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Hello darlings! How goes you all? So here’s the next little bit of the story, I know it’s been a while but I’m hoping to get back into updating more regularly. I hope you all like it and please let me know what you think, I’m sure a lot of your thoughts will change after this chapter smirks and I want to hear them. Thank you to everyone who rated and reviewed thus far, I appreciate them and I’m going to try and start responding to those too. Enjoy! Xo

Chapter 8

Rebecca woke Wednesday morning with a horrible feeling in the pit of her stomach and she wished the night before had been a horrible dream instead of reality. She called Frank as she ate her breakfast and then again as she headed for her locker but both calls went straight to voicemail. The only thing that made her smile was walking past Rachael Bell and knowing the truth about what was happening between her and Frank. There was nothing going on no at all, matter what Rachael told everybody. Rachael was a liar. Rebecca spent the day alone looking out for any sign of Frank but there was none to be seen and by the time she made it to her afternoon art class she was miserable.

‘Ok you guys know what to do’ Gerard said as he finished off marking who was present and who wasn’t. ‘Today is the last day for these projects so you have to finish, Friday will be your presentations which I know you guys are all looking forward to’ he grinned.

Groans filled the room and chairs scrapped across the floor as the students got up from their seats and left for the adjoining room. Rebecca settled at her easel and frowned at her work. It wasn’t that she didn’t like it, it just didn’t feel like an accurate representation of herself right now. She felt horrible like the baddie in a movie.

‘What the matter?’ Gerard’s voice sounded quietly in her ear.

‘Nothing’ Rebecca sighed

‘Really?’ Gerard said in disbelief ‘you look pretty upset’ he stole a quick glance around the room to make sure no one was watching their interaction.

‘You wouldn’t care, it’s about Frank’ she stated.

‘Oh’ Gerard said with a frown. She was right he didn’t care but that didn’t mean he didn’t care at all ‘I’m sorry you’re upset’ he offered.

‘Thanks’ Rebecca said touched by his sweetness.

‘My place tonight?’ he whispered in her ear ‘I’ll cheer you up.’

‘Yeah, how?’ Rebecca asked glumly.

‘Anyway you like’ he said with a smile.

‘I like really bad jokes’ Rebecca challenged.

‘Aw, sugar’ Gerard grinned ‘I’m full of them’

‘Ok what have you got?’ She asked perking up, sitting straighter on her stool.

‘Ok how this for a bad joke’ he laughed ‘Two sausages are frying in a pan and one says to the other “My God it’s hot in here” and the other one says “Fuck me! A talking sausage!”

Rebecca burst out laughing and Gerard shook his head with a smile elated to see her happy again.

‘Oh God’ Rebecca giggled ‘That’s awful’

‘I know’ he said quietly ‘and I’ll tell you lots more tonight.’

‘It’s a date’ Rebecca agreed feeling happier then she had all morning.


The rain pelted down hard as Rebecca waited for Gerard to pick her up. Usually she hated getting wet but she was in such an awful mood that it didn’t even matter. The last of the school hours whittled away achingly slowly without Frank’s company and Rebecca got more and more depressed. By the time Gerard picked her up she had a frown that reached the pavement and so he spent the ride home telling her the most awful jokes he could think of to cheer her up and by the time they reached his home Rebecca’s frown was a full blown smile.

'It's just a little rain, Becca' Gerard teased as she ran from his car into the warmth of his home.

'Maybe to you but you didn’t have to wait out in it for fifteen minutes’ she shot back pushing him back through the front door and out into the rain.

‘Hey!’ he yelped as the pounding rain hit his head and he raced back into the house closing the door.

‘Anyways I thought this weather would make you happy' Rebecca said 'I need a change of clothes, an excuse for you to get me undressed.'

'Do I need an excuse?' Gerard asked closing the small gap between them 'I thought I could just say the word.'

Rebecca smiled up at him 'Wanna test that theory?' she challenged pressing herself against him.

'Yes, but later' Gerard said kissing her lips quickly 'lets get you warm and dry before you catch a cold'

'And there I was thinking you'd like me soaking wet' Rebecca retorted a cheeky grin on her full lips.

'Being out in that downpour has worked wonders on you’ Gerard laughed.

Rebecca giggled and followed him as he led her to the bathroom. She stripped off her wet clothes and jumped in the shower that Gerard had started before leaving the room. The hot water felt heavenly on her cold skin and she lost herself under the spray letting it soothe her tired body.

'Brought you a towel and some clothes' Gerard said speaking softly so he didn’t disturb her. He sat on the toilet seat and watched her silhouette behind the curtain as her shadowy hands rubbed her body and he licked his lips as he imagined what she looked like without the curtain blocking her nudity.

'Thank you' Rebecca replied 'I'll be out in a second.'

'Take your time' Gerard replied hypnotised as he watched her through the curtain. He was mesmerised by her.

'Can I maybe get some food Mr Way? I'm starving' She admitted, and as if to confirm her claim her stomach gave a low rumble.

Gerard laughed and snapped out of his daze 'Of course, I'll go fix you something delicious.'

'Erm, I don’t think you can fit on a plate, Mr Way' Rebecca joked poking her head around the curtain to see him. Gerard grabbed her wet face and kissed her hard, his lips pressing roughly against hers. Seeing her dripping wet and knowing she was naked behind the curtain was making him hard.

'Hurry up and get out of that shower, Miss White' he growled ‘There’s so much I want to do you.'

Half an hour later Gerard watched Rebecca tucking into the pasta he made for her as she sat at his breakfast bar in his shorts and jersey. She looked incredibly sweet and sexy, her damp hair dripping onto the oversized top that swamped her and hid her hot little body from him. He couldn’t wait for her to finish eating so he could ravish her.

‘Good?’ He asked breaking the comfortable silence.

‘Perfect’ Rebecca cooed as she speared a mushroom. ‘Is there anything you can’t do?’ she asked

‘Umm…’ His face screwed up a little as he thought about it and Rebecca’s heart melted. He was so cute. ‘I can’t quit smoking’ he said with a laugh ‘I’ve tried but it’s too damn hard.’

Rebecca shook her head at his weakness and was going to respond when Gerard’s cell phone rang.

‘Hello’ he said down the line. He smiled at Rebecca and held up a finger letting her know he’d only be a minute. Rebecca watched him as he conversed on the phone half listening to his side of the conversation. He was too beautiful for his own good as he laughed and joked with who ever it is he was talking to. She found herself curious as to whom the person on the other line was and she wondered if she was allowed to ask.

‘Well we’ve certainly never done that before’ he said giving Rebecca a wink that made her break out into a smile ‘It’ll be a first for us and it would take a bit of planning.’ He nodded his head in agreement to whatever his caller was saying and he took the opportunity to blow Rebecca a kiss, she gasped and then pretended to faint and Gerard grinned and rolled his eyes.

‘Ok I promise, for sure. We’ll talk later, see ya’ Gerard said hanging up. He placed his phone on the table and walked over to stand behind her chair.

‘Sorry about that it was an art thing’ he apologised stroking her damp hair.

‘Really?’ she asked ‘what kind of art thing?’

Gerard smiled at her enthusiasm and interest ‘There’s this guy I do a lot of work for he’s got a project he wants me to work on. He was just calling to run a new idea by me.’

‘Sounds promising’ Rebecca smiled. She pushed her plate away finished with the meal.

‘It usually is’ Gerard said pulling her seat out, he held out his hand and she took it willingly following him as he led her over to the sofa. They sat down and Rebecca instantly snuggled into his side. Gerard smiled to himself as Rebecca moulded her body to his.

‘Becca?’ Gerard said quietly his hand stroking her arm as he held her.

‘Hmmm’ she replied lacing her fingers through his.

‘Would it be ok if we didn’t do anything tonight, you know sexual?’ He asked ‘I know what I said earlier but for tonight can we just be?'

‘Of course, I'd like that.' Rebecca said revelling at how romantic it would be to just exist together.

'But don't get me wrong sugar' Gerard said sexily 'I do want you and tomorrow night I'm going to take you over and over and over again. But tonight lets just chill'

Rebecca shuddered at his words and huddled closer to him, if tomorrow was going to all about sex then she was fine about tonight being all about cuddles.


Frank drove in the direction of Rebecca's house, he knew she was on a "Frank ban" under her "boyfriends" orders but he didn't much care. He’d never been a rule follower so why start now? He had left on bad terms the night before, he was upset and frustrated and he still was too. He was angry, but what really got to him was that he could have any girl at that school but there was something about Rebecca that called to him. He wanted her plain and simple. Maybe it was her sweet innocence, her friendly but shy nature or maybe it was her good looks that she was so unaware of but something about her got his blood pumping to all the right places. He pictured her underneath him, panting as he sucked on her delicious nipples and he felt himself growing in his jeans. He knew she was spoken for but he didn't much care, they had an attraction and she wanted him too, if he could just distract her mind long enough to get inside her body he knew they'd both be satisfied. He scowled as he looked at the bulge in his jeans, she was such a fucking cock tease though getting him all worked up and then making him stop. He hated girls like that. He should've taken her the night of that party when she was drunk and begging for it but he knew it didn't work that way. He groaned in frustration. Why was there never any fucking parking on this street?! Frank let out a growl of frustration as he passed Rebecca's house and the car continued to crawl forward ever closer to the end of the street, he sighed as another car was turning in. He pulled over and parked in front of someone's drive, what did it matter? It was late and they weren’t going anywhere. He killed the engine and undid his seatbelt, one hand already on the handle when he suddenly froze. He had taken a quick glance at the other car and his eyes widened in recognition as they landed on the passenger as she hopped out.

'No way!' Frank hissed as he watched with the aid of the cars interior light as Rebecca leaned back through the passenger door and kissed none other than Mr Way.

'What the fuck?' he growled his fists clenching, his nails digging into his palms. What were they doing? His mind raced as he watched their interaction and his anger quickly grew to white hot fury. This was unbelievable!

'Shit!' He quickly sank down in his seat as far as he could go as Rebecca walked towards him. He prayed that she wouldn't recognise his car and as luck would have it she walked right past him. Frank stayed low for a while waiting for the light from Mr. Way's headlights to stop illuminating the street before he sat up.

Frank started his car with shaking hands as his heart beat harshly against his chest. He looked down at his lap where his cock throbbed viciously between his thighs, that kiss he witnessed had him straining harder than ever against his jeans and he ran a hand over himself with a moan. Oh this was just too perfect! He fastened his seatbelt quickly and pulled away from the pavement with a malicious grin on his face and a cock that was begging for attention.


Rebecca was all smiles the next morning until she got to school and found that once again Frank was nowhere to be seen. She contemplated sending him a text but what good was it when he didn’t reply. She walked to her locker passing some of her peers and her ears pricked up when she heard Frank's name.

'Rachael totally was with Frank last night' Sarah, Rachael's best friend said 'She text me to say he text her saying he was coming over'

Rebecca rolled her eyes, she wanted to scream that Rachael was a big fat liar but she knew better than to take on that clique.

'It must’ve gone well' Sarah continued with a grin 'I haven't seen her this morning.'

Rebecca sped past them shaking their stupid conversation from her mind. Was it really stupid though? she thought. What if they were together last night? Frank had said he had no interest in Rachael but what if he did now since she rejected him. They were working on a project together, what if they had grown close. She ignored the jealous thumps of her heart and reminded herself that Gerard was who she wanted. But maybe Rachael was now the best way to find out how Frank was, if he was even with her which, Rebecca still wasn't convinced of. She made a mental note to ask Rachael if she saw her.

The Thursday afternoon dragged on and Rebecca found her mind wondering back to the night before when she sat cuddled up to the most beautiful man the world had to offer. They sat huddled against each other just chatting for most of the night until their desire got the best of them. Rebecca grinned to herself as she remembered the long slow licks that he had teased her with and she felt a pleasant tingle between her thighs. Tomorrow was it and she couldn't wait. Tomorrow and the rest of the weekend she'd be giving herself to Gerard as many times as he wanted her and from the way he talked the night before he wanted her a lot. She just hoped she was up to it and that she didn't disappoint him. She knew it would hurt too, she had heard other girls talking about it but according to them the pain didn't last, so that eased her mind a little. Rebecca was so lost in thought that it completely threw her when she rounded the corner and smashed right into Rachael.

'Watch where you're going?' the other girl snapped.

'Sorry' Rebecca muttered and rubbed her head where it collided with Rachael’s shoulder.

'Don’t worry about it' Rachael said a sad look forming on her face as their eyes met. She stepped to the side and started to walk off.

'Hey, Rachael' Rebecca called after her she waited for the girl to turn around before she continued 'Are you ok?'

'I'm fine' Rachael said not looking at her and Rebecca could swear she could see tears in the girl’s eyes.

Rebecca wasn't sure if she should pry or not and she bit her lip in thought. Rachael had friends right, surely whatever was wrong they would help?

'Are you sure?' Rebecca said softly her voice unsure. Rachael nodded and turned to walk away again.

'Erm, do you-could you tell me how Frank is?' Rebecca asked wondering if it was even worth asking. 'I've haven't seen him for a few days, is he ok?'

Rachael spun round and glared at her classmate. 'You stay away from him' Rachael warned her, her voice menacing as she marched back to where Rebecca stood.

'I just want to know if he’s ok' Rebecca spoke quickly completely taken aback by Rachael’s tone

'He's fine' Rachael hissed 'But you stay away from him' she warned as Rebecca nodded in scared agreement and to her surprise the anger suddenly faded from Rachael’s face and the sad look came over her again. 'He's not a good guy' she whispered before walking away.

Rebecca stood glued to the spot stunned at Rachael’s behaviour. It was a full minute before she could function again but Rachael was long gone leaving her unable to ask what she meant and leaving an uneasy feeling in her stomach.


Friday dawned warm and sunny and Rebecca took it as a sign that the day would be a good one. She was unusually cheerful as she packed her school bad and her weekend bag for her sleep over at her "friends" house. She didn't like lying to her parents but she felt a comfort in knowing it wasn't something she did often. She practically skipped out of the door and to the bus stop more than happy to start the day knowing it would end with her lying beside Gerard, no longer a girl but a woman. Rebecca tried her best to hide her grin but she found it nearly impossible and she got into trouble a few times with her teachers for daydreaming. As lunch time neared her heart would infrequently skip a beat as her Friday afternoon Art class would begin and she'd see Gerard before they went home together. As the bell rang to signal lunch Rebecca felt her jacket pocket vibrate, she fished it out smiling as she thought about what Gerard's message would possible say. Her shock was plain on her face as she saw Frank's name.

Come outside, I'm waiting for you xo Frankie

Rebecca's stomach flip-flopped as she rushed through the flood of students to parking lot. She spotted him immediately, resting casually against the fence by the locked gates that prevented the students from escaping in their cars and bunking, although it did little to stop them from jumping the fence.

'Frank!' Rebecca beamed as she jogged over to him.

'Hey, Beautiful' he grinned standing up straight 'long time huh?'

'Too long' Rebecca smiled relieved to see him smile at her again. They stared at each other for a few minutes neither of them speaking. Rebecca was the first to break the silence 'So…Am I forgiven?'

Frank smiled and pulled her into a tight hug. 'Come with me' he said pulling back.

'Where?' Rebecca asked the confusion showing on her pretty face.

'To lunch but not here' he said 'out there, maybe a diner.'

‘'We're not supposed to' Rebecca said and she frowned when Frank rolled his eyes.

'Don't worry' he sighed 'I'll have you back in time for classes I promise.'

Rebecca hesitated knowing it was wrong but she had missed him and as long as she was back for classes what did it matter?

'Ok lets go' she giggled nervously and Frank smiled, his hazel eyes lighting up as he took her hand and led her away.

They chatted animatedly as Frank drove them and Rebecca couldn't believe how much she had missed him. She smiled as she looked at him out of the corner of her eye as he talked. He looked different, maybe slightly older than usual and she realised that the stubble that formed on his chin and cheeks took away his boyish face and replaced it with a manlier look and Rebecca instantly decided she liked it. She listened to him talk more adding bits in where necessary and she scowled to herself thinking about what Rachael had said. There was nothing wrong with Frank, he wasn’t a bad guy at all he was fine. Maybe he’d hurt Rachael’s feelings but he hadn’t hurt hers. He was just Frank and she loved it.

'Oh, fuck!' Frank said suddenly his eyes shooting from the rear view mirror back to the road ahead.

'What?' Rebecca asked turning in her seat to see the police vehicle driving behind them, she froze in her seat as the car flashed its light.

'Be cool, Becks' Frank said as he pulled over 'face the front.’

'Oh my God' Rebecca groaned knowing how much trouble they were about to get in.

'Its okay' Frank said softly his hands tight on the steering wheel 'Listen to me put one hand on your stomach and lean your head against the window like you're in pain.'

'What?' Rebecca cried looking at him like he was mad.

‘Just hurry up and do it' Frank snapped. Just as Rebecca formed her position the officer rapped on the window. Frank wound down the glass.

‘Is there a problem officer?' he couldn’t resist and he quickly discovered this particular officer had no sense of humour.

Frank watched the man’s eyes dart between him and Rebecca ‘Just a routine stop, Son’ he informed them. ‘She alright?’

‘Monthly’s’ Frank said with a shrug ‘Just taking her home’

‘You her boyfriend?’ The officer asked

‘No, her brother’ Frank said the lie rolling off his tongue with ease.

‘Do you mind stepping out of the vehicle?’ The officer asked stepping back from the window.

‘No problem’ Frank smiled. He cursed under his breath as he wound up the window. ‘Fucking great.’

‘Oh my God’ Rebecca whispered in a panic.

‘Relax I’ll be right back’ Frank told her placing a hand gently on her knee to soothe her.

Rebecca tried to control her breathing as Frank stepped out of the car. She had to use all her willpower not to turn around in her seat to watch what was happening. She couldn’t get arrested she just couldn’t! What would her parents say? She’d be in so much trouble. Stupid Frank and his illegal driving. She gasped as she thought about Gerard, he would be waiting for her and she wouldn’t show. Damn it! She wouldn’t be becoming a woman after all.

The door slamming snapped Rebecca out of her thoughts and she watched Frank clip his seatbelt on and start the car.

‘What happened?’ Rebecca asked her eyes wide as Frank pulled away.

‘Nothing we’re cool’ he grinned

‘What? How?’ she demanded

‘I’m a smooth talker’ Frank said with a shrug

Rebecca gapped at him unable to believe her eyes ‘you’re a smooth talker?! Frank you’re underage’ she cried ‘how did you get away with that?’

‘Fake licence, dumb cop’ He grinned ‘now would you please relax you’re gonna have a heart attack the rate you’re going.’

Rebecca sat back in her seat and rested her head back against the rest not quite believing their luck ‘You’re insane.’ She sighed.

‘You have no idea’ Frank laughed but Rebecca didn’t join in she just kept her eyes closed and her breathing steady as he drove.

Ten minutes later they arrived at Frank’s house. Rebecca wasn’t aware that this was their destination but she didn’t care she was just glad to get out of the car. Frank prepared sandwiches for them and they ate them in his room talking and laughing and drinking down the punch that he had made as the time flew passed them. It felt good to be hanging out with him and she decided that she would tell Mr Way all about it, she wasn’t sure how he’d take it but she didn’t want to lie to him or keep anything from him either.

‘I’ll take that’ Frank said holding his hand out for her empty plate.

‘Thanks’ Rebecca said. She yawned loudly suddenly feeling sleepy. ‘We should be getting back now we have art.’ She told him as she laid back on his matress.

‘Oh yeah’ Frank snorted placing the plates on his desk. He turned and smirked at seeing Rebecca flat out on his bed.

‘You are coming back with me aren’t you?’ she asked lifting her head to see him and she blinked several times as two Frank’s walked towards her.

‘Of course’ Frank said sitting beside her. ‘Or we could stay here you know’ he said rubbing her thigh gently.

‘No’ Rebecca said squeezing her eyes shut to deter the sudden dizziness that had come over her. ‘Art is important.’

‘Don’t you mean, Mr Way is important?’ he asked his hand kneading her thigh with more force as he inched higher.

‘What?’ Rebecca said trying to clear her mind as it started to cloud over. What was happening to her?

Frank crawled over her and straddled her hips as Rebecca fought to clear her mind. He grinned as she lay beneath him her eyelids heavy with sleep. He leaned in and kissed her lips and he sighed with contentment as she moaned against him. He kissed down her neck and settled his lips on her collar bone, nipping gently at her skin.

‘Stop it Frank’ Rebecca moaned his lips sending shockwaves of pleasure through her. She opened her eyes and they met his grin.

‘There’s no stopping me now, Darlin'’ he moaned grinding himself against her as he sat back. He lifted her t-shirt and leaned down to kiss her breasts. ‘So beautiful’ he praised as he began groping her ‘Never thought me and Mr Way would have something in common.’

‘I don’t know what you’re talking about’ Rebecca slurred.

Although her speech was slow her mind and heart were racing as her body reacted too slowly to the instructions her brain screamed at her.

‘Oh no?’ he laughed as Rebecca shook her head slowly ‘You are a terrible liar, Becks I know all about you and him.’ He growled holding her head in his hands so he could look into her confused eyes ‘I-Saw-You’

Rebecca’s eyes shot open, her expression making it impossible to lie as the truth appeared all over her face ‘Please don’t tell anyone’ she begged.

‘Hush now’ Frank cooed as he slid down her body his tattooed hands settling on her belt ‘we’ll talk about that later. After I get what I want.’

‘No’ Rebecca breathed her voice barely audible her mind swaying as she tried to focus. ‘Stop it’

‘Make me’ Frank giggled undoing her belt. He knew fully well that she couldn’t, the pills he laced her drink with were taking effect and he knew her body would feel like a dead weight. Any minute now she’d be out for the count.

The seriousness of the situation started to dawn on Rebecca as her body became more and more heavy and uncooperative and she could hear Rachael’s words echoing in her mind "stay away from him he’s not a good guy." Was this what she had meant?

‘Don’t hurt me’ Rebecca whimpered as stories of missing girls and rapes filled her mind.

Frank frowned ‘I’m not going to hurt you, Becks’ he said stroking her hair ‘I’m going to make you feel so good. You don’t have to be afraid and you won’t be alone, your “boyfriend” will be here too.’ He said his voice taking on a dark undertone.

‘Leave him out of this’ Rebecca pleaded as all the horrible repercussions of her actions with Gerard played like a blurry slideshow through her drugged mind.

‘Not a chance’ Frank smiled ‘I’d hate for him to miss out on watching me have my fun.’

‘Frank, please’ she whispered hot tears stinging her eyes as she held on to the last of her consciousness.

‘Shh! Sleep now honey’ Frank soothed pressing their lips together as Rebecca’s eyes closed and she slipped away. ‘It’s not time to beg just yet.’
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