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Chapter 3

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Gerard is having a crappy morning. Will a new student change all that?

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An annoying beeping sound was produced by Gerard's alarm clock. He wanted so badly just to throw it out the window. He contemplated this until he realized that he would have to get up either way. Groaning, the grumpy teen slapped his hand down on the button, causing it to stop beeping immediately. The room was suddenly too quiet. Gerard sat up, digging his palms into his eyes to try and make them adjust. He hated Mondays.

As Gerard took a shower, he had a mental discussion to himself as to why waking up so early for school didn't really help anyone. He frowned when he realized that yelling at the school when they clearly weren't inside his head, wasn't really helping much. He just threw all his thoughts out the window and finished his shower in an even worse mood than before.

When he finished getting dressed, Gerard now had the battle of making his hair look good. He combed through it, messed it up, flipped it around and looked back in the mirror. No matter what he did, his hair would always look the same.

"Stupid fucking hair." He murmured to himself.

Before he chopped it all off, he decided to get away from the mirror. Gerard headed downstairs to eat breakfast. Apon reaching the kitchen, he saw his 14 year old brother, Mikey, sitting at the table in an Anthrax shirt and his batman underwear. Gerard watched in disgust as his younger sibling shoveled down a mix of Frankenberry cereal, Poptarts and toast. It wasn't like Mikey was eating them separately. They were all crumpled up and put into a bowl with milk. Gerard decided to look away as soon as the strangely coloured liquid dribbled down Mikeys chin.

"Mikey, no offense but, don't you think it would taste better if you ate them separately?" With closer inspection he noticed that the toast was also very burnt. "And you're not allowed to use the toaster, remember? Think of what happened last time!"

"Well, at least I replaced the curtains. Anyways, I figure, if it's gonna go in my stomach, it might as well be all at once." Mikey looked down at his concoction. "But I gotta admit, the toast ruins it. Plus, I shouldn't have added orange juice..."

"Urg, just stop. Please. I don't wanna puke first thing in the morning!" Gerard said with his hands over his ears.

Gerard tried to get the mental image of Mikey's breakfast out of his head as he poured himself some Frankenberry. To make his morning worse, when he tipped the box, one single Frankenberry came out...... and then a bunch of powder. Gerard slowly turned to his brother, his eyes full of rage.

"Oh, shit. Sorry, Gee." Mikey knew that if he wasn't careful with his words, he'd be pulling his underwear out of his ass crack. He knew better than to come in between Gerard and his beloved Frankenberry. "I'll pick some more up after school, okay?"

Satisfied, Gerard smiled and nodded. Since cereal was out of the question, he decided on Strawberry Pop tarts and a ton of coffee. Gerard loved coffee even more than Frankenberry. If you even think of stealing it from him, you will suffer a very horrible death.

When they were done eating and getting ready, the two Way brothers picked up their best friends, Bob and Ray, and walked to school. Well... they actually ran or else they'd be late.

Gerard arrived in homeroom just in time. He headed to his usual seat in the back of the room, next to the window. He sat down and took his sketchbook out of his bag, planning to continue a drawing he started a couple days ago. It was a superhero that he created. It had the head of a man but the body of a gorilla. The guy got the strength of the gorilla and everything. He was practically unstoppable. Gerard wasn't really sure what to call him though. He really liked the name Darwin, so he was thinking of "Doctor Darwin" or "The Darwinist".

Drawing had always been Gerard's passion. His Grandma, Elena, who also happened to be his favourite person in the world, had got him into it and taught him everything she knows. When he drew, he canceled everything out. He couldn't see the bored expressions on his peers faces, girls leaning in to one another to whisper something, or the eraser being thrown across the room. He couldn't hear jocks talking about the game, chairs squeaking or pencils tapping. Gerard could only see the lines created by his pencils and pens. He could only hear the comforting sound of his writing utensil scratching at the page or the whoosh when he flicked away eraser shavings. When Gerard was drawing, nothing else mattered. People knew better than to interrupt him for a lousy reason or to look at a piece before it was done. When it came to his art, Gerard was a perfectionist.

Suddenly, the room got very quiet. This actually distracted Gerard from his art and he wondered what made the class shut up. Not looking up and still drawing, Gerard gave half his attention to see what was going on.

"Good morning class," Gerard's cheery homeroom teacher, Mr.Altburg announced, "I have a new student with me today. He just moved here this weekend. I hope you're all helpful and nice to him. Please make him feel welcome. Why don't you introduce yourself, Frank?"

The boy who Gerard assumed was Frank spoke in a nervous voice. "Uhmm..... hi...... I'm Frank"

Mr.A chuckled at Franks unexpectedly short introduction. "Okay, then. How about we find you a seat?" Scanning the room, Mr.A's eyes landed on the spot next Gerard, but of course the boy had no idea. "How about we put you beside Mr.Way? Can you please raise your hand, Mr.Way?"

Apon hearing his name, Gerard looked up to the front and into hazel eyes. He was struck by how beautiful this boy's eyes were. Then again, this boy was beautiful altogether. His skin was a light olive colour and he was quite short. Aside from his size, Gerard was also captivated by Frank’s face, which was framed by silky dark brown hair. Gerard slowly raised his hand.

"Go on then, Frank. Don't be shy. Gerard doesn't bite that much." Only Mr.A laughed at the joke.

Frank shifted in between his feet and made his way to the desk next to Gerard. He sat down and uncomfortably moved around in his seat. Gerard hid behind his long black hair, aware that his pale cheeks were suddenly a light shade of pink, and timidly stuck out his hand.

"Hi." He said softly, nervously. "I'm Gerard."

Frank softly took the boy's hand in his and shook.
"Gerard..." he repeated, then realizing how stupid he sounded, awkwardly added, "Oh... I'm Frank"

"Yeah. I know." Gerard said with a shy smile.

Frank smiled back. And what a beautiful smile it was.
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