like one of the demons they'd fought earlier, but it's body was white except for it's horns and the ends of all of it's limbs, which all appeared to be on fire.

Upon noticing Nero and Dante, the thing came to an abrupt halt. A gigantic scythe appeared in it's hands and within that very second, it lunged forward. Dante put his pistol forward and fired one shot. The demon hit the ground and slid, leaving a small trail of blood on the road.

"Demons lack style anymore. Weak ass." Dante smirked and continued walking.

"So...does that count for your concept of 'out of the ordinary'? Or do you need something a bit bigger and scarier?" Nero smiled.

"I think that oughta suffice." Dante looked around, "So...I guess we should split up. We'll have a better chance of finding Vergil and Mundus if we do."

Nero nodded, "Good idea...but before we go, don't you think we should handle those guys over there?" He asked, pulling his sword from his back, pointing at a large group of the fiery demons with it.

"Sure thing. Just lead the way, would you kindly?" Dante made a tiny bow, smiling.

"My pleasure." Nero slowly sped up until he was running, and then he smashed the tip of his sword into the ground, revving it up while he flipped over it and into the group of demons. Upon landing, he spun around, slicing through three of the demons, allowing the heated liquid to spew out and catch them on fire...completely.

Dante rolled in behind Nero, both pistols drawn, and fired in all directions while sitting on one knee. When one of them came too close, he quickly holstered his guns, and whipped out Rebellion, jabbing into the demon several dozen times until it was nothing more than a bloody mass.

"You know...this day just progressively gets worse and worse as we go." Dante shook his head, chuckling.

Nero sighed, nodding, "Yeah...that's very true. Now that that's done, you take the left, and I'll take the right."

"Let's rock."
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