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So It Begins

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Gerard takes Rebecca home

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Chapter 2

Rebecca yawned as she made her way to her last lesson of the day, it was Friday and she couldn't think of a better way to end the week then two hours of art with Mr Way. To her it was the perfect way to start the weekend.

'Hey Rebecca, wait up' She turned her head to see Frank Iero jogging down the hallway towards her, she didn't stop but slowed her pace allowing him to catch up.
'Wait means stop, you know?' Frank smiled falling into step with her 'Halt, desisted, cease...I can't think of anymore but you get the general idea.'
'Sorry.' Rebecca apologised with a smile 'I just really want to get to art class today.'
'Yeah me too' Frank replied 'It's the easiest class I've got.'

Rebecca laughed knowing many of the students felt the same as he did since being taught by Mr Way. He was by far the most laid back teacher his pupils ever had, as long as you did the assignment he didn't really care what else you got up to.

'How has this week been for you?' Rebecca asked politely, she wasn't very good at leading conversations normally but she found Frank to be very easy going. They shared a few classes together and she found every conversation got easier. 'Are people being nice?' She added
'Yeah it’s not bad, people are being nice, none as nice as you though' He smiled knowing she would blush at his words and Rebecca smiled through her embarrassment as they walked through the doors to the art class.

They took their seats quickly and Rebecca immediately took her sketch pad out of her bag and started to draw as she waited for the class to fill up.

'Alright people' Gerard said entering the class room and closing the door behind him. 'So as you guys know our last two lessons have been a bit of a drag, instead of drawing we were reading but as boring as it was it was important. To be an artist you have to know about art, it's not all about drawing it’s about learning the styles, the different types of art, the different materials at your disposal and how to use them to make a simple picture a masterpiece.'

Rebecca had stopped drawing to listen to Mr Way speak. She always gave him her undivided attention but then again it was really hard not to. He was without a doubt the sexiest teacher that had ever taught this art class. And she wasn't the only person to think so. She heard the way the other girls in the class spoke about Mr Way, how they gushed over his amazing honey coloured eyes or his mid-length ink coloured hair that had that tousled I-just-got-out-of-bed look to it that he combed out of his eyes constantly. As a teenager Rebecca found him to be handsome maybe even beautiful but as an artist she found his looks to be simply irresistible.

'Your assignments are to create a self portrait of yourself' Gerard announced proudly. The class immediately erupted into boos and groans unafraid to show their disdain for chosen task.
'Why?' Melissa Smith complained, a slight whine to her voice.
'Why not?' Gerard laughed with a shrug.
'Self portraits blow' someone called out making the class laugh.
'Ok I'll give you my reason why' Gerard said 'How long have I been here? Two weeks right? And I don't really know you guys but I'd like to, but more than that I'd like to see how you guys see yourselves. It doesn't have to be a picture of your face it can be your representation of you.'
'If you want to get to know us can't you just take us out for pizza?' Frank called out making the class erupted into fresh laughter.
'Come on guys this isn't hard' Gerard chuckled. 'It should be a walk in the park.'

Half an hour later they were all working in the adjoined art room. This was the room where the art actually took place, it held everything they needed for whatever assignment it was they were doing. Rebecca sat at her easel and stared at the blank page before her not knowing where to start. She had never had to draw herself before or a representation of herself, she had ideas in her mind but wasn’t sure exactly where to begin.

'You haven't started yet' Gerard said coming to stand behind her left shoulder.
'I'm sorry sir' Rebecca said hearing the disappointment in his voice 'I'm still throwing around ideas in my head' she explained.
'Don't apologise' Gerard replied his face bursting into a smile 'I just thought you'd be finished by now' he joked 'I was looking forward to seeing what you had come up with.'
'I’m not entirely sure I know how I do see myself' she admitted staring at his mouth to avoid looking into his brilliant eyes as they had this conversation. 'It’s not as easy as I thought it would be.'
'Maybe this will help. Give me a second' Gerard said striding off towards a group of students on the other side of the room, he came back a second later armed with a Polaroid camera.
'Some of the students were taking pictures of themselves' He explained 'Maybe you can be inspired.'
'Oh no!' Rebecca groaned upon seeing the camera 'I really don't like having my picture taken'
'Just say "cheese"' Gerard said. Rebecca sighed but sat up straighter on the stool and looked into the lens letting a small smile spread on her lips just as the camera snapped her photo.
Gerard took the picture from the camera and shook it a few times as the picture developed.
'Not bad, Miss White' he said leaning over her shoulder and holding the picture for her to see 'I think you look nice.'

Rebecca would have said "thank you" if her breath hadn't left her body in a quick whoosh as Mr Way's chest pressed against her shoulder, she could feel the heat and the lightweight from his body against her and her heart skipped a few beats.
Gerard placed the picture on the easel and quickly straightened up, he had felt Rebecca tense under the slight touch of his body and he was ashamed to say that the brief contact had sent a shockwave of pleasure through him. He saw the flush of her cheeks and he cleared his throat hoping the sound would chase away the awkwardness the girl felt. 'I hope that helps you' He said 'I'm looking forward to seeing what you can come up with.'

The rest of the two hour art lesson sped by and Gerard was a little disappointed to see it end. He loved watching his students work and he was pleased to see that after he had taken Rebecca's photo she seemed to have found the inspiration she needed and he had watched her work on her piece out of the corner of his eye for most of the afternoon.

'Yo! Becks' Frank said sauntering over to her as the bell rang out signalling the end of the day 'Was wondering if you wanted to catch a movie' He asked casually.
'Me?' Rebecca asked in surprise as she finished zipping up her back pack.
'Yeah "Becks" is a play on your name, Rebecca' he said enunciating her name 'I'm sorry if I confused you'
Rebecca laughed and gave his shoulder a gentle push 'I meant why me?'
'Why not?' Frank said 'I think you're fun and as a said before you're the nicest person I've met here.'
Rebecca bit her lips thinking about the offer. She hadn't been to the movies in a long time and she certainly had never gone to one with a boy alone before. She battled her thoughts thinking about how awkward it may be.
'Come on, my treat' Frank said with a smile. 'You know you want to'
'Ok' She agreed eventually 'Seven?'
'Perfect' Frank beamed 'I can pick up if you want?'
'That would be great' Rebecca said with a smile. They swapped numbers deciding to get to the movies before picking a film for the evening.

Gerard listened to their conversation from behind one of the easels at the far end of the room, he was tidying up after the students as he always did but he paused to watch Rebecca and Frank’s interaction. He frowned as Rebecca laughed and joked with Frank. She genuinely seemed to enjoy his company, she didn't seem to be as shy around him as she was with the other students some of them who she'd probably known for years. There was something about this new kid that opened her up and Gerard felt jealous of the affect he had on her.

'See ya later, Mr Way?' Rebecca called out. Gerard came out from behind the easel glad to see that Frank had gone.
'Oh you're still here?' He feigned surprise as he headed toward her 'I thought I was alone.'
'Um I hope you have a good weekend' Rebecca said awkwardly speaking to the ground, her voice much softer now as Gerard stood before her.
'You too' He said 'I hope you have fun.' He thought about all the fun she and Frank could have and he tried to smile as he spoke the sentence.
'I don't really have any plans' Rebecca said with a shrug choosing not to mention Frank which Gerard noted and felt pleased about. 'But I'll do my art and that's fun for me.'
Gerard nodded in understanding he wasn't exactly a social butterfly either when he was her age. 'I was the same when I was younger'
'You were?' Rebecca asked her eyes rising up to meet his.
'For sure' He laughed 'I never went anywhere I was such a hermit.'
'I can't imagine you that way' She said her confidence growing. 'You're so outgoing here, you're like the coolest teacher in the school' She gushed.
Gerard blushed at the compliment, it was one he had heard before and one that he'd never get used to. 'So erm, what are you going to be drawing this weekend?' He asked sitting down on one of the stools.
'I don't really know' Rebecca answered shifting her weight from her right leg to her left 'I'm kind of into nature at the moment but I draw whenever and whatever inspires me so it could be anything' She smiled her chocolate brown eyes lighting up just for him and Gerard felt his heart miss a beat. He wasn’t sure what it was about her that got him going. 'If I complete something maybe I can show it to you on Monday?' she shrugged.
'I'd really like that' Gerard beamed 'I think you're extremely talented Rebecca and just between the two of us' He said leaning forward on the stool 'I always look forward to your pieces'
Rebecca's whole face flushed from the compliment and she found herself unable to speak as Gerard grinned down on her loving the rosy colouring of her cheeks.
'Thank you sir' she said when she finally found her voice. She reverted back into her shy shell and Gerard noticed the difference immediately 'That means a lot'
'You're welcome' Gerard said finding her more fascinating and endearing then before. 'Hey, listen, since you don't have any plans tonight why don't you come over to my place and I can show you some of my art?' As soon as the sentence left his lips Gerard wished he could take it back. He only said it as the thought of her spending the evening with Frank sent a jolt of jealousy through him.
'Really?' Rebecca asked flashing him another smile that hit his heart and his crotch at the same time. 'I'd like that.'
'Cool' Gerard heard himself agreeing instead of taking back his offer. This was seriously against school policy but if no one found out it was ok, wasn't it?
'I'll meet you on the corner in about fifteen minutes, is that ok?' He asked feeling his heart beating rapidly as the realisation of what he was doing sank in, he was about to take a student home and not to her own home but to his.

As Rebecca stood impatiently at the edge of the pavement waiting for Mr Way she felt herself growing increasing nervous. She knew it wasn't ok for her to be going home with a teacher, there were rules and policies etc but it was Mr Way, he was like one of the students just older. She wasn't afraid of him or anything, she never got that creepy vibe that she sometimes got from the other male teachers, she wasn't sure why but they always seemed to watch her, she sometimes caught their sideways glances and it made her uncomfortable. She had caught Mr Way doing it too but when he did it it made her heart pick up a beat or two but now she knew it was because he looked forward to seeing her art. He wasn't just watching her like the other teachers did he was watching her create.

'Jump in' Gerard said pulling up beside the curb, he had leaned over to push open the passenger door. Rebecca hurried into the car as fast as her shaking legs would allow her to.
'What?' Gerard asked at the look of amazement on her face, he pulled away from the pavement and headed home 'Have I got something on my face?' Rebecca didn't trust her voice to answer so she shook her head. He didn't have anything on his face but he looked amazingly sexy in his jeans t-shirt and leather jacket. In the weeks that he had been their teacher all he had ever worn, under the school policy of course was jeans and button down shirts, sometimes he wore a tie and a jacket sometimes he didn't but in the classroom he always looked like a teacher, but right now he looked like a rock star or maybe even a rebellious model.
'Just never seen you out of work clothes before' Rebecca said eventually when the shock of his good looks faded. 'You look different'
'Different good or different bad?' He asked stealing a glance at her.
'The first one' She confirmed with a quick nod. ‘Definitely the first one’


Frank wrapped a towel around his waist and raced back to his bedroom, he was running slightly behind schedule and he didn't want to be late to pick up Rebecca. He was stoked that she had agreed to come with him to the movies and he couldn’t wait for their date to start. Was it even a date? He wasn’t sure but when a guys asks a girl to a movie its usually classified as one. It didn’t matter though he was just glad they were going, he had really taken a liking to her, she wasn’t like the rest of the girls in the class, she was sweet and shy and where others would find her boring or uninteresting Frank found her engaging. He grabbed his phone to check the time and saw that he had two missed call and a new voice message. He ignored the first name that flashed on the screen and then frowned as he saw Rebecca's name. He pressed the button that accessed his voicemail, maybe she was running late too? He huffed impatiently as waited to hear the message.
‘Hey Frank its me Rebecca, um Rebecca White...’ Frank smiled to himself. She was nervous even on the phone. His smiled slipped as the message played on, she was cancelling. She gave no reason why but said she’d make up for it and Frank couldn’t help but feel a major blow of disappointment. He hung up the phone and continued to get dressed, he had other options, other plans but he wasn’t looking forward to any of them the way he was looking forward to spending the evening with her.


Rebecca giggled loudly as she looked at the picture of Mr Way as a teenager. They sat cross-legged on his livingroom floor having spent the last few hours talking. They sat opposite each other, a half eaten pizza separating them as Gerard looked over at her in amusement.
‘Ok ok, hand it back’ He said reaching over and plucking the photo from her hands ‘I think its entertained you enough’
‘I’m sorry I’m not laughing at you’ She said honestly ‘Just-just....’
‘At the way I looked’ He finished for her throwing a piece of pepperoni in her direction. He stood up and placed the picture back on the mantel piece where it belonged.
‘Had enough to eat?’ He asked looking down at her.
‘Yes I am stuffed’ she said patting her stomach with a satisfied sigh.
‘Good, you ready to see some art?’ Gerard grinned offering her his hand. Rebecca grabbed his hand eagerly and Gerard pulled her up. He liked the feel of her warm soft palm in his hand, it sent a jolt of pleasure through him and Rebecca blushed at the contact.

‘This is where the magic happens!’ Gerard joked holding his studio door open. Rebecca gasped as she walked through the door and into the room situated right at the back of his home. It was the most wonderful room she had ever seen. Her eyes scanned the walls quickly trying to take it all in at once but it proved impossible.
‘This is all yours?!’ She asked in awe ‘I mean you did all of them!’
‘Each and every one’ Gerard said proudly. He leaned casusally against the door jamb and watched her take in years and years of his work. Rebecca walked around the large room admiring the framed and unframed pictures on the walls, just by a quick glance she counted at least a dozen easels pitched around the room.
'I take it you like a lot of things going on at once' Rebecca observed stopping behind one of the two desks that inhabited the room. It was littered with sketches some coloured, some black and white, others finished others incomplete.
'Yeah my mind never seems to stop coming up with things so I like to be able to get all down at once if I have to.' He admitted
Rebecca nodded understanding exactly what he meant. 'Oh this one is nice' She remarked moving to stand in front of the easel closest to her.
'Hmm' Gerard said coming up behind her. 'There's something about this that I don't quite like.'
'What do you mean?' Rebecca said feeling her heart beat as he took a step closer, his chest gently brushing her back.
'I don't know, I just feel like it's not finished even though it appears as if it is.' He shrugged. 'There's something missing'
Rebecca tried to ignore his closeness and she studied the picture trying to see what flaw it could possibly have, to her it looked pretty good but maybe there was something that would make it perfect to him. Her eyes continued to scan the picture taking it all in slowly and then an idea came to her. She grabbed the pencil in front of her instinctively, itching to make what she thought would be the perfect adjustment. She raised her hand and then suddenly remembered this picture was not her own.
'Oh erm may I?' she asked sheepishly her hand poised at the easel ready to draw.
Gerard wasn't used to people adding to his work. An artist’s work was very personal it was something that was usually done solo but he found that he didn't mind Rebecca wanting to add to it. 'Please, I'd be honoured.' He encouraged.

Rebecca turned her head back to the easel and started sketching she could see what she wanted to do in her mind and she let her hand fly quickly but gently over the page adding what she thought it needed. Gerard held his breath as he watched his art come to life under her capable hand, he watched her create something he never would have thought of. He took a slow step forward so he could stand beside her as she completed his drawing, he wanted to see her beautiful young face as she worked. He watched as her mouth parted slightly and she licked her lips as she worked on his picture. Gerard had seen her do this many times but never before had he been so close and he felt a twitch in his manhood as her tongue ran along her full lips.

'There.' Rebecca said softly placing the pencil down where she picked it up from. She nervously turned to face him hoping he didn't think she ruined it. 'What do you think?' She asked.
Gerard looked at his beautiful student in awe, her chocolate brown eyes alight with hope and fear and before he could stop himself he leaned in and kissed her full on the mouth. Rebecca gasped as his lips touched hers gently but eagerly. She felt his strong arms encircle her and her heart broke into a rapid beat as he pulled her closer to him. Rebecca's breath became laboured as his expert kiss parted her inexperienced lips and his tongue found hers. She was glad he was holding her as her knees suddenly lacked the strength they needed to hold herself upright.
Gerard couldn't help himself as her soft mouth brushed against his, he could tell that she hadn't kissed many boys as her lips lacked a confidence that an experienced person would have and he found that he liked her shy, unsure mouth over his, her kiss matched her demeanour and he found himself growing hard as he kissed her.
'What's wrong?' Gerard whispered, concern filling his honey eyes as Rebecca unexpectedly pulled away from him.
'I need air' She breathed, her whole face flushing as she avoided his eyes, too overwhelmed to look at him.

Reality swiftly crashed down on Gerard as he looked at Rebecca shaking gently before him, her whole face was red and he had never seen her look so vulnerable.
'Oh God!' He exclaimed running both hands through his dishevelled hair 'I am so sorry. Fuck! I'm so sorry Rebecca I shouldn't have done that.'
He turned away no longer able to look at her quivering form. Shit! This would cost him job for sure he just knew it. Fuck! Why couldn't he control himself?
'It’s ok, Mr Way' Rebecca said softly touching her hand to his shoulder, she felt him flinch and she snatched her hand back wrapping her arms around herself.
'Its not okay' He growled angrily 'I'm Mr fucking Way, I'm your teacher for fuck sake, you're a kid for crying out loud.'
'I'm not a kid I'm 15' she said defiantly 'And I-I liked it.'
'That's irrelevant' Gerard said turning to face her his head bowed. 'What I just did is against so many rules' He said softly squashing his anger as not to frighten her. The last thing he needed was her getting scared and running off to tell her parents what had just happened.
'Whose rules?' Rebecca asked stepping closer to him.
'The worlds, every country I'm pretty sure' He said with a heavy sigh finally raising his head to look at her.
'I liked it and I wanna do it again' Rebecca said. She took his face in her hands and before Gerard could protest she pressed her lips to his. He moaned into her mouth as she parted his lips with her tongue and he wrapped his arms around her body pulling her roughly against him once more. This time Gerard broke the kiss and they stood in each other’s arms, panting slightly their foreheads resting together while they caught their breath.
'I should take you home' Gerard said gently his hands gently rubbing her back.
Rebecca wanted to disagree but she didn’t trust her voice as his mouth had taken her breath away so she nodded her head in silent agreement.

Ten minutes later and not a lot of conversation between them, Gerard was driving Rebecca back toward her home. He was glad for the dark cover of the night as his mind was on overdrive, he was paranoid that someone would see them. Rebecca could see how anxious he was as he took her home, every time they passed someone on the street he would steal a glance at the person hoping it wasn't someone either of them knew.
'You can drop me at the top of my street' Rebecca said 'I can walk the rest of the way.'
Gerard nodded in agreement, his mind not functioning enough to disagree or form a sentence. Every second they got closer to her home the more nervous he became, he could see her now skipping into her house and racing up the stairs calling a friend and spilling her guts about what happened. He'd be fired for sure, his career would end, he'd get into a shit load of trouble. Fuck, maybe he'd even go to jail?
'Here is fine' Rebecca said. Gerard slowed the car to a halt and turned for the first time since the journey to face her.
'Rebecca, about tonight I really am sorry' He apologised again, his face red with shame 'I really shouldn't have kissed you'
'I wanted you to.' She said not meeting his eye.
'I took advantage of you' He hissed trying to make her understand the seriousness of the situation.
'You took nothing.' She insisted 'Please Mr Way, don't be upset with yourself.'
'I don't know how else to be.' He said letting his head fall back against the head rest 'It was wrong.'
Rebecca bit her lip and grabbed her bag, she opened the door and stepped out of the car. 'Thank you for dinner and for showing me your art it was wonderful'
'You’re welcome.' He said smiling for the first time in what seemed like hours. He took a deep breath about to speak when Rebecca's voice stopped him.
'And don't worry Mr Way, I won't tell anybody.' She promised closing the door and heading off down the street to her home. Gerard watched her go, her underage hips swaying as she walked and he felt a twitch between his thighs. He turned the car around heading home and despite all that could go horrifically wrong with one slip of Rebecca’s tongue, Gerard found that with her parting sentence some of his anxiety subsided and he suddenly couldn’t wait for Monday’s art lesson. He just hoped the weekend would pass quickly and prayed that Rebecca would keep their secret.
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