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chapter 8

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Sorry for the Late Update but Between Xmas and friends and
family ending up in various hospitals it's been a bit hectic. Okay so some of
you were saying that my Chapters were to short so I hope that this is long
enough for you, it is three pages long on A4 refill, don't think that this is
long well I write big on paper. Anyway enjoy this chapter for now I really must
get back to my three unfinished Skyland fanfics.


Chapter Eight


"Here we are." Sir Ebrum stated as they entered the Cappy Town clinic, he walked up to the receptionist and told her that Sir Meta Knight was here for his appointment. The group had sat for only a few minutes before Dr Yabui appeared in the doorway leading to a hallway, he beckoned the group to follow him as he walked down the hall to the examination room. "Well you are all on time." He commented as the group entered the examination room, Meta Knight jumped up onto the examination bed after Dr Yabui motioned him to do so. "Well now what seems to be the problem?" Dr Yabui asked as he turned from his desk to face Meta Kinght.
"It appears that I have injured my left wrist." Meta Knight replied before Dr Yabui removed the bandage and began to inspect his wrist, the Dr moved Meta Knights wrist around as gently as he possibly could inspecting it thoroughly. "There's a bit of swelling but I doubt it's broken, most likely just fractured. We'll have toX-Ray it to find out for sure." Dr Yabui replied thoughtfully before he motioned for Meta Knight to follow him, the others found places on the examination roomto sit and wait for them to return.

DeDeDe was in a foul mood and Escargoon was becoming more nervous by the minute, he was facing the bad tempered King who was sitting on his throne grumbling. "Grrr that Meta Knight has been trouble ever since that pink pest Kirby came along, I've let him get away with it for too long! I need to show him who's King around here, send for Sword, Blade and Waddle Doo immediately!" DeDeDe yelled in rage.
"Y yes Sire i immediately." Escargoon stuttered as he backed out of the throne room.

A few minutes later Sword, Blade and Waddle Doo all stood before King DeDeDe in the throne room, Escargoon silently moved from behind them to stand next to DeDeDe. "You called for us Sire?" Waddle Doo said after saluting his king.
"Yes! I want you to take a squadron of Waddle Dees with Sword and Blade and find Meta Knight, when you find him I want you to arrest him!" DeDeDe bellowed at the three subjects before him, Sword shrugged in reply, Blade grunted and Waddle Doo replied enthusiastically. "Yes Sire, right away!" Waddle Doo then rushed out of the throne room after a hasty salute as Sword and Blade slowly followed him to the castle courtyard.

Meta Knight and Dr Yabui had been out of the examination room for about half an hour before they returned, Meta Knight's wrist was now bandaged with a splint and in a sling. "Right it's only a hairline fracture but even so try not to move your wrist around un-necessarily, I know you don't like taking medicine but I'm going to give you some painkillers." Dr Yabui told Meta Knight as he rummaged through his pharmacist cabinet. "Here you are." He stated passing Meta Knight a small green glass pill "Thank you." Meta Knight replied as he stowed the bottle somewhere in his cape, the group all began to walk towards the health clinics exit once they had woken up Kirby who had fallen asleep under Dr Yabui's desk. "Well thank you Dr Yabui, now what do we owe you?" Sir Ebrum asked gratefully. " oh no charge for you or Sir Meta Knight Sir Ebrum, just do me a favor and keep an eye on him to make sure he keeps his wrist as still as possible." Dr Yabui replied happily, Sir Ebrum nodded in agreement before he left the clinic with his family, Kirby and Meta Knight.

The group was halfway to the castle when they were met with a squadron of fully armed Waddle Dees led by Waddle Doo, Sword and Blade. Waddle Doo stepped forward and motioned the Waddle Dees to surround Meta Knight. "Sir Meta Knight, by the order of King DeDeDe you are under arrest. You shall be escorted back to the castle for sentencing to be handed down by his highness. Do not attempt to resist as it will be Sword and Blade that you will have to deal with." Waddle Dee stated before Sword and Blade moved closer to the ring of Waddle Dees surrounding Meta Knight their swords unsheathed. Meta Knight was silent for a few moments his eyes green, 'What is DeDeDe up to now'.
Sword and Blade took another step closer before Meta Knight spoke in a calm tone. "Very well, I shall not resist."
"Wait Meta Knight, how come you're being arrested? You've done nothing wrong." Said Tiff as she tried to get passed the Waddle Dees.
"Sir Meta Knight is being arrested for reasons known only by the King" Sword replied coldly before he gave a nod to Waddle Doo
"Right, to the Castle. ForwardMarch!" Ordered Waddle Doo before marching off towards the castle with theWaddle Dees and Sword and Blade on either side of Meta Knight.
"Somethings not right about this." Tiff stated as her family and a distressed Kirby being held back by Tuff watched the group march or towards the castle. "Poyo..." Kirby said sadly before sitting on the dusty road, he sat there for a few minutes before standing up and wiping away a few tears before looking at Tiff with a determined look on his face. "So what's the plan Sis?" Tuff asked after another few minutes of silence passed. "I don't know Tuff, lets get back to the castle and try to figure one out."

The Characters Names. (Japanese and English)

Meta Knight
Sword - Sword Knight
Blade- Blade Knight
Tiff - Fumu
Tuff - Bun
King DeDeDe
Escargoon - Escargon
Sir Ebrum - Parm
Lady Like - Memu
Fololo - Lololo
Falala - Lalala
Dr. Yabui
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