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Chapter 7: Gate to Demise

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Chapter 7

The light that was Mundus had led everyone out of the mountains and into a small forest. It was getting darker too. The moon was peaking up above the horizon, and a few stars twinkled in the sky.

They kept running and jumping from tree to tree until Mundus led them into an open field. It was almost a perfect circle within the trees. The light stopped, and Mundus voice echoed, "This is where you all meet your doom!"

Dante and the others hesitated, when all of the sudden, the light turned into a huge, black portal, inhaling everything. Dante attempted to resist, but he, along with Vergil, was the first to get sucked in. Credo came next, followed by Sparda.

Upon landing in wherever they were, Dante set Vergil down, looking around, "Okay...I'm getting kind of **ed off. This day has been filled up with more portals than some freaky dance video."

Credo and Sparda glanced at him. Dante raised a brow, "It's just the honest to God truth."

Sparda shook his head, "Son, you're not how I imagined you at all."

Dante smirked, "I'm my own man."

Credo was about to add another comment, but as he turned around, Yamato was swiftly put to his throat by a very angry Vergil.

Dante backed off a bit, "Calm down bro, he's on our side."

Vergil snarled, holding at his gut, "What happened? Who is he? Where the hell are we?"

Dante shook his head, chuckling, "Come on now, put'cher damned sword away. We can explain everything later, but right now, we gotta give big daddy demon a big baddy spanking."

Vergil paused, "Mundus...that's the last thing I remember. Seeing Mundus' statue."

"Makes sense, he took your ass over...again." Dante laughed, dusting off his jacket, "Now put your sword down and come on."

Vergil nodded, putting Yamato away, leaving Credo to rub his throat uncomfortably, "Thank you, Dante."

Dante shrugged, walking away, Vergil following. Credo looked over to Sparda, "So, did we get moved to Mundus' insides?"

Sparda raised his brow, confused, "I honestly can't answer that right now. Let's just hope not."

Walking down the hall that they were placed in, which was terribly devoid of any detail, minus a few fancy looking torches on the walls, Dante and the other three came to a door.

Vergil stared at Dante, "Go ahead and open it."

"You open it you sissy." Dante retorted.

"I'm the older of open the door." Vergil's brows furrowed.

"No. I refuse to open it when I don't know what's behind there." Dante shook his head, smiling.

"But we both know you've had more than enough experience figuring out 'what's behind there'. And that's not just with doors." Vergil chuckled.

"Hey, you shut the hell up! That was one time way back when we were still stupid teenagers and he-she had a smokin' hot body." Dante snarled.

Vergil laughed, kicking him into the door, busting it down. The other side was huge. Dante got up, staring at what had to be bigger than a skyscraper in height, and wider than about two football fields. They were looking at an excavation site...demon style.

There were cherubs, goatmen, lizard demons, and a ton of other varieties of workers mining rocks, digging in the ground, or creating tools. Way at the very bottom, a lake of lava spat angrily, occasionally burning an unfortunate passer-by.

Dante smirked, getting up from the ground and peaking over the railing of the bridge that the door opened up to, "Heh, look at that. Demon slave labor."

Credo and Sparda walked out behind Vergil, looking over as well. Sparda sighed, "I know where we are."

Vergil looked at Sparda for the first time now, and had the same reaction that Dante originally did, "Wait...father?"

Sparda turned, staring at Vergil, "Yes, it's me."

Vergil clicked Yamato forward, unlatching it from it's sheath, "It's been a long time. I've got questions."

"I have answers, son, but now isn't the best time." Sparda sighed, "Despite the fact that Mundus retreated, the world is still under demon-siege. We must hurry if we are to have any hope of getting civilization back up to working condition."

Vergil snarled, "You'd better stay here long enough."

Dante gave Vergil a pat on the back, "It's okay, Vergy. I think he's got plans to tell us a few bed time stories before he runs off in the middle of the night."

Credo shook his head, looking at Sparda, "As you were saying, you know where we are?"

"Yes. This is a production facility. Perhaps the two most important creations to originate here were Nightmare, and it's counterpart, Nightmare-B." Sparda sighed.

Dante raised a brow, frowning, "Aw, you **tin' me? Sludge galore?"

Sparda nodded.

Chapter 7: Part 2

You know, I didn't think he was serious.

Dante stepped away from the railing, walking back into the group, "So, daddy-o, what's on the other side of this bridge?

Sparda looked at Dante, "An elevator. It's the central form of transportation, along with blimp-like vehicles, but I haven't seen any of those yet. The elevator leads through all nine of the levels in this place. Every level has a different purpose."

A voice interrupted everyone's thinking, "Too bad you won't be getting to the elevator, Sparda."

A female figure closed in on the group from across the bridge. Sparda raised his eye brows in surprise, "Tiamat...I thought I killed you already."

"And kill me, you did. But Mundus has his ways around." Tiamat smiled, stopping a few yards away from everyone.

Dante chimed in, "Oh yeah, lady...we've all witnessed his ability to bring back you poor suckers. And you know. You keep dying. Waste of his time if you ask me."

"Oh, you've got quite a yapper on you. I like my men to have a dirty mouth." She grinned evilly. Her raven-black hair fell from behind her head, and two, gigantic bird wings jutted out of her back. In her right hand formed a rather large scythe.

Vergil shook his head, "You really think you can handle all four of us, hag?"

Credo looked at Vergil, pulling out his sword, "Now now, I think we should give her chance. After all, she's the guardian of the nine levels of hell."

Vergil spat, "We haven't the time for this. Out of the way, wench."

Dante chuckled, "Damn, Vergil, you sure have a way with the babes."

"She's not a babe. She's a filthy witch." Vergil snarled, "And she's really getting on my nerves."

Sparda glanced at Vergil, "Calm yourself son."

"Don't talk to me like you're actually my dad. Honestly, you were dead to me when you left us." Vergil frowned.

Tiamat laughed loudly, "Enough of this senseless talking! Let's get on with the tango. I wouldn't mind a few new boy-toys."

Vergil finally lost his patience, darting forward, quickly unleashing the full power of Yamato into one, precise strike to Tiamat's neck.

She gurgled, trying to speak, but instead only spitting up blood, and smiled. The giant scythe spun around and caught Vergil in the back, and she swung him off of it, into Credo.

Dante smirked, "Damn. Lady-friend's got some pow-wa." He chuckled before stretching his arms out with his twin pistols and blasting away at her.

She laughed, coughing up blood with every giggle, as her body became riddled with bullet holes. Dante stopped firing, and Tiamat stood there. Her body slowly healed itself in front of everyone, and the blood on her seeped back into her skin.

Dante grinned, "Well **, I'm startin' to like this chick."

Sparda leaped into the air, sword high above his head, and sliced her in half. Both halves formed a new Tiamat, and both Tiamat's laughed at Sparda before attacking him at the same time. Sparda smiled, recognizing the technique.

Deflecting a few of her attacks, Sparda yelled out to Vergil, "Take the elevator to the third level. That is where you will most likely find Mundus."

Credo and Dante joined in the fighting, leaving Vergil to dust his jacket off. He snarled and dashed into the fight, planting his foot on one of the Tiamat's shoulders, launching himself past her and into the elevator, where he shut the door and punched in the third button from the bottom.

The elevator screeched, and began rumbling down to the lower levels. Vergil sighed, "Of course I get picked to go find Mundus. Of course I don't get to settle the score with that hag for taunting me. Of course-" The elevator stopped. Something sounded as if it snapped, and then the elevator began plummeting into free-fall.

Vergil yelled in fury, "Of course every damned thing in this day has got to screw up in some way or another!"

Chapter 7: Part 3

Tiamat already had four of herself running around, fighting everyone when Sparda decided it was time to send Dante off. "Dante, see if you can get to the fifth level. With any luck, the main power source for this whole place should still be in there."

Dante shrugged, and looked at Sparda before blasting off the head of one of the Tiamats, "Shouldn't you have sent Vergil to level five, and me to level three? What if Mundus does his juju-takeover ** again?"

"He won't. Even if Mundus wanted to, he wouldn't be able to take Vergil over again. He won't have enough power." Sparda explained, rolling out of the way of a scythe, quickly separating the legs of the attacker from her body.

"How do you figure that? We're in his crib now. He's got the home-field advantage." Dante shook his head, kicking another one of the attackers over the edge. Pointless attempt at a kill, as she just flew back up.

"Mundus expended the vast majority of his power on Earth. That still takes effect here. He just needs to spend less time rejuvenating. That should give Vergil the edge he needs to get in a few revenge shots before the rest of us can group back up with him. Now go, Dante!" Sparda said, all the while fighting away the vicious Tiamat clones.

Dante nodded, waving a goodbye with his pistol before running off to the elevator, which was, much to his dismay, apparently destroyed. The more he listened, the easier it became to hear his **ed off brother a good ways down. Dante dropped.

Upon landing, his eyes met with Vergil's, and they both exchanged a look of discomfort before Dante spoke, "Allo dearest brother o' mine. How's life in the shaft?"

" of these days, it will be your head in my trophy case." Vergil snorted, looking away.

The elevator had landed on level one. Level one wasn't anything but an excavation site. Vergil kicked the door down, and walked out. A whole lot of demons turned to check out the newcomer, and a whole lot of demons began running at the site of both sons.

Dante smiled, "Well look at that. These bastards just made our lives a lot easier."

Vergil turned to look at Dante, instead noticing what was behind the elevator. Yes, it was big enough to tower over the box. Dante turned to see what Vergil was staring at, and turned back around, grossed out by the site of what looked to be a large demon covered in feces, bile, and other visceral things. Actually, it looked to be made of the stuff.

A guttural sound was heard, before the thing's booming, baby-like laughter echoed through the work site, "HEHEHE, RENALDO GET NEW PWAY FWIENDS?"

Vergil's eyes widened, and his left brow instantly shot up in sheer terror. Dante refused to look at it, eyes also wide. He began slowly walking away, right past a petrified Vergil.

"RENALDO WANT PWAY! PWAY PWAY PWAY PWAY!!!" The large demon yelled in a whiny fashion, before stepping forward rather quickly.

Vergil backed away, tripping on himself, and the thing laughed. "YAY...BLUE WANT PWAY WITH RENALDO!"

"God no!" Vergil said before leaping up and running away. As he made it past Dante, he shouted, "Go ahead, Dante! Kill it."

A chill went up his spine before Dante made a strange moaning noise, and began running right behind Vergil, "You kill it!"

"NO!" Vergil retorted

"Agh, the thing is gaining on us!" Dante screamed.

Vergil glanced over his shoulder, "It's just not...sanitary to have something like that running around."

Dante glanced back as well, "Maybe that's what everything else ran from."

Vergil furrowed his brows, horrified by the amazing leap that the demon made. It practically flew over to them, landing in between them and whatever escape there had been.

"UGH! BLUE AND WED NO WANT PWAY? PWAY WITH ME!!! AAAAAGGGH! YOU MAKE RENALDO SAD AND ANGWY!" Wherever it's eyes were, Dante was certain they were staring straight at him, peering into his soul. Vergil felt the same way.

Dante turned his head in Vergil's direction, still staring at the demon, "So, hotshot, what now?"

"Uhm...I don't know. You come up with the plan." Vergil felt a drop of sweat trickle down his cheek. He wasn't sure if it was from stress or the lava lake next to them.

Dante sighed, stepping forward, "Ugh, hey little fella. H-how are ya?"


"Y-yeah...sure. You know what?" Dante gritted his teeth, playing along with whatever the thing was thinking.


"Yeah, but first you gotta go over there and get us a big ball! It's right in there...right inside of that orange stuff." Dante said, pointing both fingers at the lava lake.


Dante laughed in a fake manner, "Well...uhm...there's a ball in there now! And, I can make it not hurt!"

The thing gasped, "YOU CAN?! WOW! DO IT DO IT DO IT!"

Dante nodded, smiling and looked at the lava. He began swirling his arms around in a circular motion. Vergil's mouth fell open and he became even more frightened, "Dante...what in the world do you think you're doing?!"

"Shut the hell up, Vergil." Dante whispered.

"IS IT WORKING?!" The thing yelled excitedly.

Dante looked over at the demon and smiled, before waving his hands frantically at the lake, making a whoosh sound with his mouth. "There you go! Now go get us that ball! Hurry! I can't hold this awesome magic in place for much longer!" Dante said, holding his arms out as if he were struggling with some greater force of power.


It searched frantically, it's outsides beginning to pop and bleed, split and fester up like a wad of pus. It still screamed in pain. Dante let his arms drop, and he smirked, "Adios, Renaldo."

"BUT WED AND BLUE AWE RENALDO'S FWIENDS! USE MORE POWA! IT HURTS! RENALDO STILL CAN'T FIND BALL!" Renaldo screamed before beginning a long line of shrieks and shrills, still slowly being burnt alive by the fire. It all ended when Renaldo finally sank under the lava.

Vergil's mouth had never been opened farther in all of Dante's life, and he turned his head very slowly to stare at him, "You're one sick man, Dante."

"Get's the job done."
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