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Chapter 2

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Frankies first official day in Belleville where he encounters fluffy carpets and strange boys...

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It was Sunday; the first official day of Frank's new life in his new home. As he got up and stretched, he was surprised to feel no pain anywhere, despite sleeping on the floor. He started poking and prodding at the carpet, mesmerized by how fluffy it was. As if he were a child, he began to jump up and down around the room. Linda and Frank Senior heard the banging and quickly rushed to Franks room. Instead of finding their son hurt, he was hopping about the place, giggling.

They both raised their eyebrows, clearly confused. Frank stopped jumping when his father cleared his throat. He looked at the two of them and said "The carpet is so bouncy!" through his giggles. As if the situation suddenly made complete sense, Linda said back (completely seriously) "Is it really?!?!" Frank nodded wildly, happy that his mother found this as important and amusing as he did. She then began to bounce around the room with him. At this point they were laughing pretty hard and Frank Senior just walked out.

When they got tired, Frank and Linda lay down on the floor to catch their breath.

"So...?" Linda inquired, "What do you think?"

"I really like it!" Frank said with a grin. "The floor is comfy, I've got the most amazing view and I don't even have to paint!"

"I'm really glad you do, honey." His mother said, returning the smile. "Remember, this is a new start. Even though the slate has been wiped clean, just don't lose yourself okay? Change can do that to people."

Frank nodded, "I know."

"Good." She got up and headed for the door. "And Frankie?" She asked, turning around.

"Yeah, mom?"

"Can you promise me something?"

"Of course."

"I want you to try to make friends. You don't even have to make many. I know that you like your space, it's just that I think that at this age, it would be good for you. I just want you to be happy."

Frank nodded again, "Okay, mom. I promise. And thanks."

Linda smiled. "Now, go get washed up and come downstairs. Dad went out to pick something up for breakfast and he should be back in a bit."

She turned around and closed the door, leaving her son to his privacy.
Frank got up and went to his suitcase. He lay out a typical outfit of his which consisted of skinny jeans, a t-shirt and a hoodie and went to take a shower, noting the amazing washroom. (So, he's like a girl when it comes to these things. What are you going to do about it?)

When he was done, he studied his reflection in the mirror. Still damp from the shower, his light olive skin seemed to glow. As he glanced over his slim torso and nice arms, he began to wonder if he would ever have the slightest bit of muscle.

Frank then looked at his hair, focusing his angst on another one of his "flaws". He tried running his fingers through it, messing it up, even fluffing it, but it just...wouldn't...sit...RIGHT!!! He hated how his fringe curled up into his thin face and framed his big hazel eyes. He hated how it was naturally curly. He hated that it never did what he wanted.

Giving himself one last glare, he went to go get dressed. When he was done, he descended down the stairs, he foot steps echoing throughout the empty house. In the kitchen, Linda was standing at the counter (No furniture, remember? ;) ) holding a steaming cup of coffee, just for him. He practically glided across the kitchen and carefully took the hot liquid awesomeness in his hands. He took a sip and almost had an orgasm as the bitter substance hit his taste buds. This time, it was his mother's turn to stare.

Ignoring her son's strange relationship with the drink, she asked him about his plans for the day.

"I was just thinking of looking around. Y'know, to get used to the area. I also wanted to learn my way to and from school so that I wouldn't get lost, because I know I will."
"That's a good idea. By the way I need you back here at noon. The movers are coming and I need you to help us with everything."

"Okay. See you then." Frank kissed his mothers cheek. "Tell dad I say thanks for the breakfast."

He slipped on his Converse and went outside, breathing in the fresh air. One of the only things Frank liked about the morning was the smell. He loved how it was misty, fresh and unused. He also loved the way the grass sparkled with dew drops, reflecting the morning sunlight and making it look like diamonds fell from the sky.

Smiling to himself, Frank started walking. He found out that they lived close to a main street which had all the essentials: Blockbusters, comic book store, music store and Starbucks. He heard his dad mention that his new school was just about five blocks away from their house. So, turning onto a side street, he began looking for Belleville High.

When Frank got closer to the school, he noticed two boys walking and laughing across the street. The boy who seemed to be doing most of the talking had an awesome light brown afro while the quieter boy had a strawberry blond fringe covering his right eye.

The afro boy looked in Frank's direction, then looked back at his friend. He quickly looked back and his mouth and eyes widened. The boy thrust his finger toward Frank and yelled, "MIDGET!" He then proceeded to run to Frank, pat him roughly on the head and took off down the street.

The blond boy looked at Frank, who was standing there in shock. He simply said "Sorry" as if it happened every day and ran after his afro friend. Frank watched them, completely stunned, until they turned a corner, out of his sight. He balled his hands into fists and yelled "I AM NOT SHORT!" An old lady passing by glared at him. Frank ignored her and started walking back home.

When Frank arrived at the house, he helped his parents and the movers to get everything inside. He then fixed up his room, posters and all, and stepped back to take everything in. With the faces of all his heroes looking back at him, it felt like...... home.

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