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Rebecca White

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Introducing Miss White, Mr Way and Frank Iero

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Chapter 1

‘Alright class settle down.’ Gerard Way said to the rowdy class of adolescent students he taught art to at the local high school. It hadn’t been his ambition in life to teach students. He had tried and failed to become a comic book artist and as the saying goes, those who can do and those who can’t teach, so here he was. The class settled down under his command and he smiled at the semi-circle of faces that looked at him expectantly. He had only been teaching there two weeks and had found that although the class were a loud bunch they weren’t as untameable as the Principle would have you believe them to be. They had their moments during the first week but after changing up the seating plan they were much better behaved. On his third day he made the class pick up their individual desk and chairs and arrange them in a semi-circle, this was a proven technique of his to cut down on bullying and paper throwing. Kids always threw paper at the backs of other student’s heads not to their faces so this semi-circle was a perfect idea, everyone could see everyone else’s face and since then not one scrunched up ball of paper had been thrown.
‘So, dare I ask how everyone’s weekends were?’ He said perching on his desk.
‘It blew!’ James Vague complained ‘My team lost their football match, morale’s been down all weekend man. We’re losers!’
‘I’m sorry to hear that’ Gerard said genuinely ‘But you’re only a loser if you stay down you know that.’
‘I had an awesome weekend, Mr Way’ Ellie-May Roberts announced. She was the class goody-goody, in fact Gerard was pretty sure she was the goody two-shoes of the entire year; you know that kid who does everything and is always happy and upbeat. Gerard drowned at her voice as she launched into her story of whatever it is she did over the weekend and his eyes fell upon Rebecca White. Now she was something interesting, or she was to him at least. In the two weeks he had been there she was the student he knew the least about. She was obviously painfully shy, he got that right away, she barely spoke two words in class but her art work however spoke volumes. She was truly amazing artistically and Gerard had been blown away from day one. He often found himself staring at her work long after the class had been let out, she had such a talent and at times he felt jealous of what she could do.
He watched Rebecca now, drawing away as Ellie-May droned on, her head was down, her dark hair falling over her face as she sketched enthusiastically, her pencil moving swiftly over the page and he wanted to stand beside her. He was eager to see what she was creating. He smiled to himself as she bit her full bottom lip in concentration, he really did like watching her work, he sometimes had to stop himself from staring at her in class, he told himself it was because she was so talented but in the back of his mind he knew it was because she was extremely pretty. She was the kind of girl that would be irresistible to the boys in her class if she wasn’t so shy and withdrawn, she had a face and a body (although she hid it well under hoodies and loose t-shirts) that would have them eating out of her hands if only she knew how to use what she had.

‘Thanks for that detailed description, Ellie-May’ Gerard said zoning back into the class from his thoughts, his comment made the class laugh and Ellie-May blush.

‘So how was your weekend Rebecca?’ He asked with a smile.

Rebecca inwardly groaned as he mentioned her name, she hated it when teachers tried to engage her in class discussions, they just weren’t her thing. Drawing, painting, sketching a big yes, talking and socialising a big fat no!

‘It was fine.’ She replied her soft voice barely audible.

‘Did you do anything fun?’ Gerard tried again hoping to get more then three words from her.

‘Yeah, I did some art’ Rebecca said. Wow five words, Gerard thought. Bonus! He chuckled to himself and decided to give up.

‘Loser!’ Someone coughed making the class snigger.

‘That’s enough.’ Gerard chastised a scowl forming on his face. ‘That was unnecessary’

A knock on the door made the room fall silent, the Principal entered and behind him trailed another teenager that Gerard would have to teach.

‘Good Afternoon, Mr Way’ Principal Stanton greeted.

‘Good afternoon, Sir’ Gerard said politely. ‘Who have we got here?’

‘This is Frank Iero he’s just transferred from…’ The Principal faltered racking his old mind to think what the paper work had said. ‘Anyway, he’ll be joining the class and I hope you will all make him feel welcome.’

‘Nice to meet you, Frank, I’m Mr Way’ Gerard said offering his hand. Frank shook it with enthusiasm and a smile.

‘Where do I sit?’ Frank asked looking at the two empty seats on either side of the semi-circle, one was by a blonde girl, she had an eager smile and she seemed much to preppy for Frank’s taste, the other seat was by a dark haired girl, who was sketching away completely unaware of his existence.

‘Why don’t you sit next to Rebecca?’ Gerard suggested pointing to the seat next to her. Rebecca’s eyes shot up and Gerard thought he noticed a frown on her lips.

Frank made his way over to his new seat as the Principle left, he sat down next to Rebecca and dropped his bag to the floor. He looked her over once and smiled, happy to be seated next to someone so attractive.

‘Hey, I’m Frank’ He whispered offering her his hand. Rebecca offered him a small smile in return but ignored his outstretched palm.

‘It’s ok’ He smirked ‘My height isn’t contagious you can shake my hand, you won’t catch it’

Rebecca breathed a small laugh and shook her head, a bigger smile playing on her lips ‘I’m Rebecca White’ She said back.

‘See? That wasn’t so bad was it?’ Frank asked.

‘Nice to meet you’ Rebecca added softly, remembering her manners.

‘The pleasure’s all mine’ Frank said with a smile and a wink. He watched the colour rise up in her cheeks and he smiled proudly at his handy work. He turned his focus away from her and back to the front of the class to see Mr Way staring over at them. Frank suddenly felt uncomfortable under the teacher’s unblinking gaze and he lowered himself in his seat hoping to break the trance, it thankfully worked and Mr Way smiled pleasantly turning away to address the entire class. Frank would’ve felt relief flow though him had the smile reached the teacher’s eyes but it had not and instead Frank could’ve sworn he saw a hint of jealousy in the older man’s eyes.
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