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Chapter 5: The Reunion

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Chapter 5

Credo ran through the golden tiled halls of High Realm, trying to get to the council room as quickly as possible. Upon bursting through the door, Sparda and Lord Evangel turned to meet him.

Credo walked over to them, glancing out of the balcony to see the ocean of clouds before them. Angels flew between massive towers in the distance, and gleaming rays of sunlight reflected off of the shine of the colossal, castle walls.

"Sparda, Lord Evangel, the time has come. Mundus' plan took effect much faster than we'd expected! He's already overpowered and destroyed a third of the planet! We must go NOW!" Credo plead.

Sparda removed the monocle from his eye, wiping it off, and placed it in the pocket of his newly sewn, purple jacket, "Credo, is the legion prepared?"

Lord Evangel stepped away from the balcony, "I took initiative and got them ready several hours ago, Sparda. All that needs to be down now is the summoning of the portal at the North Gate."

"Come then! We must move with haste!" Credo waved them to follow, and ran out of the door.

"Something about this doesn't feel right." Sparda said, concerned.

"Nothing seems right when millions of people lose their lives in the blink of an eye." Evangel said, trying to reason.

"I suppose that is very true. Come on, Credo will be there before we even leave if we stay in here too much longer." Sparda nodded, running from the room.

Evangel took one last look over the balcony, "Mundus...I guess a family reunion is due about now."


Nero was sweating from the heat of all the fire. People were running past him in the streets, and even more were dead, laying still on the sides, or being carried off by demons. Nero hacked his way through a few more demons before coming to the edge of the street.

"What...the hell?" There was nothing but a decent into what looked to be fire. The road had been destroyed, ripped apart but some force of demonic power. All that was left was a blazing ravine.

Turning back to go the other way, Nero was grabbed by the collar of his shirt and kicked into a nearby building. "Looking for me was a bad idea, boy." Mundus' voice echoed outward from Vergil.

"You! I'm going to kick your ass!" Nero jumped back up, running towards Vergil.

"Catch me if you can." Mundus laughed, mimicking Vergil's body and jumping away. He faded in the sky.

"Ugh, dammit!" Nero glanced around, looking for Vergil.

"I'm behind you!" Mundus laughed again, disappearing once more, as Nero swung his sword around.

Smashing Red Queen into a nearby chunk of wall, Nero jerked on the sword, trying to rip it out. He looked around for Vergil "Damn you! Fight me!" Nero yelled angrily.

"You don't want that." Mundus appeared next to Nero, planting a knee in his gut with Vergil.

Nero fell back, coughing on his saliva, "Ugh, what the hell are you talking about?! Stop attacking like a coward and show me some skill! I thought you were supposed to be a God! You're just a weakling!"

"Boy-" Mundus laughed, "You wouldn't want me to fight you. I'd kill you in mere seconds."

"Why don't we test that theory of yours out." Nero frowned, finally managing to pull his sword from the rubble.

" about this? I release Vergil from my physical control, and you fight him instead."

"No, I want your blood!" Nero yelled.

"Well...if you actually did manage to kill me, you would never learn the location of your dearly beloved. Oh, did I mention that yet? I have your lovely, young lady stashed away. I did it just for you!" Mundus laughed, putting one of Vergil's hands on Nero's shoulders.

Nero jumped, startled, "Agh! do you know her?! What have you done with Kyrie?! I'll DESTROY you!" Nero struggled, grabbing at Vergil. Vergil hopped away.

"I've been watching you and Dante for a very long time. Of course I'd know about Kyrie." Mundus paused after speaking, something in the sky catching his attention, "I must leave. I have business to tend to. I'll play with you later."

Nero attempted to punch Vergil, but he jumped back and bounced onto a building, hopping away. "Dammit! Come back here!" Nero screamed, chasing after Mundus.

Another explosion of fire knocked Nero back, creating another gash in the city. Demons began crawling out of the fiery pit, and Nero began shooting, slicing, and killing. "Get out of my way!"


Dante had already been fighting off a horde of demons when a gigantic, golden gate appeared in the sky, "Oh what the hell could possibly come out of that thing? There's just too many of these guys today...but I guess this is good practice." Dante smirked, before backhanding a demon and then jabbing it with his sword.

After it was dead he placed Rebellion on his back and looked back at the gate. He could see little specs coming out of it, and squinted, trying to make out what they were. "Are those...Angels? Hmph, nice time to make an appearance." Dante chuckled.

All of the demons around Dante were dead, so Dante continued to walk down the street, right past Love Planet, which had been utterly destroyed. Still concentrating on the gate, Dante was stopped by a flash of light and a body shaking shock-wave. Taking a couple steps away from the dust that was kicked up from a newly formed crater in the ground, Dante's eyes widened at the sight of the figure that emerged.



Chapter 5: Part 2

Nero cut through one demon, leading into another, and revved up his sword. The magma-like liquid helped him slice through several more enemies, cutting through them like butter. Nero was breaking out in a sweat, and he was almost at the point of insanity. He was becoming hysterical with worry for Kyrie.

A swarm of demons covered him, but he knocked them off with ease, his Devil Bringer arm flinging them off, "Get the hell out of my way!"

Nero began jumping over several of the large ravines in the ground when out of nowhere, he was struck to the side by a giant club, stretching out of one of the fiery gashes. He struggled to get back up, laying eyes on his predator.

"RAH, Son of Sparda! You will not take me so easily this time! Not like you did before!" The gigantic, flaming spider said, crawling the rest of the way out of the pit.

"I don't have time for this **! Shut the hell up and get of my way!" Nero yelled furiously.

"You dare speak to me in such a way?! You will learn to fear and bow before the wrath of Phantom!" Phantom yelled, as what seemed to be a large, scorpion tail unrolled itself from his back.

"All of you big demons are the same! Large, stupid and annoying!" Nero said before jumping onto Phantom, attempting to gouge his eyes out from above.

Nero was unsuccessful as the giant tail swooped down, knocking him off and sending him crashing into a nearby dumpster. Nero hopped up, once more revving the sword, "LEAVE ME THE ** ALONE!" He screamed, images of an endangered Kyrie flooding his mind.

"Hah! You are conflicted. You may prove to be an easy fight this time!" Phantom laughed, speedily crawling towards Nero, leaving large, magma-filled cracks in the road. He clawed at Nero with his front two legs, attempting to beat him down. Nero just jumped above him, whipping out Blue Rose and unleashing a load of shots.

The spider demon screeched, once more using his tail to swipe Nero away. Nero smashed into the ground with a thud, but quickly rolled over, blocking another leg with his sword, releasing the fire-liquid, which did absolutely nothing. He struggled against the sheer weight of the demon, still thinking of Kyrie, and then lost his grip on the sword, the leg falling down and crushing him.


"You leave...and then you have the balls to show up twenty something years later! Who the hell do you think you are?" Dante snarled at Sparda, shaking his head.

"I guess I deserve that for leaving you behind all of those years ago, but now is not the time for an explanation. Dante, the world is being taken over by Mundus." Sparda said.

"You don't think I know that? If you haven't noticed, this whole damn city is on fire, and nearly everyone in it is dead!" Dante scoffed, "I just...I can't believe that you're alive after all of these years."

"Son, I'm not. You have to understand that I died shortly after I left you. The only reason I'm even here right now is because of the peril the world is in." Sparda said, reasoning with Dante.

"Whatever, I'm going. This is starting to become a little too crazy for my tastes. I need to find the kid and make sure he's not getting himself into any trouble." Dante began walking, still shaking his head.

"You mean Nero?" Sparda asked.

"How the hell do you know who he is?" Dante turned around, surprised.

"I'll explain in a while. For now, let's go find him." Sparda nodded, and they both set off.


The leg kept on lifting up and falling back down, continuously crushing Nero, who no longer had the power to fight. "Aha! Not so tough anymore, are you, Son of Sparda?!"

Nero replied in between every crushing, as best as he could, " that?" Nero said, almost unable to talk. His vision started to fade when the beating stopped, and he heard Phantom scream.

"AGH, dammit! There are more...SPARDA?!" The spider demon yelled, being pummeled by two more of the white-headed devil hunters.

Nero almost passed out, and he could no longer hear anything, when he felt a hand on his face. A distant voice called out to him, "Hey...c'mon kid. Don't die yet, we've still got save the planet."

Nero attempted to wake up, but he couldn't, and several seconds later, he felt himself being slumped over something, a shoulder perhaps.


"So, now that we've got the kid, you gunna tell me what the hell is up?" Dante looked over the passed out Nero on his shoulder at Sparda.

"Dante, you know just as well as I do that we still don't have time right now." Sparda shook his head.

"Well, dammit, you'd better start talking soon!" Dante said angrily, still walking off.

Sparda growled, "Let's at least get to shelter then."

"Take a damn look around, everything is on fire!" Dante snarled once more.

Nero shifted, and began to wake up. Dante set him down on the ground, and knelt down next to him, "Almost thought that big ass spider got you...sadly, I've kicked his ass before, so what's that say about you?"

Nero shrugged, "Shut...the hell up." Nero paused, getting his thoughts in order, "K-Kyrie! I have to find Kyrie!"

"Calm down. I don't think Mundus is going to harm her. At least not yet." Sparda said, trying to reassure Nero.

Upon looking at Sparda, Nero's eyes widened, "I...know you...but from where?"

"It makes sense-" Sparda said, "You're my third son."

Both Dante and Nero looked at Sparda, astonished, and said in unison, "What the hell did you just say?!"

"Yes. I am your father, Nero. I'm sorry, I would explain more, but the task at hand is just too important." Sparda explained, pulling Nero up from the ground.

Dante looked at Nero, and then at Sparda, "So...we're all family?" Then a thought came to his mind, "Wait! If you're still alive," Dante asked, almost reverting to a child-like facial expression.

"Yes, Eva is still 'alive'." Sparda looked back over to Nero, "As is your mentor, Credo."

"What?! Credo is still alive?!" Nero grabbed Sparda by the shoulder.

"Yes, and he is here. If you want to see him, I recommend we leave before we are detained by more demons." Sparda said, walking away.

Chapter 5: Part 3

It didn't take too long for the trio to find Credo. He was not far from Sparda, fighting a few demons. They were easily defeated by Credo, and upon victory, Credo turned, smiling at the sight of Sparda and the other two.

"Credo! I thought you were dead!" Nero smirked, stepping forward.

"I am dead, so don't get too comfortable with me being around again." Credo snorted.

"W-whatever." Nero paused, "So, are we going to find this douche-bag or what? He's got Kyrie."

Credo's brow raised, "He has my sister?!"

Sparda looked over to him, "Yes, and I suggest we go find him before he decides he's done with her."

Nero grabbed Sparda's shoulder, "I thought you said he wouldn't hurt her!"

"I said he wouldn't for now. There's no guarantee that he'll keep her alive for too much longer though."

"Dammit, then let's go!" Nero yelled, running off.

"Wait, we don't even...oh it's useless when it concerns Kyrie." Credo sighed.

Sparda smiled, "It's alright Credo, we just have to keep up with him."

Credo nodded, and began running after Nero, followed by Sparda and Dante, who shook his head, "Crap, that kid sure is truckin'."

Nero rushed through the streets of the city, not even stopping to fight any of the demons that kept on crawling out to attack him and the others. He kept running until he set eyes on something, a giant, undead looking eagle. It's left set of rib bones stuck out, and over half of it's body looked charred and mangled.

It flew downwards, landing somewhere on the outskirts of the city. Nero assumed that if it wasn't torturing survivors of the initial attack, it was with Mundus, helping him achieve some evil plan. Nero ran in the direction of the demon's landing.

Dante stopped when he saw the demon bird, and scratched his head, "Man, what is this? A demon reunion? Every demon I beat the ** out of within the last decade making it's reappearance or something?"

It took a good ten minutes before they arrived at the location, but Nero was spot on. Upon arrival, he saw the gigantic bird and Vergil, who turned to greet all four of them.

"Ah, what a surprise this is! I thought I felt your presence, Sparda! And look, you brought kids." Mundus laughed, "Hey, little Nero, look and see what I've got."

He laughed even more, pointing at Griffin, who was carrying an unconscious Kyrie in it's talons. The bird flapped it's wings, and set off, leaving Mundus behind with Nero and the others.

"You son of a bitch! LET HER GO!" Nero screamed in anger.

"Aw, that wouldn't bring any fun for me though." Mundus chuckled.

"You're sick!" Nero said shaking his head.

Credo tapped him gently on the shoulder, "Come, Nero. We'll go find the demon and Kyrie. Sparda and his other son should be able to stall Mundus for now."

Nero nodded, and the both of them began chasing the other demon down.

Mundus stared at Sparda through Vergil's eyes. There was a cold, hateful silence for several minutes, and then Mundus' booming laugh echoed though the area once more, "Ah, this is just...absolutely wonderful! High Realm has finally decided to show itself, and all of the Sparda bloodline are here, at the same time!"

"You've overstepped your boundaries Mundus. This time, there won't be any going back to Hell. You're going to die for good." Sparda replied.

"You don't understand! I've broken my power's limit! With my last defeat, I became stronger than even you, Sparda! Now the world, humanity, and even High Realm will fear, and bow before the power of me! King of the Underworld! No one can stand up to me! With this vessel I now control, the whole world will feel my absoluteness!"

"Brother, you're in for more of a shock than you expected." Lord Evangel said, walking in from behind Sparda, his long, yellow cape fluttering in the draft of the city's destruction. His white suit shined with gold trim, and the large, thin sword on his belt exuded pride and strength.

"Evangel?! You were supposed to be gone! I erased you from existence!" Mundus yelled.

"No, you only imprisoned me for a number of years, but when Sparda defeated you, your spell broke, and I was released from my captivity into High Realm, where I became ruler." Evangel nodded, short-cut blonde hair bobbing with every tilt of his head.

"What?! You lead High Realm?!" Mundus asked in even more surprise, Vergil stepping forward.

"Yes, I do, and n-"

"It doesn't matter! You'll fall before me just the same! Prepare to worship that which is far greater than you will ever be! I will enslave every being in the cosmos, starting with you three!" Mundus screamed, rushing forward with Vergil, unsheathing Yamato.

Dante glanced over at Sparda and Evangel, "Let's kick his ass."

Vergil closed in, and Sparda, Dante and Evangel drew their swords, running right back at Vergil. A massive wave of energy burst outwards as all four blades clanged together.

Mundus yelled once more, "This will be the end of everything you are!"
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