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The Storywriter's Story

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Naraku killed Kagura, he killed Naraku, and Toran left ages ago. Is this the end of the Taisho family, or does another time hold a secret?

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Chapter 1

The Storywriter's Story

My story will begin slightly different, than my other stories, like the Kagashe Trillogy, The Future Girl, The Run, etc... Three weeks, or so, before the school play, which I had gotten chosen to play a part of, I had heard, some "friends" talking, and had walked up to them, in the locker room. "So, Yuyi, you say there is going to be a play?" a girl in red shorts and a white shirt, with tennis shoes asked. "Yes, Shinra, and get this, it's about one of your favorite Anime's," Yuyi said, "The only thing is, is that it's going to be piecing together the story that comes after the Manga ends."
I hadn't realized that I was still standing there, eavesdropping on the two, who both had yellow hair, but one was curly, with black eyes; I continued to stand, until Yuyi said, "Hey, yoda, go away." After a second, I came to my senses, and said, "Yoda around you, never around me. Hope may not be on your side!" "Whatever, backwards," Yiyi said, "If you want to see the play, then go to the Feudal Era, and get lost." Unknown to any of the people in the room including myself, at the time, Yuyi had just sent me down the path, that every girl wanted to go down, that watched Inuyasha, at my school.
Most people would retaliate, but I just gave them a death glare, and left. As I was leaving, I heard one of the two say, "I can't believe that it's going to be during our generation, that someone will be chosen to be marked by Sesshomaru, from the Feudal Era." "Humph! As if!" I thought, "What's the big deal?" "Hey, AliAnn," a voice said. I turned, and saw the group that had called me, it was the drama instructor, and her club. That day I wore white jeans, and a red and white speckled shirt. I walked out to Mrs. Fufu.
"AliAnn, how would you like to play a part in the upcoming play, "The Bite?" Mrs. Fufu, asked. Mrs. Fufu had on a long green dress, white sandels, and her red hair was in a bun. "Why me?" I asked. "You're the spitting image of Ali Taisho, Sesshomaru's mate," Mrs. Fufu said.

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha and characters, Rumiko Takahashi does!
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