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July 3, 1978 (part 2)

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Joe and Steven argue and Joe gets a surprise visit.

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Joe's POV
I watched Steven walk past his car and down the driveway. He looked angry. 
"What do you want?" I asked and exhaled my cigarette. 
"I need to talk to you!" He walked to me. 
"Okay, go ahead."
"Do you know where Cyrinda was at two days ago?" He asked.
"No." I lied. I knew she was at, she was with me. 
"You're lying." He glared. 
"What?" I exhaled my cigarette and dropped it on the ground. 
"Yeah, you're lying."
"I just know. Now tell me. Where was she?"
Should I tell him the truth or should I lie? I'm going to lie. 
"I don't know where she was at. I didn't talk to her that day!"
"Do not lie to me you son of a bitch!" Steven snarled and shoved me "Now tell me where she was at that night!"
What is his problem? Does he really want hear 'She was with me. I fucked her and she enjoyed it.' Didn't think so. 
"What is your problem?!" 
"I just wanna know where she was at!"
"You just need to give her space!" I shoved him back. He shoved me back hard enough for my back to hit the garage door. Okay you know what? I have had enough of his shit, I'm going to tell him the truth. 
"You know what Joe, forget it. I have a feeling she was with you. I don't wanna know what you did to her." He glared and walked back to his car. What a drama queen!

I got back home from paying all my bills. Then I stopped by my friends' house to have a beer and talk. Turns out, he's engaged! Well good for him! Anyway, I walked inside and closed the door. I turned the lock and took off my shoes.  
"Hey!" Someone from behind called out. I turned around and saw Elissa standing there.
"Oh hey! When did you get here?"
"Not that long ago. I missed you so much." She walked up to me and put her hands on my back. She slide her hands down and squeezed my ass. "Lets go to our bedroom and lay down?"
"Sure" I'm not retarded, I know what she wants to do. And I'm totally up for it...    
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