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Another new experience for Rebecca and Gerard and Frank have a heated exchange.

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Hello angels! Hope you're all well. Sorry for the late update I couldn't belive it was nearly two weeks since I posted the last chapter. Thank you for all the awesome reviews & ratings I've received I can't tell you how happy they make me, I love hearing what you guys think : ) Just to let you know I'm off on holiday next week, for a week so I'll try and post again before I go but sadly no promises. Let me know what you think of this little chappy and you'll be pleased to know I've got lots more to throw at you. See you all again soon xo

Chapter 6

Rebecca ran to her phone snatching it off her bed and smiling when she saw it was Frank. She had been trying to get hold of him since last night when Mr Way had dropped her home but he hadn’t answered.

‘Frank!’ she answered.

‘Becks? I am so sorry’ He said in a greeting. ‘I was such an asshole yesterday you weren’t feeling well and I acted like a jerk, are you mad?’

‘Of course I’m not mad’ Rebecca laughed with relief ‘I was afraid you were mad at me I called you last night you never answered.’

‘I was busy’ Frank said his voice disappointed but it perked up suddenly as he said ‘But I’m free now you wanna hang out and make up for lost time?’

Rebecca winced as she remembered what Mr Way said, he didn’t want her hanging out with him outside school and she made a promise. ‘I really want to’ she sighed ‘but I can’t I have family over’ she lied ‘I have to stay and play my part.’

‘Oh that’s ok’ Frank said his voice heavy with disappointment again ‘I really wanted to see you.’

Rebecca's heart dropped into her stomach she really wanted to see him too. ‘Me too, I didn’t like it when you were mad at me. I miss your smile’

‘How about tomorrow then? Sunday?’ Frank asked eagerly.

‘Sounds good’ Rebecca said knowing fully well she couldn’t but she didn’t have the heart to reject him twice in the same conversation.

‘I gotta go honey’ Frank said ‘but I call you tomorrow ok?’

‘Ok’ Rebecca said. They said their farewells and Rebecca hung up falling onto her bed not liking the cold feeling in her stomach. It was only day one and she was already finding her promise hard to keep.


What are you wearing?

Gerard read the text and laughed out loud. It was Sunday night and he was sketching trying his best to relax before the working week begun. He had spent most of the weekend with the few friends he’d made since moving to the area but his mind was mostly on Rebecca. He couldn’t wait to see her again or to get his hands on her.

Only a smile

He replied and he grinned as he waited for her to respond.

‘Me too’

Gerard's eyes grew wide as he read the two words on the screen. He quickly opened his contact list and dialled her number.

‘Yes, Mr Way' She answered with a giggle.

‘Are you really naked, Miss White?’ he asked feeling a twitch between his legs as he pictured her spread eagled on her bed, no clothes and only a smile one her full lips.

‘No I am not’ she laughed ‘I saw it in a movie once. I just wanted to see what would happened if I text you something naughty.’

Gerard laughed ‘I knew it was too good to be true that was much too forward of you’

‘It was, wasn’t it?' Rebecca sighed her tone disappointed 'I don’t have the guts for something like that.’

‘Hey’ Gerard said hearing her dissatisfaction with herself ‘I love that you’re shy and unsure I don’t want you to ever change.’

‘Really?’ Rebecca said ‘But I’m so awkward sometimes’

‘I find you engaging, Miss White’ Gerard admitted ‘But…’ he hesitated ‘If you really want to give the phone sex thing a try I’d be more than willing to help’

‘I don’t know’ He heard her say, her voice lacking confidence. ‘Its different when you’re here and its you touching me. I don’t know if I can touch myself.’

‘Becca the best way to know what makes you tick sexually is if you touch yourself and find out, then once you know you can teach someone else to touch you the right way.’ He explained

‘But you already know how to touch me the right way.’ Rebecca replied feeling a shiver as he spoke.

‘But you should learn too’ Gerard said ‘and to be honest with you I’m getting kind of hard thinking about it.’

Just the sound of his voice was enough to get her juices flowing. ‘Tell me what to do’ Rebecca urged her voice suddenly filled with want.

‘Get on your bed and strip off’ Gerard said undoing the button on his jeans, he slid them off with his boxers kicking them carelessly to the carpet. Rebecca switched off her lamp light plunging the room into darkness save for the pale moonlight that filtered through her window and with shaking hands she lay on her bed and undressed.

'Ok. Are you comfortable?' He asked

'Define comfortable' Rebecca asked her cheeks flaming with colour at feeling so turned on and being alone and naked.

'Laying down, head on your pillow with your legs spread wide open' he breathed

'Then yes I am comfortable.' she replied choosing not to add that she was under her covers. She needed some protection.

Gerard slid down in his own bed. 'Ok Becca the key to phone sex is fantasy' he said 'it’s an imagination game, you have to imagine that I'm right there beside you.'

'Ok' Rebecca said.

Closing her eyes she let his voice hypnotise her. She imagined him walking into her room wearing trousers and a shirt, a tie hanging loosely from his neck it swaying lightly as he sauntered over to her, his clothes suddenly disappear as that sexy grin that he had perfected forms on his lips.

'You’re right here.’ She whispered.

'What am I doing?' he asked. He slid his hand down to his hardened member and wrapped his hand around himself.

'You're kissing me' Rebecca smiled immersing herself in the fantasy 'all over'

'One of my favourite things to do' Gerard chuckled 'how does it feel?'

'Hmm wonderful' Rebecca admitted as her free hand subconsciously roamed her body 'you're making me wet' she sighed.

'Another of my favourite things' he said and he smiled as her giggle. 'Where’s your hand?'

Rebecca opened her eyes. She could feel her hand on her body but she had to see it for herself 'Oh!' She uttered in surprise.

'Tell me' Gerard demanded. He stroked himself slowly as he imagined all the things she could be doing to herself.

'It’s on my breast' She said her voice quiet and shy, she hadn't realised that she'd been rubbing her left breast coaxing her nipple to harden under her soft finger tips.

Gerard moaned remembering how her stiff nipples felt against his tongue. He tugged at his length a little faster 'Do you like it when I suck your nipples, Becca?'

'Oh yes' She moaned moving her touch to her right breast. She pinched her nipple between her two fingers pulling it to make it erect ’I love it. Do you like sucking them, Mr Way?' she asked feeling her confidence grow like the passion building inside her.

'More then you know' Gerard growled feeling the wet stickiness of his pre cum forming at his tip. 'And the next time I get you alone I'm going to bury my dick right between them. I'm going to cum all over 'em'

Rebecca was truly lost in the moment and as he spoke about his cock, her hand lowered down her stomach to her wet privates. Her fingers shook as she trailed them down her body towards her aching heat, she was nervous about how it would feel to caress herself but the burning between her thighs was too urgent to ignore.

'Tell me what you're doing?' she asked her hand hovering over herself. She knew with his voice in her ear she could make believe that is really was his hand.

‘I’m stroking myself imaging my hand is your hot mouth wrapped around me.’ He moaned.

At his first word Rebecca let her hand settle between her thighs and she moaned loudly the sound of her stifled cry spurring Gerard on. Rebecca had never touched herself before and she realised she didn’t know what she was missing. Her clit was soft and silky and it throbbed under her fingers like a pulse as she teased it gently, learning the pressure and the pace she liked and when she lowered her hand down her smooth slit she could feel the welcoming heat of her opening. She listened intently to Gerard’s moans as he described the act he was imagining and Rebecca envisioned it too recalling the taste of his foreskin and the feel of his veins on her tongue as his blood flowed through them allowing him to be hard for her.

'Where's my hand now, Sugar?' he asked referring to her own 'tell me it’s where my cock wants to be?'

'Uh, its where you want to be' she groaned 'my fingers are inside me, I never knew how soft and warm I was inside' she sighed

'And wet' Gerard breathed his hips lifting slightly of the bed as she spoke making his penis grow in his hand.

'So wet' she purred. 'I wish you were really here.'

'I am' Gerard said stroking himself in a rhythm 'right next to you aren't I?'

'Yes' Rebecca moaned rubbing her fingers in a circle on her clit 'and you’re making me feel so good.'

'How good?' he asked, as he fondled himself while he listened to the sound of her heavy pants down the phone.

'So good, Mr Way' She cried 'I can feel it.'

'Feel what?' He ground out 'Uh! Tell me, Baby.'

'I can feel your lips on my neck’ She whimpered ‘and oh, your hands on my breasts and your cock, uh, your cock is inside me I can feel it' she cried as her fingers plunged in and out of her, her feminine digits brushing her hymen that she’d allow only him to penetrate.

'I can feel you too' Gerard grunted his hand smearing his sticky pre-cum over his hard length all the while fantasising that it was her warm juices and his hand was her silky walls tightening around him.

Rebecca’s hand worked her furiously as she listened to Gerard’s pants of ecstasy down the phone and her tongue was tied as she drove herself towards an orgasm. Her breathing was loud and desperate matching Gerard’s frantic inhales and exhales breath for breath. Rebecca never knew fantasy could feel like such reality as her orgasm clawed its way through her body and up to her fingertips.

'I'm cumin' they both cried in unison as their orgasms crashed over them. Rebecca cried out in pleasure and then quickly clamped her mouth shut her whimpering moans carrying down the line to Gerard who cried out freely not having to censor his pleasure. They both withered on their beds, their heats beating as they rode out their separate highs. Gerard came down slowly his chest heaving as his heart pounded against his ribs his hand shook gently as he reached for a tissue from the night stand and wiped himself clean. It was a few minutes before either of them could speak.

'Are you still there, Miss White?' Gerard asked his voice shaky but relaxed

'Hmmm' Rebecca sighed in response 'I’m here'

'How do you feel?' he asked his heart rate slowing as he lay spent on his bed.

'Like - Oh my God’ she uttered unable to think of something more articulate to say 'Thank you'

'No, thank you' He grinned 'You were amazing'

'I'm exhausted' Rebecca smiled ‘But I feel so good.’

'You want me to go?' He asked running his free hand through his dark hair, brushing it from his hazy eyes.

'No' Rebecca said quickly 'I want to keep talking to you all night ‘til I’m all talked out'

Gerard swivelled his head and glanced at the clock it was getting close to midnight. A part of him wanted to stay talking to her but he knew she needed sleep they both had to be at the same place at the same time in the morning. 'On second thoughts I should go' he said

'No’ Rebecca protested her voice taking on a tired whine 'Stay'

'Miss White, you have school in the morning and as your teacher I will not take lightly to you being late to your art class in the morning.' He joked.

'Not even when it was you who would have played an integral part in making me late?' She asked her smile clear in her voice.

'Not even then’ he laughed ‘That is why I insist we end this now…well, the phone call anyhow'

Rebecca frowned not wanting him to go but when a sudden yawn escaped her lips she knew he was right.

‘Is that you agreeing?’ Gerard asked hearing her yawn

‘I guess it is’ she laughed ‘when you’re right, you’re right.’

Gerard smiled ‘Remember you said that’ he told her.

Rebecca knew what he was referring to but didn’t want to mention Frank’s name, not now when they had shared something so wonderfully intimate. ‘I’ll see you tomorrow’ she said ‘and the rest of the week?’

‘We’ll work something out’ Gerard promised ‘and Rebecca if you can, try and leave this weekend free’

‘May I ask why?’ she said feeling excitement build within her.

‘There’s something I want to do to-I mean show you’ he grinned as he purposely fumbled his words.

Rebecca’s lips spread wider than her legs as she grinned and covered her mouth to stifle the squeal that wanted to erupt from her. This weekend would be it! He was going to take her and she was going to give herself to him willingly. ‘I’ll see what I can do’ she said nonchalantly sitting up and pulling her covers up around her naked breast ‘I’ll let you know’

Gerard laughed at her laid-back response. ‘You do that. Goodnight Miss White, I’m looking forward to seeing you tomorrow morning. It can’t come around quick enough.’

‘I feel the same way’ she confessed feeling the flap of butterflies in her stomach ‘Goodnight Mr Way I'll see yo-FRANK!’

‘What?’ Gerard asked. Had he just heard her right? ‘Did you just say Frank?’

Rebecca froze with the phone to her ear as her eyes fell on the boy at her window. He smiled at her his head cocked to the side in question as he eyed her naked shoulders.

‘Rebecca’ Gerard growled ‘is Frank there?’

‘Yes’ Rebecca gulped, the anger in his voice startling her back into action ‘he’s at my window but I don’t know what he’s doing here.’

‘Like hell you don’t’ Gerard snapped

‘No honestly- He shouldn’t be- I don’t-He’s not supposed to be here’ she stumbled over her words unable to get them out fast enough to explain.

‘You’re right he shouldn’t’ Gerard spat ‘what the fuck is doing there?’

‘I really don’t know’ she said her eyes glued to Frank whose face took on an annoyed look as she kept him waiting ‘I have to go’

‘Sounds that way, don’t want to keep your boyfriend waiting’ Gerard hissed

‘He’s not my boyfriend’ Rebecca insisted feeling a cold shiver down her spine at his tone ‘Mr Way, I swear I don’t know why he’s here but I’ll find out’

‘Doesn’t take a genius to work it out’ Gerard said his voice dripping with sarcasm

‘I’ll call you back’ Rebecca replied.

‘Don’t bother’ he said darkly and before Rebecca could reply she heard the dialling tone.

Rebecca quickly dived under her covers looking for her clothes, she pulled them on quickly getting flustered from the heat her body still radiated and from her embarrassment and anger at having Frank see her like this. She pulled back the covers and leapt out of the bed rushing over to the window and throwing it open.

‘About time’ Frank whispered climbing through the open window ‘I thought for sure you were gonna leave me out there.’

‘What are you doing here?’ Rebecca hissed closing the window gently. She turned on him and started hitting him with hands that lacked the strength or the want to actually hurt him.

‘Quit it’ Frank said catching her hands ‘why are you so mad?’

‘Because...’ Rebecca floundered unable to tell him the real reason for her upset ‘my parents are in bed what if they come in?’

‘They won’t’ Frank said with a careless shrug ‘you’re a good kid how often do they ever need to check on you?’

Rebecca didn’t answer knowing he was right, her parents very rarely came to her room unless they had something to discuss with her, they knew she was never up to no good. If only they really knew.

‘I thought you’d be happy to see me’ Frank said softly his voice failing to hide the hurt. He had called her up during the day wanting to spend time with her but she fobbed him off with an excuse that he didn’t know was a lie. So he decided on a whim to pay her a late night visit which he thought was pretty romantic.

‘I am happy to see you’ Rebecca said feeling her upset melt away ‘I was just shocked to see you that’s all.’

‘Good 'cause I really needed to see you’ he said grinning at her. ‘Tomorrow seemed much too far away.’ He pulled her towards him and Rebecca jumped slightly as his cold hands brushed her hips and settled on her lower back as he hugged her. She hugged him back happy to finally see her friend after having to spend the weekend apart under her new orders.

‘You smell sweet’ Frank said burying his face in her neck tickling her. ‘What the hell were you doing just now?’ he asked.

‘Nothing’ she said her face flaming red and she was thankful that it was dark but it wasn’t dark enough for Frank not to see her blush. ‘I err, nothing’ she repeated avoiding his eyes.

Frank’s grin was slow as it spread his lips and he pulled back from her ‘You smell like sex, Rebecca’

Rebecca could’ve died in that moment and if it was even possible she blushed harder.

‘It’s not what yo-‘ Frank silenced her explanation with his lips, kissing away the end of her sentence. He parted her lips with his tongue and kissed her deeply imaging what she had been doing to herself but knowing how it ended and he wondered if she shuddered like she did the night he tasted her bringing her to her first orgasm. The thought sent blood racing to his most intimate area and Rebecca felt him grow against her.

‘You have to stop’ She said pulling back knowing where things would lead if she didn’t act now. She wasn’t even supposed to be with him let alone be kissing him.

‘You’re right’ Frank panted tugging the bulge in his jeans uncomfortably ‘I just got carried away, I didn’t come here for that. I really did just want to see you.’

Rebecca smiled at his words ‘I’m glad you came’ she said her heart missing a beat knowing she really meant it.

Frank beamed at her. Then in one fluid motion which made Rebecca yelp in surprise he scooped her up and carried her over to her bed. She giggled quietly and whispered her protests and he laid her down climbing on top of her. He lowered his mouth to her neck and nipped her collar bone grinding his bulge against her warm mound.

‘I really haven’t come here for this’ He insisted. ‘But my God Rebecca your scent is all over this bed’ he moaned ‘Its smells so good and I know you taste as good as you smell.’

Rebecca moaned at his words her body battling her mind. She found it so hard to control herself when he talked like that. Luckily she didn’t have to do or say anything as he rolled out from between her thighs and she sighed with relief.

Frank smiled mistaking her relief for disappointment. ‘Soon’ he whispered pulling her into his arms.

‘Soon, what?’ Rebecca asked their eyes meeting in the glow of the moonlight.

‘You know what?’ he laughed ‘it could be right now, in your own bed and comfortable but most importantly sober’ he grinned ‘but your parents are in the next room and I don’t have any protection.’

Rebecca’s heart raced as she imagined him taking her right here, right now, but her promise to Gerard tugged at the corners of her mind. So she said nothing and offered him a smile instead.

Frank shifted his hard size in his jeans wishing her smile was wrapped around him and he reluctantly rose from the bed. Rebecca sat up too but Frank’s hand on her shoulder gently pushed her back down ‘I’ll see myself out’ He said stroking her hair away from her face he kissed her bare forehead and then her lips, lifting her quilt and covering her over. ‘See you in the morning’

Before Rebecca could stop herself her hand grabbed the back of his neck and she pulled him into a deep kiss. She could hear her mind screaming the promise she had made but in that moment his lips were what she craved.

‘Mmm that was one hell of a goodnight kiss’ Frank smirked taking the hand that had forced his head and kissing it. Rebecca blushed at her boldness biting her lips timidly and Frank laughed loving her sudden change from feisty to shy in a split second.

‘Goodnight, Frank’ she whispered as he made his way across the room to her window. She felt the cold breeze of the night air only for a second before he was gone.

Rebecca smiled into the darkness before she remembered that she promised to call Gerard back. How long had it been? She turned her head to the side and looked at the red digital numbers on her clock. It had been about twenty minutes. Her hand sought her phone and found it under her covers where she had dropped it after Gerard had hung up on her. She pressed the call button twice since he was the last person who called and to her upset his phone rang and rang until it reached his voicemail. She listened to his greeting message as she battled whether or not to leave a message. She decided not to and she hung up before the beep.


The next day Gerard put on a professional front as he taught his art class. He ignored Rebecca and all her pleading looks as he strode around the art room helping out his other students, offering advice and ideas as they continued with their projects. Rebecca had raised her hand twice for his assistance and twice he had walked by her as though she were invisible.
As the lesson ticked down to the last fifteen minutes Gerard knew he couldn’t ignore her any longer just in case she needed genuine help.

‘What is it?’ He asked as Rebecca lowered her hand for the third time since trying to get his attention.

‘Can we please talk?’ she asked her voice low under the buzz of her talking classmates.

‘No’ he said

‘Please’ she pleaded ‘I know now is not the time but later?’ she asked her eyes sad but hopeful.

Gerard felt his heart sink at her sorrowful expression ‘come by later’ he said making sure to keep his voice even. Rebecca smiled up at him and it sent a jolt to his heart. He loved it when she smiled. Why did she have to be so cute? He smiled back at her but it was short lived as Frank bounded over to them glad the class was nearly over allowing him to take a break.

‘How goes it, Becks?’ he asked stopping behind her ‘Hey, Sir’

‘Frank’ Gerard said struggling to keeping the annoyence from his voice ‘go back to your seat please.’

‘What? Why?’ Frank questioned his smile slipping from his face.

‘Because I asked you to’ Gerard said

‘I just came to say Hi’ Frank shrugged ‘no big deal’

‘My class is not a playground’ Gerard told him ‘you wanna "just say Hi" wait ‘til the bell goes and you can say all the "Hi's" you like.’

‘Not a playground?’ Frank said with a smirk ‘look around I don’t think anyone’s actually working’

‘Back talk huh, you can see me after class for that’ Gerard said feeling a glow of satisfaction at the power he had.

‘What? Why? That’s bullshit’ Frank cried at the unwarrented punishment.

‘Swearing too’ Gerard smirked ‘forget about after class you can see my after school.’

‘Mr Way, that’s unfair’ Rebecca protested knowing what the show of authority was really about.

‘Wanna join him?’ Gerard said turning his cold gaze on her, his eyes closing her mouth for her. ‘Didn’t think so? Keep it shut’

‘Don’t talk to her like that’ Frank snapped.

‘Two nights in a row’ Gerard said ‘keep talking I’ll keep you behind all week’

Rebecca couldn’t believe how unreasonable Mr Way was being but she kept her mouth shut as Frank fumed beside her. The bell rang thankfully breaking the tension that only the three of them felt. Gerard strode off back into the other art class and Frank and Rebecca grabbed their things and left the classroom as fast as they could.


Rebecca couldn’t get Mr Way’s behaviour out of her mind and she wasn’t sure if she wanted to talk to him after all. It was coming up to 4pm when the librarian kicked her out of the library and she went to her locker grabbing her things to head home. She knew Frank would be long gone now after his detention and Rebecca wondered if Gerard would still be in his class. She raced to his room her body praying he was there but her mind kind of hoping that he wasn’t, she didn’t feel like facing his mood but they needed to talk about what happened last night and she was eager to explain to him that Frank’s visit was not a planned one.
The raised voices in the art room met her ears suddenly as she reached for the door handle. Her hand froze as she recognised Gerard’s voice and her heart stopped. She took a step closer and pressed her ear against the door and the voices become louder still but the heavy wood muffled their angry words and she couldn’t understand what was being said. She pulled her ear away and her heart pounded as she wondered who was on the other side and whether or not she should intrude or walk away. She stood there for a minute battling her thoughts when suddenly the door flew open and Frank stormed out of the room slamming straight into her nearly knocking her off her feet.

‘Rebecca!’ He cried in surprise his strong arms steadying her ‘Are you ok?’

'Yes I'm fine' she said nodding her head. Their eyes met and she was taken aback by the unnatural dark colour of his usual hazel eyes. He struggled to hide the look of anger on his face as it mixed with concern for her, as his blood boiled within him. Rebecca glanced over his shoulder to see Gerard wearing an identical expression of worry and anger.

‘What are you doing here?’ Frank demanded

‘I came to talk to Mr Way about some art stuff. I see I came at a bad time’ she said looking between the both of them neither of them giving an inch as to what they were arguing about.

‘Its fine’ Gerard assured her ‘Come in Miss White I have a few minutes’

‘Forget him’ Frank said quietly to her ‘I’ll take you home’

Rebecca stood rooted to the spot not knowing what to do. She knew this was a silent competition and the testosterone was thick in the air. She didn’t want to turn Frank down and hurt his feelings but she had to talk to Mr Way. She wasn’t supposed to be with Frank after school hours anyway and it was harder now that Gerard was watching them. She had to prove herself to him and so with a heavy heart she turned Frank down.

‘It’s ok’ she said rubbing his arm and giving him a smile that he didn’t return ‘you go home I’ll see you tomorrow.’ Frank looked over his shoulder and shot the older man the nastiest look he could muster. ‘It’s important’ Rebecca said to him when he turned back to face her ‘I’ll call you later.’

‘Whatever’ Frank snapped, storming off towards the exit.

Rebecca sighed as she watched him walk away and when her eyes turned and met Gerard’s he was smiling happily at her, his lips forming that grin that made her knees weak. She walked into the room and closed the door behind her.

‘What was all that about?’ She asked

‘Nothing’ Gerard sighed taking her hand and pulling her towards him. Rebecca melted against his body as he wrapped his arms around her. ‘I was just putting Frank in his place.’
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