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Chapter 11: The Final Battle

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Chapter 11

Mundus laughed evilly, completely changing in appearance as he absorbed Nightmare's remnant. Surges of physical power rushed outward, stunning all five of the warriors. As soon as Mundus could be seen again, Sparda strode forward, drawing his sword. Credo and Vergil followed closely, while Dante went over to help Nero up.

Dante put his hand out for Nero to grab, pulling him up as he did so, "C'mon kid. Looks like this is the grand finale. Let's go take him out."

Nero stood, nodding, "Yeah. Let's give this bastard some payback."

Dante chuckled, "That's the spirit."

Nero sighed, looking around, "Damn, Red Queen is missing."

Dante smiled, "You know, I figured this would come in handy at some point. I've already got Rebellion, so, I figure you can use this. I brought it 'cause it's the same sword I fought Mundus with before. I was sure to grab it up before we even began this little journey."

Nero raised a brow as Dante allowed Force Edge to appear in his hand, and he slipped it over to Nero. The sword was remarkably well preserved for all of its past uses, and Nero gave it a quick swing, "Wow...thanks."

Dante nodded, "I want it back by the end of the day, though."

Nero shrugged, "Whatever."

Dante shrugged as well, turning to face Mundus, who was being closed in on by the other three, "Let's go get him."

Nero and Dante jogged over to join the other three, and together, all five of them walked up to face Mundus. Mundus roared, "Let's get this over with! I have a war to win on that putrid planet, Earth."

Vergil unsheathed Yamato, and sped his pace up to the point of sprinting. Dante released Rebellion, charging forward right next to Vergil. Sparda and Credo both drew their swords, and followed up behind the other two. Nero, took the back, holding Force Edge. Before he left after the others, he said one thing to himself, silently. "This is for you, Kyrie."

With that, Nero took several, long strides forward before exploding into a flurry of speed, dashing past the other four. Leaping through the air, Nero raised the sword given to him by Dante, into the air. Sweeping down hard with it, his blade clashed with Mundus'. Mundus grinned, knocking Nero back with the slash of his sword.

Nero landed in the midst of the other four, and at once they all engaged Mundus. Blade strikes became so fast from all five of the heroes, that their attacks, and Mundus' deflections, began to blur their bodies. Sword clashes began to sound like rapid gunfire rather than blade against blade. Sparda spun through the air, slicing at Mundus from above. Mundus took the attack in the shoulder, and laughed, punching Sparda in the gut, and slamming him into the ground.

Credo launched himself toward Mundus' torso, pointing his sword towards Mundus like a spear. The blade made it through, and Credo smiled with an expression of victory. Mundus denied his triumph, bashing Credo away with his forearm. Credo's sword ripped out of the side of Mundus, as he toppled into the ground.

Mundus laughed, and screamed out as a massive shockwave exploded outward from his body. The bluish-green energy dimmed the entire cavern of hell. The fire and lava no longer illuminated the area, but was turned into the turquoise, demon crystal, Luminite . The only light source was now the green aura of Mundus' energy and the crystals all around. The shockwave created knocked Dante, Vergil and Nero back.

Vergil grunted, "Dante, devil form!" He and Dante both devil-triggered simultaneously, charging Mundus and attacking him just as fast as they all did before. Mundus laughed, swinging his sword to knock the two brothers away, "Surely all five of you can do better."

Sparda sighed, standing, "Yes we can."

Sparda and Credo both devil-triggered as well, leaving Nero as the last one to do it.

Chapter 11: Part 2

A gust of wind blew around Nero as he transformed. It was a second nature to him now, so simple to do after the first few times. Nero sped after the others, Force Edge at his side.

Once again, all five of them engaged Mundus in battle. Dante was the first to strike, landing a clean cut down the center of his chest. Vergil crossed over the cut with a horizontal slice. Mundus laughed, "Getting biblical on me, Sons of Sparda?"

Dante smiled, "Well, least I wasn't, but I guess Vergil had to go off and ruin that for me."

"Shut it you twat!" Vergil retorted, avoiding a fatal blow from Mundus.

Credo passed both of the twins, sliding his blade upward, scarring Mundus' new face. Mundus grunted, bashing Credo away with his hand. Sparda caught Credo, quickly putting him down to follow through with his own attack, but a burst of energy exploded out of Mundus' arm, hitting Sparda. He flew back, a pillar of smoke rising from his body. Nero blasted right past Sparda, quickly unleashing the power of Force Edge onto Mundus.

Dante stopped in midair, and dashed over to Sparda, " Come on, now's not the time to pull out of the game."

Sparda flipped over, revealing a hole in place of his left arm, "Dante, I'm out for good. I can't come back in. Don't worry...I won't die, seeing as how...I'm already dead." Sparda chuckled.

Dante frowned, "Don't worry. We'll beat him."

Vergil appeared out of nowhere, "Dante, help Credo and Nero finish Mundus. I'll get father away from here." Vergil waved Dante off, but as he reached for Sparda, Sparda began to fade into the air.

Sparda looked over to Dante and Vergil, "Finish Mundus. I'll be waiting on the other side."

Dante raised a brow, "What the hell is happening?!"

Credo stood from the ground, rubbing his face from the previous blow, "He is going back to High Realm. He hasn't necessarily died, just lost the ability to appear in your realm for some time due to a serious amount of injury. It is, to say the least, very much like dying. But we musn't concentrate on that! Nero has now engaged Mundus, and if we do not help him, there's no telling what will happen.

Dante and Vergil nodded, and they all three jumped back into the fight, slicing at Mundus, right next to Nero. Mundus' booming laughter filled the air as he shrugged off all of their attacks, and stabbed through Credo, ripping the sword upward and out of Credo's shoulder. Blood spattered onto Nero. Credo faded away just as Sparda did. "Good luck...Nero."

Nero, once more watching his mentor and childhood brother-figure fall by sword, felt the rage flow through him again. It wasn't half as bad as it was for Kyrie, but it still fueled him. Nero screamed, thrusting his blade through Mundus' neck. But the sword stuck. Feeling Mundus' foot push hard into his gut, Nero flew back. Mundus tore the sword from his throat.

Vergil's eyes widened, and he looked over to Dante, "How much can this beast take."

Dante grunted, slicing at Mundus body once more, "I have no idea...perhaps we should try that old trick!"

Vergil smiled crookedly as he caught Ebony, Dante's steel, black pistol. They both went back to back, and Dante looked over his shoulder at Vergil, "Should we say it too?"

Vergil, "Makes it that much better."

Dante laughed, and as they both fired a powerful shot from the twin pistols, their favorite childhood word slipped from their mouths, "Jackpot."

The bullets twirled through the air, but, much to the twin brothers' surprise, Mundus cut through the bullets with Force Edge, four mini-explosions appearing behind him, "Fools! Is this really all you have to offer!"

Dante's and Vergil's mouths both opened slightly, before both of the blades Mundus was carrying plunged through them. Mundus ripped the swords out of the brothers, drawing them in and forming an X with his arms. Then he spun around and spread his arms out again, like a pair of scissors. Dante and Vergil fell to the ground. Vergil struggled to look over to Dante, lying in a pool of his own blood, "Have we...failed?"

Dante smiled, coughing up his own blood, ", there's still one more more Son...of Sparda. And he will win this."

Vergil frowned, "Preposterous!" And then he fainted.

Dante chuckled, "Asshole..." And then he fainted as well.

Nero had long recovered from Mundus' kick, and seeing all of his friends...his family, fall. Nero felt something inside him. Some power, even more ferocious than his new devil-form. He looked up to Mundus, " bastard. You may have killed my love. You may have made me relive the last moments of mentors life again. You may have slain all of my family...but you will NOT take my victory. You are DEAD!"

Nero screamed, before all of the blue, glowing skin on his body, turned completely black. Once more, his body began changing again. His white, feathery wings, turned into black, devil wings, and his blue, flaming aura turned into a purple vortex of power, swirling around him. The only thing that remained the same was his red eyes.

Mundus grunted, "What the hell is this?!"

"As I said. You. Are. Dead."

Chapter 11: Part 3

Nero stepped past Dante, staring straight at Mundus. Dante's voice caught Nero by surprise, "Go...get 'em're...the hero."

Nero sighed, "Mundus. Give me my sword."

Mundus grunted, and then laughed very loudly, "HAH! You expect me to just help you in killing me?!"

"No. I expect you to help me in killing you faster. I'm sure you don't want a slow death do you? Because this is going to be very painful either way."

Mundus growled, "You arrogant little brat! I'll show you the true meaning of pain!" Mundus slid across the ground, impaling Nero right through the heart with Force Edge. Nero clasped the blade with his clawed hand, "Thanks."

Mundus screamed in anger, trying to pull the sword away, but Nero's other hand came down with speed and power, as he broke Mundus' wrist, and then used the same hand to punch Mundus in the jaw. Mundus lost his grip on the sword as he was knocked away. Nero pulled the sword from his chest, gripping it tightly.

Mundus roared, twitching his broken hand before it snapped back into place, "You...won't get away with doing this! You're the last one stand, and you'll be the last one to die!"

"Shut up." Nero said, before instantly appearing right next to Mundus. He swung his blade upward, slicing a deep wound into Mundus' chest. Mundus cringed in pain, clawing at the cut, and then retaliated, swinging his sword in a wide arc. Nero caught it with his free hand, and then cut Mundus' arm off. Mundus yelled out, Nero pulling his sword from the clutch of his large hand.

Mundus backed, blood squirting from the stub. Nero took both sword, leaping into the air, and plunged them into Mundus' face. Mundus gurgled as Nero planted his feet on his shoulders. Nero smiled, "You like that? Here, have some more!"

Mundus struggled to stand as Nero began pulling the swords apart. It wasn't enough just yet. Nero paused, and kicked both of the blades' hilts, shoving them farther into Mundus' head, and once more began pulling them apart. Putting all of his strength and power into it, Nero finally ripped the blades apart, splitting Mundus' head into two halves. Throwing Mundus' blade away, Nero jumped upward, and came back down, slicing Mundus in two the rest of the way down his body.

As the two halves fell, pools of blood forming beneath them, Nero landed in between both halves, jabbing Force Edge into the ground. Blazing spheres of energy formed around his fists, and Nero plunged both hands into the separate pieces of Mundus, disintegrating him. "Finally." Nero said, exhausted. Landing on his knees, Nero fell back into his human form, and then he toppled over on the ground.
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