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This story is about a girl who's whole family is murdered and she is adopted by My Chemical Romance and becomes their 'daughter'

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Chapter 1

It was around midnight and everyone in the house was sleeping... except one, a girl around 14 years old. She was on her computer, as usual, talking to her friends online who were also secretly on the computer hours after lights out. This girl was not like others in her neighbourhood, she was not behaved as well as her other two siblings, she would always talk back to her parents and disobey whatever they had set as a ‘rule’ for the household. She had strait, waist-long black hair (which was dyed, which was not allowed in the house. Their mother didn’t like the idea of killing all of your hair just to change it to an unnatural colour), beautiful blue eyes and was always wearing bracelets about 15cm up her wrist. This girls name was Angel and she was the most brilliant singer in her school (if she ever showed up, most days she would just skip with her best friend Jimmy). Angel was a total tomboy and she didn’t care what anybody said to her, she was also known as the biggest delinquent in the school, she always got into fights and got almost strait F’s except for music and art which were her best subjects.

At the moment she was supposed to be studying for a maths test that she had the next day (she lied to her parents telling them that she had to stay up late to study) but instead she was talking to Jimmy about running away from home, she was fed up with all of the rules and boundaries that lie within this house and was thinking of running away to live with Jimmy who has already been disowned and is living by himself. Their conversation went like this:

Angel: Jimmy, I’m sicka this place. I need to get away from all these people who call themselves family>.< I mean they say they’re family but all I feel like is a bird in a cage, unable to spread my wings and explore the world!

Jimmy: Well if you want out so bad just come to my place! I’ve got free space for ya

Angel: You really think I could get away from these freaks! If i thought i could I woulda asked if i could do exactly that years ago! Dumass!

Jimmy: I’ll overlook the fact that you called a genius like me a dumass and tell you my plan about getting you outta there

Angel: Genius? Jimmy? I didn’t think those two words were compatible :P

Jimmy: yea yea, laugh it up. Now do ya wanna know my plan or not Ms. Runaway

Angel: Yea go on i bet ya $5 it won’t work though, knowing this nutbag family

Jimmy: Pack a bag of what ya want now and then sneak out! I’ll be waiting for you at ur house and u come live with me without anyone knowing!

Angel: That actually might work! Jimmy you are a genius! I’ll text you when done packing

Jimmy: Nice, i’ll get u a place to sleep right now

Angel: Hang on...i’ll be right back, i think i can hear something in the house...

Angel got up off her bed and slowly walked over to her door, she heard a squeaking noise, just as if someone was opening the door. She slowly and silently opened her door and peeked out of it, she saw two hooded figures sneaking around their living room, but what really made her heart race was that one of the men was holding something that looked like a knife. She covered her mouth attempting to make herself seem invisible, it was times like these she was glad she liked darkness and kept her light off. ‘Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god...there is a guy with a knife in our house...and i’m the only one awake!’ The men were heading into her mum and dad’s room, Angel closed her eyes and started hoping that mum and dad were smart enough to give them anything they wanted... or even better stay asleep. Angel opened her eyes and looked out of the crack in her door again to see if the men had come out, she only saw black...then she heard the worst thing possible in a situation...she heard her mother begin to scream, and was cut off half way through. Either dad had covered her mouth or... ‘Oh my own mother was just killed...’ Angel felt tears welling up in her eyes but she knew she couldn’t cry because if she did it would make noise, and right now that was the last thing she wanted to do. Angel started listening again with silent tears running down her face, she could hear the guys talking softly, they said,
“What the hell are we supposed to do now you idiot! We weren’t supposed to kill anybody just steal from them! Now we’ve got two dead people and three kids that are probably on their way out here to see what mama’s screamin’ about!” the other man replied,
“Shut up okay! I know what i’m doing, we’ll just kill the kids, get some stuff and leave like nobody was ever here” Both men agreed and started moving out of their mum and dad’s room. Angel started freaking out as they moves slowly nearer to her door, but then Angel heard footsteps, though they were not big they sounded really small...’Oh’s Annabelle! Turn back for the love of god turn back Anna!’ Annabelle was the youngest of all three of her siblings, the other two being twins, ‘Annabelle is only 4 years old, and now she was going to die! And it’s all because i’m too scared to go out there and stop her!’ The tears on Angel’s cheeks became heavier as Annabelle walked out into the living room rubbing her eyes. Angel heard a small squeal and a thud on the floor, she wanted to just cry so badly but she didn’t want to die so she didn’t let herself make any noise. Angel heard the men’s footsteps get closer to her door, just as they were about to open it they suddenly stopped, Angel listened closely and heard two small voices in unison saying,
“Who are you men and why are you in our house?” Angel’s mind raced with a thousand different thoughts but she focused on a single one, ‘Dammit Ayden, Andrew why couldn’t you two be smart enough to stay in your rooms! Now I have no one!’ Angel thought while pinching herself hoping for it all to be a dream. Ayden and Andrew were the only boys and they were 8 years old. Angel tried to muster up the courage to go out and protect her last living relatives but it was no use, they were already gone by the time she gathered the tiniest bit of courage. Angel started to really panic now, she was the only one left in the house, and what was worse was that they knew it.
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