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July 1, 1978 (Part 2)

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Joe talks about the Texxas Jam, what happened backstage before and after the concert.

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July 1, 1978
Joes POV

Today is the Texxas Jam. I'm at the venue, setting up. I'm trying to decide which guitar I should play. I was having trouble trying to pick because Steven bumping into me. I knew he was doing it on purpose because of what happened earlier. I turned around. I saw him eating a sandwich and walking to one of our roadies. I turned back around and heard him mention me. He's being so immature right now. I'm starting to get sick of it. I made my decision on choosing which guitar to use. I just got a new guitar. It's a nice, expensive guitar. I was just about to reach down when Steven "bumped" into me again. I turned around and shoved him back and yelled "What the fuck is your problem?"
"Me? Your the one who is starting it!"
What the hell? I opened my mouth to speak but he shoved me before I got the chance to say what I needed to say. My back hit one of my guitars. What the fuck?!
"You bastard" I growled as I shoved him back. He exaggerated by falling to the ground. I didn't shove him that hard. I rolled my eyes at him.
"You son of a bitch!" He quickly got up and tried punching me. He missed. A roadie ran by. 
"What is going on?!" He yelled. 
"He started it!" Steven said, pointing at me. He sounded like a 5 year old. I raised my eyebrow at him. The roadie even raised his eyebrow at him.
"Alright, alright Steven leave Joe alone. Joe, you do the same."
Steven scoffed at the roadie and walked away. 
"What was that all about?" The roadie asked me. 
"I don't know what his problem is." I lied. "He probably had a bad morning or somethin'"
The roadie shrugged his shoulders "Yeah probably. Don't bring it on stage okay?"
"What do you mean?"
"Don't fighting on stage."
"Oh right." I paused "Yeah Im not going to bring it on stage."
"Alright good. Have a great day." The roadie said before walking off. I sighed when I heard the crowd cheering and music playing. This is going to be a long day....

I'm back at the hotel. I'm in my room, watching a movie. Texxas Jam was fun. Well sorta. Steven ruined it. He tried starting another fight back stage and on stage. He tried pushing me off the stage. After we finished playing, I got ready to go back to the hotel. No way was I going to stay there with him. I was heading towards the door when I saw Cyrinda. We had a little conversation that went like this:
"Hey what's up Joe?" 
"Just about to head out."
"Where are you going?"
"Back to the hotel. What are you doing here?"
She sighed "Steven wanted me to stop by."
"Oh that's cool." I walked towards the door. 
"I know you are still mad at me. I wan..."
"Of course!" I interuppted. "He was about to hit you! I wasn't going to let you go back with you to get hit some more!"
She stayed quiet. Then I stayed quiet. 
"I just want him to treat you better, you know?" I said, breaking the silence.
"Yeah I know."
"I'm sorry for interuppting."
"That's okay." She said in a low voice. 
"Is something bothering you?"
"What is it?"
"Tell me the truth, What do you see me as?"
"Like do you see me as a slut?"
"What? No!"
"Then what do you see me as?"
"A friend."
She gave me a look. 
"Just admit it."
"Admit what?"
She raised her eyebrow "I know how you feel about me. You love me."
I deeply sighed "Of course I love you. You're an amazing woman. There, I admitted it."
Then she put her hands on the back of my neck. She stood up on her toes and kissed me. I didn't know what to do. I've been wanting to get a kiss from her but she just caught me by surprise. Maybe I should have kissed her back because she took her hands off my neck and her lips off my mine. She had a guilty look on her face. She rubbed her neck and quickly walked off. What was that all about? Anyway, It was nearly 100 outside and I decided to wear leather. I was sweating so much. Shoulda never worn leather on that type of weather. I'm really sticky right now. Yeah, I need to take a shower... Like now. 
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