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Chapter 4

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I'm trying to use Meta Knights ability of his eye colour changing with his mood as a identifier of his current mood in the story.
Light Yellow = Surprise, Shock.
Dark Blue = Sadness, depression.
Light Blue = Happiness, Pride.
Amber/Yellow = Normal, unreadable.
Red = Anger, Rage, Bloodlust.
Green = Serious, thoughtful.
Pink = Amusement, embarrassment
Orange = Irritated, annoyed, losing control or regaining control of anger.
I made up the light yellow colour and the Dark blue colour emotions for this story and if I make up any more I'll let you know what emotion they are, anyway back to the story.

Chapter Four

8:00 Pm

Meta Knight walked back towards the bedroom he shares with Sword and Blade in hopes that they would be awake, as he reached the door he heard voices inside the room. 'So they are awake.' Meta Knight thinks to himself as he opens the door, Sword and Blade are talking but stop when they noticed Meta Knight enter the room. "Did you move us from the floor into our beds?" Sword demanded with a slight tone of anger in his voice.
"Yes I did, the two of you would've gotten sick sleeping on the floor." Meta Knight replied as he watched the two young knights turn to each other and then back again. "When we want your help we'll ask for it." Sword replied angrily, Sword then walked past Meta Knight without even looking at him and Blade purposely bumped into Meta Knight knocking him to the ground. "Watch where you're going." Blade growled dangerously as he followed his companion into the hallway.

Meta Knight's eyes were a very light yellow with surprise, they soon changed back to their normal amber colour as he stood up and brushed himself off. 'Something very strange is going on.' Meta Knight thought to himself as he also left the room, as he walked Meta Knight thought about all of the strange incidents that had been happening. First there was Kabu who was usually friendly towards guests he practically chased him away by yelling, DeDeDe was even more arrogant but he had now obtained a backbone to back his new attitude up. But the one incident that had effected Meta Knight the most was the one concerning Sword and Blade, the more he replayed that event in his head the darker shade of blue his eyes went.

Meta Knight stopped walking and just in time as he had been about to walk into a door, the door belonged to the home of the cabinet minister Sir Ebrum and his family. Meta Knight hadn't realised that he had walked to the family's home, he was about to knock but hesitated as a worrying thought crossed his mind. ' What if they are the same as Kabu, Sword and Blade?' Meta Knight shook his head to clear it and took a deep breath before knocking.
Tiff answered the door and gave out a small gasp of surprise when she saw it was Meta Knight. "Meta Knight! Where have you been? Every ones been worried about you, especially Kirby... Meta Knight? Are you okay?" Tiff exclaimed happily until she saw that Meta Knights eyes were dark blue.
"Ah Sir Meta Knight, come in come in." Sir Ebrum greeted him as he appeared behind his daughter.
"Thank you." Meta Knight said as he walked slowly into the apartment, Tiff and Sir Ebrum directed Meta Knight into the lounge where Tuff, Kirby and Lady Like were sitting. "Hey Meta Knight, whoa are you okay?" Tuff greeted Meta Knight until like his sister he also noticed Meta Knights dark blue eyes, Meta Knight said nothing as he sat down on one of the dark red couches opposite the family. "Poyo?" Kirby said curiously as if he sensed something was wrong, he then moved to sit next to his mentor who had still remained silent.

Next Chapter you may get the answers to questions you may be thinking.
Okay I know that normally Blade wouldn't be able to knock Meta Knight over but do you really think that he was expecting him to do that? Poor Meta Knight what's going on with everyone?

The Characters Names. (Japanese and English)

Meta Knight
Sword - Sword Knight
Blade- Blade Knight
Tiff - Fumu
Tuff - Bun
King DeDeDe
Escargoon - Escargon
Sir Ebrum - Parm
Lady Like - Memu
Fololo - Lololo
Falala - Lalala
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