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The Hospital

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Angel wakes up after a horrifying night to see her best friend beside her.

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Chapter 2

Angel stood motionless as she listened to the slow and heavy footsteps of the two men moving towards her door, she closed her eyes and thought about all the things she still wanted to do in her life, after all her life was only just beginning to get interesting. She had never kissed or even been on a date with a boy! And now she was never going to get to do any of that... Angel heard one man start to slowly open her door, she instinctively moved back against the wall next to her door hoping they would just look in the room, not see her hiding and move on. Just as the man was about to poke his head in he was stopped by the other man saying,
“Do you hear that? I think it’s a cop car! We gotta get outta here!” this made the second man panic, he said,
“Argh! Fine, alright let’s get outta here! The girls probably asleep now anyway...’’ Angel heard both men run out the door and jump the fence, her legs finally gave out and she collapsed, crying her eyes out. All the pain and confusion was too much for Angel, about 30 seconds after she collapsed she fainted...

Angel slowly opened her eyes only to see Jimmy by her side holding her hand and mumbling something to himself, she looked around and noticed that she wasn’t at home, she was in a hospital! Angel slowly and sluggishly said,
“Why the hell am I in the hospital Jimmy?” Jimmy jumped and looked at Angel with a worried face and said,
“Angel girl... don’t you remember what happened to you last night? Angel looked at Jimmy confused, she said,
“What do you...mean...” Angel stopped talking as all the memories of last night came back to her, her eyes welled up with tears as she said,
“Oh...My...god...” she broke down crying, her head fell into her hands as Jimmy hugged her to comfort her.
“M-Mom...Dad...every one...they’re all gone! I-I’m the only one that survived...” Angel sobbed, hugging Jimmy back as he was the only person Angel had left in her life. After about a minute Angel realised what she was doing and pulled back blushing, Jimmy said.
“What’s wrong?” Angel replied,
“Oh, it’s nothing...anyway how did I get here and what happened to those guys?”
“When those guys jumped your fence one of your neighbours saw them and called the cops. You collapsed after they left. But don’t worry the cops saw them running away and arrested them.” Just as Jimmy had finished talking a man in a suit and tie walked through the hospital door and said in a serious voice,
“Angel Hoshizora Tenjou?” Angel looked at the man in confusion and said quietly,
“Y-Yea that’s me who’s are you?
“Angel Hoshizora Tenjou? I had no idea you had such a weird name Angel!” Jimmy said giggling. Angel angrily replied,
“Shut up Jimmy! Now’s not the time for your stupid jokes! Anyway what was it you wanted Mr?” The man looked at Angel with annoyance as he said,
“I’m Kane Smith, I’m a social worker and I’ve been sent to talk to you about where you are going to live after last night’s unfortunate events, since you are only 14 we cannot let you live alone. So you have the choice of either going into a foster family, or going to an orphanage until somebody adopts you or you are old enough to support yourself” Angel looked at the man in confusion, just as she was about to say something Jimmy butted in a loudly said,
“Hang on a second! Why does Angel have to choose between those two? Why can’t she just come live with me?” Mr Smith sighed and said,
“Ahh, Jimmy White, long time no see. Still disturbing the peace I see” Jimmy smirked and innocently replied,
“Well I don’t know what you’re talking about Kane” Angel timidly interrupted by saying,
“Umm, but do you two know each other?” Kane chuckled and said,
“Yes unfortunately we do, I was the one who Jimmy here had to convince to let him live alone instead of a foster home” Jimmy smirked and triumphantly said,
“Successfully I believe, now back to my point, why can’t Angel stay with me? I’ve got plenty of room and food!” Kane sighed and said,
“Look, Jimmy I know you convinced me you were capable of living by yourself, but having someone live with you is different. Since you are the older of the two of you, you would be the legal guardian of Angel, and I don’t think you’re ready for that” Jimmy’s expression softened as he pleaded,
“Kane, please let Angel live with me, I know I’ll be fine with looking after her. I just can’t bear the thought of losing her...At least let her stay at my place until she is adopted or something, please Kane!” Kane stayed silent for a while, he sighed and said,
“Fine Jimmy, she can live with you, but on the condition that when we find a suitable family for Angel t hat she go live with them, is that ok with you Angel?” Angel nodded and looked over at Jimmy for confirmation, Jimmy’s face lit up and he said in joy,
“That is great! Thank you so much Kane, I owe you one!” Kane smiled as he watched Jimmy hug Angel, but she showed a very weak smile, you could see it in her eyes that she was still depressed about the night before. Kane walked out the door to give the two some privacy, Jimmy noticed the expression on Angel‘s face and suddenly realised what was going on, he clasped his mouth with his hand and said,
“Oh god, I’m sorry Angel I completely forgot... are you sure you’re ok with living at my house?” Angel just stayed silent and nodded. Jimmy said,
“I’ll leave you alone for awhile...if you need me I’ll be just outside the room” Jimmy slowly walked out of the room and shut the door, as soon as he walked out Angel started pouring her heart out. After about five minutes of crying she decided to lay down and try to calm herself down. She drifted off to sleep before Jimmy could come and say good bye, he decided to just let her sleep, it was going to be a rough day tomorrow...
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