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Chapter 3

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Okay for those of you who don't know, a scabbard is what a sword is kept in you know like Swords white one and Blades browny red one.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Chapter Three

Late Afternoon - Early Evening.

Meta Knight entered the castle and instead of reporting to the king he headed for his, Swords and Blades bedroom.
Upon opening the door Meta Knight saw Sword and Blade both sitting on the floor fast asleep leaning against each others backs. Meta Knight's eyes flickered red in a brief second of anger before he shut the door and began walking to the throne room, he wanted to know what the king had done to make his two followers so exhausted.

Meta Knight stormed into the throne room and stood before the king who looked very angry. 'something is not right.' Meta Knight thought to himself. "Meta Knight! You're late!" DeDeDe yelled him. "Where have you been!" DeDeDe demanded. 'Something is different, DeDeDe would not normally use this tone of voice with me...'
"I was on the mission that you sent me on Sire." Meta Knight responded doing his best to hide the anger in his voice.
"You should have finished that mission days ago! Now I want to know where you have been!" DeDeDe demanded again leaning slightly forwards out of his throne, Meta Knights eyes turned red as he could no longer hide his anger. Escargoon gave out an almost silent gasp but the king seemed only to become angrier. "I want to know what you've done to Sword and Blade! They are so exhausted that they've fallen asleep on the floor!" Meta Knight yelled accusingly at the king who seemed to become amused at Meta Knight's question, he gave a small chuckle at which both Escargoon and Meta Knight took a step away from him in surprise. "Ah yes they had to do your duties as well as their own... Oh yes and I had them do a few extra errands for me." DeDeDe replied as Meta Knight's eyes turned orange as he began to regain control of his anger, he then threw King DeDeDe a strange looking bluish Penguin shaped Idol. Meta Knight turned on his heel and left not bothering to see whether or not the King caught the Idol, there was no smash only the Kings yells that Meta Knight blocked out as he headed back to the bedroom he shared with Sword and Blade.

Meta Knight opened the door to their bedroom again and looked at the two young knights sleeping back to back through his now amber yellow eyes, he sighed and walked over to them. Meta Knight let the sleeping Blade lean against him as he laid Sword down on the ground as gently as he could, he then turned around and took hold of Blade under his arms and dragged him over to his bed. Meta Knight removed Blades scabbard and lent it against the wall before lying Blade on his bed, he then covered Blade with his blankets to keep him warm before walking over to the still sleeping Sword. Meta Knight dragged Sword over to his bed and also removed his scabbard and lent it against the wall next to Blades, he then placed Sword onto his bed and covered him with his blankets to keep him warm as the nights were beginning to get very cold as winter truly began.

With this done Meta Knight walked slowly and silently over to the door, with his hand on the handle Meta Knight looked at each of the two young knights fondly. Though he wouldn't openly admit it Meta Knight had grown attached to the two young knights, he then silently left the room closing the door behind him and wrapped his cape around himself as we walked away to go on patrol.

Sword and Blade exhausted? King DeDeDe Brave and angry? What's going on in Dreamland/Popstar? Guess you'll have to wait for the next chapter to find out.
Update Soon

The Characters Names. (Japanese and English)

Meta Knight
Sword - Sword Knight
Blade- Blade Knight
Tiff - Fumu
Tuff - Bun
King DeDeDe
Escargoon - Escargon
Sir Ebrum - Parm
Lady Like - Memu
Fololo - Lololo
Falala - Lalala
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