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Chapter 1

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Frank Iero just moved to Belleville. He's hoping to make some new friends, but what he doesn't know it that one will be a bit more than just that. (FRERARD!)

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A/N: Hai Ficwad! I'm MyChemicalSecret This is my first time writing a fanfiction so this may not be top notch. However, I would very much appreciate tips on how to make my writing style better! The first few chapters are going to be kind of slow, mainly because they are kinda introductions, but chapter 3 is when the Frerard yummyness shall begin! Just bear with me , okay? Shweet! Please leave comments, even if its just "I liked it!" or "Meh, that sucked walrus ass!". I just need to know if people are reading it. But yeah... i guess I'll post the next chapter in 2 weeks or if people like it and are reading it, maybe in 1! MUAHA!! Let the fanfictioning commence!
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Frank Iero was driving in the middle of what he called “nowhere”. He was in a stuffy car that was crammed full of his family’s belongings. He for the past hour or so, he had been uncomfortably sticky from sweat and has been fidgeting uncontrollably. To add to his headache, he had already finished Black Flag’s “Damaged”, “Four Minute Mile” by the Get Up Kids and a couple of his other favourite albums. This meant that he was way too far from home….Well….. at least for his liking. Frank, for the fist time in his 16 year long life, was moving.

The reason for this “move” was that his father’s job had changed locations. He had been making good money and the family agreed that they could use a change of scenery. So, leaving his house and the neighborhood park behind, (No mention of friends due to the fact that he doesn’t have any. This upsets his mother, Linda, very much in particular.) he is shoved into this moving oven, sweaty and grumpy. Frank had been told that they were moving to Belleville, New Jersey. Never having really travelled outside the city, Frank was actually pretty excited.

With his fringe sticking to his face, Frank attempts to put his head out the window, only to have his parents scold him. Fed up, he decides to just look out the window, gnawing on his lip ring. He had asked where they were, if the were close to their destination and other such tedious questions about 10 times already. Frank mostly used these as a source of entertainment, trying not to crack up at how his father started to clench his teeth around the third time. And to think, they were only half way there.

When he opened his eyes, Frank noticed that it was a bit darker than before. He ended up dozing off against the object beside him, which happened to be a garbage bag filled with random clothes. He groaned as he peeled the plastic off his face and tried to stretch in the small space he was in.

“Mom? Dad?” Frank said, his voice still groggy from sleep, “What time is it? Are we there yet?”
“Did you have a good nap, Frankie?” His father, who was also named Frank, joked.
Frank simply ignored this very stupid question and mock-glared at him.
“It’s 8:00, and yes we are almost there. Just 20 minutes more.”

Frank peered out the window. The “nowhere” that he was now used to seeing had disappeared and was now replaced by houses, streets and people. It wasn’t the prettiest of places (and he could’ve sworn he just saw a pimp) but the dangerous aura he got from the place excited him, unlike his old home. Things felt too safe there and Frank loved adventure.

Although moving wasn’t at the top of his list for adventure, Frank felt better about the whole situation at that moment. Maybe he would like it here. Maybe he’d have a better time at school. And maybe, he would actually make some friends this time. Frank suddenly felt as if a new start is what he needed all along.
Frank didn’t even know what the house looked like. Well, this was his fault because he told his mom and dad that he wanted it to be a surprise. All he knew was that it had two large bedrooms and was detached. When his mom started looking, she became a bit obsessed, and ended up making her husband and son a bit house crazy too. This was probably the most exciting part for Frank; seeing what the house looked like. He couldn’t help but smush his face against the window in anticipation, and looking like a hyper puppy. Any time a house caught his interest, he would immediately ask “Is that it?!” Linda and Frank were relieved for their sons’ enthusiasm. The fact that Frankie didn’t have many friends, with the exception of a couple old pets, upset them. By the time middle school hit, all of Frank’s friends began to ignore him and move on, leaving him with no one. That was when Frank began to prefer being on his own.

They finally turned on a one way street: Cemetery Drive. Looking ahead at the end of the street, there was in fact a cemetery, which made Frank extremely happy. It had weeping willows whose braches swept the ground. Among the hills there were flowers and other plants. There was even a stream and pond that split everything in two parts.

As Frank admired the graveyard, his father pulled into house number 13. He jumped out of the car, squealing with excitement and looked at the house. IT WAS LIKE A FUCKING GINGERBREAD HOUSE!!! It couldn’t get any better than this! Letting him do the honors, his mother handed him the keys with a smile.

Frank opened the front door and went inside. After a brief inspection of the main floor and basement, he flew up the stairs to go find his soon to be bedroom. The first room on that floor was his immediate choice. It had dark red walls and had a big window with a view of the cemetery. It was perfect.

Due to the movers not arriving yet, Frank slept in a sleeping bag on the floor. As he drifted off to sleep he confirmed to himself, for the hundredth time today, that he will love it here, in his little gingerbread house.

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