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The Walls Run Red With Death

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Jake still can't seem to escape the demon's hateful gaze.

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Cienna's POV

Jake came into my room in the middle of the night to ask for a pillow, I didn't want to argue or ask questions so I threw my extra pillow towards the open door,

"Bring it back" I warned (but I think I might have said something a bit different), he thanked me and closed the door. I fell asleep quickly but was soon woken up by a loud, strangled, painfull cry and a turned stomach. I don't remember how it happened or when but the next thing I was aware of is I was kneeling beside Jake who was rolling on the ground and screaming. Susan and Johnathan had ran downstairs at the sound of their son's cries, Johnathan immediately called 911. Haley walked down the stairs as Susan and I were trying to get Jake into a sitting position,

"What happened?" She shrieked, her father walked over and picked her up in his arms and smoothed back her hair and trying to calm her down in this confusion, the ambulance arrived not 10 minutes after Johnathan called. Jake had stopped screaming and was very lethargic and pale, His head was rolling to the sides and his eyes were glassy and bloodshot. The paramedics evaluated him for a few minutes before they put him on a stretcher and rushed him to the hospital, we followed the stretcher out the door and watched as Jake was loaded into the back of the ambulance.

"Cienna, can you watch Haley please." Susan begged as she got in the back of the ambulance behind Jake, Johnathan was getting into the car to meet them at the hospital. I hesitated, I have to be with Jake, I have to make sure he's OK.

"I wanna go, mommy!" Haley cried, I grabbed Haley's shoulders and hugged her close to me.

"I'll watch her for you Susan." I replied. Haley was still crying and trying to go with her mother, the ambulance doors closed and it took off screamimg down the street. Some neighbors had come out of their homes to see what the emergency was, I stood there with Haley in the cool, late August air watching the ambulance and the Long's car disappear arount the corner. Hayley was sobbing, I picked her up and carried her inside the house. I put her on the couch and went to get her a glass of water, I turned on the tap with shaky hands and waited for the water to become cooler. I didn't realize how hard I was grrpping onto the glass until it shattered and cut my hand,

"Shit!" I exclaimed, the cuts didn't hurt that much but the counter and floor was covered in glass,

"What happened?" Haley called from the other room,

"I just dropped a glass." my voice shook, I grabbed the hand broom and started sweeping the glass off the floor. My vision started to blurr as tears streamed down my face. I dumped half of the mess into the garbage, I walked back to the counter but collapsed onto a kitchen chair and started to pray. The Longs went to church every month but I wasn't sure what they're religion was, I wiped my face and finished sweeping up the mess in the kitchen. I sat down next to Haley as I handed her a new glass of water,

"You should call Grampa." She suggested,still shaking from the shock, didn't Susan or Johnathan call him yet? I reached over the arm of the disturbed couch and picked up the cordless phone, I dialed Fu's cell in case they were on their way to either the hospital or here. Fu answered on the third ring,

"Hey, Cienna?" Fu asked into the phone,

"Hey, Fu. Jake's gone to the hospital with his parents-"

"Ya, I know. We're on our way. Is Haley with you?" he interrupted

"Ya, she's here." I said looking over at her, she fell asleep on the pillow Jake had put down, why was he sleeping down here anyway?

"OK, we'll be there in a few minutes." I hung up without saying goodbye, I turned to Haley who was sleeping safetly in unconciousness.

I picked her up and brought her upstairs and placed her in her bed, as I walked out I heard a loud thump coming from the room across the hall, Jake's room. The door was slightly open and I could hear heavy breathing from the other side, taking cover behind the wall next to the door, I pushed it open and peeked around the jam to see inside. The bed was soaked and I could see shreds of fabric that I guess would have been his pillow, his red PJ top was thrown on the floor and was also ripped, what the hell happened here?. I looked around but could see nothing out of place or any trace of someone being there, I closed the door behind me and walked downstairs, I sat on the couch and waited for Gramps and Fu to get here and prayed they would hurry.

Gramps' POV

We knocked on the front door of Jake's house, Cienna answered and led us to the kitchen. The house was dark save for the kitchen light and the nightlight upstairs for Haley, Cienna sat down on a chair and ran her fingers through her hair,

"What happened?" I asked, Susan didn't give me much detail over the phone but told me that Cienna was left home with Haley, it lookd pretty serious.

She stuggled under the weight of shock and disorientation, I sat down on a chair opposite to her and Fu put the kettle on for tea.

"I was sleeping and Jake came downstairs and asked me for a pillow. He left, I went to sleep. And next thing I knew it I was sitting next to him and he was rolling on the ground and screaming." I went over what she had said for a minute, Fu came over and handed us mugs of tea. Cienna took hers and winced as she removed her hand from the mug, I grabbed her hand and saw the oozing cuts,

"What happened?" I asked surprised as the though that she might be cutting herself. They cut the wrists, not the palms.

"I broke a glass and it cut my hand. I forgot to bandage it but it looks like its healing pretty well." she explained, dropped her hand and went for the mug with her other hand.

"Why did Jake come downstairs? Do you know?" I asked her patiently, changing the subject.

"I'm not sure, come see." She got up and lead us to Jake's room and opened the door, she turned on the light. I was shocked at what I saw, the room was a disaster!
the bed was soaked and there was shreds of fabric and stuffing everywhere, she walked over and picked up a torn, red fabric. She opened the article to reveal it was a PJ top, it was torn all over except for the back,

"Think he had a nightmare? Wet the bed?" Fu asked incredulous,

"It's sweat. Not urine" I replied "If it was a nightmare, he wouldn't be able to cause so much damage. He wouldn't claw at himself like that either."

I heard a small cry from the joined bathroom Cienna disappeared into just a few seconds ago, I ran over to the door and she burst out of the door paler than the torn sheets. I walked inside and nearly fell over. The walls were covered in what looked like blood or red paint, unidentifiable words were smeared everywhere,

"Look up." Cienna whispered from behind me, I looked up at the ceiling. In big red letters were the words; gehenna tou pyros.

"What does it mean?" I asked to myself,

"Hellfire." Cienna whispered behind me, what does THAT mean? I saw the writing ran down into the shower, I pulled the curtain back and found more words, this time in english. Death, Die, Kill. I ran out of the bathroom and slammed the door behind me, I was speechless.

"The demon's after Jake!" I exclaimed, Cienna shook her head,

"It's taken over!" she corrected, eyes wide as saucers. I ran into Haley's room and flipped the light switch, she sat up groggily,

"Haley, I need to know if you heard anything from Jake's room since he went to bed." I urged, she rubbed the sleep from her eyes as she thought about what I was asking.

"I heard him get up once, I think he used the washroom." she replied. I looked at Cienna who was standing in the doorway next to Fu.

"OK, get up. We're going to the hospital." I announced.

Susan's POV

I jumped in the ambulance after they loaded Jake's stretcher in,

"Cienna, can you watch Haley please." I almost begged, Johnathan was going to drive the car and meet us at the hospital. Haley cried for me and I almost broke down, once child possibly dying right in front of me and the other being left behind in complete histerics, mother of the year goes to...? We started driving away down the street,the paramedics were hard at work. While the younger of the two was taking Jake's temperature I started to get nervous, he needs a magical doctor. Jake started to squirm and break loose of his trance, a monitor started to beep madly as his tantrum increased. Jake started sreaming hysterically and was practically shoving the paramedics aside when they tried to get control, his eyes had rolled back in his head and deep blue patches started to grow on his bare chest and arms. The machine continued to scream and soon others followed,

"He's going into cardiac arrest!" one of the men announced as Jake's body went limp, he started chest compressions as his partner got a set of paddles ready.

I was beside myself, the older of the two (whose nametag said 'David') placed the paddles on my child's chest. His body bucked from the electricity of the paddles, I started to sob. A constant screeching came from the monitor, his heart had stopped. The two men continued trying to save his life, I held my breath as I watched his face, looking for any signs of life.

The monitor started a steady beeping sound, the kind you hear in hospital scenes on TV. I sighed as the two relaxed, a mask was placed over Jake's mouth and David administered air by squeezing the bag at the top. With David's permission, I scooted up the tiny bench and started to stroke Jake's hair,

"It's gonna be OK, baby." I comforted to my unconsious child, the ride to the hospital felt like it took hours although it took us under 15 minutes.

They unloaded him from the ambulance and rushed him inside, I stepped out of the ambulance behind him awkwardly,

"Susan!" Johnathan called, he ran over and hugged me tightly. I sobbed into his pijama shirt,

"He... he died!... only for a few minutes but..." I stammered, he led me into the hospital and we tried to find out where they sent him. we ran up to the triage desk,

"Our son just came in-" Johnathan began to the nurse who was obviously uninterested at the one of hundreds of emergencies she witnessed on her shift, a man in scrubbs standing next to the desk looked up at us,

"You're his parents?" he asked, we nodded and he motioned us towards a seating area closed off to the general public. He offered us coffee and tea but we refused, he sat down across from us and pulled out a chart and pen,

"Hi, I'm Micheal." he introduced a little late."I'm going to need you fill out these forms." he said handing me a packet of papers off the chart, I tucked it on my lap and looked at him desperately. From our expressions and his previous experience he figured we weren't up to small chitchat.

"We don't know what's wrong with your son. We think he might have suffered a heart attack but we aren't completely sure, we're going to have to run some tests to get a better idea. I need to know if your son has any conditions or has recently suffered any trauma." his voice was very professional and comforting, Johnathan slowly shook his head no. I thought about anything that would stand out as traumatic. He was always getting injured from dragon practice (though he's getting better with time.)...the island! Johnathan wasn't there, he didn't know. We told him that there was a severe storm warning for the area and had to evacuate the island, could what happened to Jake the day before have anything to do with what's happening now? I know he's been acting strange since it happened but that would obviously be normal to be freaked out but I didn't think it would cause this much of a physical problem.

"He hasn't been feeling well since we got back from our trip to the keys." I told him, he wrote something down.

"So when did this start and what have been his symptoms?" his hand was poised above the paper, ready to scribble down any information he could use to save my son's life.

"Well... yesterday..." I looked at my watch, 1:00, "... or the day before, I guess. He was outside and he passed out, we didn't think much of it, we thought it was just heat exhaustion. He's been very spacey and quiet since then, I thought he was just tired from the trip... we all were." that's all I could say to him without setting off any alarms, Johnathan looked at me surprised that he didn't hear about this before now. I shrugged apologetically and started to fill out the forms, the nurse stood up and took the general information page from me as I finished filling in the last boxes,

"We'll look into dehydration as a factor, if there is anything else you think of please let me know." he shook our hands and walked off. I hope that helps him a little bit. I hope that's enough.

"I should call Dad and see if he can check up on the kids for us" I told Johnathan who nodded and took over the paperwork. I easily found a payphone bank near the entrance, how many people used these phones to call family members to tell them their relative died? How many of those dead relatives were their sons, brothers, nephews! As if just touching them would increase my chances of becoming one of those people, I pulled out my cell phone and walked out of the building.
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