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Chapter 12: Epilogue

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Chapter 12

Nero woke up. Where was he? Looking around revealed the field in the middle of the forest that had supported the portal he entered Hell through. There was no portal, though. A few more glances in various directions revealed a figure in a long, red jacket. Nero stood, "Dante."

" looks did it. That was pretty quick too. I don't think it's even been thirty minutes since I passed out." Dante fell on his rump, rubbing his chest.

Nero searched for anyone else. Vergil was gone. Sparda and Credo had been gone too. But there were two others. Nero rubbed his eyes, "H-hey...where the hell did you two come from?! Where were you?!"

Trish sighed, "We were in the city the whole time. You know, cleaning up the mess that you two left behind. Those Angels sure weren't doing a good job of it."

Lady nodded, resting Kalina Ann on her shoulder, "Yeah...they were just as useless as a bunch of Dante's running around."

Dante threw his finger into the air, "Hey, shut the hell up! Or else, I will never pay your damn money back to you!"

"THE HELL YOU WON'T!" She screamed.

Nero grunted, rubbing at his chest. His heart still ached, not only from physical pain, but from the pain of reliving his mentor's death, and seeing his love die. He looked over to Dante, "So...did I really kill him? Did I defeat Mundus?"

" definitely beat his ass. One can only hope that he's really dead though." Dante shrugged.

Nero scratched his head, "What about Vergil, and the others?"

Dante pointed up. Nero followed his finger, looking up into the sky. The beams of light shining through the sky revealed a group of people. There were five. They all began descending. Softly landing on the ground, Nero recognized four of them. Vergil, Credo, Sparda...and Kyrie! The last person was definitely familiar. He exchanged a quick glance with Trish, and then looked back to the other woman. They looked practically the same.

Dante stood up now, staring straight at the mysterious woman, "'s really you."

She nodded, smiling, "Dante, you've turned into a strapping young man. Just as your brother, Vergil."

Vergil cringed at the statement. Dante chuckled, before raising a brow, "So...what is this?"

Sparda stepped forward, "Well, I figured a family reunion was in order before we left."

Dante looked back over to Vergil, "Why are you with them?"

Vergil sighed, "It honestly hasn't crossed your mind that I've been dead throughout this whole ordeal, has it?"

Dante laughed, scratching his head, "No, I guess not."

Nero stepped forward, staring into Kyrie's eyes, before he fell to his knees, tears streaking down his cheeks, "Kyrie! Please...I'm so sorry! Forgive me! Forgive my failure. Forgive me, please! I tried as best as I could, and it wasn't enough!"

Kyrie smiled gently, walking over to Nero, "Don't worry. So long as your heart beats my way, you will always have my love. I was never angry with you. You haven't failed me."

"But, Kyrie! I-"

"Hush." She stuck her finger to his lips, and wiped away the tears. He looked at her quizzically before she kissed him. Credo's lips curled upward.

Nero looked at her, one more tear trickling down as she stepped back. Then he felt another hand on his shoulder. He looked over to see the woman that he didn't know, "And you, my youngest child. You turned out like I never imagined. You are, perhaps, the specialist one of all. Remember your mother's words. You are destined to achieve things greater than you already have. The first of which will be conquering this new power you have within you." She leaned forward and gave him a gentle kiss on the forehead, and stepped back as well.

Vergil stared at Dante, a brow raised, "Hurry up and die. I need someone to spar with."

Nero glanced back over to Kyrie, still on his knees, holding his right hand out to her. She held it with her hand, touching his skin gently, before the five started to fade back in to the beam of light, "I'll be waiting, Nero. I love you."

Then she faded away. The others were gone too, and the clouds began to close, sealing the beam away. Then it began to snow. Dante looked around, then stared at Nero, "Come on, kid. I'll take you back to the shop and get you something to drink."

Trish cut in, "Provided the shop is even still there."

Dante grunted, "What the hell are you saying?!"

Trish retorted with an arrogant reply, and then the argument started. Nero ignored them, glancing into the sky, looking at the oncoming snow.

"I love you too."

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