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Chapter 9: Nelo and Nero

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Chapter 9

Vergil was already destroying the last chess piece, the King from the looks of it, when he began to feel an immense rumbling. He quickly slid Yamato through the King, which screamed a terrible roar before exploding into shards of fading stone. Sheathing his sword, Vergil looked around. The rumbling wasn't, but he could feel pouring in through the portal that Mundus opened for him at the end of the board.

He hopped through, back in the same kind of environment provided by the the nine levels. He was in a room, devoid of anything, minus two doors. One behind, and one in front. Mundus' voice rattled through the room, "Ah, Vergil. Time to choose between doors. I doubt that your family isn't faring too well against Nightmare, so you can go through the back door and help them. But if you do that, then I will get away again. I'm behind the door in front of you. Choose wisely. Come kill me, or go save your brother and father."

Vergil laughed, "You really think that that's a hard choice for me. Why should I go save them? I don't care about their fate."

Mundus growled, "Oh really? Because I think you do, even if you don't want to admit it. You do love your brother and your father, even if they are rival and betrayer. I don't think you could live without them. You would be nothing more than a pile of trash without them. You'd be torn in two. And from what I can see, they're not doing too well inside of Nightmare. Within minutes they will probably parish."

Vergil snarled, "Think again bastard!" He ran forward and kicked in the door, revealing a pitch-blackness, before an explosion blasted outwards, knocking him across the room.

Opening his eyes, he looked up from the ground. His vision was blurry, but he definitely saw the figure of something. A person? They were glowing an extremely bright blue. Vergil strained to make out who it was, "M-Mundus? No...who are you?! Obstructing my path of revenge...I'LL KILL YOU TOO!"

The blue figure stopped walking across the room, and turned to face Vergil, "Where is he?"

Vergil raised a brow, "Where is who?!"

"Mundus. Where is he?"

"'re not him? He claimed to be where you just came from! What the hell is going on?!"

The blue figure turned and looked at the door which he walked from. It led outside...back to the skies of Earth. "He's not out there, he's in here."

Vergil snorted, "Bastard, Mundus, stop playing games with my mind!"

"I'm not playing games with your mind, I'm just making the game more interesting. I figured you'd want a partner if you were to come fight me. Here, let me show you where I am." Mundus laughed, as the doorway began to ripple like water, and the image of outside faded away, revealing a fiery furnace.

Vergil stood, "What the hell is this Mundus?! Who is this guy?! I don't need his help to kill you!"

Mundus' voice rumbled once more, "He's your brother. Didn't you know? You both share two things in common. The same father, and the same thirst for revenge against me. I've been watching him as well for some time, flying around aimlessly in the human world trying to get to me. I figured I'd help you both. Lead him here, and give you help."

Vergil screamed, "I DON'T NEED SOME SCUM'S HELP TO DEFEAT YOU." He turned and looked at the shining body of Nero, vision now back to it's fullest. "Your path is cut off here. I'm going in alone, and if you don't like that, then we can just fight for the right to see who goes."

Nero's expression did not change from a serious, yet pained look, "Don't be stupid. Now isn't the time for a fight for your pride. I'm not going to let you go in alone. It'd be better if actually stayed back all together. You're too weak to fight him anyway."

Vergil's eyes widened, "WHAT?! You brat! I'll kill you!" And with that Vergil devil-triggered, armor of Nelo Angelo enveloping around his body.

Chapter 9: Part 2

Vergil's blade clashed with Nero's. The crossed swords sparked as they slid apart, and both of the demonic men jumped away from eachother. Vergil growled, "I wish you'd just get out of my way boy!"

Nero, still shining like a star, shook his head, "I can't do that, you stupid bastard. You're here for revenge, but you're not even strong enough to defeat me, so how do you think you're going to defeat Mundus. I'm here to avenge the death of an innocent being, and I am powerful enough to kill him. I am better than you, and I have a better reason than you, so YOU get out of the way."

"Why,!" Vergil screamed as he lashed forward with his sword, several dozen times. A net of bright lines appeared around Nero, before over twenty cuts appeared on his body. He did not budge.

"Stand down."

"No!" Vergil muttered.

"Do it. You'll die if you don't." Nero shook his head.

Vergil growled, taking a step forward, but fell to his knee as Nero's sword sliced through his chest. A quick shot of blood spurted out, "Guh! Damn you." He said, voice shaky.

"Leave. Now." Nero said, putting his sword to Vergil's neck.

Vergil looked down at the ground, "You...can't do this, t-to me. You can't."

"I can, and I will if you don't comply with my request." Nero spoke firmly.

"Dammit why?! mine. He is supposed to die by my sword! Who decided that you could take this away from me! Sure, you can beat me in a battle, and sure, I might not be as powerful as he is...but, no one has the right to destroy my pride. Not even you."

"You speak about your pride like it's what the universe revolves around. It's not. Better to keep your life and lose a small bit of your honor, than to die keeping that little extra bit."

Vergil snorted, "What kinda saying is that?! Where do you get off kid?! It's never better to lose pride than lose life. Losing pride is like losing soul. You're worthless."

"Shut up and leave before I kill you too." Nero tightened his grip on his sword and pressed up closer to Vergil's neck.

Vergil scoffed, looking over at the door, "Go. Go destroy him for good. Three times has he been fought in the past, and three times has he succeeded in escaping with his life. End the cycle. I shall go help Dante and Father with their fight."

Nero nodded, "Thank you, brother."

Vergil waved him off, walking through the door behind them, as Nero stepped into the doorway leading to Mundus' domain.

Chapter 9: Part 3

Nero stepped through the door into a blaze. Fire danced around him as he stepped out onto nothingness. Floating in the air, he glanced around, a distant chuckling filling the place, "Mundus, where are you?"

Just as Nero finished the question, something began to materialize in front of him. Black clouds came together to form a humanoid being, and out of the shadow formed bones, then organs, then pure, white skin. A pair of feathery wings shot out of it's back, matching Nero's wings. The bearded man looked at Nero, "Come give grandpa a hug."

Nero snarled, "Grandpa, huh? I don't care. This is it. It's just me and you, so let's get this finished. I want to hurry up and get out of here. I haven't even been here for ten minutes and the heat is already bugging me."

Mundus grinned, holding out his hand for a sword to materialize. It was bigger than Red Queen, black, and it's hand guard looked like a demons mouth. Mundus' wings spread as he flew towards Nero at a high speed. The tip of his blade hit the side of Nero's sword, as Nero blocked. Mundus laughed, "I'm going to have fun killing you just like I killed that poor girl of yours."

"BASTARD! Don't ever speak of her!" Nero kicked Mundus back, and swung down hard with his sword.

Mundus deflected the attack, and flew back a short distance, before a red ball of lightning appeared in his hand. He hurled it at Nero, and then followed it up with his sword raised high. Nero knocked the lightning ball away, but Mundus' sword flew down on his arm. Pain shot through his arm, but it actually came out undamaged.

Nero grabbed Mundus' sword, ripping it from his hand, and impaled him with it, kicking the hilt of the sword to knock him away. Mundus laughed as he tore the sword out of his body, vanishing behind a pillar of flame. Out of nowhere, his knee smashed into the back of Nero's head. Nero grunted, spinning around, sword extended to the side, and cut through Mundus' chest. Mundus laughed, slicing Nero across the face. The wound went deep, and straight through his left eye.

Nero screamed, before dashing forward to grab Mundus' by the neck, "Let's see you dodge this!" Nero stabbed Mundus through the gut and ripped his sword out of his side. Mundus grunted in pain, but failed to lose the grin as blood spurted from his wound.

"I didn't dodge it. You happy, boy?" Mundus smashed the side of his hand into Nero's wind-pipe.

Nero flew back, grabbing at his throat and gasping for air. Mundus rushed into Nero, driving his sword through Nero's shoulder. Nero screamed, more in anger than in pain, and kicked Mundus away once more. Mundus then began throwing waves of lightning at Nero. Nero deflected them all, and flew forward, bringing his sword up above his head, "DIE!"
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