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A Day Of Firsts

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Rebecca finds it difficult to wait one more day

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Hello lovelies. So here's the next part of the story. I hope you enjoy it. Many thanks to all the wonderful reviews you guys have been leaving I really appreciate them. xo

For SmashAuthority (because she's got the lurgies) hope you get well soon

Chapter 4

Gerard Way spent the entirety of Wednesday's art lesson actively trying not to think about Rebecca. He tried not to think about what happened at his home the night before and he tried not to think of her wonderful breasts in his hands, her panting and beautiful pleas for him to take it further or the luscious feel of her lips that grew more confident with each kiss. He tried ever so hard, but when Rebecca's eyes met his and she gave him that smile of hers and a wink, he found that it was him that was ever so hard.

Gerard abruptly left the room, his stiffening erection pressing against the front of his jeans. He suddenly cursed himself for buying stylish jeans that now seemed much too tight.
'Yo! Mr Way 'sup man you alright?' Darren Maine asked. Gerard nodded at the white kid who listened to hip-hop so in turn thought he was black, the kid shrugged and walked away and Gerard settled himself behind his desk.

'Think fat sweaty men and dead puppies' Gerard chanted in a whisper to himself as he rubbed his temples to calm himself. He laughed to himself as he imagined the puppies dying from being squashed by the fat sweaty men.

'Laughing to yourself? Isn't that a sign of madness?' Rebecca asked from her desk, she was rummaging through her rucksack looking for the photo of herself that Mr Way had taken on Friday. She needed some inspiration. Gerard had been so self involved that he hadn't noticed her come in.

'Who knows?' he said letting his hand fall from the side of his head 'I'm certainly mad about something'

Rebecca smiled and closed her bag, she dropped it to the floor and walked over to his desk. 'Tell me more' she said.

Gerard grinned and sat back in his seat. 'There's this girl I'm kind of seeing, we got a thing going on.'

'Sounds interesting' Rebecca smirked with a nod. She looked behind her happy to see that all her peers remained in the other room and they were alone. 'She a nice girl?'

'The nicest' Gerard smiled 'There's something about her.'

'Oh yeah?' Rebecca replied 'I know what you mean. I'm kind of seeing this guy, he's pretty nice too. There's something about him.'

'Really, what?' Gerard asked

'Not sure to be honest' Rebecca shrugged. 'He just does something to me'

'Tell me.' Gerard said leaning forward slightly in his seat. 'What does he do to you Miss White?'

'Why don't you put your hands down my pants and find out for yourself?' Rebecca whispered a daring smile on her full lips.

'Oh Jesus Christ, Rebecca' Gerard moaned. Her words hit him below the belt like a ton of bricks. He shifted in his seat suddenly uncomfortable as blood raced to the head of his penis once more.
Rebecca laughed and walked away heading back to her easel to complete her project. Gerard watched her leave, his eyes fixated on her arse as it swung naturally from right to left as she walked.

'Oh man' Gerard groaned. He was stuck to his seat his growing erection a weight holding him down. 'Think fat sweaty men and dead fucking puppies'


'Hmm. I don't know' Rebecca said biting her bottom lip her uncertain eyes looking straight into Frank's 'I'm not sure.'

'What are you not sure about?' Frank asked shoving a few fries in his mouth 'Its a party'

'That's the bit I'm unsure about' Rebecca agonised 'I haven't been to many parties.'

Frank laughed gently. 'You'll be fine' he assured her

'Where is it?' Rebecca enquired

'Matt Semen's house.' Frank’s voice was muffled as his mouth was full from a bite of his veggie burger.

'You mean Matt Semmon?' Rebecca asked picking at her food.

‘Yeah that’s him’ Frank swallowed and shrugged. ‘His parents are out of town some science convention or something’

‘His parents are scientists?’ Rebecca asked ‘really? But Matt’s so dumb’ she said then felt ashamed for having said something so mean.

Frank laughed ‘I know, right? But you know what they say two positives make a negative.’

‘No they don’t’ Rebecca shook her head ‘two negatives make a positive. Two positives make another positive.’

‘Really?’ Frank frowned. ‘Then what the hell happened to Matt?’

‘Beats the hell out of me’ Rebecca giggled a hand covering her mouth, she looked around the cafeteria hoping no one had heard them talking.

'Look we’re getting off topic’ Frank chuckled shaking his head away from the anomaly that was Matt Semmon. 'I really want you to come to this party with me.’

'I'll think about it' Rebecca decided.

'No, no' Frank shook his head. He grabbed her right hand that rested on the table top ‘You'll convince yourself not to come if you think about it. Just say yes!’

‘Oh my God’ Rebecca said looking at his hand on hers and ignoring the butterflies that his warm touch stirred ‘Frank, you have tattoos!’

Frank let go of her hand a blush forming on his cheeks ‘Yeah, I got them last year.’ He hid his offending hand under the table.

‘But you’re only fifthteen’ Rebecca stated ‘How did you get those?’

‘I used to hang out at this shop back in my old town and the guy who ran it was pretty cool, I used to go in and help him out from time to time running crappy errands and stuff and I went in there on my birthday and this’ Frank said showing her both hands ‘Was my present.’

HALLOWEEN’ Rebecca read out loud ‘Why that?’

‘It’s my birthday’ Frank said ‘October 31st’

‘That’s why you’re always wearing those gloves.’ Rebecca concluded.

‘Yep’ Frank grinned ‘apparently our school isn’t tattoo friendly. I have quite a few more I’ll show you them some time’

‘Oh man’ Rebecca sighed ‘could you be any cooler?’

Frank laughed but Rebecca frowned. ‘Seriously why don’t you take someone else to Matt’s party, like Rachel Bell from history class I know she likes you. I’m such a loser when it comes to these kinds of things, you’ll have a better time without me.’

‘I’m not going if you’re not going’ Frank said stubbornly pushing his tray away ‘We’ll do something else entirely’

‘No’ Rebecca whined ‘You can go without me.’

‘Not happening’ Frank said folding his arms ‘Either we got together or I don’t go at all and we can both be social outcasts and out of the loop together.’

‘One first class ticket for the guilt trip please’ Rebecca groaned and Frank giggled at the sweet pout on her face.

‘Is that a yes, Becks?’ Frank asked with a grin his hazel eyes full of hope.

‘Yes it’s a yes’ Rebecca admitted defeat.

‘Woo Hoo!’ Frank cried ignoring the looks from students at some of the surrounding tables ‘We’re going to have so much fun I promise.’

‘I can’t wait’ Rebecca said with a roll of her eyes ‘It’s going to be awesome’


Lunch was over and Frank had scampered off to his next class, he left with a bounce in his step and Rebecca was happy that she had pleased him. She headed to her locker to grab the books for her last few classes and when she opened the aged metal door a small white piece of paper slid out.

Sorry we can’t meet today, I have something I have to do but I’ll see you Friday if you’re free. Can’t wait xo

Rebecca smiled, her heart melting as she read the last two words. She couldn’t wait either. Sure she was a little disappointed that she’d have to go a day without seeing Mr Way but that’s just the way it was sometimes plus between school and Frank dragging her off to Matt Semmon's party tomorrow night, Friday would come round before she knew it. She grabbed her books and closed the locker clasping the letter tight to her chest as she walked to her next lesson.

After her last class Rebecca said goodbye to Frank and headed for the library. She had a book for English that she had to return and then she decided that she really needed to get ahead on her homework. As she walked down the quiet hall a hand suddenly grabbed her arm from behind and she was pulled into the nearest class room.

‘What are you doing?!’ Rebecca gaspsed her left hand clutching her chest ‘You scared the crap out of me’

Rebecca didn’t get an answer as Gerard crashed his lips to hers, pulling her body tightly against him. Rebecca dropped her bag to the floor and flung her arms around him, kissing him hungrily. Gerard grabbed her thighs and lifted her on to his hips as he forced her against the wall. Rebecca moaned as she instinctivey wrapped her legs tightly around him, she could feel his cock pressing against her and she instantly became wet at his hardness rubbed her.

‘Did you have a good day, sugar?’ Gerard panted as his kiss made its way down to the sensitive area of her neck. Rebecca shivered against him, her hands buried in his messy hair.

‘It just got better’ she breathed. She twisted his hair in her fists and Gerard moaned as she tilted his face and found his lips.

Gerard lowered her to the ground his lips still moving against hers and he spread her legs with his thigh.

'What are you doing?' Rebecca panted as Gerard's hands lifted her sweater and his fingers unbuttoned her jeans. Rebecca wasn't sure what he was doing and she wasn't sure if she wanted him to stop or continue.

'I'm finding out for myself what it is I do to you' he said pulling down her zip. Rebecca gulped as his fingers stroked her navel teasing her, Gerard leaned down and captured her lips softly this time.

'Do you want me to stop?' he asked the concern ripe in his beautiful eyes. Rebecca shook her head she wanted to know what would happen if he touched her in the area between her legs that throbbed desperately for him.

Their lips met in a sweet kiss, Gerard's tongue massaging hers and Rebecca loved the bitter taste of coffee and cigarettes on his breath it was a nice contrast since the feel of his soft tongue was so sweet. Gerard slid his hand down between them and cupped the warm mound between her thighs. Rebecca moaned loudly into his mouth as his fingers sent a jolt of pleasure right through her. She had never been touched there by a guy before and it felt heavenly. Gerard rubbed her through her jeans his expert fingers finding her pleasure button through her layers. Rebecca responded by rocking her hips into his hand, she couldn't get enough of the hot tingling sensation that he was inflicting between her thighs.

'More?' Gerard whispered as he nibbled her bottom lip.

'Oh yes, Sir' Rebecca breathed her head falling back against the wall. Her eyes were closed and she was truly lost under all the pleasure. Gerard hesitated the fingers of his right hand just resting inside the elastic of her panties. He was wondering if this was a good idea, he knew himself well enough to know that if he felt her, felt her sweet folds against his fingers, he'd want to taste her and then he'd want to bury himself as deep inside her as he could get. He already had a serious lack of control around Rebecca as it was, he knew after his fingers got a feel of her warm silky walls he would want all of her. He kissed her roughly as he battled his thoughts and his fingers lowered further inside her underwear guiding themselves to her welcoming heat. Rebecca cried out and bucked her hips as his strong fingers brushed her clitoris and Gerard moaned at her actions. He had to stop this now or Rebecca would lose her virginity in math class 501, but he couldn't stop, his fingers fought to lower themselves deeper still, the tightness of her jeans making it difficult to maneuver his hand. His phone rang making them both jump and Gerard praised and cursed the sound. He took his cell out of his pocket and looked at the number.

'Becca, I have to go' he said pocketing the phone. He stood up straight and ran his fingers through his hair. Rebecca stood dazed from the passion. He had barely touched her and it had lasted only a few seconds but it was the most amazing thing she had ever felt.

'You can't leave me like this' Rebecca said. Her clit was a heavy throb between her legs and she was sure it pounded harder than her heart.

'I'm sorry' Gerard said sincerely looking at the younger girl whose desperation was written all over her. 'Just one more day.' Gerard said pulling her into his arms. 'You can wait one more day can't you?'

'I suppose' Rebecca smiled. 'What am I waiting for exactly, will I be losing m...'

'I'm going to make you see stars' Gerard promised ending her sentence. 'That's all you need to know. I have to go now, I'm so late.'

Rebecca kissed him once more and he left. Rebecca waited a few minutes using the time to fasten her jeans and get a grip on herself. She combed her hair out of her face and took a deep breath quelling the heat that was burning inside her.

'Just one more day' She said to herself as she left room 501, and she smiled to herself as she imagined what it would be like to see stars.


Rebecca was stressed out as she raced around her room grabbing her things and shoving them into her overnight bag. She couldn't believe she had agreed to go to this stupid party, the more Frank talked about it the more fun it sounded and somehow, and this part Rebecca still wasn't sure how it happened, but somehow she had agreed to stay the night at his house.

'You ready yet?' Frank asked quietly he was laid flat out on her bed his eyes closed patiently waiting for her to pack her things.

'Yeah' She said zipping up her bag 'I can't believe I'm doing this.'

'You're not robbing a bank' Frank said with a roll of his hazel eyes 'you're just sleeping at my house no biggie.'

'No biggie? How many lies have you told today Frankie?' Rebecca asked replaying in her head the lies she had told her parents. She didn't wait for Frank to respond and answered her own question 'None! That's how many'

'One actually' Frank smiled at her nickname for him 'I told my Dad I'd be good' he said crossing the room in two strides and snatching up her bag. 'But I'm not going to be and honey, neither are you.'

Five minutes later Rebecca locked the front door of her house and frowned at the evening ahead, parties really were not her thing and she was starting to grow anxious.

'This way' Frank said grabbing her hand in his.

'No Frank, the bus stop is this way' Rebecca said not moving her feet and pointing in the opposite direction that Frank was taking her.

'Oh I don't ride the bus, honey' Frank said pulling her down the street 'I drive'

Rebecca stopped and yanked her arm out of his grip 'YOU WHAT?' She shouted.

'Shh!' Frank hissed looking around to make sure none of the neighbours had looked out their windows at her outburst. He grabbed her arm again and continued to pull her coming to a halt suddenly.

'Don't shh me' Rebecca' cried 'This is your car? You can't have a car its not allowed.'

'I know rule breaking is hard for you to grasp but people do it all the time' Frank said unlocking the door and opening the passenger seat.

'I'm not getting in there' Rebecca said slapping away Frank's outstretched palm.

'Becks I assure you I can drive how do you think I get around?' he shrugged 'I'm been driving since I was thirteen. If it helps my Dad taught me.'

'No disrespect but your Dad sounds unstable.' Rebecca frowned.

'Oh he totally is' Frank laughed throwing her bag into the back seat 'but he has his uses.'

'It's not legal, you're not of age' she stated taking a small step to the awaiting seat 'what if we get caught?'

Frank grabbed her hand and pulled her body to him he snaked his arm around her waist and dropped a feather light kiss on her lips. It happened so fast that if it wasn't for the butterflies that erupted in her stomach she wouldn't have been entirely sure she felt it

'There's no "we" Becks' Frank said 'if we get caught which I know we won't then its my problem.'

'Ok then I'll rephrase' Rebecca said her voice low and unsteady 'I don't want you to get in trouble'

'I won't' Frank said stepping away from her 'now hop in beautiful this party ain't going to wait for us.'


Rebecca had all but freaked out from the drive to Frank's home from hers. Frank was pretty sure she'd be sick from anxiety but they made it to his in one piece and Rebecca leapt out the car like it was on fire.

'Ok so this is where you'll be sleeping tonight' Frank said showing her the spare room which was opposite his. He had given her the tour of his small home before taking her to her room for the night. He walked in and dropped her bag on the bed.

'And you're sure your Dad's not coming home tonight?' Rebecca asked for the millionth time.

'Super sure' Frank assured her 'now get ready we're leaving at eight.'

Two hours later they were walking down the street to Matt's place. He lived in a detached house right on the end of the street. Pretty perfect for an unsupervised party on a Thursday night. Frank had insisted they park the car away from the party as he didn't want people knowing he drove illegally.
'Relax' Frank said seeing Rebecca's fidgeting hands out of the corner of his eye 'Its just people we got to school with.'

'That's the problem' Rebecca replied with a weak smile. Frank shifted the beer he bought from one arm to the other and slipped his free hand into Rebecca's.

'Stick with me and I'll promise you'll be ok' He promised 'We'll have a good time.'

And Rebecca did! For the first two hours she stuck with Frank, she stuck to him like his shadow, wherever he went she went and she was having a blast. Frank was without a doubt the life and soul of the party, everyone wanted a piece of him and because she was by his side they wanted a piece of her too. Three hours in she felt confident enough to leave Frank's side she felt comfortable in Matt's home and she recognised most of the people there.

'Here have this' Rachel Bell said thrusting a drink into Rebecca's hand. She had walked in he kitchen intent on grabbing a coke for Frank and herself, he had already had two beers and Rebecca worried, he was after all driving and she didn't want to die from crashing into a tree.

'What is it?' Rebecca asked. She had been drinking cokes while everyone around her was getting drunk. How the alcohol got there was a mystery to her but she touched none of it.

'Its Red Bull' Rachel said 'got no alcohol in it.' Sarah Cope giggled next to her and Rachel elbowed her friend.

Rebecca had never had a Red Bull she didn't really need it like some of the kids at school seemed to, a majority of them all drank it just like they all drank coffee. She shrugged knowing it had no alcohol in it and took a sip.

'No no honey' Rachel said 'you gotta down it for it to have any effect. Drink it down Rebecca'

'Alight' Rebecca said downing the contents of the glass in one go 'Its nice' she said.

Sarah laughed 'you want another?' Here have mine.'
Rachel held back a laugh as she watched the girl gulp down the drink with a huge grin on her face.

'Let's all do one' Sarah said blocking the cups from Rebecca's view as she prepared their beverages. After a few seconds she deliberately moved aside as she grabbed a can of Red Bull waving it in front of Rebecca's face before snapping the ring pull and pouring equal measures into the three cups. They clinked cups and each downed their drinks.

'I like Red Bull' Rebecca burped and glowed red as her cheeks flushed with embarrassment.

'You won't in the morning' Rachel whispered to Sarah and they threw their heads back with laughter.

It had just gone middnight when Frank noticed Rebecca wasn't with him, he scanned the living room looking for her and when he didn't immediately see her panic began to creep in.

'Hey have you seen Rebecca?' Frank asked stopping the nearest kid.

'Yeah' the guy laughed drunkenly 'she's so wasted she's so funny when she's drunk'

'She's what?' Frank growled grabbing the kid and pushing him against the wall 'where is she?'

'Chill out man' the kid yelled 'she's outside'

Frank raced from the house carelessly pushing people aside, he skidded on the grass as he scanned the lawn. Where was she? He began to seriously panic now. What if someone had taken her home? What if someone was taking advantage of her?

'Fuck!' he yelled angrily. He tuned to head back inside when he spotted her, she was sitting against the side of the house, her head bowed a drink resting on her lap. Frank smiled from the relief at finding her safe.

'Hey there beautiful' Frank said couching down to her level 'what on earth happened to you?'

Rebecca groaned as she raised her head she knew that voice 'Am I in bed?'

Frank laughed 'No honey you're not in bed but we're going there right now.' He hooked his arms under her arms and stood up with her holding most of her weight in his arms

'Redbull is bad' Rebecca slurred waving her cup in his face.

'Redbull?' Frank asked, he knew that couldn't get you wasted. He took the cup from her hand and took a sip of the drink and spat it out.

'Becks, that Vodka and Red Bull!' he cried 'No wonder you're three sheets to the wind.'

Rebecca shrugged not knowing what to say. Her vision was blurred and she was boiling hot all she wanted to do was lay down. She stumbled along side Frank unsure of where she was going but trusting him to lead her.

'I bet you're glad I drive now' Frank teased as he started his car and headed home, he wasn't even sure she heard him, her face was pressed against the cold window and her eyes were closed.


Gerard watched Frank leading an obviously drunk Rebecca away from the party before starting his car and driving home. He wasn't spying really, he had been on his way home when he stopped to get some beer and smokes. He overheard some kids talking about the party as he walked in and he recognised some of them from his classes so he decided to check it out. He got in his car and followed them over there and he found that even though it was late the party was in full swing. He didn't expect to see Rebecca there at all, she didn't seem the type to attend something so wild and out of control so imagine his surprise when she stumbled down the front steps and collapsed against the wall, falling into a sitting position. He wasn't sure if it was even her at first, this girl was wearing tight jeans and a green top that hugged her torso, Rebecca never wore stuff like that, but then he remembered it was a party. Gerard frowned at her lack of consciousness and he wanted to rescue her, to take her home but he'd never be able to explain his appearence at a party like this or for taking a student home so he sat and watched over her and after a few agonising minutes of worry he saw Frank come to her aid. Gerard felt anger and relief at the sight of the boy that was changing Rebecca, he didn't like who this kid was turning her into and Gerard decided that he'd have to put a stop to it sooner rather than later.


Frank dragged himself back to his room, he had left Rebecca sprawled out on his bed to take a quick shower. He had literally carried her up the stairs and as his arms ached he wondered how someone so thin could weigh so much. He walked into his room glad to see that Rebecca was as he had left her. He didn't switch the light on choosing to dry himself in the pale dawn light that filltered through his windows. He grabbed a pair of shorts and pulled them on.

'Rebecca, wake up' he said shaking her gently, he was perched on the bed beside her. Her face formed a frown and Frank smiled as he shook her again.
'Ok listen I'm going to undress you' he said shifting down the bed, he slipped off her shoes and socks and they dropped to the floor.

'I'm hot' Rebecca whined her head falling to the side.

'You won't be in a second' Frank said. He watched her face as he undressed her, she never stirred as he slid off her jeans or as he manipulated her arms from the sleeves of her top.

'That's better' Frank stated as he looked down at her half naked body. He took in her toned stomach and her breasts that rose and fell with each heavy breath that she took and he felt a twitch in his groin.

'What are you staring at?' Rebecca asked her eyes were half open but they were wide enough to see him gazing at her.

'Nothing' Frank blushed forcing his eyes away from her chest to look at her face 'how are you feeling?'

'Like poop' she said closing her eyes again.

'Ah Becks, this is all my fault' Franks said feeling guilty 'I promised to take care of you and I didn't'

'Never mind' Rebecca giggled 'I won't remember in the morning, isn't that how this works?'

Frank laughed 'Kind of. Get some sleep we've got to get up in a couple of hours.'

Rebecca groaned at the thought and felt the mattress shift under Frank's weight as he laid down beside her.

'Is this ok?' Frank asked making sure that no part of his body touched hers. Rebecca rolled onto her side to face him.

'Thanks for taking me to the party' she said honestly 'I had a good time.'

'You won't think so tomorrow' Frank chuckled turning his head to look at her and he was surprised to find her chocolate brown eyes looking at him. He smiled at her unsure of the blank expression on her face.

'Becks what's u-' his sentence ended abruptly as her mouth collided with his. He sucked in a breath as her tongue pressed against his lips begging for entrance.

'Rebecca, stop' Frank panted holding her back, her unexpected kiss had taken his breath away.

'Why?' Rebecca asked her face full of drunken confusion.

'Because you're not thinking straight' Frank told her softly stroking her hair from her face.

'But I want to' she insisted snuggling up to his side. Frank swallowed hard as he felt the lace of her bra against his skin.

'No you don't' He said shaking away his lust.

'Touch me Frank' Rebecca begged. The alcohol in her system was awakening all her senses her body felt hot and yet she wanted to be caressed. She thought back to earlier in the day when Mr Way had rubbed her private parts. It was the first time anyone had ever touched her there and it felt wondeful and she wanted to feel that way again. Right now Friday evening seemed much too far away 'Please' she whined her face forming a childish pout.

'If I start I won't be able to top' Frank warned her.

'I don't want you to stop' Rebecca said giving over to her body's urges. She crashed her lips to his and Frank pushed his concerns to the back of his mind. He kissed her back, loving the feel of her wet tongue in his mouth. He knew he shouldn't do this, she clearly wasn't thinking straight but he couldn't stop now his cock was filling with blood and it wouldn't subside until it got the release it craved.

Frank pushed Rebecca onto her back and landed between her thighs, he kissed her hungrily wanting to taste every inch of her mouth. He wanted her from the moment he first saw and now he was going to have her. He hooked his fingers into her panties and dragged them down her legs tossing them aside.

Rebecca moaned loudly as the cool air from the room licked her privates, it was short lived as Frank's hot body fell over her.

'You're so fucking beautiful' Frank moaned into her mouth. He kissed her gently now, slower, savouring her taste.

'Rebecca, are you sure you still want to do this?' he asked looking into her brown eyes.

Rebecca could feel his hard dick pushing against her naked heat and she nodded her head, she was on fire and she wanted nothing more the for Frank to extinguish it. 'I'm sure, take me, Frank'

Frank groaned at her words and lowered his hand between them. He felt the soft curls of her pubic hairs as he parted her folds, her body arched into him as he grazed her clitoris and he covered her mouth with his catching her moans. He rubbed his fingers in circles adding pressure with each touch as she withered beneath him.

Rebecca shuddered and shook as Frank worked her clit, she held her breath as his hand lowered and when his fingertip dipped inside her heat she cried out from the pleasure.

'More' she begged her fingers digging into his back with need.

Frank growled kissing her roughly loving the sound of his name on her lips 'Keep begging me and I'll give you so much more'

'More Frank, please' she pleaded pressing up against his hand. Frank lowered his finger deeper inside her loving how her tight walls wrapped around him.

'You're so fucking wet' He panted. His cock was hard and begging for a feel of the warmth his finger was sinking into, he couldn't even imagine how good it would feel to have her insides hugging his rock hard cock.

'What!' Frank gasped his finger had suddenly hit a wall inside her and he knew what that resistance was. 'Oh no' he groaned.

'What's the matter?' Rebecca panted as Frank removed his finger from inside her.

'You're a virgin' Frank sighed his head falling against her shoulder in defeat

'So?' Rebecca asked 'you were one once'

'I'm not going to let you lose it like this' he said running a hand through his hair 'It's not right in the condition that you're in'

'I'm fine' Rebecca fumed. She was completely turned on and the absence of his touch irritated her.

'No you're not' Frank said rolling out from between her legs 'And we're not doing this not now'
Rebecca wasn't taking no for an answer, she rolled onto her side and her hand found Frank's hard length pressing against his shorts.

She rubbed him firmly as her lips softly kissed his neck. Frank moaned as her hand teased him through the thin fabric.

'Show me how to please you, Frank' Rebecca whispered 'If you don't want to take me I know there are other things we can do. Teach me'

Frank couldn't say no to that even he wanted to his cock wouldn't let him. He removed her hand from him and pulled down his shorts. His cock sprung up hard and ready and Rebecca's eyes widened. Sure, she had seen a penis before in books during Sex-Ed class but it was nothing compared to seeing Frank's a mere arms length in front of her. Frank took her hand and guided it back to his lap.

'Wrap your fingers around me' Frank instructed. Rebecca did as he asked and Frank moved her hand up and down his shaft his hand guiding hers. He moaned low in his throat a sound of approval for what she was was doing.

Rebecca was in awe as she pleasured Frank, his hand had left hers and she was doing all the work. She watched his face contort in pleasure as she masturbated him, she loved how his hips gently rose to meet her strokes and the breathless gasps that left his mouth.

'Faster' Frank begged and Rebecca sped up her movements, she felt him thrust into her hand and she could feel herself getting wetter as she watched him lose himself in the moment.

'Uh yes!' He cried his fingers digging into his mattress 'uh, Rebecca just like that'

Rebecca sped up once more, wanting her name to fall from his lips again, the sound of his moans spurring her on.

'Yes that's it' Frank said grabbing her wrist his head rolling from side to side as the heat of an orgasm built up within him. 'Don't stop!' he pleaded as his hips lifted off the mattress to meet the grip of her warm hand. 'Uh I'm going to cum' he screamed seconds before he erupted. He jerked his hips as he shot his first load, his hot cream pouring over them both, Rebecca continued to stroke him and he came again his spunk running down his cock and over her hands like lava from an erupted volcano.

'Oh God' he whimpered his body becoming still his breath laboured 'Oh Fuck!'

'Good?' Rebecca asked her face flushed, she was sort of embarrassed now it was all over but she felt wonderful inside. She didn't even mind his sticky substance that coated her hand.

'Good?' Frank laughed pulling her to him and placing a kiss on her lips 'It was amazing'

Rebecca smiled a wide happy smile. She felt so good and the way Frank was looking at her made her feel like a million bucks.

'Now your turn' Frank said rolling Rebecca back onto her back. He kissed her mouth and then lowered his smile to the wet lips between her thighs. 'I want you to feel what I just felt.'

'Oh my God' Rebecca breathed as Frank's tongue licked her for the first time. She had never thought about oral sex before and had no idea what to expect, but as Frank's warm tongue traveled her slit, she nearly passed out from the pleasure. Frank's wet tongue found its place inside her and Rebecca thrust upwards pushing herself into his face. Frank grabbed her hips pinning her down as he licked and suckled her throbbing clit.

'No ones ever kissed you here before have they?' Frank asked his mouth hovering above her.

'No' Rebecca panted. 'You're the first'

Frank smiled and dipped his finger inside her pressing against her wall testing its strength 'and if you were sober I'd be your very first here too'

Rebecca moaned from want. Something was happening to her, something sweet and hot was building inside her and she wanted to know what would happen if Frank continued. 'Please don't stop, Frankie' she said her hands flying to his head, she pushed him back down and Frank giggled against her mound 'Don't tease me like he does.' she panted.

Frank heard what she said but he couldn't stop to ask her now, she was withering underneath him and her moans were louder then anything he ever heard before. She was close to cuming and he wanted to taste the sweet necter that would pour from her inside out.

'Oh God' she cried 'Uh Frank, right there.' she moaned 'Don't stop'

Frank suckled harder taking her clit into his mouth and Rebecca exploded 'OH FRANK!' she screamed gripping his hair tight in her fists as the first wave of her orgasm rocked her body. She continued to cry out as she thrust her hips upwards to meet him and her body shook violently as she came hard into his mouth.

Frank licked her softly lapping up her juices as he waited for her orgasm to subside. He gently untangled her fingers from his hair and rolled out from between her legs pulling her shaking body into his arms and nuzzling her neck.

'You ok?' Frank asked biting back at yawn, he felt exhausted but amazing at having been the first person to make her orgasm.

'I don't know' Rebecca laughed 'ask me again in a few minutes I think I'm in Heaven.'

Frank giggled and tipped her lips to meet his. 'Get some sleep Rebecca, you're going to feel like shit in the morning.'

'I don't think so' she giggled cuddling up against him her eyes closing 'You can't feel bad after feeling so good like this' she yawned her body and mind both tired from the strenuous day of firsts. She ignored the guilt that tugged at her gut. Mr Way had wanted her to wait a day but under the circumstances that she was in it just seemed impossible. She was sure he would understand 'Goodnight Frankie'

Frank grinned and snuggled closer to her 'Goodnight Rebecca, sweet dreams.'
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