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Promises Promises

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Rebecca makes a promise.

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Chapter 5

'Are you going to be alright?' Frank asked as he walked Rebecca to her first class. It had been hell trying to wake her up that morning, she had been miserable and irritable from the late night before and the after affects of the alcohol she unwillingly drank. She had managed to get herself dressed and Frank had made her a decent breakfast plying her with as much coffee and water as she could drink in the time they had before he drove them to school.

'I'll be fine.' She said with a tired smile. 'Thanks for everything, Frank you've been so great.'

'Had to be, it's my fault you're all messed up this morning.' He said his face forming a frown 'I should’ve taken better care of you.'

'Well you made up for it this morning.' Rebecca offered trying to make him feel better. 'So no worries ok?'

'Ok.' Frank agreed pulling her into his arms and placing a kiss on her lips. Rebecca was more than surprised by the affection and she wasn't sure she appreciated the public display. She winced at the giggling that came from some of the students as they walked by. Frank pulled back but dropped another kiss on her cheek.

'See you at lunch' He said and with a grin he was gone.


Gerard was not in the best of moods for a Friday. He was anxious for the day to hurry by so he could see Rebecca, he needed to know if she was ok. As usual he listened in on the students conversations; the general buzz was of course the party the night before, who looked hot, who didn't, who was drunk, who wasn't, who made out with who and how far they got etc. It wasn't until lunch time as he passed the Home Ec class that he heard the only bit of gossip that made him worry. He didn't peek his head in to see who was talking but it was what they said that got him listening.

'Did you hear about Rebecca White?'
'Hear what?
‘She and that new kid Frank are like totally a couple now.'
'Shut up! No way!'
'Yes way, so saw them making out this morning'
'You didn't'
'Totally did, me and half the hallway. They went at it right in front of us.'
'Oh my God but like Rebecca’s like totally a virgin.'
'Rumour has it Frankie popped her yesterday night...'

Gerard forced himself away from the door and took a deep breath. His mind was whirring from the few sentences that he had just eaves dropped on. Surely that wasn't right? He shook his head and marched off in the direction of the teacher's lounge unsure of what to make of the conversation he just heard.


By the time Frank caught up with Rebecca at lunch he was pleased to see that she was looking a lot better, still tired but a little more alert and with it.
'I can't stay.' He stated pulling out the chair opposite hers. 'But I wanted to see how you are? How's your day been?'

'Hellish' Rebecca snapped angrily.

Frank sank down in his seat taken aback by her tone. 'What happened?'

'There's rumours going around that you and I...well, you know?' Rebecca said blushing at the memory of the night before. 'People think we slept together I had Craig Ramsay ask me if I wanted to break him in. For God sake I’ve seen him lick his own shoe!'

'Ew!' Frank said 'That's disgusting.'

'That's not the worst of it, in one rumour I'm pregnant and engaged to be married.' She cried.

Frank laughed at that one 'Ah Becks, never mind they're just rumours' He reached out to take her hand but she snatched it back. 'What?' Frank asked surprised at her actions. She had never flinched away from him before and he would've thought after what had happened last night that they'd be closer.

'I just...I just don't want people thinking we're a couple.' Rebecca said speaking to the table rather then him.

'Oh' Frank said sitting back in his seat. 'And why's that?' He asked trying to keep the anger and hurt from his voice.

Rebecca couldn't actually think of a plausible reason. She couldn't tell him it was because she didn't want Mr Way to think of them as a couple.

'I just don't want people to know' She said quietly. 'Its none of their business.'

'I understand' Frank said a smile on his lips 'This'll be our secret. I gotta go honey, glad to see you’re looking better' He jumped out his seat and left before she could say another word.

Rebecca groaned quietly as Frank raced away from the table. This was not good. What she had failed to say to Frank was that she didn't want him thinking of them as a couple either. It wasn't that she didn't like him, because she did very much but she liked Mr Way a lot more and sure, she was new to the whole world of dating guys and making out etc but she knew enough to know you shouldn’t have two guys on the go at the same time and right now the only guy she wanted was Mr Way. She frowned as her head ached, now was not the time to think about things that held so much emotional value, now was the time to find a quiet place to grab a few minutes sleep before her afternoon classes.


When Rebecca walked in Gerard sighed with relief. She was fine. She looked fine too albeit a little bit tired but he could excuse that knowing where she had been the night before. He was doubly relieved and quite surprised to see Frank was not with her.

‘Hello, Rebecca’ Gerard said with a smile as she passed his desk

‘Hey, Sir.’ She said not returning his smile and heading to her seat. She didn’t take her sketch book out as she usually did but instead rested her head in her hands.

Gerard’s eyebrows furrowed in worry at her tired form and at the attitude. Was she mad at him? He thought back wondering if he'd done something to upset her, he couldn't think of anything, maybe she was just being the classroom Rebecca White. Gerard decided not to think about it now he had a class to teach, well, to monitor since they had a project underway but still he had a whole class to focus on and Rebecca wasn't his only student.

'Alright, you guys know what to do' Gerard announced 'Your portraits are due in next Friday we'll have a show and tell of sorts so these need to be finished by Wednesday.'

The class groaned but no one commented as they made their way into the next classroom. Rebecca remained seated, she just needed a few minutes more to gather herself. Her head snapped up suddenly as she felt a hand stroke the back of her head.

'Sorry, didn't mean to startle you' Frank apologised a small smile playing on his lips.

'Don't' Rebecca said softly brushing his hand from her hair.

'What, so now I can't touch you at all?' Frank asked his smile fading.

Rebecca didn't answer. What could she say? "Please don't touch me in front of Mr Way I don’t want him to get jealous." Not likely.

‘Becks?’ He said, her name becoming a question for which he wanted an answer.

‘Please, not now’ Rebecca begged shaking her head.

'Whatever' Frank sighed dumping his bag on his desk. He got that she wasn't feeling a hundred percent but she was giving him the cold shoulder and he didn't think it was necessary. He walked away wanting to say more to her but knowing she wasn't in the right frame of mind to listen. Rebecca watched him walk away his posture rigid and his fists clenched, she had upset him and that made her feel even worse.

'Are you alright, Rebecca?' Gerard's soft voice came from her left and her heart missed a beat at his worried tone.

'I'm fine sir, just not feeling myself' She admitted turning to face him. The concern in his honey eyes made her ache for him. He really was beautiful.

'No doubt due to that party last night' Gerard smiled sitting in Frank's seat. 'It's ok' He laughed seeing the slight panic in her eyes, 'We all know about it, us teachers aren't as stupid as we look and you're not the only one with a hangover today.'

Rebecca groaned 'I'm never going to drink again'

Gerard laughed 'I've heard that a million times, hell, I've even said it myself. You'll learn your limits as you get older.'

'I didn't even want to drink this time' Rebecca admitted 'I was tricked.'

'What? Who tricked you? Gerard asked his voice taking on an angry edge 'Did Frank trick you?'

'Oh no, Sir' Rebecca replied quickly 'Frank would never do anything like that. He's a good guy.'

'Then why are you two fighting?' Gerard inquired. He had watched their little exchange and where it pissed him off to see Frank touching her, it intrigued him also, especially since he overheard that conversation earlier.

Rebecca shrugged not wanting to reveal the truth, she didn't want to tell him about the night before and that Frank thought of them as a couple. Her stomach flip-flopped from guilt just thinking about it.

'Ok, look' Gerard sighed wanting to stay with her but knowing he had a room full of students to teach 'We still ok for later?'

Rebecca nodded and then smiled for the first time in hours. 'Yeah.'

'I'll see you at our spot then, you can relax this lesson if you want, put your head down.' He said as he rose from Frank's seat. Rebecca nodded gratefully more than willing to rest. She closed her eyes and laid her aching head on the table. She sucked in a breath as she felt Gerard's hand comb back her hair and his lips on her ear as he whispered 'Rest well, sugar. You'll need your energy.'


It was the bell that woke Rebecca from her afternoon snooze. She lifted her head as Frank walked towards her and she smiled at him but he grabbed his bag and left without a single word or a backward glance. That was two hours ago and she was now sitting comfortably on Gerard's sofa, her hangover and thoughts of Frank were both long gone.

‘I’m full.’ She said sighing deeply and dropping her fork into the plate ‘That was delicious’

‘It must’ve been you ate mine and yours’ Gerard laughed placing his empty beer bottle on the table.

Rebecca blushed ‘I don’t usually eat that much’ She started to explain ‘It’s just with the alcohol from last night I had no appetite but then…’

‘Its ok Rebecca I wasn’t judging you’ Gerard stated taking the plate off her knees and putting it on the coffee table. ‘Plus I like girls with healthy appetites.’ He smiled ‘Now, I believe it was your question.’

Rebecca paused for a second thinking of what to ask. They had been playing the game for the last few minutes as Rebecca ate and Gerard drank. So far she had found out his middle name, where he had grown up, the age he was when he had his first kiss and his most embarrassing moment. There were personal things she wanted to ask him too but she didn’t want the evening to take a deep turn. They were having light hearted fun and she was enjoying it.

‘How old are you Mr Way?’ She asked wincing and hoping the question wasn’t out of line.

‘I am….’ He said scrunching his face up. ‘Twenty-Seven’

‘Really?’ Rebecca said ‘You don’t look it at all’

Gerard laughed ‘Cursed baby face.’

‘Some would call you lucky’ Rebecca replied

‘I guess’ Gerard shrugged ‘Ok so my question...Why do you call me Mr Way?’

‘Erm because that's your name’ Rebecca laughed out loud ‘Duh! And you call yourself an educator.’

‘Oh no, you did not’ Gerard said launching himself at her. Rebecca squealed as he pushed her back onto the sofa.

‘It’s your name!’ She insisted through giggles as his fingers tickled her ribs.

‘I meant when we’re alone.’ He laughed ‘Why don’t you call me Gerard?’

He stopped his assault and Rebecca’s laughing died down, her face was red and her hair mussed up.

‘Because....’ She started, taking a breath to calm herself ‘I don’t want to make the mistake of calling you Gerard at school, so if I keep calling you Mr Way I’ll never get confused.’

‘That’s really sensible’ Gerard said sitting back on his knees so he could take all of her in. ‘Are you sure you’re fifteen?’

‘Pretty sure’ she said smiling up at him. She propped herself up on her arms and leaned towards him. Gerard smiled and met her lips half way kissing her gently.

‘My question.’ Rebecca mumbled her lips still against his ‘What are you going to do to me?’

Gerard laughed and pulled away from her. ‘I can’t tell you’

‘You have to it’s the rules of the game’ Rebecca cried. ‘You have to answer all the questions.’

‘Ok then answer me this’ Gerard said the humour melting from his face ‘Did you sleep with that Frank kid last night?’

Rebecca recoiled sharply. Her heart that was a second ago beating with excitement was now beating with panic. She stalled trying to think of what to say.

‘Who told you that?’ She asked.

‘Answer my question and I’ll answer yours’ Gerard replied the sweetness gone from his voice.

‘I slept with him but I didn’t sleep with him.’ She said hiding the truth. ‘We shared a bed that’s all.’

‘Then why were you arguing today?’ He asked.

‘I don’t want to play this game anymore’ Rebecca said quietly.

‘The game was over a few questions back, honey’ he retorted ‘What happened between you and Frank?’

‘Nothing happened’ Rebecca said firmly.

‘Nothing’ Gerard repeated tilting her chin to look into her eyes ‘Are you sure?’

‘Yes.’ She answered hoping that he didn’t see the lie in her eyes.

Gerard smiled and pressed his mouth to hers kissing her softly. Rebecca froze as his lips touched hers. She wasn’t sure what to do, one minute he was angry and now he was kissing her. She opened her mouth as his tongue brushed her tight lips and she allowed him to lower her back onto the sofa.

‘You taste sweet’ Gerard murmured. He kissed her deeply letting his tongue fill her mouth and Rebecca moaned at the urgency that seemed to over take his affection.‘Take your top off’ He commanded pushing himself back onto his knees and helping her remove her t-shirt and bra. His lips found her nipples instantly and he licked and sucked them both as Rebecca made sweet sounds of appreciation in the back of her throat.

Rebecca was on fire as Geared lavished his lust on her. She wanted to make him feel the way she was feeling, every touch from him sent a jolt of heat right through her. Without any warning she lowered her hand between them and unbuckled his belt, she undid his jeans and tugged them down his lean thighs along with his boxer shorts.

‘What are you doing?’ Gerard moaned as his naked erection pressed against the fabric of her jeans. He wasn’t ready to get to that stage just yet, he was just happy to enjoy her but she was hurrying things along without him.

‘Pleasing you’ She said as her hand gripped his hard manhood. Gerard moaned low in his throat as Rebecca slowly stroked him, her hand was firm and warm against him and he fought to concentrate solely on the pleasure he was giving her. He had imagined this moment before. What it would be like to have her unsteady hands stroking him, would he have to guide her, teach her how to touch him but she seemed to know what she was doing and it felt so good. It was that last thought that sent a sharp shiver through his body. Rebecca had only just become a more confident kisser, that he had taught her for sure, but he hadn’t taught her how to touch a man and he didn’t have to think too hard to work out where she had learned it. He growled low in his throat this time not from pleasure but from anger.

‘Stop!’ Gerard said suddenly removing her hand from his throbbing cock ‘Do you want me to come all over your hand?’

‘Yes’ Rebecca giggled remembering how Frank looked at her after he came, she wanted Gerard to look at her just the same. ‘That’s exactly what I want.’

‘Yeah, but not so soon’ Gerard said. He gently took her other hand in his and placed both of them behind her head. ‘Hold the arm of the chair please Miss White, I don’t trust your hands.’

Rebecca did as she was asked and Gerard kissed her lips as a reward. He traced his hands down her arms and over her breasts squeezing one in each hand feeling her hard nipples press into his palms, he bit his lip keeping his moans to himself as she continued down her soft, flat stomach to the front of her jeans.

‘These are coming off tonight.’ He announced as he undid the button, he chuckled as Rebecca eagerly lifted her hips in aid as he slid the trousers down her legs.
‘That’s more like it’ Gerard said once she was completely free of her jeans.

He lowered his mouth to her pink panties and kissed her hot lips through the thin material. Rebecca uttered something unintelligible as he licked the length of her slit.

‘Tell me something, Becca’ He said once again resting back on his knees. He hooked his fingers into the elastic of her underwear and gently pulled them down. He licked his lips at the sight of her naked privates and his cock throbbed viciously wanting to fill her. He ran his finger along her wet lips and Rebecca cried out from his touch.
‘Did you scream like that for Frank?’ He asked rubbing his finger against her clit. ‘You know last night when you slept with him, did you moan for him?’

Rebecca’s body was on fire as Gerard teased her, his strong fingers rubbing her into a frenzy.

‘I don’t know what you’re talking about’ She lied, her voice coming out in short breaths as she withered beneath him.

‘Oh come on, Rebecca I know something happened’ Gerard said playfully ‘It’d only take a slip of my finger to find out.’

‘I never slept with him’ Rebecca cried as his finger tip dipped inside her ‘I swear, Mr Way.’

‘I actually believe you’ He said squeezing her left nipple harshly ‘But you lied to me before didn’t you? When you said nothing happened? Something did happen and I know that now because you gave yourself away.’ He explained as his right hand alternated between stroking her tingling clit and dipping into her wet opening. He watched her mouth forming words to dispute his but his fingers working on the lips between her legs silenced her.
‘The other day,’ he continued ‘Was the first time you’ve ever felt a cock and you barely moved a muscle and now, all of a sudden, you want to wank me off? Your “shy” hands were working me all too well, Sugar. So my gut tells me that you touched Frank just like that last night. Am I right?’

‘Yes’ Rebecca cried out the answer as her orgasm began to build within her.

‘Are you sorry?’ Gerard asked lowering his mouth to her wet privates. His tongue flicked her gently and Rebecca’s hips rose to meet him.

‘Yes! Oh yes. I’m sorry’ She panted as he slowly worked her orgasm to the surface ‘I’m so sorry.’

‘Not sorry enough’ Gerard hissed pulling back from between her thighs and moving himself to the other side of the sofa.

‘No’ Rebecca panted as she felt the heavenly touch of his fingers and tongue leave her. She had been so close. Her clit throbbed harshly and she sat up demanding answers.

‘Why’d you stop?’ she asked angrily.

‘Because...’ Gerard said stroking himself gently to relieve the frustration in his manhood ‘I don’t like liars and I certainly don’t like making them orgasm.’

Rebecca whinged and moved quickly throwing herself against him. She kissed his lips eagerly and Gerard fought back a moan at her desperation. She was in need and it turned him on to no end.

‘I’m sorry’ she said through heated kisses ‘I really am.’

‘You’re only sorry because you want to come’ He stated.

‘No that’s not true’ Rebecca said. She stopped her kisses and looked into his eyes ‘I don’t want you to be angry with me.’

‘I’m not angry, Rebecca I’m disappointed.’ He told her ‘I wanted to be the first to make you feel like that and you gave that pleasure to Frank.’

‘I couldn’t help myself.’ She explained and Gerard heard the genuine regret in her voice ‘It was a mix of alcohol and hormones. I’m sorry. I’ll make it up to you.’ She offered.

‘What did Frank do to you Rebecca?’ Gerard said using his hand to part her thighs as she kneeled over him. ‘What did you let him do?’ Rebecca sucked in a breath as his fingers once again found her clit ‘Did you let him touch you like this?’

‘Yes’ Rebecca moaned.

‘What else?’ Gerard said capturing a nipple between his lips and Rebecca’s back arched, pushing her breast further into his mouth, her head falling back from the pleasure.

‘He kissed me.’ She cried out as Gerard bit her nipple hard ‘Uh, between my thighs.’

‘And did you return the favour?’ Gerard moaned. His dick was uncomfortably hard now it was pressed against her thigh and Gerard knew if he moved her slightly to the right with one quick thrust of his hips he’d be buried deep inside her.

‘No I didn’t’ Rebecca panted her head falling against his shoulder in frustration as his fingers stopped rubbing.

‘No?’ Gerard repeated in surprise. ‘Would you do that for me?’

‘Yes! I’ll do anything!’ Rebecca all but screamed as she ground down onto his hand. ‘Just don’t stop touching me.’

‘Please me first’ Gerard grinned removing his hand from her fiery heat. ‘And then I’ll please you’

Rebecca nodded in silent agreement. She understood he was purposely prolonging her orgasm as a punishment but she was sure he’d never actually admit it.

‘I don’t know how’ Rebecca said looking into his eyes for help. Gerard smiled and leaned forward kissing her lips tenderly.

He scooted down in the sofa, Rebecca rising with him as his hips left the chair and he settled himself with his head against the arm rest and his body spread out beneath her. Rebecca manoeuvred herself off his legs to between them resting on her knees. She took him in her hand and started to rub him gently just like she had done with Frank the night before. She squeezed him firmly in her palm as she stroked him from base to tip. Rebecca watched his face closely loving the sounds of the hushed moans that escaped from him.

‘Lick your lips, Becca’ he said and he opened his eyes to see her tongue dart out and wet her full lips. 'Now take me in your mouth' he ground out.

Rebecca lowered her head to his lap letting her imagination guide her and she gently licked the tip of his cock. She heard his swift intake of his breath and she felt a rush of pleasure. Opening her mouth she carefully suckled him in, letting her lips cover his head as she tasted him for the first time. His pre-cum greeted her taste buds and Rebecca moaned at the surprising warm and salty taste. She swallowed it down and immediately wanted more. She opened her mouth wider, her confidence growing and she welcomed more of his length inside her. Gerard moaned beneath her, his sounds spurring her on as she explored his cock with her delicate tongue and soft lips.

Gerard wanted nothing more than to thrust his cock right down the back of her hot mouth but he paced himself as she cautiously took him in. He had waited for this for a long time and as much as he wanted to take her virginity he knew the steps that lead up to it and out of all the stages this was the one he wanted the most. There was nothing like having the mouth of a hot girl wrapped around you and Rebecca was definitely a hot girl. Everything about her was hot from her eyes, to her breasts, to her dripping pussy that pulsated between her thighs. Yes, she was perfect and Gerard couldn’t wait to empty his appreciation down the back of her throat.

Rebecca withdrew her mouth from his arousal ‘Am I ok?’ she asked timidly.

‘Yes’ Gerard praised a moan following his words ‘Your perfect. Don’t stop, Baby’

Rebecca smiled and placed his tip against her lips and Gerard thrust forcing himself into her mouth. She gasped in surprise but recovered quickly and began suckling him again. She had never felt anything like this before. Gerard was hard and smooth at the same time and she could feel the lines of his veins through his soft skin. He felt and tasted wonderful.

‘Touch me’ Gerard breathed his instruction ‘But keep your lips on me as far as you can take me.’

Rebecca understood and wrapped her hand around his base pumping him as her tongue swirled around his cock. Gerard was in heaven as he watched Rebecca take him in, he thrust his hips upwards meeting her mouth as he wrapped his right hand in her hair and gently pushed her down onto him.

‘Uh! Just like that, Becca.’ He hissed biting his lip as the feeling began to build ‘I want you to swallow, Rebecca’

Rebecca didn’t know if she could. She’d had seen first hand what sperm looked like from Frank and had tasted the sweet droplet that had greeted her but swallowing his whole load was something totally different. Gerard felt the hesitation in her jaw as it slackened against his need.

‘You’ll be ok’ He promised ‘I’ll tell you when.’

He felt a rush of heat just talking about coming and he thrust harder much to Rebecca’s surprise, she sucked faster keeping up with him, her hand massaging the length her inexperienced mouth couldn’t reach.

‘Oh God’ Gerard cried out. ‘Fuck! Keep going’ He gripped the back of her head hard forcing her down onto his dick and Rebecca moaned in protest against him.

‘Uh yes.!I’m comin’ He cried his hips pumping into her mouth ‘Yes Rebecca!’ He groaned as he exploded into her mouth.

Rebecca tried her best to swallow the shots as they poured into her mouth but the taste and texture were new to her and she gagged from the amount. Gerard eyes were squeezed shut as his orgasm rocked his body, his breath was ragged and he shuddered as he came down from his high.
He felt Rebecca pull back and he opened his eyes, a lazy but beautiful smile forming on his lips as he looked at her with gratitude and appreciation. Rebecca smiled back not knowing what to say as he looked at her adoringly. It was the same look Frank had given her and she felt her heart burst with pride. She didn’t even care that her mouth ached or that she thought he’d been too rough. It didn’t matter. He felt good and so did she.

Gerard, still recovering from his orgasm sat up and grabbed Rebecca kissing her hard on the mouth, he could taste himself on her tongue and he growled against her pushing her onto her back. It was her turn now and he wanted her to know she was forgiven. Rebecca had no time to react from suddenly landing on her back as Gerard’s mouth went straight to her core. She cried out as he suckled her easing his fingers inside her stroking the barrier that he was yet to break. He let his teeth gently graze her nub and he smiled as she bucked into him.

‘Do you like that, Sugar?’ He asked his smile wet with her juices.

‘Yes’ Rebecca purred ‘Please don’t stop’

He kissed her again folding his lips around her ‘Rebecca, I want you to do something for me’

‘Anything’ She breathed as he lapped at her heat.

‘Don’t you want to know what it is?’ He asked knowing she was right where he wanted her to be. In this state she was nice and agreeable just as he needed her to be.

‘What is it?’ She gasped feeling the sweet heat building within her she thrust her hips against him praying that he’d allow her to reach her orgasm.

‘I want you to stay away from Frank’ he said. The second the words left his mouth he gripped her throbbing nub in his lips and suckled hard letting his tongue lick her into a frenzy. He needed her to lose her mind and agree to what he asked. Rebecca heard the words but couldn’t form a sentence to disagree, the pleasure he was inflicting on her was too much.

‘Can you do that?’ Gerard asked before diving back between her trembling thighs.

Rebecca was too close to orgasm to care about what he was asking she’d agree to anything if his lips never left her wet heat again.‘Yes I can’ She cried out as the heat coursed through her racing up to her clit.

‘Promise?’ Gerard growled his thumb taking over from his mouth and he rubbed her furiously bringing her to a violent orgasm.

‘UH! I PROMISE’ Rebecca screamed as she came hard and fast in his hand ‘Uh! Oh yes!’ she cried as another wave crashed over her. Gerard watched as she rode out her orgasm against his capable fingers. He smiled at the look of euphoria on her face and he swooped down capturing her lips in a passionate kiss and sealing her promise.

Rebecca floated down from her high completely spent from their intimacy, her breath was returning to normal but her mind reeling. Had she really just promised to stay away from Frank? Surely Mr Way didn’t mean what he had just asked of her?
Gerard pulled her up and gathered her into his arms laying her head against his chest and stroking her hair gently.

‘He isn’t good for you’ Gerard said softly his voice disturbing the peaceful quiet ‘I don’t like who he’s making you become.’

Rebecca leaned off his chest and looked into his relaxed eyes ‘He’s a good guy, Mr Way’ she began to protest but his lips silenced hers. He kissed her firmly letting her know that he wasn’t interested in her defence.

‘You made a promise, Becca’ he reminded her ‘But you can take it back now if you want.’

‘If I did-If I wanted to take it back what would it mean?’ she asked knowing it couldn’t be so easy.

Gerard gave a casual shrug as he said ‘Take it back and find out.’

Rebecca sighed. She felt weak from her orgasm and this was too much for her to deal with now. She knew she wouldn’t like the consequences of retracting her promise but could she really stay away from Frank? He was her friend, she really liked him and he was good to her but here was where she wanted to be and if letting go of Frank meant she could remain with Mr Way then she’d let him go.

‘What am I supposed to do at school?’ she asked her voice sad and her heart heavy with the decision she had just made.

‘Nothing. I can’t stop you seeing him there’ Gerard sighed regretfully ‘but anything outside that Rebecca isn’t ok with me, you understand?’

‘Yes’ Rebecca said and she leaned in and kissed his mouth softly catching him by surprise. She knew he expected her to be upset and by rights she should be but she was still allowed to hang out with Frank at school and that meant they could still be friends. She smiled to herself as she settled back against Mr Way’s chest. Maybe this promise thing wouldn’t be so hard after all.
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