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Happy Anniversary

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The lake six years on.

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Ash lay down happily on the grass at the water’s edge, his belly full of cake and head resting on his clasped hands. He looked over at his companion and smiled.

“Happy anniversary, Myst.”


“You pulled me out of that lake, six years ago. You don’t remember?” he looked slightly hurt and she smiled.

“Of course… I’m just surprised you do… six years is a long time.”

“Not long enough to forget the day I met the most important person in my life.” He said softly. He stretched his arm out across the grass and took her hand gently. The moment was precious; she smiled back at him in the way that always made his heart melt in a way he never understood and squeezed his hand. Still, he had to break it, grinning mischievously.

“Obviously, it helps that I met you and Pikachu on the same day as my birthday.”

She laughed. “Happy Birthday, Ash.”

“Thanks, Myst.” They shifted slightly so that he lay outstretched on his side, one arm cushioning his head, his other stretched out to clasp the hand she had placed on her stomach. He liked watching her stare up at the sky, her eyes always twinkled, and today the sun shone brightly down on her face. He shuffled closer so that he could rest his forehead in her hair and tightened his grip on her hand.

“I’m so glad you fished me out of the river, Misty.” He wasn’t sure he’d ever said that to her, the look of surprise she suddenly gave him told him he hadn’t, and it struck him as sad. Six years and he’d never told her how much she meant to him.

“I really mean it, Myst.” He still spoke softly, his lips almost touching her earlobe, “I’m sorry I don’t say it often enough, I’m really not good at this kind of stuff.” She laughed softly, “But you’re my best friend.”

She broke away from his arm, propping herself up on her elbow, and smiled down at him. Ash knew they were caught up in something, stuck on the cusp of friendship and something more, and if either of them spoke they’d burst the little bubble he’d built up around them. Instead he reached up to her face, passed his thumb over her lips and ran his fingertips through her hair. She folded into his touch and sank back down to the ground, resting her head in the crook of his neck.

“Ash, it’s your birthday. Shouldn’t we get back to your Mum? And Brock.” She murmured, breaking the spell he had cast over them.

“They know I’m with you,” he said simply, restoring it.

A moment later she took a deep breath, pulling back from him.

“Ash, have you ever kissed anyone?” she asked suddenly. Ash felt his face go red.

“No…” he looked at her suspiciously. She was grinning. “Have you?”

Misty shook her head, a faint blush creeping into her cheeks despite her smiles. He grinned back at her sheepishly, his smile faltering as she moved to stand. She pulled him up with her and they stood together awkwardly, Ash’s hands stashed in his pockets.

“Here,” she whispered, stepping closer, and he suddenly realised what she was doing. He stood frozen in shock.

Without anyone really noticing he’d hit a growth spurt in the past year and now stood several inches taller that Misty. She had to stand on tip toes, steadying herself with her hands on his forearms, to bring her face close to his and he bowed his head to close the gap between their lips. He felt clumsy at first, his lips seemed heavy compared to the feather-like flutter of her own, and he wondered what all the fuss had been about.

Then she sighed against his mouth and he realised how much they both wanted this. How much Misty’s first kiss would mean to her. He returned the gesture with increased fervour, parting her lips with his own, and drew his arms around her to support her. He felt a familiar, confusing warmth stirring in his groin; the same as he felt whenever she came to sit next to him on the sofa, wet and in a towel, letting him catch a waft of warm soapy air. Or when they brushed past one another in the hallway, moving slightly closer than necessary so that she could squeeze his hand in her own. He wondered if she could tell what was happening to him, if she could she gave no indication, simply drew her hands up to his shoulders, caressing the nape of his neck with her fingertips.

After what seemed to Ash a blissful eternity she drew closer, deepening their kiss for a few brief seconds before pulling away. He missed the warmth of her mouth immediately and tried to draw her back to him, but she stood firm.

“Fancy a swim?” she looked at him playfully. Her words barely engaged his befuddled brain and he answered dumbly.

“We don’t have a change of clothes…” she mesmerised him and he felt like his tongue had swollen from nerves.

“It doesn’t matter,” she whispered. Ash sensed a confidence in her that hadn’t been there before and he wondered, not for the first time in his life, if people changed once they had been kissed. He was sure he’d never string a sentence together ever again.

She stepped back, so that they were arms distance from one another, and reached for the hem of her top. Ash’s breath caught in his throat as she drew it over her head, revealing the pearly whiteness of her skin for his fingertips to explore. Her own hands moved to the button of her shorts and they were next to go, discarded on the grass beneath their bare feet. Ash reached to encircle her waist but she held his hands, moving them firmly up and round her back until his fingertips brushed against the clasp of her bra. He fumbled with the fastener and it came loose, releasing her breasts for his wandering hands. He found himself reaching down for her one remaining garment and ran a finger along the band. She giggled, the sound ringing musically in his ears, and obliged. Ash drew her close once more, holding her still for just a moment, before she smiled up at him. Her hands ran under his top, caressing his back, and Ash felt a sudden, jolting longing to feel her skin on his.

“Your turn,” she whispered, grasping the material of his top in her hands. Ash smiled, all pretence of nerves suddenly gone, as he reached for the back of his neck and pulled off his own top. As he reached down for his belt buckle his knuckles brushed against the soft skin of her belly and he felt the fluttering in his stomach increase. Misty’s hand moved to pull down the waistband of his jeans, freeing him from the uncomfortable pressure of the tight fabric. He was no longer embarrassed by his reaction to her and pulled her close, her skin as hot and flushed as his own.

The lake sparkled invitingly and she led him to it, immersing them both in the cool water. As the sun began to set they swam and bathed together, never straying too far from one another. Ash loved the way the water looked like dew on her skin and he pulled her close to plant a kiss on her shoulder. His lips trailed the natural path up her neck to her jaw line and finally her lips. They locked together once more, both aware they’d have only a few more moments together before time became pressing. Ash felt the temperature creep into something no longer comforting and shivered, leading Misty back to the bank. He kissed her nose as he handed over her clothes.

They dressed in silence, Ash occasionally glimpsing over his shoulder at her. Then he stepped forward, placing his hands on her shoulders.

“So…” he finally broke the silence, “We keep this between us?” she nodded understandingly. They both knew they’d never get a moment’s peace if anyone knew. “Well… where do we go from here?”

“The weather’s apparently going to be good tomorrow…” she said simply. Ash looked at her in horror.

“Wait! We just… and you? You’re only worried about the weather?” she was smiling up at him and he glared back, his face softening as he caught her meaning.

“Oh,” he beamed at her, drawing her close, “Well, we better make the most of it then.”

They held hands as the walked back to Pallet Town, Ash carrying their shoes in his free hand.
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