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Chapter 6: New Pains

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Chapter 6

Go...get em''re...the hero.

Nero chased down the giant demon all the way to the mountains outside of the city. It disappeared above the peak, so Nero started running up, climbing, using his Devil Bringer to reach high ledges; whatever he had to do to get to the top.

Nero was almost at the top when the rocks below his foot crumbled out from beneath him. He slipped, holding on by nothing but his demonic arm. "Dammit, Kyrie, I'm coming!" He yelled, pulling himself up, and climbing the rest of the way to the top.

At the top of the mountain was an old, battered down temple, looking a whole lot like a church. There was no roof, and the front side, along with a good bit of the right was completely gone. Nero could see a small waterfall trickling down the side of the mountain behind the church, leading down into a small river that was flowing away from the city.

"Ah, so you did come. Mundus told me that if I took the girl it would most likely divide your forces." The giant bird flapped down, landing in the middle of the church, still holding Kyrie.

"I am Griffin, one of Mundus' many demon generals." The bird still spoke.

"Yeah? Well, you look like a piece of ** to me! I'm so sick of all of these introductions and speeches. All of you demons just need to shut the hell up and die!" Nero yelled, shaking his fist. "Give me Kyrie!"

"Nero, I don't think we'll get her without a fight." Credo said, finally making it to the top of the mountain. He was in his devil state.

"He is correct, boy. I must not fail my master again, so unless I die, you do not get the girl." Griffin set Kyrie down behind him. There was a pause, and then Griffin's mandible-like beak spread apart, a fowl shriek erupting from it.

An immense rumbling shook the ground, and within seconds, Phantom burst through the ground at the side of the church, "Oh! Look who it is! I guess we're gunna have another go at it, eh?"

Nero and Credo glanced at both of the demons, pulling their swords out, and Nero stared at Kyrie, retorting, "Yeah, I guess we are. This losers. Just winners!"

Phantom jumped into the sky, and Griffin flew up with him. Phantom fell back down next to Nero, and the two immediately commenced in combat, while Griffin began charging up a red beam of lightning in his mouth, which he unleashed at Credo, who blocked it with the remnant of his Aegis Shield.


Dante had just been knocked away from Vergil, when Sparda managed to knock Yamato out of his hands. Losing his weapon, Mundus reverted to using Vergil's summoned swords, throwing them at everyone in sight. Dante managed to blast the ones flying at him away with his pistols, and Sparda deflected them with a sword that looked fairly similar to Force Edge. Evangel was the only one who was hit, but only one managed to cut him across his shoulder.

"I'm going to kill you all!" Mundus shouted, before rolling over to Vergil's katana and pulling it from the ground, devil triggering as he grabbed it.

"So you want to play rough, huh?" Dante laughed, smiling as he devil triggered as well.

Sparda came next, followed by Evangel. The three continued to clash blades for the next five minutes or so, releasing massive bursts of energy with every strike. It continued until Dante finally ran Rebellion through Vergil's gut, upon which Vergil, not Mundus, grunted in pain.

Vergil pushed away, and Mundus' voice came back, shouting at the three, "Ugh! Damn you!" The comment was followed by the retreat of Vergil, who began running in the same direction the Nero and Credo took.


Nero revved up the sword, becoming so angry with the spider demon that he involuntarily devil triggered. No longer in possession of Yamato only changed the appearance of the spectre that normally helped Nero. It was no longer there, but Nero still glowed a bright blue color, and his eyes shined red. He put all of his strength into one swing, releasing the sword's heated liquid as well, and managed to cut off one of Phantom's entire legs. The spider demon screamed in pain and anger as lava-blood spewed from his new stub.

"Eat that you bastard!" Nero's voice rasped as he went in for another attack. It was interrupted by the arrival of a new enemy, Mundus.

Vergil's body came flying over the edge, and he landed gracefully on his feet, running into the church. Phantom fell back into the church as well, still grunting in absolute pain, and was followed by Griffin who unleashed one more wave of lightning bolts at Credo, who dodged them all, before landing.

Shortly following Mundus was Dante, Sparda and Evangel, who all came racing onto the top of the mountain as well.

Sparda stepped forward, "Mundus, you're trapped now. You've nowhere else to run, so this ends here!"

Vergil stepped forward, shaking his fist as Mundus spoke, "You haven't any clue of what I'm capable of doing! So keep your mouth closed Sparda, or I'll rip it off and keep it as a trophy!"

Evangel shook his head, "Mundus, Sparda is right. This place is where your life will come to an end. You might as well fight us with honor."

"With honor? What do you know about honor?! You who tried to steal my throne all of those years ago! You're nothing but a low life scum!"

Dante chimed in, "Even I've beaten your face in before, so you might as well give up. I'm getting kind of hungry, so it'd be nice if you'd surrender or die."

Credo and Nero both stepped forward, Credo being the first to talk, looking at Dante, "He will not surrender to us. He will only die before us."

Dante glanced back at Credo, "Way to ruin my fun."

Mundus yelled, "You're all a bunch of idiotic animals!"

He continued to scream at them, but something caught Nero's eye, "Kyrie?"

Kyrie, still laying at the back of the church, was beginning to move, and when she looked up, she saw Vergil, recognizing him as the man who captured her. She attempted to stand, struggling to walk, and picked up a fist sized rock. Stumbling silently over to Vergil, she held the rock high, about to knock it over the side of his head, when Yamato quickly and effortlessly slid into her stomach. The rock tumbled out of her hands and onto the ground, Kyrie following.

"KYRIE! YOU SON OF A BITCH!" Nero screamed, dashing forward and leaping into the air, Red Queen at his side.

"Kid!" Dante yelled after him, shaking his head and sprinting forward with Rebellion.

Credo's eyes widened, and he too followed into battle.

Evangel and Sparda exchanged quick looks, and rushed in as well.

Vergil smiled, mimicked by Mundus. Vergil, Phantom and Griffin charged into the oncoming five, and the battle began.

Chapter 6: Part 2

Nero came at the Mundus-controlled Vergil from the air with a powerful downward strike, eyes glowing red. Vergil hopped away and snapped his fingers. Phantom faded away from his fight with Dante and Sparda, appearing in front of Nero. A shriek of fear was all the Phantom could manage as Nero sliced through him like butter.

"You're going to pay for this, Mundus." Nero said, almost oblivious to the fact that he'd just mutilated Phantom's face, splitting it in half.

Nero used the half of Phantom's head that remained attached to his fiery body to propel him back up into the air so he could come down on Vergil once more. Phantom finally began screaming in pain, rampaging in wide circles, destroying more of the church wall and nearly crushing Dante with a stray step.

"C'mon kid, finish up the job, don't just leave me to do the dirty work." Dante yelled out before annihilating Phantom with a powerful stinger strike to the inside of the neck. The spider demon flailed wildly before flipping over and crumpling in, disintegrating.

Vergil snarled, planting his feet on the back church wall and blasting forward, crashing right into Nero, both of them grunting in slight pain. Vergil attempted to slash at Nero, but Nero grabbed his arm and snapped it, "I'm going to KILL you!"

Nero then grabbed Vergil by the face, spinning around in midair before flinging him into Griffin, who was preoccupied with Credo and Evangel. Both smashed down into the ground, but Vergil shot back up off of the ground right back into Nero, snapping his arm back into place before cutting Nero clean across the chest. Blood sprayed out onto Vergil, and Nero hit the ground, clawing at his wound.

Vergil landed on Nero, crushing him with his boots. A quick shot from his pistol, and Nero knocked Vergil away, hopping back up before coming at him with Red Queen from the left. The sword caught Vergil in the stomach, slashing it open. Mundus growled, making Vergil devil trigger once more. The wound quickly healed, and Vergil launched back at Nero in attack.

Nero deflected the sword, kicking Vergil in the chin. Vergil was lifted into the air and Nero jumped up, grabbing him by the ankle and throwing him back down. Vergil impacted, forming a crater, and Nero mimicked his previous move, landing on him, but Nero drove Red Queen into his chest. Vergil cringed in pain, before kicking Nero away, and sliding his body up the sword, until he painfully made his way to the hilt, where a bone-crunching pop occurred upon his standing up.

Grabbing Nero's sword, Vergil charged forward, cutting Nero across the face with Yamato and driving Red Queen through his gut. With the sword in his stomach, Nero grabbed Vergil with his Devil Bringer arm, and smashed him face first into the ground three times, and then threw him into the nearby wall.

Vergil smashed into the wall and bounced off, hitting the ground. Nero ripped Red Queen out of his body, and jumped back on Vergil for a second time, raising the sword above his head and screaming as it came down, cutting the air. A stray blade knocked Nero's sword out of his hand.

Dante tackled Nero off of Vergil, "If you keep this up, you'll just kill Vergil, not Mundus."

"Get the hell off of me!" Nero kicked Dante off, and whipped out Blue Rose, firing at Dante in craze from what happened to Kyrie.

Dante fired his pistols back from the air, deflecting the bullets fired at him, "Hey! C'mon kid, I'm not the enemy! You're fighting the wrong person!"

Nero snarled, and stopped firing at Dante, instead looking at Griffin, who was currently firing more lightning beams at Credo and Evangel, and now Sparda. Nero jumped up, and kicked off of the ground, flying towards Griffin, and grabbed him by the wing, planting his feet on Griffin's mangled body. From there, he tore the wing off and jabbed it into Griffin's head with the sharp edge of the bone sticking out like a spear. Griffin screeched, spiraling downward until a violent crash completely snapped his neck. Griffin disintegrated.

Nero landed, looking back at Vergil, who's limp body began to float and glow. Rays of light beamed outwards and then Vergil's body fell lifeless to the ground. A small, white, glowing orb was left in the air, and began to fly away.

Sparda yelled, "Quick! After the light, it's Mundus."

Upon the words being said, the light came speeding back and flew into Lord Evangel. Words echoed through the area, "Brother Evangel, this is what happens when you defy me and attempt to stop demon-kind from taking over."

Evangel began to float in the air, unable to control where he moved. He began to flail as his skin cracked and blood flowed out. Evangel screamed in agony before exploding. The light then retreated, leaving a bloody pile on the ground.

Credo screamed, and rushed to the side of what remained of Evangel. Dante ran over to Vergil, slumping him over his shoulder, and ran after the light. Sparda reassured Credo that they'd see Evangel again, and the both of them set off after the light as well.

Nero stood, looking across the battlefield, and rushed over to Kyrie's side. She was pale, and blood trickled from her wound. She rolled over into Nero's arms from laying on her side, and lightly opened her eyes, smiling at the sight of him.

"Kyrie? Come on, Kyrie! You can live through this!" Nero put his hand on her face.

She opened her mouth and spoke very softly, "Nero, I'm sorry."

"Sorry...why are you sorry?" Nero asked, already feeling tears trail down his cheek.

"I didn't mean to...go so soon. I wanted together." She said, a tear trickling down her cheek as well.

"Kyrie, it's not your fault. Don't die,!"

"Nero, I wish...I didn't...have to tell you...this now."

"Tell me what? Don't be afraid, Kyrie." Nero caressed her cheek, wiping the tear away with his thumb.

"You...were going to be...a father." She said, trying to keep the gentle smile on her face.

Nero lost the ability to speak, eyes widening. His tears fell down onto her cheeks, making little splashes as they landed on her smooth skin.

"Nero, I love you." She told him, before closing her eyes.

"K-Kyrie...Kyrie? No...please no, not now! Kyrie! Talk to me! KYRIEEE!" Nero's scream blasted out over the mountains.


Chapter 6: Part 3

Nero couldn't stop screaming. He didn't want to either. He let all of the anger, hate and sadness flow out of him. What he didn't notice was that his entire body had ignited in a blue flame.

Nero screamed so loud and so hard that his body almost locked in the position he was in, kneeling over Kyrie, facing the sky, arms outstretched.

The mountains around him began to crack. Even the fires in the city below danced away from the might of his scream. Far away, Dante and the others even heard it.

Nero's skin began fading into another color. The bright blue skin tone on his right arm was now covering his entire body, and the bronze plating on his arm was beginning to bulge out of his skin all over. The pain began to kick in, making him scream even harder. His pupils and iris' turned black, and the whites of his eyes turned a deep, blood-red color. Horns rose from his scalp, and all over his body, ridged rows of spikes formed at his joints.

Nero bashed his hands into the ground, sending a shockwave of energy up through the ground. The mountain behind the church cracked and the waterfall increased in size by two times, crashing down into the stream below violently. Half of the city's fire flickered and died out. Dante and the others felt a wave of energy vibrate through the ground below them.

Nero lifted into the air, and a giant pair of wings exploded out from his back. Feathers flew all about, as the thick, white, angel-like wings with golden, laced tips fluttered and flapped.

Nero screamed louder, still unable to control his anger and pain, and the rest of the church and the large, protruding bits of mountain surrounding it came crashing down on him.

Several minutes passed when the rubble around Nero began to glow, and he exploded outward, flying up into the sky. He turned in the direction of the others, and his voice rasped as he spoke to himself, "Mundus, I'm coming for you. And this time, you will not escape."

His wings softly carried him higher into the air, where he began flying speedily towards the others, while Kyrie laid quietly below the rubble of the church, buried in a fitting place.
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