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Broken, Beaten and the Damned - Twenty

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read and find out ;)

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Ive had epic writers block.
Anyways since the last time you read me playing God I have gone from being 14 to 15! May 22nd to be precise. I GOT WATCHMEN ON DVD AND THE GRAPHIC NOVEL, I also now have a working iPod... and kickass graphic novel. Also, if you want to add me on FB just ask me and Ill be more than happy to give you amazing people it.
so enjoy. I plan on having a longer update before I go to London next week.
xo R.

I sat in the waiting room, head in hands. Knowing Gerard had been rushed for emergency surgery when we got here, two hours ago. Mikey and his parents were in the family room, waiting on news and me and Frank. Well. Me and Frank had been staring at each other for the past two hours.
“Why” I finally asked, mentally exhausted.
“Why what?” Frank said as he drained his fifth coffee.
“Frank, why are you and Gerard?” I began fiddling with the lid of my coke, waiting for an answer.
“He came on to me” Frank went red. “He forced himself onto me”
“How far have you gone with him?”
“Erm, well” he began going redder. “I think I er… once I.”
“Yes” I asked impatiently.
“Okay, I sucked him one time. But it wasn’t planned.”
I raised my eyebrows and he pressed on.
“I was in a bad place, he took advantage”
“Right, you get pissed and you suddenly get your jaw around.”
“You cant talk” Frank spat at me.
“What do you mean?” I knew exactly what he meant.
“You and Mikey. What have you done with him?”
“Nothing!” I protested.
“Yeah sure” Frank held up a photo of us two making out. “Tell the truth not another fucking lie”
I made an incomprehensible sound, praying for something to provide a distraction.
As if by magic Mikey ran up to us, tear tracks snaking down his face.
“Whats up?” Frank said, forgetting his anger in a second.
“Its Gerard, he’s” Mikey spoke just them few words before collapsing
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