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Out Running Winged Death

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She has a plan, he has a curse, which has the upperhand??

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I decided that since everyone loves Rose I should include her in my stories at least a little bit. She's going to be in this scene but unfortunately she's not a huge character in this story specifically. Enjoy her presense

Cienna's POV

Ill b there in 5 min. c u there. My cell phone read, I logged off the computer and tucked my notes in my bag.

I ducked out of the library as quietly as I could and walked down the steps onto the sidewalk. It took me a few minutes to get to the coffee shop and I still had enough time to buy a couple of coffees and find a table in a secluded corner of the cafe. I turned as the front door bell chimed a new customer, a tall, blond haired girl stood in the doorway and scanned the shop. I nodded at her and she sat in the seat across from me, her pale blue, almost grey, eyes scrutinized me and I stared back at her with my electric blue eyes. She smiled,

"It's nice to finally meet you, Cienna." She reached over the table in an attempt to shake my hand, instead of taking her hand I offered her the extra coffee, I wasn't willing to shake her hand anytime soon. She smiled and accepted it graciously,

"Likewise Rose, though we have met before. Like I said on the phone, Jake is in serious trouble. I need you to somehow ensure that we get here without any... intrusions." I took out a printed out map of New York and placed it on the tiny table in frot of her. I pointed to a red-marked area on Long Island,

"Is that it? I thought I was going to help you save Jake, I'm not going to chaperone a little trip to Long Island!" he argued,

"The Huntsman is going to find out about our situation one way or another. I need to make sure, for Jake's sake, that nothing goes wrong. Trust me, the less you're involved in this the better." I rebutted, her eyes narrowed suspiciously,

"What kind of trouble are you two in anyways? I want to know what cause my services are going to before I agree to anything."

"Rose, don't be difficult. All I'm telling you is that Jake is in serious trouble and there's a portal here that he needs to cross before something really bad happens. You did say you were an ally, right? You're not going to turn your back on us are you?" I didn't trust Rose and she knew it, whatever information I released to her was on a need to know basis.

"I'll see what I can do." She snapped. She took her coffee and left the shop. At least if she was planning on sabotaging the plan she would be too far from our destination to cause any damage. She cared too much for Jake to jeapordize his life, but if she did I would be ready. I felt a little guilty for giving her the wrong coordinates, you have to do what you have to do to protect the ones you cared. I pulled the map back into my bag and drank steadily from my coffee, awaiting the events to come.

I pulled my hood over my head and 'snuck' out the front door. Susan watched me from the bottom of the stairs, hugging herself,

"Good luck, Cienna." she whispered into the darkness, I turned around and nodded at the pale, terrified woman,

"I'm bringing your son home, Susan." I promised, if it's the last thing I do. I marched out the door and shut it silently behind me. I jumped off the front stoop and morphed into my dragon form, I flew over to the Empire State building where Gramps, Fu and Sun were waiting. Trixie and Spud tagged along with their makeshift dragon costume that Fu tricked out with dragon powers.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Gramps asked me, I knew he wanted to do this, to save his grandson, but he didn't want to risk losing me either. I could see he was scared of me changing my mind so I looked him confidentally in the eye and nodded. Magical creatures look to dragons for guidance and leadership, Gramps told me once. Was I leading them? Sure. Was this a good idea to drag them in? I had no idea. I turned around and lead the others, where we would end up I had no idea.

I followed my instincts to the statue of Liberty, great... but where's Jake? I looked around but there was no sign of him anywhere! I landed on Ms. Liberty's head,

"Why are we here?" Trixie asked, I had to concentrate. Maybe I'm not picking anything up because I'm looking for Jake's energy, not Orision's.

"Looking for me?" that once familiar and comforting voice was now a disgusting and menacing sound, much lower than before. I spun on my heel and faced him. He had changed clothes since I last saw him, he was dressed in a black cloak.

"Actually, yes. What took you so long?" I played, he frowned and tried to lunge at me. I flew up and he missed me, he looked at me and chuckled,

"You're going to play that way now? Don't make me hunt you down, more fun for me more gruesome ending for you." He was taunting me, trying to get in my head. I decided to call his bluff and gasped in mock terror as I covered my heart with my hands,

"Oh, please, don't hurt me." I provoked flatly. He snarled and morphed into his dragon form, the only thing that wasn't different about him. He may have strength but I have speed, I flew Roff towards Long Island with Jake close at my tail. Gramps took a shortcut with the others as I stalled him for as long as possible. The difference between Jake and I was stamina, he could fight like a machine but when it came to flying in a sprint his energy was inconsistant and came in small bursts.

I flew ahead of him and played with his speeds by keeping a consistant distance, he slowed down so would I, he sped up I made sure he never got near my tail.

Around Coram I noticed a weird aircraft up ahead, What the hell?

"I thought you might need help." Rose called as I approached, she pulled out her huntstaff and aimed for Jake.

"No!" I yelled, I knocked the staff out of her hands and it fell. She cursed and nosedived on her little hovercraft, Jake followed her and whiped his tail at her legs. She flew off the board and fell helplessly towards the Earth. I didn't like her but I wasn't going to let her die either, I swooped down and caught her a few feet from the ground.

"The less you're involved in this the better." I told her again as I set her down, she yelled at me to watch out as Jake swooped down and knocked me over. He tried to lunge at my neck but I let him eat my tail (a/n like a punch... a knuckle sandwich if you will, but with tail ), he fell back and I could see Rose taking aim at Jake again.

"Rose, Stop!" I demanded, Jake turned around but before he could go after her I stomped on his tail, a cheap shot I know but it sure got his attention.

"You can't catch me so you go after a weak human?" I taunted and flew off, he followed behind me as I made the final stretch to Hubbard County Park.

"You're really starting to get on my nerves!" Jake yelled behind me, I could feel the heat rise in my chest. I felt frustrated and in a sense hopeless. What's the chance of this plan actually working? What's the chance of both Jake and I coming out of this alive? I could feel the odds stacked against us were insane but I had to try something.

I easily found Hubbard Park, finding the portal is something else. I started to get nervous as Jake began to pick up the pace and I couldn't compensate, I was starting to get tired and he knew it. I flew over the park, I don't even know what a portal looks like! Suddenly, heard someone call my name from near the water. It was Spud, I flew over to him in a final sprint for the finish, though it wasn't over yet.

"Watch out!" Spud screamed. About a hundred yards away from the invisible portal, Jake had caught up and was above me. He kicked the middle of my back and sent me spiralling down towards the open field. I landed roughly but got up and ran the rest of the way, once again I was ahead of Jake. I got up to the portal and stopped, Jake was a few yards behind, so far he hasn't caught on.

"Nowhere to run now." Jake growled and he crept closer, I motioned Spud to climb on my back incase Jake decided to take him out before follwing me into the portal.

"What are you going to do, kill me? You couldn't get it done the first time, what makes you think you can now Orision?" I kept pushing his buttons, the angrier I made him the more mistakes he would make. Jake let out a starngled battlecry and I made a dash into the portal.
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