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A New Intention, A New Game

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It's starting to stretch its legs with the family. How far will this...thing, get before people start getting hurt?

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Yo yo yo-yo (that was a cool toy). I'm not sure if this was an issue in the previous chapters but there is minor cussing, I don't drop F-bombs or anything crazy like that but I do put in stuff like hell and shit, that's it. I find that it adds to their mood, I don't keep a completely clean vocabulary when I'm scared or mad and there aren't a lot of teenagers that don't use a little coarse language. If it does bug you though let me know.

Also, can anyone please explain to me the point of a disclaimer? I do not see the point! If I did own ADJL (which I don't) I wouldn't be here! The only thing I do own is my character and my stories and versions (can I even say that?). It's like saying "Oranges are orange" at the beginning of every story, you'd be like "WTF, I know that!" right? NO DUUH, YOU OBVIOUSLY DON'T OWN THIS SHOW!
Jake's POV

Yesterday was messed up. I woke up with a huge headache, I shared the room with three other cousins, Gramps, and Fu so neither of us got much sleep. I walked over my cousin who was sleeping awkwardly on the floor and snuck out of the room to the kitchen. Gramps was sitting at the table with Cienna and Fu, she looked like crap and was finishing off a mug of coffee,

"I'll have some." I said walking into the kitchen, she nodded towards the coffee maker and winked at me jokingly. I made myself a cup and sat beside her at the rounded breakfast table,

"You shouldn't be drinking coffee, you're just a kid. It'll stunt your growth." Fu said matter of factly, I stared at him over the rim of the cup as I took a sip,

"So? You shouldn't be talking, you're a dog." Cienna replied matter of factly to the Shar Pei, I chuckled and Fu gave her a mock-angered face.

After two mugs of coffee I felt ready to start another day on the island, ready to catch that demon thing. Aunt Cathy kept a net a few feet from the swimming beach to prevent jelly fish and sharks from injuring someone... or anyone from getting swept away by the tide. There's no way Andrew could have gotten out there by himself. I got up and stretched, Cienna was just finishing off her mug so I tipped the end up and she jabbed me in the ribs.

"Chug, chug, chug." I chanted, she got up and wiped the coffee that I managed to spill. I grimaced at the spilled liquid, she reached to wipe it on my white T-shirt jokingly but I dodged it.

"OK, children. Playtime is over, let's get some training in before it gets too hot or the coffee wears off." Fu intervened

We had training on the beach, we were going to finish with a couple sparring matches. Greggy walked down the path,

"What'cha doin?" He asked Cienna, she glanced at me,

"We're training. We're going to spar" she explained, Greggy walked up to and awkwardly morphed into his dragon form,

"Can I join?" it was more than obvious that he wanted to show off, the elders were sitting in the shade watching and my uncle started chatting about how Gregory's dragon form was 'impressive' and how he would've also make a good American dragon. Cienna was looking at me, waiting for my answer.

"Uhhh, sure. You can spar with her first, then you can take me on if you're up to it." I smiled. If they fought, Greggy would get whats coming and Cienna would get some brownie points with the family. Cienna morphed and got in position to fight, this is gonna be funny.

They started sparring and it was obvious who'd win, but I couldn't shake this feeling growing at the base of my skull. What does gehenna tou pyros mean? I soon recognized the feeling that was growing out of control, someone's watching me. I stood there silently monitoring the sensation and the energy around it, I could turn around and chase it right now but how could you catch a ghost? I heard hooves stomping behind me, running directly at me! I jumped up and turned to the sound. It was standing there in between the trees, mocking me. Without thinking I ran towards it, someone called my name behind me but it didn't stop me any, I'm gonna catch this thing.

I followed it on the same path as yesterday, same distance, and once again it stopped at the clearing.

"What do you want?" I yelled, they always wanted one thing... one person. It wavered and silently urged me to advance, I obeyed and found myself not a few feet away from the transparent figure.

"gehenna tou pyros" it whispered airily into the cold space between us,

"What does that even mean?" I scoffed, it reached out to touch me and I retreated immediately. It started advancing with a new intention, one I couldn't quite decipher. All I could tell was that it didn't want to have lunch with me. I opened my mouth to yell for help (though it wouldn't be necessary) but felt my body slack and blackness wrapped around me like a silk cloak, it felt safe.

"Jake!" I heard someone scream from up the path, footsteps drew closer and I could see flashes of colour through the trees. I blacked out before I saw anything else.

Cienna's POV

"Jake!" I yelled when I realized something was wrong, Gregory was struggling to keep up as I ran down the winding path, I saw Jake's white T-shirt through the trees. When I finally reached him he was lying face down on the ground,

"Go get help!" I instructed Greg,

"HELP!" he shouted

"No, go and get them!" I urged. I flipped Jake onto his back and checked to see if he was breathing, he wasn't. I started CPR. Somehow, I already knew what had happened (it didn't take a genius to guess). He ran after that demon thing, and it wasn't gone, it's watching me. Shivers were sent down my spine and I struggled to suppress the reflex to run away like a scared little girl, that's not me, I wouldn't do that... would I? Jake started to gasp and squirm beneath me, I turned him onto his side as he continued to gasp for breath he couldn't find.

A crowd of family members came running through the thick forestry, Susan led the pack with Haley hot at her heels. She bent down and inspected her debilitated son, I stood up and helped him to his feet. Susan and I supported him as we walked towards the beach house.

"Heyyyy, guys!" he slurred, disoriented. We dragged him through the front door and straight to the living-room where we set him on the couch, I pulled Susan aside,

"We have to leave this island, now." I said bluntly,

"What's happening? What's going on?" Susan's face was pale and clammy. Gramps had heard me and walked over,

"What is it young one?" he asked quietly as to not alert the others,

"There's a demon-thing on the island and it's been messing around with us since the moment we got here. I think it was the cause of Andrew's accident, I don't think we're safe here now that it started attacking." I whispered loudly, Susan's face contorted into a grimace of horror and Gramps' eyes grew wide with shock.

"We'll leave right away!" Susan announced, "I'll go get Haley and pack up." she spun on her heels and ran down the hallway, I could feel It in the room. Practically on the verge of losing my mind, I walked to the bathroom to try and pull myself together. I splashed water in my face before taking a seat on the side of the tub leaning my head in my hands. A piercing scream roared through the hallway and brought me back to reality, I jumped up and ran towards the sound of glass smashing in the kitchen.

Jake's aunt Mai was on the kitchen floor and had taken shelter behind the counter when I ran in, shattered glass covered the floor.

"What happened?" I asked, kneelig on the ground in front of her. She pointed over the counter at the cupboards, I peeked over the ledge and saw a plate slicing through the air at my head and ducked before the plate torpedoed over me, shattering on the adjacent wall. Mai started screaming again, I hushed her so I could hear what It was saying. I could hear it growling and snarling at the other end of the kitchen, a loud scream pierced the air again, that's what I heard the first time, it wasn't aunt Mai. Just as quickly as it threw the dinette set, it was gone. Cautiously, I helped the shaken woman to her feet and led her into the living room where Jake was sound asleep, how could he sleep through that! I looked across the room at a pillow sized mirror and it smashed to pieces, distorting the image of a girl and a smoky, menacing, faceless figure.
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