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Chapter 7

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Sorry it's late and sorry it's short but I've had Exams and not much time for writing. I swear the next chapter is longer... oh and thanks to all for your reviews and opinons ^^--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Chapter Seven

10:30 am

Meta Knight awoke to someone calling his name and gently shaking him. "Mmmhg?..." Groaned Meta Knight as he slowly woke up, he sat up and looked around unable to recognise his surroundings for a few moments. "Did I fall asleep here last night?" Meta Knight asked with a hint of surprise as he became aware of Tiff's presence next to him, Tiff smiled at him and nodded holding back a giggle. "Sorry..." Meta Knight mumbled. "What for? You were tired, but now you really need to get up or we'll be late." Tiff replied kindly while still smiling, Meta Knight jumped off of the couch landing neatly on his feet. "Late? For what?" He asked as he folded the blanket.

"For your appointment with Dr. Yabui." Tiff answered cheerfuly as she took the folded blanket from him and walked off to put it away.

'My appointment with Dr. Yabui?' Meta Knight thought to himself, before he could continue to ponder how he had an appointment with Dr. Yabui Sir Ebrum walked into the lounge. "Ah Sir Meta Knight it's good tosee you awake, I trust you slept well?" He said with a broad smile on his face. "Uh... Yes I did thank you." Meta Knight replied a little un-suredly before Lady Like, Tuff, Tiff and Kirby all entered the lounge, they were all obviously ready to go to Cappy Town. "Right everyone ready?... Good... Oh Sir Meta Knight would you like some breakfast before we go?" Lady Like said turnning to Meta Knight who was yawning behind his mask. "Huh? oh No thank you I am fine." He answered before the family plus Kirby headed for the door, Meta Knight followed silently behind lost in thought.

The group was halfway to the town when Tuff turned his head to look at Meta Knight, the old Knight's eyes were green as he was in deep thought. "Hey Meta Knight, what'cha thinking 'bout?" Tuff asked breaking Meta Knight's train of thought, Meta Knight looked up at the young boy his eyes back to their normal amber colour and sighed before answering. "Nothing Tuff." Meta Knights usual steady voice was tinged with sadness as he replied. "Uhh if you say so." Tuff answered respecting the old Knights privacy, Meta Knight sighed again and looked up at the clear sky for a few minutes before looking forwards once more.

The Characters Names. (Japanese and English)

Meta Knight
Sword - Sword Knight
Blade- Blade Knight
Tiff - Fumu
Tuff - Bun
King DeDeDe
Escargoon - Escargon
Sir Ebrum - Parm
Lady Like - Memu
Fololo - Lololo
Falala - Lalala
Dr. Yabui
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