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Not tonight

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Rebecca goes home with Mr Way...again!

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Rebecca simply couldn’t wait for the weekend to be over. She was desperate to see Mr Way again. She had spent the entire weekend thinking only of him and replayed the time she had spent with him, especially the kisses they shared over and over again in her head. Every time she thought of his lips on hers her stomach would flip flop with excitement and she couldn’t remember the last time she looked forward to a Monday morning.
‘Hey, Frank!’ She called out as she spotted him by his locker, he looked her way closed his locker and walked off. Rebecca frowned and then chased after him grabbing his arm causing him to halt.
‘You never returned any of my calls’ She said letting her hand fall from his arm. ‘You mad at me, Frank?’ Frank groaned inwardly. He had been mad at her all weekend, in fact he wanted her to feel bad for skipping their date but now she stood before him all shy and sorry he couldn’t stay mad at her.
‘No I ain’t mad at you.’ He said a small smile spreading on his face and Rebecca suddenly noticed just how cute he was.
‘Good, because I made you these.’ She said holding out a container with a ribbon wrapped round it. ‘They’re “I’m sorry I cancelled on you” cookies. You don’t have to actually eat them or anything I just wanted to say sorry.’ She blushed.
‘Thanks’ Frank laughed ‘I’ve never had a girl bake me cookies before. They’re not poisonous are they?’
‘No they are not!’ Rebecca declared shoving the cookies into his hands.
‘Then I’ll definitely eat them.’ Frank laughed.

They walked to class together, Frank filling her in on his weekend but Rebecca remained silent half listening and growing more nervous as they approached their Monday morning art lesson. Gerard looked up from his desk as Rebecca walked in, their eyes met for a split second before she broke the gaze.

‘Hey, Mr Way.’ Frank greeted. Rebecca said nothing and continued walking to her seat, as usual she got out her pad and pencil before dropping her bag to the floor.
‘Hey, Frank’ Gerard responded stealing a glance at Rebecca. ‘How was your first week?’
‘Not bad.’ Frank said nodding as he spoke. ‘People are nice, in fact some people are so nice they bake me cookies.’
Gerard laughed ‘Who baked you cookies?’
‘Rebecca did.’ Frank said proudly ‘Want one?’
Gerard shook his head ‘No I’m good thanks. Go take your seat we’re going to begin soon’

After taking the register Gerard led the students into the other art class and they resumed working on their self portraits. Gerard watched Rebecca closely stealing glances at her as often as he could. She hadn’t looked over at him once. Shit! Was she mad at him? Had the realisation of what happened between them hit her over the weekend and now she regretted kissing him? He hoped not. God, what if she had told someone? He had to fight the urge to ask to speak to her outside, that would be too obvious she wasn’t one of those kids that you needed to take outside to talk to. Rebecca was a good student. He decided that he’d speak to her after class, he had to know why she was pretending he didn’t exist.

‘Whoa, Becks that’s awesome!’ Frank said he had sauntered over to her as the bell rang for next period.
‘Thanks’ She smiled at him. ‘Ready for history?’ She asked as they grabbed their stuff from the other classroom.
‘Ew no’ Frank said ‘I’m thinking of ditching’
‘You can’t!’ Rebecca said ‘You’ll get in trouble’
‘Only if I get caught’ Frank shrugged ‘It’s all your fault anyways’
‘How’d you work that out?’ Rebecca asked her face full of astonishment.
‘I’m want to eat these cookies and I need coffee to do it’ Frank laughed ‘I need to find me a café’ Rebecca laughed as they headed towards the door. Gerard watched them get closer and again Rebecca refused to look at him.

‘Rebecca, can I have a word please?’ Gerard asked as Frank exited the room.
Rebecca’s heart pounded in her chest as her eyes met Gerard’s for the second time that morning.
‘You want me to wait for you?’ Frank asked his face showing slight concern.
Rebecca shook her head ‘You go ahead I’ll catch you up.’
Frank hesitated wondering if his new friend was in trouble but then dismissed the thought, the day Rebecca got in trouble would be the day the sky caved in. He shot her a smile and a wink and left the room closing the door behind him.
‘Did I do something wrong?’ Rebecca asked softly her eyes staring at the ground. She wondered if he was angry at her for what happened on Friday.
‘What? No! Of course not.’ Gerard laughed feeling himself relax. He rose from his chair and stepped around the desk to stand in front of her. ‘I just wanted to check and see if you’re ok.’
‘I’m fine’ She nodded her eyes rising to meet his. She felt the whoosh of butterflies in her stomach at the sexy grin on his lips. He wasn’t mad at all ‘Are you ok?’
‘I’m fine’ Gerard said ‘It’s just, well you kind of ignored me today and I just wanted to make sure that you were still ok about what happened Friday, I mean you’ve had all weekend to think about it and I just needed to know that you were alright with it.’
Rebecca nodded in understanding ‘It’s all I’ve been thinking about’ She said and a shy smile played on her lips ‘I’m very ok with what happened Friday and in case you’re wondering I didn’t tell anyone.’
‘I know you didn’t’ Gerard said with a smile ‘I trust you.’
Rebecca broke into a full grin at the last three words. She wanted him to trust her it was important to her. ‘And just so you know Mr Way I wasn’t ignoring you, I was just acting like I normally do so people wouldn’t notice any difference. I was just being the Rebecca my peers are so used to.’
‘Well, I liked the Rebecca that was at my house Friday night’ Gerard stated closing the gap between them and Rebecca felt dizzy from the intoxicating scent of coffee and cigarettes mixed with soap that wafted from him. He smelled wonderful. ‘When will I see her again?’
Rebecca heart actually stopped beating and her face flushed heavily ‘I-erm-I don’t know, Sir’ She said quietly. ‘You want to see her again?’
‘Oh yeah’ Gerard answered his voice low and heavy with want. ‘The sooner the better’
Rebecca thought she would pass out from the sheer closeness of his body, her heart was beating so loud she could barely hear herself think.
‘When can I see you again, Miss White?’ Gerard asked lowering his lips to her cheek, he lightly kissed her face and then her jaw line and Rebecca whimpered in response.
‘How about tomorrow?’ Gerard asked his kisses traveling closer to her lips.
‘Yes’ Rebecca moaned turning her head to capture his lips. Gerard roughly pulled her small body to his as they kissed heavily. Gerard’s tongue found hers and their passionate kiss deepened while Rebecca made heavenly sounds in the back of her throat that made Gerard want to do more than just kiss her.
They broke apart panting, Gerard still holding her close to him, his erection pressed up against her. ‘Look what you do to me Rebecca’ He said taking her hand and lowering it between them. Rebecca gasped as she felt his hardened manhood in her hand, she had never ever touched a guy there before and the feel of his hard length excited her.
‘I’m sorry’ She apologised not knowing what else to say. Gerard laughed and kissed her again.
‘You have to go’ He said taking a step away from her ‘I’ll write you a note as to why you’re late.’
‘Ok but keep it clean’ She joked and to her surprise Gerard burst into laughter, she joined in too a light giggle against his hearty chuckle.
'Here' Gerard smiled handing her the note 'I'll see you tomorrow I'll pick you up on the corner.'
Rebecca nodded and accepted the note leaving Gerard with a sweet but shy smile and an erection that he was desperate to attend to.


'Freedom' Frank sang flinging his arms out 'Sweet sweet freedom'
'Don't get too excited we'll be back here tomorrow.' Rebecca reminded him as they walked out of the school building together.
'Killjoy.' Frank pouted 'Speaking of tomorrow wanna hang out we can try that movie thing again, apparently the local cinema does discount tickets Tuesday nights?'
'Yeah cheap-ass Tuesdays I call it' Rebecca laughed. 'But I can't I have plans.'
Frank stopped walking and it was a second before Rebecca noticed, she turned back to look at him 'What's wrong?' She asked
'Do you have a boyfriend, Becks?' Frank asked outright. He wanted to know why it was that she was unavailable every time he wanted to spend time with her.
'I don't kn...' She quickly corrected herself 'No I don't, why?'
'Just asking' He said a smile instantly appearing on his face as he walked the two steps to catch up with her.
'So look' Rebecca said 'I can't hang out tomorrow but I can hang out tonight if you're free'
'Oh yeah I'm free' Frank said 'I'll pick you up at seven'
'Definitely I'm looking forward to it'' She said and she found she actually meant it.


As far as Gerard was concerned the day couldn't go fast enough. His whole day seemed to drag on and on and on he found himself drinking twice as much coffee as he normally did during the day and he smoked at least three more cigarettes than usual. In short he just wanted the day to end. He had not seen Rebecca all day, she did not have art on Tuesday’s but he had heard about her. According to a conversation he overheard between Sally Frasier (the school gossip) and Emma Ryan, Frank and Rebecca went on a date last night. Gerard didn’t have to wonder if it as true or not, he had sabotaged their time together on Friday so it was inevitable that they would reschedule and go out again. He tried to not let it bother him, she was after all a fifteen year old girl, he shouldn’t be doing the things he was doing with her and she was entitled to do the things that she was doing. Going on dates with Frank was normal, kissing her art teacher was not.
As soon as the bell went Gerard practically threw his last period students out the door. He wasn’t sure why he was rushing, it wasn’t like he could just pick Rebecca up and hurry her home he had to wait for the parking lot to clear. He growled low in the back of his throat as he realised it was more time that he’d have to spend being patient.


Rebecca’s heart was skipping every other beat as she waited on the corner for Mr Way. She had a hard time shaking Frank off her tail, he wanted to walk her home but she declined much to his disappointment and to hers too. She had had a really good time with him at the movies last night he was such a gentlemen, so sweet and polite and attentive and spending time with him was so easy. The crippling shyness that seemed to consume her slowly ebbed away as the evening progressed and by the end of it she was one hundred percent comfortable. She actually regretted seeing the evening come to an end.
‘Get in, beautiful.’ Gerard's voice suddenly broke through her thoughts. She had not noticed the car pull up or the passenger door fly open for her.
‘Sorry I was miles away’ Rebecca apologised as she slid into the seat and closed the door behind her.
‘Thinking about Frank Iero’ Gerard retorted failing to keep his voice light and breezy like he had intended to.
Rebecca didn’t like the tone of his voice, so she didn’t answer in fact she wasn’t sure if she was supposed to.
‘I’m sorry’ Gerard apologised sincerely. ‘Just people were talking about it today that’s all.’
‘Oh no, they weren't were they?’ Rebecca cringed sinking lower in her seat ‘I don’t like gossip’
‘It wasn’t bad’ Gerard offered. They were silent for a few minutes before Gerard spoke again. ‘So what’s with you and Frank anyway?’
‘Nothing’s with us’ Rebecca insisted. ‘We’re just friends’
‘Hmm’ Gerard said with a nod of his head.
‘Mr Way, are you jealous?’ Rebecca asked trying to keep an accusatory tone from her voice
‘No’ Gerard said unconvincingly ‘It’s just...' He sighed 'It’s just you baked him cookies’
Rebecca threw her head back and laughed hard. This was unbelievable he was upset about cookies. She had never heard anything funnier.
‘How about…’ She spoke through her laughter ‘...I bake you some cookies?’
‘Tonight?’ Gerard grinned at her, she had such a beautiful laugh it was loud and dirty even and it did not suit her quiet shy nature at all.
‘If you’ve got the stuff’ Rebecca exhaled calming herself down ‘I’d love to bake you some cookies.’


Gerard bit his lip as he shot his load freely into the shower, he breathed hard as the feeling of his orgasm overtook him and then subsided. He rinsed his hands under the steaming water and finished showering. It was not his intention to get himself off whilst he showered he just needed to freshen up and wash away the school grime but the thought of Rebecca in his kitchen, her adolescent body perched on a stool waiting for him just got him too worked up.

‘Smells good in here.’ He praised walking into the kitchen a little while later dressed in sweat pants and a t-shirt, his hair still dripping slightly.
‘I’m baking your cookies’ Rebecca said stealing a glance at him. His wet hair and casual clothes did nothing to take away from his unbelievably good looks.
‘You ok?’ Gerard asked seating himself at the breakfast bar. He noticed her face was flushed.
‘Yeah I’m just a little hot can I take off my sweater?’ She asked
‘Sure’ Gerard said shifting in his seat eagerly. He was desperate to see what was underneath that oversized hoodie. He watched her peel the thick top from her body and his breath caught in his throat as it rose up exposing her flat stomach and continued on over her breasts and Gerard’s eyes widened as he got his first look at how full they were.
Rebecca threw the jumper off and then pulled down the vest top that had risen up over stomach, she saw Gerard staring at her and she blushed hard.
‘So erm what do you want to do?’ She asked in an attempt to distract him.
‘Whatever you want’ Gerard offered he was suddenly glad he’d taken care of himself in the shower otherwise he’d be all over her right now.
‘Cookies and a movie?’ Rebecca said ‘What have you got?’
‘How are you with Horrors?’ He asked
Rebecca bit her lip as she thought about it, she wasn’t a fan of scary things but she wanted to please him ‘I guess we’ll see’ She said ‘But then again I am saying that as its still light outside.’
Gerard laughed and held out his hand to her ‘I’ll show you my collection.’


An hour later, a dozen cookies consumed, two glasses of coke finished (beer for Gerard) and Rebecca was hiding behind her hands and refusing to come out.
'It's not THAT scary' Gerard laughed trying to pry her hands away from her face.
'It is' Rebecca insisted a hysterical laugh building up in her throat 'Why's he chasing her? I don't like it.'
Gerard held back a huge laugh that wanted to escape his throat, he bit his lips to muffle the sounds as his body shook violently in silence. 'Want me to turn it off?' He managed still holding back a full laugh.
'Would you mind?' She asked feeling silly and quite childish
'Not at all' He said honestly reaching for the remote control, he switched off the DVD player and the TV.
'Thank you' Rebecca said lowering her hands, her face was red and flushed and she smiled shyly at Gerard as he shuffled closer to her.
'I'd rather see your pretty face than the movie anyway.' He admitted
Rebecca was saved the trouble of having anything witty to say as Gerard's lips pressed against hers. She kissed him back hungrily having had to wait all day to feel the sweet caress of his mouth against hers. Instinctively she lowered herself onto the sofa and Gerard eagerly fell upon her covering her small body with his.

Gerard could feel the blood pumping to his manhood as Rebecca lay moaning quietly beneath him, the sounds she made in the back of her throat were so beautiful. He dragged his lips away from her mouth and down her neck, where he bit her gently, nibbling on the soft skin there, skin that he'd bet his life on had never been kissed before.

Rebecca could feel herself coming undone as his mouth worked on her neck. She had never felt anything so good in her life and she was embarrassed at the appreciative groans that were spilling from her mouth but she couldn't stop them nor could she silence them.
'Oh’ She moaned as Gerard's hand slid up her body and cupped her right breast, he wanted to squeeze it, to taste it but as much as it was killing him he knew he had to take it slow.
'Tell me this is ok, Becca' He mumbled against her neck.
'It’s ok' She breathed her hips pushing up against his 'I like it. I want more.'

Gerard moaned at her words and peeled the strap of her vest top down her upper arm exposing one cup of her bra, using his teeth and the one hand that wasn't propping him up he unleashed her left breast from its confines. Gerard nearly came at the site of her naked pink nipple. He crashed his lips to her mouth as his hand grabbed her heavy breast, kneading it roughly, marvelling at the fact that it was more than a handful. He pulled his mouth suddenly from hers and his lips fell upon her hard nipple suckling it with enthusiasm as his hips gyrated into hers.

Rebecca was having trouble controlling her breathing. She had never gone this far with anyone before she had only ever gotten to first base once and here she was now rounding straight into second. She gripped the arm of the sofa with one hand whilst the other hand curled tightly in Gerard's wild inky hair urging him on, begging him not to stop.

'If I asked you to take off your bra would you?' Gerard panted letting his teeth graze her gently.
'Anything you want, Sir' She moaned. Gerard felt himself harden even more as she called him "Sir" and he kissed her hungrily biting her bottom lip loving the sound of pain and pleasure that escaped her mouth.

Gerard pulled her into a sitting position, she raised her arms and he lifted her top and threw it to the floor before snaking his arms around her back and unhooking her bra. He leaned in and kissed her lips gently this time, as the straps fell from her arms and she sat before him naked from the waist up.

'You truly are beautiful.' He whispered laying her back down. This time he didn’t fall on top of her, he wanted to see her body, he wanted to take in her heaving breasts and her quivering form as she waited for him to continue.
'Please touch me, Mr Way' she begged. Now she knew what it was like to be caressed by a man she didn’t want it to end. Gerard took a deep breath to control himself, he could feel his cock pushing roughly against his sweats begging to be released and buried inside her sweetness but he resisted, instead he settled with filling his hands with her impressive breasts. He watched her face contort in pleasure as he squeezed handfuls of her breasts and rubbed her nipples between his finger tips.

Rebecca could feel the dampness between her thighs, she had had twinges there before when she experience her first kiss but she'd never been so wet, she wanted to take her jeans and underwear off just to feel some cool air in the area between her legs. She wanted to feel Gerard's fingers touching her there like he was touching her breasts. She sat up suddenly Gerard’s hands still teasing her and her lips smashed against his. Her tongue was urgent and desperate as it sought his, she wanted him so bad right now.

'Uh, I want more, Mr Way.' She panted. She traced her hand down his body like he had shown her earlier and she found his hard length. With a shaking hand she traced her fingers along his bulge until she found his tip and she squeezed it gently, like he had done to her breasts. Gerard moaned low in his throat as his hips bucked into her hand and Rebecca felt a rush of pleasure knowing she had touched him right.
'No more' He growled trying to calm himself, his mind and body wanting different things.
'Please, I'm ready' she pleaded stroking him through the confines of his pants 'I'm ready for more.'
Gerard bit his lip so hard he tasted blood. If he wanted to he could take her right here right now, he could end this sweet torment but he knew it wasn’t right or fair. Her first time wasn’t supposed to be this way it wasn’t supposed to happen like this.
'Stop, Rebecca.' He begged grabbing her hand and removing it from his throbbing cock.
'Why?' Rebecca asked her voice carrying a slight whine 'I want to'
'I know you do, darling.' He said smoothing down her tussled hair 'But you're not ready.'
'I am' She insisted her chocolate eyes pleading and begging with his.
He could see the stars in her eyes, could hear the desperate pant in her breath, could feel the delicious heat of her skin and the smell of her want was so potent he could practically taste it. She was assaulting every single one of his senses but even if her body was ready he knew she was not.
'We're not going any further tonight.' He said the authority ripe in his voice, gone was the sexual tones of intimacy he used earlier he was pulling rank and she had no choice but to fall into place.
Rebecca slouched against his chest defeated, she knew he wouldn't change his mind.
'It's for your own good' He assured her running his fingers through her long hair. Rebecca nodded silently and leaned back to look into his eyes and her frustration somewhat melted away.
'Come on sweetheart, get dressed I'll take you home' Gerard said crawling out from between her legs to fetch her clothes that he had discarded.
Rebecca had a slight pout on her puffy lips as she dressed, she walked into the kitchen and retrieved her hoodie pulling it over her head.
'Hey come on now' Gerard said spotting her unhappy expression. He marched over to her and lifted her off the ground spinning her around a few times before placing her back on her feet. Her pout was gone and in its place her lips stretched into a beautiful smile that he couldn’t help but kiss the second he saw it.
'I'm not saying never Becca. I'm just saying not tonight' He said kissing her head 'Ok?'
'Ok' She agreed nodding her head in understanding 'Not tonight.'


Gerard dropped Rebecca off at the same spot at the top of her street just like before, he watched her go until he could no longer see her and instead of driving away he parked the car, shut off the engine and undid the knot on the tie of his sweats. He reached inside his pants and released his already erect penis. He looked around and when he was satisfied no one was about he closed his eyes, leaned his head against the head rest and pleasured himself thinking about the hot and heavy session he had just had with Rebecca. He really should have waited until he was home but he needed the release now. He tugged at his length moaning quietly as he recalled the swell of her breasts, her tits were amazing and Gerard thrust his hips remembering how heavy they felt in his palms. He remembered the guttural moans that fell from her mouth and filled the room as he worked on her and before he could even register it the feeling rose up inside him, that indescribable heat of an orgasm gathered in his loins and he exploded all over himself. He bucked his hips wildly as he came not caring that he was staining his pants, all he cared about was the waves of pleasure that washed over him as he emptied himself. He opened his eyes and was pleased to see that he was still alone on Rebecca’s quiet street. He took several deep breaths to calm himself and then he reached over and opened the glove compartment grabbing a handful of napkins and wiping off the sticky palm of his right hand. When he contained himself and his heart beat became regular again he started the engine and headed home all too ready to go to sleep. Tomorrow was Wednesday - the sweet middle of the week and he was looking forward to teaching his art lesson and of course, more than anything, he was looking forward to to seeing Rebecca White.
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