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Chapter 5

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Okay this chapter should answer a question or two and even hint at the answers of others.
Special Writting Style within the story:
Normal style text = Regular writting such as speech or describing actions or places.
Italics style text = Thoughts, what the characters are thinking or planning within their heads.
Bold style text = Chapter headings and Flashbacks.
Bold+ Italics = Dreams, this includes flashback dreams, will only occur if a character is asleep or unconcious.

Meta Knight eye colour update:
Purple = Confusion.
Dark-Dull Yellow/ Dark-Dull Amber = Tiredness, Exhaustion.
Almost Black = Asleep, Unconcious.


Chapter five

8:15 Pm

Meta Knight had been silently staring at the floor for a few minutes now and the family were beginning to feel uncomfortable, Kirby looked at tiff before giving out a quiet sad poyo. At Kirby's poyo Tiff looked to her mother in a silent plea for her to do something, Lady Like sighed inwardly before she stood and walked over to Meta Knight. Lady Like gently placed a hand on the Knights right shoulder, his head snapped up at the contact but he relaxed a few seconds later. "Meta Knight is something wrong?" Lady like asked as she sat down next to him, her hand still on his shoulder.
"No, not really. Just something strange." Meta Knight replied as he moved his shoulder away from Lady Likes hand, everyone was looking at Meta Knight hoping that he would explain what he meant. "What do you mean?" Tuff asked once it had become clear that no one else was going to ask. "Well… Kabu seemed very agitated at my presence as I returned, King DeDeDe seems to be braver and acted stranger than usual and…" Meta Knight trailed off in the midst of his explanation.
"And what? Come on Meta Knight you can tell us." Tiff said trying to encourage the old knight so he would finish his explanation.
"Well... Sword and Blade acted as though they... well hated me, Blade even knocked me over and that wasn't something that I would expect from either of them." Meta Knight finished as his eyes began to take on a dark purple colour. "I am very confused at the moment." He said before sighing.
"You know I heard the monster transporter thing start up a couple of days ago." Tuff said after a few minutes silence.
"I never heard or saw a Demon Beast Tuff, are you sure you heard the transporter?" Tiff asked her littler brother suspiciously.
"I'm not lying!" Tuff shouted breaking almost everyone's train of thought.
"Hmmm..." When Meta Knight made this sound everyone turned to look at him, his eyes had turned green as he was in deep thought. "What is it Meta Knight?" Tiff asked making Meta Knight's head snap up once more, his eyes had changed and were once again an amber colour but seemed darker than what they normally were. "It's nothing Tiff." Meta Knight answered quickly. "I think it is about time that I left." Meta Knight stated as he stood up on the couch. "Poyo!" Kirby shouted in protest as Meta Knight was about to jump off the couch, he grabbed hold of Meta Knights left wrist in an attempt to stop him. "Ah! Kirby let go." Meta Knight demanded as if in pain, everyone looked a little surprised at Meta Knights reaction. Tiff got up and walked over to Meta Knight who had sat down showing Kirby that he had surrendered, the pink puffball gave out a happy poyo of victory oblivious to the glare Meta Knight was giving him from being his mask. Meta Knights attention moved from Kirby to Tiff as she stopped in front of him and moved his cape away from his left arm revealing a large dark bruise that covered most of Meta Knights wrist, everyone had moved close and were now staring at Meta Knights wrist. "You should probably get this X-rayed Meta Knight, the bone could be bruised or even fractured." Tiff stated before she walked away to fetch the family's first aid kit, she soon returned with it and after knelling down next to Meta Knight she opened it and selected a small bandage roll she then began to bind his wrist tightly. "How'd ya do that Meta Knight?" Tuff asked curiously as his big sister continued to bandage the wrist as Meta Knight flinched every now and then when Tiff pulled the bandage to keep it tight. "When I was on my mission." Meta Knight replied simply.
"Sir Meta Knight why don't you tell us about your mission." Sir Ebrum suggested as he sat down next to his wife, Meta Knight looked around to see everyone looking at him expectantly, even Tiff had stopped what she was doing waiting to see if Meta Knight would tell them.

"Very well." He sighed and then began his tale. "I was meant to retrieve an Ancient Penguin Artifact from some ruins. The temple was located just out of the Kings realm in a large canyon that could only be reached by going through Kabu Canyon, the building was truly nothing more than ruins but you could tell from it's grey blue stone that it had once been a magnificent temple. I thought that if any traps had been laid at the time of its construction they must have surely disintegrated by now, with this thought in mind I let my guard down a little. I was sadly mistaken to have thought that all of the traps both around and in the Temple ruins had disintegrated, the Idol was in the middle of a large Rock Maze filled with traps, many of which still worked. The maze walls were incredibly still intact and very high, it was impossible to see over them and there was hardly any room for you to manoeuvre should something go wrong. It wasn't long before I unintentionally found one of the working traps. It was designed to simulate a landslide by dropping a large amount of rock as the unsuspecting victim walked below it, as it seemed I was unfortunate enough to find this particular trap and set it off. I managed to successfully dodge all of the rocks but a second trap avoided my detection. It was a metal ball attached to a chain, it shot out of the wall so fast that I was unable to dodge in time and it made a direct hit to my left wrist. As I was distracted with the first ball and chain a second shot out of the wall behind me and hit me directly in the back, it sent me flying ant I hit one of the maze walls a few feet away. Everything began to turn black as I slipped into unconsciousness, I don't know how long I was out for but it must have been a while if I was three days late in my return to the castle. Once I did come to I managed to retrieve the Idol with out setting off any more traps, afterwards I left the temple and returned as fast as I could... Now you know what happened." Meta Knight stated as he finished his tale.
"A metal ball! You're lucky your wrist wasn't broken!" Tiff exclaimed loudly as she fastened the bandaged with two special clips.
"Yes I suppose I am... Hhhh." Meta Knight sighed as he lent back into the couch after Tiff had released his wrist.

Meta Knight's eyes dimmed and lightened every now and then as he tried to force himself to say awake, another few minutes passed and Meta Knight's eyes dulled until they were almost black and his breathing deepened as he fell asleep. "Meta Knight?" Tiff said as she began to reach out to wake him but her mother placed a hand on her arm to stop her, Lady Like leaned forward a bit and whispered. "Let him sleep." She then patted Tiffs arm and went to fetch a blanket for Meta Knight, Sir Ebrum gently moved Meta Knight so he was lying long ways on the couch and placed a cushion under his head. Lady Like returned with a dark green blanket which she gently spread over Meta Knight. "Right, I think we should all go and get some rest." Sir Ebrum whispered as he and his wife began to Sheppard the children out of the lounge and into their rooms, Kirby was staying in Tiffs room and followed her with out the slightest poyo as if he understood the need for quiet. Sir Ebrum turned the lounge light off as he and his wife retired to their room for the night leaving the sleeping knight alone in the dark room.

Unknown to everyone Escargoon had been out side their door and had heard everything Meta Knight had said, he rushed off to the throne room to tell the King what he had just heard.

If someone could tell me the name of the doctor cappi in capy town/ pupu village that would be great because I need it for the next chapter.

The Characters Names. (Japanese and English)

Meta Knight
Sword - Sword Knight
Blade- Blade Knight
Tiff - Fumu
Tuff - Bun
King DeDeDe
Escargoon - Escargon
Sir Ebrum - Parm
Lady Like - Memu
Fololo - Lololo
Falala - Lalala
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