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Chapter 10: The Nightmare Weapon

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Chapter 10

Out of all of the demons that Dante could fight, he got stuck fighting Phantom...again. Phantom's front two legs swept forward, stabbing the ground as they chased Dante, who was quickly retreating while firing rounds from his twin pistols. Phantom shrieked in anger, "You pest! How long do you plan on using those pee-shooters, boy?!"

Dante shrugged, "Fine, you want the big package, you get the big package." Spinning around, Dante holstered his pistols and drew his sword, extending it out to the side. As he began making the second full-circle, Rebellion slid through Phantom's jaw, ripping away one of his mandibles. Phantom once again disintegrated.

Credo had engaged and killed Griffin already, while Sparda took on Tiamat. Dante looked up. The skulls were all floating above him, staring at him with the black voids that were in place of eyes. Dante smiled, "Sargasso. You guys suck."

No sooner did Dante taunt them, they all began clapping their teeth together, making loud, harmonized clicking. "Jeez, would you stop already?" Dante asked. And so they did.

Dante raised a brow, " stay there so I can...shoot you?" And so they didn't.

At once, all of the Sargasso flew at Dante, opening their mouths wide. Dante sighed, taking his sword and jumping into one, slicing it in two. Using one half of it, he kicked off jumping even higher, shooting right past all of the skulls. Swinging his sword over to his back, Dante whipped out both of his pistols and devil-triggered. "Eat this, ya hungry bastards!" Dante screamed before releasing a barrage of demon-enhanced bullets into the crowd.

Not even a minute of shooting and all of the skulls were destroyed. Now it was just up to Sparda to kill Tiamat with out making more of her. It was as simple as kicking her over the edge into the acidic pit of Nightmare's stomach. Dante laughed when it happened, before a bright light surrounded him, Sparda and Credo.

Before he knew it, he was falling on top of Vergil, who just came out in time to break his fall. Vergil grunted under Dante, "Guh! Get your disgusting, fat body off of me."

"Come on Vergil, lighten up. You'll live." Dante smiled, before being pulled away by Sparda.

Sparda looked at Vergil, "Glad you're here, because in order to defeat him quickly, I think all four of us are going to need to transform."

Credo joined, "Sparda, the demon is regaining its senses. I suggest that we act fast."

Sparda looked over to Nightmare, who was thrashing about over the hole that he and the other two created upon blasting out of the monster. Vergil looked over to Dante, "Well, if we're going to do this, let's get it over with."

Dante nodded, and devil-triggered yet again, followed by Vergil, Credo, then Sparda. Sparda glanced over to the three of them, "Alright boys, let's get him."

Credo glanced over to Sparda and noticed that for the first time in a long time, there was smirk on his face. Credo smiled as well, and then all four of them charged Nightmare. Dante went for the legs, while Vergil attacked the arms. Credo assaulted Nightmare's chest, and finally Sparda jumped up to the air, and sliced through Nightmare's head, revealing a spherical, shining core.

Chapter 10: Part 2

Nightmare roared and screamed as his core became exposed, glowing a luminescent blue, strange markings all over it. It was the writing of his demon brothers, but now it was about to be shattered. Sparda jabbed through the core, shattering it completely. Nightmare shrieked, "NO! I cannot be destroyed! You will not triumph. You will die by my hand. YOU WILL DIE!"

Sparda smirked, still standing in the gash on Nightmare's head, "You think too highly of yourself. I think it's time for you to say goodnight."

"No. You are wrong! I'm not going anywhere!" Nightmare said before swinging at Sparda with his last arm. Vergil had managed to already destroy one of them. Sparda jumped up at the last second as Nightmare's arm crashed through his head, sending sludge everywhere.

The giant, toxic demon fell with a thud, plates of armor and piles of goo spreading all about. All four of the warriors landed next to eachother. Dante walked forward, kicking one of the head plates, "Hmph...that was, to say the least, significantly less epic than it should have been. Why do big monsters suck anymore?"

Vergil, Credo and Sparda all looked at Dante with a quizzical expression, before Vergil spoke, "Shut up, Dante."

Sparda glanced over at Vergil, "So, I suggest that now that we're done with this one, we go help Nero."

Credo nodded in agreement, "Indeed, before Mundus kills him."

Vergil sighed, "The boy won't accept help. He wants to do this on his own. We'll just infuriate him."

Dante shook his head, "I don't give a damn about his anger. I just don't feel like helping him."

A vain bulged from Vergil's forehead, "Then why did you speak in the first place. Your voice is just unnecessary racket in my ears."

Sparda chuckled, "Just like old times."

Chapter 10: Part 3

Nero gasped for air as Mundus' clutch on his throat tightened, "Ah, being a Son of Sparda, I thought you'd provide a more interesting challenge, especially with this new devil form. You look more like an angel than a demon. You must take after your mother's human side more than your other half. None the less, I shall crush you and be done with it."

The red in Nero's eyes began to fade as his entire body reverted to its old, human form. Including his right arm. Nero struggled against Mundus' arm, "I...give up. Finish...this."

Mundus shook his head, "You're no sport at all. You are lacking the spunk that all of the rest of your family have. From reports, even your mother resisted death more than you."

Nero growled, "Well...good...for her, whoever...she is."

Mundus laughed, "You really have given up on this fight, haven't you? Too bad. Even in death, you won't be reunited with your love. I'm sending you straight to hell."

Nero stared into Mundus' eyes, "Not going to be reunited?"

"Yes, it's too bad. I would have enjoyed seeing that little wench burn for what she did to my host in that church. She practically ruined my original plan."

Nero's grip tightened on Mundus' wrist, "Wench...did you say, wench?!"

"Yes. Don't like that title, huh? Would you rather me use another?" Mundus laughed, unaware of Nero's sudden surge of power.

"How about this. You shut the hell up and DIE!" Nero screamed as he planted both of his legs on Mundus' chest, pushing away with all of his strength, holding Mundus' arm as he did so, ripping it away. Mundus screamed.

Nero looked at Mundus in his agony, "I don't need weapons or powers to defeat you. You're just a scumbag! A little kid could whoop you!"

Mundus grunted in anger and pain, looking up from his arm at Nero, "Why you! YOU WATCH YOUR TONGUE, BOY!"

"Why don't you just shut it already?!" Nero said, tossing the arm away.

"I WILL KILL YOU!" Mundus yelled as his sword once more materialized in his other hand.

"THEN SHUT UP AND TRY TO ALREADY!" Nero replied angrily before charging forward.

Mundus' blade came down hard at Nero, who blocked with his arm. As he did so, his arm formed back into it's devil-state. Mundus swung around to his other side, where Nero blocked with his other arm. The same thing occurred. Nero smiled at Mundus, "Alright you freak! Let's see you block this!"

Mundus hesitated before attempting to block whatever Nero had planned next. Nero grabbed Mundus' sword, tearing it from his hand, and then swung it down, severing Mundus' other arm from his body. Nero caught it, and spun around, bashing Mundus across the head with hit. He twirled through the air. Nero screamed, as he threw the sword at Mundus. It spun through the air like a fan, before hitting Mundus in the side, locking itself in place.

Nero growled, "NOW YOU DIE!" A sudden aura of blue fire surrounded him, as he exploded into his full devil form, and dashed through the air. Clutching the hilt of Mundus' blade, Nero allowed all of his power to supercharge the sword. Nero screamed, as removed his hand from the blade and kicked it further into Mundus' body. The sword exploded. Nero was knocked back, and Mundus fell through all of the ash and fire with a gaping hole in his body, organs and blood slipping out.

The place began to rumble, and a white light surrounded everything. When Nero could see again, he was no longer in the same room. He and Mundus were falling through the central area of the Nine Levels. Sludge covered the majority of the place, and as Nero landed with a thud, and bounced twice off of the ground, he landed in some of the stuff himself.

Mundus managed to land on his feet, but his wounds were still showing. He was minus two arms and chunk of torso. Nero looked from the ground up to Mundus, "You don't learn when to die, do you?"

Mundus grunted in pain, attention leaving Nero and landing on four other figures, "Well, this is an unpleasant surprise. All three sons, the father and his follower."

Sparda looked at Mundus, "You picked a bad place to transport to. If you'd waited just a little longer, it would have been safe in here. We were just about to go looking for you."

Dante chuckled, "Je-sus-christ. What in the hell happened to you, man? You look like walking, sloppy, dog food."

Vergil smirked at the remark, "Did that boy do all of that to you?" Vergil asked, pointing at Nero, "If so...I'm sorry to hear it."

Credo stared, "We should go ahead and finish this now."

Sparda nodded, and they all four began stepping towards Mundus. Mundus growled, "I'm not going to die yet!" He jumped back in the air, and began chanting in a strange dialect.

Demonic symbols made of fire began appearing in front of him, and all of the sudden, the metal plating and sludge from Nightmare began to slide towards Mundus, "Prepare to see the true use of the Nightmare weapon!"
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