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Three's A Crowd

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Rebecca hears that Frank has a new friend.

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Chapter 7

Rebecca eyes scanned the pages of her book not taking in any of the words she read as she waited for Frank. It was lunch time and she had grabbed them both a bite to eat and took it over to what had become their usual table. She closed the book and checked her watch, he was twenty minutes late. She bit her lip wondering whether he was coming, but why wouldn’t he they always had lunch together? However he hadn't answered her calls last night but she was used to it now and he always called back eventually but this time he hadn't. She pulled her phone out of her bag and checked it. No messages. She knew she had burned him by choosing to stay with Gerard the day before but surely he couldn’t be upset by that? She put the phone away and scanned the room looking for a sign of her popular friend.

'If you're looking for Frank you won't find him' A voice said snapping Rebecca to attention, she looked up to see Rachael Bell smirking down on her.

'Erm hey, Rachael.' Rebecca said, her voice quiet against the buzzing crowd of the lunch room 'Do you know where he is?'

'Yeah I do.' Rachael grinned placing her manicured hands on her slim hips 'I also know where he was last night too.'

Rebecca managed to stop the look of surprise that wanted to form on her face but she couldn't stop her heart from jumping in her chest. Last night? Is that why he didn't take her calls? Surely that wasn't true, Frank wouldn’t get with Rachael, he didn't even like her. Why would he? Rebecca snapped out of her thoughts and focused her eyes back to the girl whose smirk remained intact, she did a once over of the girls body and sighed as she thought, why wouldn't he?

'If you see him would you please tell him I'm looking for him?' Rebecca asked politely

'Why would I do that?' Rachael laughed bitterly 'I’ve finally got that boys attention I'm not going to have you mess it up.'

'I don’t want to mess it up' Rebecca said honestly 'We're just friends'

'With benefits' Rachael scoffed

'No!' Rebecca insisted shaking her head and ridding her mind of that night in her room 'Just friends.'

Rachael’s smile slipped just for a second, unsure of whether or not to believe Rebecca. 'Well give it up. Frank's my friend now and you know what they say three's a crowd. I've got a feeling Frank and I are going to be spending a lot of time together so you should find someone else to play with just like he did.'

Rebecca nodded not knowing what else to say. Maybe Rachael was right, after all, Frank hadn't answered any of her calls and he hadn't called her back and now she knew why. Maybe he didn't want to be friends anymore? It wouldn't be the first time she had been abandoned by a "friend" and she doubted it would be the last.

'Aww look, you bought him lunch too.' Rachael cooed interrupting her thoughts 'How sweet I guess you can eat both helpings, you know, comfort eat away your blues. Hey I have some "Redbull" if you want to wash it all down, just let me know' She laughed as she walked away.

Rebecca pushed the overloaded tray away from her, she wasn't feeling hungry anymore in fact she felt pretty shitty. Her lips formed a frown as her eyes fell on Rachael across the room. She was pretty and popular and even though Rebecca thought she was a bit mean everyone else seemed to like her. She was much better suited to Frank then Rebecca was. However all the logical thinking did not stop the sting of jealousy that hit her and although she was had Gerard's attention she could not deny that she felt something for Frank and the thought of him being with Rachael made her stomach turn. Her phone alerted her of a message and her heart skipped a beat as she grabbed it out of her bag hoping it was Frank.

Why the long face, sugar?

Rebecca smiled and lifted her head casually scanning the crowded lunch room but her eyes failed to find Mr Way.

No real reason She typed knowing she couldn't mention Frank but she didn't lie either, she added just missing somebody before sending the message. She scanned the room once more as she waited for him to reply.

I'm missing you too I'll see you tomorrow

Rebecca's heart skipped a beat as she replied Can't wait!

Me neither, Miss White, and remember beautiful ladies don't frown :)

Yes, Sir

Rebecca smiled but knew he wouldn't reply again. She looked up as Rachael and her clan of loyal followers passed her table on their way to the exit and she wondered if Frank would now be running in that crowd.


Frank hoisted himself up onto the roof or the garage and peered through Rebecca’s window into her room. He hadn’t seen her or spoke to her in over twenty-four hours and he felt bad. He was pissed that she had chosen to stay with Mr Way the day before. After all, the guy tried to make a fool out of him in class and then she proceeded to make him look like an ass when she rejected his offer of a ride home. Still Frank couldn’t really be mad at her, she didn’t really know how he felt about it and he didn’t like being mad at her anyway. He liked her company way too much to stay angry. He had been on his way home when he decided to pay her a visit, he knew it was much too late but he had climbed through her window before and she hadn’t complained why would tonight be any different? It was too dark to see her properly through the window but Frank could see the outline of her body nestled under the sheets as she slept. He gently tried the window and to his surprise it slid open without a sound. He grinned to himself as he climbed through the entrance and closed the window tiptoeing over to where Rebecca slept. He watched her for a few minutes, her lips were slightly parted as she breathed deep. Her hair was spread messily across her pillow and her slender arms were up her head. He sighed as he watched her, she really was something to look at. Frank shed his jacket and dropped it to the floor before gently pulling back the covers on the bed and exposing Rebecca’s body fully. He stifled a moan as his eyes fell upon her panty covered privates and her bare thighs spread slightly, welcoming him in. He unbuttoned his jeans and crawled across the bed until Rebecca was underneath him. He smiled down at her watching her chest as it rose and fell with each breath, her full breasts rising close to him and then sinking away like the waves of the sea when they lap the shore. He lowered his lips to her mouth and kissed her gently, pulling back to see if she would stir, she didn’t and Frank smiled to himself. He kissed her again firmer this time and she stirred lightly. He ran his lips across her cheeks and down her neck reaching the collar bone and he licked a soft line across her favorite spot, she moaned in her sleep and Frank stifled a giggle.

‘Rebecca?’ He whispered nudging her cheek with his nose, he lowered his lips to hers and kissed her again.

‘Becks?’ He said in a hushed whisper, this time she moaned louder but didn’t wake.

Frank sat back on his knees and lifted her vest top up over her breasts. His breath caught in his throat at the sight of her full chest. He fell on top of her lavishing her breasts with heated kisses as he hardened in his jeans. He caressed her curves, squeezing them in his palms, taking her nipples into his mouth and sucking them roughly willing her to wake up.

‘Rebecca? Wake up’ He groaned abandoning his assault on her body and crawling over her until they were face to face.

He shook her gently and was pleased to see her eyes flutter open ‘It’s me, Frank’ He whispered hoping not to startle her.

‘Frank?’ Rebecca mumbled her eyes closing again.

‘No, stay with me’ Frank begged shaking her again ‘Wake up Becks, I need you.’

‘What time is it?’ Rebecca asked slowly coming to ‘What do you want?’

‘I don’t know what the time is’ Frank said honestly ‘And I want you’ He said taking her limp hand and placing it between them, rubbing himself against her palm. Rebecca’s eyes widened as she awoke and realised what was happening.

‘What are you doing here?’ She gasped pushing him off her and pulling her top down to cover herself.

Frank sat back on his knees giving her the space she needed despite his desperation to feel her body under his. ‘I missed you’ He admitted ‘I wanted to see you.’

‘I’ve been calling you’ She snapped sitting upright. She was appalled at his brazen actions. ‘You don’t answer, you don’t call back and then suddenly you let yourself in here and help yourself to my body.’

‘It wasn’t like that’ Frank said shaking his head quickly trying to diffuse her anger as quickly as he could so he could get back in her good books and between her toned thighs ‘I was going to call, you know I always do I just got sidetracked’

‘Sidetracked with Rachael Bell’ Rebecca huffed folding her arms.

‘What?’ Frank asked a look of confusion on his face.

‘Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about’ Rebecca retorted ‘It’s insulting.’

‘Who’s acting?’ Frank said with a shrug.

Rebecca watched him carefully but his confused look didn’t change. 'She said you guys were a couple now.’

‘She what?’ Frank hissed his expression changing from confused to angry in a split second.

‘She said you were with her last night’ Rebecca told him still watching his face for a hint of a lie.

‘Argh! We were’ He snapped ‘But not like that! We had an assignment we were just working on it.’

‘Oh’ Rebecca said relieved to hear it and feeling her cheeks redden at her outburst.

After she had talked to Rachael she had spent the rest of the day torturing herself and feeling incredibly jealous. It was nice to know she didn’t have to feel that way anymore but she realised that now Frank didn’t have Rachael as a distraction she’d have to tell him that they couldn’t hang out anymore.

Flashback (The day before)

‘So?’ Rebecca asked pulling out of Gerard’s embrace. She wasn’t going to let his cuddles distract her from the argument she heard him having. It was loud and aggressive and she wanted to know what it was about.

‘It really was nothing.’ Gerard insisted combing his fingers through her soft hair ‘You don’t have to worry about it and I don’t want to discuss it anymore.’ His told her, his voice taking on that authoritative tone.

‘You were yelling.’ Rebecca said quietly. She didn’t want to have an argument but she was desperate to know about the loud exchange of words he had had with Frank.

‘Did you hear what was said?’ Gerard asked letting his hands drop to his sides.

‘No’ Rebecca shook her head ‘I just know you were yelling.’

‘That’s all it was, just heated words.’ Gerard confessed. ‘That kid thinks he can do whatever he likes and he can’t.’

‘You know that’s not true.’ Rebecca replied ‘He’s not like that and you know it.’

‘Did he not climb through your window last night?’ Gerard asked.

‘Well, yes’ Rebecca said her cheeks reddening.

‘And did you invite him?’ Gerard questioned.

‘You know I didn’t.’ Rebecca said meeting his eyes so he knew she was telling the truth.

‘Well that right there is an example of Frank doing whatever he wants, whenever he wants and where it sits well with you, Sugar’ Gerard glared at her ‘It doesn’t work for me.’

Rebecca looked away from his angry eyes and focused on the dirty tiles of the art class. Mr Way did have a point, Frank couldn’t just do as he pleased when it suited him.

‘I guess you’re right’ Rebecca agreed.

‘I am.’ Gerard stated ‘And while we’re on the subject I know I said you can’t hang around with Frank but I want you to tell him.’

‘What?’ Rebecca gasped ‘I can’t do that, what am I supposed to say?’ She cried.

‘I don’t know and I don’t care. He needs to hear it or he’ll think climbing through your window is OK when its not. You need to tell him and let him know that you’re off limits.’ Gerard said ‘Because you are off limits aren’t you?’

Rebecca’s insides squirmed as her heart beat in panic. It was bad enough having to avoid Frank but now she had to tell him too. What would she say and how would he take it?

‘If its him you want.’ Gerard said seeing the conflict in her eyes. ‘Then go get him, I won’t stop you but I don’t share, Honey’

‘I don’t want him and you don’t have to share, Frank and I are just friends’ Rebecca said. ‘Don’t you trust me?’

‘I want to’ Gerard said honestly. ‘But since I know that you have a lack of control around him, like I have a lack of control around you’ He grinned as his hand trailed down her cheek and over the curve of her breast ‘You need to tell him that your friendship doesn’t extend outside of these school walls.’

‘He won’t understand’ Rebecca sighed sadly.

‘Make him.’ Gerard growled ‘Three’s a crowd Becca and I have no problem bowing out.’

‘That’s not what I want’ Rebecca insisted her voice sounding desperate ‘Its you I want.’

‘Then you know what to do, don’t you?’ Gerard said placing a kiss on her pouting lips. He kissed her again and trailed his lips to her ear nibbling on her lobe and making her giggle as his breath tickled her ear. He pulled back to see her smiling and knew he had won her over.

‘I can’t believe her’ Frank huffed, his voice bringing Rebecca back to the present ‘Who else has she told?’

‘I-I don’t know’ Rebecca said ‘But don’t get mad, it doesn’t matter.’

‘Of course it does I don’t need her talking shit and filling you or anyone else's head with lies’ He replied angrily.

‘Calm down’ Rebecca soothed, leaning toward him ‘She likes you a lot, maybe you should go with it.’ She shrugged. It hurt her to push him in Rachael’s direction but she needed him to have someone else to focus on now she was off limits ‘I think you’d be happy together.’

‘What are you on about girl?’ Frank laughed in disbelief ‘Its you I want’ He said closing the gap between them ‘And I know you want me’ He smiled pressing his lips to hers.

Rebecca moaned as his tongue suddenly entered her mouth. He was such a good kisser. His lips were soft and sweet but urgent against hers and she fell onto her back with Frank on top of her. Frank’s hands were everywhere, squeezing her breasts, stroking her hips, brushing between her thighs and Rebecca couldn’t catch her breath but she needed to so badly, she had to stop this.

‘I want to hear you moan’ Frank told her as his fingers slipped under the protective shield of her underwear, he pushed a finger inside her heat and she moaned deep within her throat making Frank rock hard in the confines of his jeans. ‘Perfect’ Frank praised at the sound she made ‘Just what I wanted.’

‘Oh, Frank’ Rebecca groaned as another finger joined the first inside her. She was in heaven as his fingers readied her and his lips burned kisses all over her skin.

‘Please’ Rebecca cried as he slid a third finger into her hot core.

‘I’m going as fast as I can sugar’ Frank moaned moving his digits inside her, stretching her walls as her juices slid against his skin ‘But you need to be ready.’

‘Please, stop’ Rebecca breathed her words coming out in a rush as she sat up on her elbows.

‘What?’ Frank asked steadying his hand inside her. Did he just hear her right?

‘I can’t do this’ Rebecca said shaking her head as her clit pounded between her thighs wanting the opposite of what her mouth was saying.

‘Is this about Rachael?’ Frank huffed in frustration wiggling his fingers inside her and he smiled as her head fell back in pleasure ‘'Cause I already told you there’s nothing going on between me and her.’

‘It’s not her.’ Rebecca said snapping out of her pleasured daze. She eased Frank’s capable fingers out from inside her with a moan.

‘Then what is it?’ Frank demanded, throwing his hands up in defeat.

‘I’m seeing someone’ Rebecca said quietly her head bowed.

‘Who?’ Frank asked his eyebrows furrowing. ‘Since when?’

‘You don’t know him’ Rebecca answered hating the lies that had to spill from her mouth ‘He doesn’t go to our school we’ve been together for a while.’

‘How long’s a while?’ Frank said ‘I’ve known you a while, we’ve done things….’

‘I know’ Rebecca said ‘I know we have and I was wrong to do them, he knows everything I told him, he’s forgiven me but I can’t see you anymore.’

‘What?’ Frank laughed ‘You are not serious?’

‘I am! It’s the least I can do, we’re cool at school but outside of that isn’t OK.’ She told him.

‘This is bullshit, Becks’ Frank growled trying his best to keep his anger in check knowing her parents were just down the hall ‘You’re going to let some guy control you?’

‘He’s not controlling me.’ Rebecca insisted ‘He’s just asking me not to do something and I think it’s fair.’

‘Fair’ Frank scoffed ‘How is this fair?’

‘I can’t control myself around you Frank, you and I both know it and he knows it too’ Rebecca explained ‘He’s asking me not to be alone with you’

‘Maybe you can’t control yourself around me because you shouldn’t’ Frank snapped ‘Ever crossed your mind that maybe it’s me and you that should be together?’ Frank asked ‘We’ve got chemistry girl, you can feel it right between those hot little thighs of yours’ He smirked ‘You should be with me not with some control freak.’

‘He’s not a control freak’ Rebecca huffed ‘He’s a good guy.’

‘Who tells you what to do, next thing you know he’ll be telling you how to dress.’ Frank mocked

‘I don’t expect you to understand’ Rebecca sighed.

‘Then what do you expect?’ Frank retorted

‘For us to still be friends’ Rebecca said ‘To carry on like we were, if we can. I expect you to try, please’

‘I am trying’ Frank whined ‘I’m trying so hard not to throw myself at you right now, to kiss you, to touch you, to take you the way you wanna be taken, the way you begged me to take you the night of that party. I’m fucking trying Rebecca.’ He said his hand instinctively falling between his thighs and rubbing himself through his jeans. ‘I’m trying so fucking hard.’

Rebecca could see the pain stricken look on his face and she could see his hard length protruding against his jeans, she felt so awful knowing he was expecting more then what she had just given him. But to be fair she hadn’t asked him up to her room but she couldn’t excuse the fact that they had done things before and that there had been times that she had led him on.

‘I’m so sorry, Frank’ She said sincerely, she didn’t want him to be mad at her.

‘Not as sorry as me’ Frank said getting off the bed. Rebecca followed suit but raced around the bed to stand before him.

‘Do you hate me?’ She asked looking up at him her big chocolate eyes full of sorrow.

‘No’ Frank said not meeting her eye as he buttoned his jeans and reached for the ends of his belt which hung open by his hips.

‘I don’t want you to hate me’ She said softly her mind trying to think of the right thing to say or do to make him smile at her again. ‘Let me make it up to you.’ Rebecca begged moving his hands away from his waist and undoing the metal button on his jeans. She wouldn’t give him her virginity but she wouldn’t leave him suffering either, she could satisfy him one last time and she hoped it would be enough to keep his friendship. She fell to her knees grabbing the top of his jeans and his boxers bringing them down as lowered herself to the floor.

‘Stop!’ Frank snapped as the cool air greeted his erection and Rebecca’s tongue darted out to lick his swollen tip. ‘Oh’ Frank groaned as she swallowed his head, her warm mouth covering him like a welcoming glove. ‘I don’t want your mouth’ He growled attempting to push her away.

Rebecca ignored Frank's hands on her shoulders. She reached round and grabbed his bare ass in her hands, pulling him closer and keeping him inside her mouth. She took him deeper and Frank’s protests turned into moans as she sucked his length easing his frustration. She knew she should not be doing this but she couldn’t let him leave angry at her either, once he was satisfied he would feel better and be more forgiving.

‘Does it feel good?’ Rebecca asked mumbling against his leaking tip as her hand masturbated him.

‘Yes’ Frank hissed hating himself for admitting how her hot mouth made him feel.

‘You want more?’ Rebecca teased licking him from base to tip before slowly swallowing him whole, relaxing her throat to take him in.

‘Oh God! Yes!’ Frank panted wrapping his fingers in hair.

They worked together to get him off, Frank guiding her head up and down his rock hard shaft while Rebecca sucked in her cheeks and kept her tongue running freely over his length, occasionally letting her teeth graze his hot skin.

‘Uh, yes’ Frank grunted thrusting his hips into her face ‘Take it, Becks’ He commanded as he fucked her face trying his hardest not to be too rough but wanting her to feel his frustration at being between her lips and not her thighs.

Rebecca worked her mouth at the speed that Frank was thrusting into her and she could feel her cheeks beginning to ache, she sucked harder in a bid to make him finish and her efforts were rewarded when she tugged gently on his balls.

‘Fuck! Yes! Uh!' Frank cried out before biting his lips and pouring himself down her throat, he thrust harder squirting more of his cream into her mouth and Rebecca drank it all as he stifled the moans of satisfaction that wanted to escape his mouth.

Rebecca waited on her knees, Frank’s twitching member still between her lips and she looked up at him and smiled. She was more than shocked when he didn’t return her smile and hurt when he pulled himself from her lips refusing to look at her any more.

‘Thanks’ he said roughly as he fastened his jeans, he grabbed his jacket from the floor and headed for the window. Rebecca’s jaw hit the ground as she stood and watched his back as he walked away from her.

‘Frank?’ She called out stopping him mid-step. He had reached a pleasant high from his orgasm but he had come down hard at the realisation that he wouldn’t be experiencing her the way he wanted to. ‘You gonna leave just like that?’ She asked quietly and Frank could hear the misery in her voice ‘I thought we’d be OK after…’ She trailed off awkwardly knowing how wrong it was to trade sexual favors for friendship but this was Frank, he’d been her best friend since he’d arrived at the school things were different with him weren’t they? ‘Are we OK?’ she asked.

Frank sighed heavily but didn’t turn back to face her ‘Goodnight Rebecca’ was all he said before he walked the few remaining steps to her window and climbed out leaving her heart saddened and her question unanswered.
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