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Chapter 4

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Frank meets the rest of the gang.... and the two weirdos that he's already familiar with!

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For the entire morning of that day, Gerard and Frank spent the time talking. Movies, music, comics; they covered everything that was important. Awkward small talk became heated conversations. It was almost as if they had known each other for years, when in reality, it had only been three periods. Conveniently, they both had all the same classes (with the exception of gym and history) so the conversation never stopped.

“Hey, Frank.” Gerard said while taking out his lunch from his locker. “Do you maybe want to have lunch with me? I could introduce you to my friends if you want.”
Frank instantly lit up. “Yeah! That’d be great!” He chirped.

Like a puppy, Frank followed Gerard outside, trying to match his small fast steps to Gerards larger ones. He seemed so calm and cool, but during the entire morning, Frank had not once seen him talk to anyone else. He began to wonder what Gerard was really like.

After walking across the field (which took quite some time) Frank began to wonder if this “spot” was really far away, or if Gerard was leading him behind a bush to kill him. While this and other stupid thoughts crossed his mind, Gerard turned around as if he heard him and said
“Almost there.”

A couple minutes later, they came towards a tree with two boys sitting underneath. Frank didn’t even have to be close to recognizing them. It was the afro boy and the blond kid from yesterday!!! The boys looked up. Although the blond kid’s expression didn’t change, the afro boy’s face contorted into a similar expression to the one he made the day before.

Frank and the afro boy each thrust their fingers at each other. Frank yelled “YOU!” while the other boy’s now well known expression was thrown in Frank’s direction…again. “MIDGET!”

For a minute, Gerard just stood there, trying to make sense of this….. situation. He pointed to Frank, then afro boy and said “Do you two know each other?”

“No! He’s the midget from yesterday!” afro boy said excitedly.

“I’M NOT SHORT!” Frank huffed.

“Yes you are!”

“OKAY.” Gerard butted in. “Enough. I gotta introduce you two properly before you end up referring to each other as “you” and “midget” for the rest of ever. Frank, meet Ray. Ray, meet Frank.”

As they each grumbled hellos, Gerard gave Ray a look that he knew very well. Ray furrowed his eyebrows and said “What? No!” Gerard just continued to glare at him until he gave in. “Okay, okay. FINE. Stop looking at me like that! Frank, I’m sorry I called you a midget. It was mean. Do ya wanna be friends?”

Instead of telling Ray how much he sounded like a third grader, Frank just smiled and said “Okay!”

The blond boy cleared his throat.

“Oh… shit!” Gerard said. “Sorry. This is Bob.”

“Thanks for remembering” He grumbled.

“Sorry, man. You’re really quiet.”

Bob ignored Gerard’s sad excuse for an apology and stretched out his arms, looking right at Frank.

“Oh.... You want a hug?” Frank asked, a little bit confused. As Bob nodded, Ray explained that Bob likes to give a new friend a hug as a sign of friendship. Frank shuffled over as Bob stood up; Ray stifled a laugh because the height difference between the two confirmed his thoughts. As Frank wrapped his arms around the bigger boy, he was comforted by how much of a teddy bear Bob was.

As he watched Frank hug his best friend, Gerard felt a feeling he’d never felt. He didn’t understand what it was. Frustrated that he couldn’t put his finger on it, he knew he’d thinking about this for a while.

As the group sat down to eat, a tall, skinny mouse of a boy ran over. Out of breath he said, “Sorry I’m late. Ms.Cavato was being a bitch. Who knew that a stripper wasn’t an ‘appropriate dream job’?...................... Hey………….. Who’s the midget?”

Frank buried his head in his hands. He began cursing his family for all being Hobbits. Trying to ignore the boy’s comment, he stood up and held out his hand.

“Hi. I’m Frank.”

“Mikey.” The boy said as he shook. Mikey obviously had problems containing himself because he suddenly squealed and said “You’re so cute!”

“Leave Frank alone for Pete sake!” Gerard said, exasperated. “Sorry about my brother. He’s a weirdo.”

For the rest of the break, the five boys discussed everything. Frank could tell that they were all really tight, but didn’t get the awkward feeling of being left out.

Suddenly, in the middle of the heated debate over whether Spider Man was really a good superhero, the nerve grating sound of a simulated bell filled the air.
“SHIT!” they all cursed in unison. The five began sprinting across the field, hoping that they wouldn’t get late detention.

Just in time for science, Gerard and Frank seated themselves at the back corner of the room. As the teacher gave a lesson on sustainability, they scribbled immature doodles on their notebooks. In English, while the others were given the lecture about the importance of punctuation, they made up a story with the doodles. By the time last period ended, they had made a rough copy of a truly dumb comic.

Back in homeroom, Gerard turned to Frank. Trying really hard not to sound nervous he asked “Do you maybe…. If you’re free……. Wanna come over tomorrow?”

Frank looked up from the circle he was furiously colouring in.
“Yes! Uh… I mean…. Yeah. Cool.”

Gerard had to look away before Frank saw how hard he was trying to hold in his laughter. He couldn’t help it! Frank was just too cute!.......... wait……………… CUTE?!?! No. Gerard was straight. He was positive. Straight boys like girls. He’s never really kissed one but why do you care? That’s beside the point. Gerard Way was straight.

Gerard watched Frank as he continued to butcher the circle. He was playing with his lip ring in concentration. Maybe Frank was a bit…………………….. cute.


That night lying in bed, Gerard couldn’t sleep. He was thinking about how awesome it would be to publish his and Frank’s comic. As he dozed off, he realized what he felt when Frank hugged Bob. It was jealousy.
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