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Confessions of Slumber

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People say the darndest things while they're dreaming.

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“Ow!” Gerard hissed, as he hit his head on the side of the bus.

They probably hit a speed bump the wrong way, and Gerard was clumsy enough already. He was simply walking to sit down, but still managed to hurt himself somehow.

“Stupid fucking tour bus.” he mumbled to himself, sitting in the lounge area, “Making me fall over.”

“Hardly the bus’s fault, Gee. I managed to not hurt myself.”

The voice startled Gerard. He thought everyone else was still sleeping. Gerard turned around and rolled his eyes when he saw Frank leaning against the bench. His hair was tussled from sleeping and he was in baggy track pants and an old band shirt. All topped off with a smug grin at his ability to tease Gerard about, basically, anything.

In all honesty, the sight made Gerard’s heart melt.

“Shut up, Iero.” he smirked back at the shorter man, “I thought you’d still be asleep anyways. The show last night was fucking insane enough. It’s, like, 7am. Why are you up so early?”

Frank shrugged, “I don’t even know. I just woke up randomly, I guess. What about you? Since when are you up this early?”

“I got hit over the head with the Insomnia Stick.” Gerard sighed as he moved to the side of the couch, making room for Frank who had walked over and sat beside him.

“What a bitch.” he said.

“Yeah.” Gerard agreed, “I’ve only gotten, like, one hour of sleep at the most.”

“Shit, man.” Frank said, “You need some fucking sleep.”


“I’m serious. We haven’t got the sound check until later on. So, try sleeping again now. You’re know you’re gonna be fucking exhausted and I’d hate to be the one to carry your unconscious body off stage.”

Gerard laughed lightly as he imagined the scenario in his head and his heart felt happy at the fact that Frank would be the one carrying him. He then mentally smacked himself in the head for being such a girl, and for falling in love with Frank in general. He felt as though it was his biggest mistake and it’d been driving him nuts for two months.

“Is that a ‘Yes, Frankie. Anything you say.’?” Frank asked.

“But, Frank!” Gerard whined, quietly so he wouldn’t wake the others, “That bunk is so fucking uncomfortable. I’m never gonna sleep. Just forget it.”

“Yes, you are, Gerard. Even if I have to knock you out myself, you’re going to get some sleep.” Frank said, smiling.

“But the bunk is-”

“Sleep here on the couch.”

“Oh, I don’t wanna kick you off.” Gerard blushed.

“No need.” Frank said, “Come here.”

Frank nodded his head and raised his arm, gesturing for Gerard to lean into him. Gerard’s heart started to beat a little faster, loving the idea of getting that close to the man he loved. Shyly blushing, Gerard moved over and huddled himself against Frank and sighed contently as Frank’s arm rested against his back, drawing random patterns. Gerard wrapped one of his arms around Frank’s waist and the shorter man soon returned the gesture by placing his other hand on top of Gerard’s, and Gerard leaned his head gently against Frank‘s chest, listening to his heart beat.

“Comfortable now?” Frank asked.

“Mmhmm…” Gerard breathed as he closed his eyes, trying his best not to grin at how happy he was to be like this with Frank.

“Good.” he whispered, “Now, sleep.”

Gerard asked before he could stop himself, “Can you please still be here when I wake up?”

“Oh.” Frank said, “Um, yeah. Of course. If you want.”

Gerard cringed at how stupid he felt, and did his best to cover it up, “I-I just, uh…it’s comfortable like this. If you left, I-I, um, I would probably wake up.”

“It’s fine, Gee. Just sleep now, okay?” said Frank.

Gerard nodded and tried to let his mind drift off. After a few minutes of yelling at himself, mentally, he soon fell asleep on Frank, lightly snoring.

Frank smiled at the man sleeping on him. He noticed the way Gerard almost purred in his sleep and the expression on his face. Gerard was the first person Frank had seen actually smiling in his sleep. He’d only been asleep a few minutes before Frank heard him giggle quietly.

“Must be dreaming about something cool.” Frank muttered as he relaxed into the couch.

Little did he know, Gerard was dreaming about him.


Later that night…


“Guys, that fucking rocked!” Mikey cried, as they walked back onto the bus.

Everyone murmured in agreement. It had been an amazing show. The crowd went insane and everyone was so energetic. All of them had walked off the stage with smiles on their faces.

“Yeah, it was awesome.” Ray smiled, “But I’m fucking tired, right now.”

“What?” Mikey asked, “Tired? Dude, I’m so not tired. I could totally run a hundred miles, right now!”

“Okay, you do that. Just don’t wake me up.” Ray yawned.

“You’re boring.” Mikey smirked.

Gerard laughed at his brother, “Mikes, you say you aren’t tired, but I know it won’t be long before you’re totally crashed in the bunk.”

“Will not.” he challenged.

“I’m not fighting with you, Mikes.” Gerard smiled, “Because I’ll win.”

“Well, whatever you two are gonna do, keep it down. I’m gonna sleep. Night, guys.” Ray said before walking to the back of the bus to the beds.

“Night.” Gerard called back and sat down on the couch.

He looked over at the recliner to the side and smiled as he watched Frank huddled up on it, sleeping already. He found it utterly adorable that he crash so quickly, as if he were a little kid. Gerard just sat there and studied every part of Frank that he could. The way his chest rose and fell as he breathed, the way he nudged his head as deeply as he could into the cushions of the chair, the way his lips were slightly parted as he lay there, silently.

“Watcha doin’?” Mikey said, loudly as he crashed down next to his brother.

“Shit, Mikes!” Gerard breathed, “You scared the shit out of me.”

“Sorry.” Mikey giggled.

“Shh. Frankie’s sleeping.” Gerard shushed him and nodded toward Frank’s sleeping figure.

“Aww.” Mikey sighed, “God, marry him already.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Gerard tensed and stared at his brother dead in the eye.

Mikey just rolled his eyes and whispered, “You think no one’s noticed, Gee? You’re falling for the guy. God, I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t already know it.”

Gerard’s jaw dropped, and his whispered quickly, “W-What? That is so not true. I-I’m not falling for him!”

“You’re not?” Mikey asked, raising one eyebrow as if to show Gerard that he clearly wasn’t buying it.

“N-No…I’ve already fucking fallen for him.” Gerard admitted and threw his head back against the couch, closing his eyes in embarrassment, “Ow…”

Mikey pulled his brother into a one armed hug, “It’s okay, Gerard. Don’t be embarrassed about it.”

“Kinda hard not to be, Mikes.” Gerard sighed.

“You need to tell him.”

“What?!” Gerard whispered, pulling himself out of Mikey’s grip, “Tell him?! Are you insane?!”

“No.” Mikey shook his head, “I think you are for keeping your lips shut about it, Gerard. That can’t be good for you. Besides, you never know. He might feel the same way.”

“Ha! Yeah, right.” Gerard scoffed before burying his head in his hands, “I don’t need any stupid false hope, right now, okay? I need to get over it and I will. Just forget about it, Mikey. It’ll never happen. I know it won‘t.”

“But, Gerard, he-”

“Leave it!” Gerard hissed, “Just go sleep, okay? We‘ve had a big night.”

Mikey opened his mouth to protest, but decided not to bother. He knew that when Gerard got upset, it was often hard to change his attitude.

“Night, bro.” Mikey said before standing up and walking back to the bunks.

Gerard sighed heavily and lay down on the couch, scolding himself for being so obvious about his feelings. He thought no one knew and really would have preferred to keep it that way, but he supposed his brother could just tell sometimes when something was on his mind. Gerard just never thought Mikey would figure out exactly what it was. His heart suddenly felt struck with panic as he came across the chance that Frank might have noticed too. He couldn’t have. Just the thought of it made Gerard want to strangle himself from embarrassment. Frank might think he was freaky or weird or their friendship might never be the same. Gerard groaned at the thought. That was the last thing he wanted to happen. Losing his friendship with Frankie would kill him.

He closed his eyes. The couch was a hell of a lot more comfortable than his bunk. Despite that, he still couldn’t sleep. Gerard spent about half an hour tossing and turning, but nothing would help him rest.

Fuck you, insomnia. Fuck you, he thought as he lay there, trying to get some sort of sleep. It was either the insomnia keeping him up or the fact that Frank might have picked up on his real feelings.

Gerard cringed again, but suddenly heard a groan that he didn’t make.

Confused, he sat up and looked for where the sound came from.

“Mmm.” Frank sighed.

Gerard looked straight and Frank and perked his head to the side. Curiously, he crept over and knelt beside Frank so their faces were only inches apart. He could feel Frank’s breath on his lips and the temptation was almost too much.

“What are you dreaming about?” Gerard muttered, even though he knew Frank wasn’t awake to answer.

Gerard watched as Frank frowned a little and groaned, “Mm. No…No, come back.”

He had to cover his mouth so he didn’t erupt with giggles at Frank talking in his sleep. Gerard had never actually heard Frank sleep talking, but others had told him stories. Hilarious stories. He thought it was both funny and adorable, at the same time. Gerard keep staring at Frank and wanted to know so badly what was going on in that head of his.

“Please come back…Mm, I love you. Don’t leave…” Frank whined, frowning again.

Gerard burrowed his eyebrows and stared at Frank with a little more concern. He wondered if he was having a bad dream, and contemplating waking him up. But he stopped himself. Gerard decided to let Frank keep talking because he was suddenly dying to know who he loved so much.


Gerard immediately felt tears welling up in his eyes as his heart dropped suddenly. Frank was talking about Mikey. He had to be, right? He just said his name.

“M-Mikey…make him come back.” Frank whined, again and Gerard suddenly held his breath, “Mikey, it’s Gerard.”

He suddenly felt hope bubble up and erupt in his chest. Gerard simply couldn’t resist encouraging the sleeping man in front of him He leant over to Frank’s ear and whispered, “What about Gerard?”

“Mmm.” Frank sighed, “I love him.”

“R-Really?” Gerard breathed, smiling so much it’d hurt if he wasn’t distracted with the explosion of happiness in his heart.

“So much…But he’s leaving me. M-Mikey, please. Don’t wanna l-let him go.” Frank groaned, with a grimace expression on his face, “Need him so much…gonna die without him…”

Gerard leant back from his ear and returned to the kneeling position he held before, his mouth refusing to close. He didn’t know what to do next. Frank had just admitted that he loved him, but…he was only dreaming. Realization sunk in and he realized that it was probably all same dream that Frank had randomly had. The concept of Frank actually feeling the same way Gerard felt about him seemed pretty close to impossible.

A whimper escaped Frank’s lips and Gerard looked at him, frowning.

“N-No, Gerard, please.” Frank whined, his body shaking slightly and his voice slowly getting louder, “I love you…so much. Please stay! I’m sorry, Gerard, please, don‘t leave me!

Gerard couldn’t watch it anymore, “Frank!” he hissed, “Frankie! Wake up!”

Frank’s eyes shot open and he gasped for air. He saw Gerard’s face leaning in incredibly close to his and yelped, falling off his chair and slamming to the floor.

“Ah, fuck.” Frank winced as he tried to pull himself.

“S-Sorry, Frank. I…Sorry.” Gerard stuttered, helping Frank get to his feet and sat him down on the couch, “A-Are you okay?”

“I’m fine.” he breathed, rubbing where he hit his head, “Why were you yelling at me?”

“Oh…” Gerard blushed, “Uh…W-Well, it kinda looked like you were having a bad d-dream.”

Frank’s breathe hitched a little, but he tried to keep his cool, “It did?”

Gerard nodded, “Y-You were screaming. You scared me.”

“Oh, fuck.” Frank breathed, as he rest his head in his hands, “W-What was I saying?”

“Um…” Gerard whispered, his voice low and shaking slightly. He contemplated whether or not to tell Frank the truth, but soon decided that it would probably be better to tell him, “Uh, lots of stuff.”

“Like what?”

“Oh, um. Well. Y-You said Mikey’s name and…then you kept yelling at someone not to leave and…uh.”

“Fuck.” Frank hissed, “Gerard, tell me honestly, right now, what did I say?”

Gerard looked at Frank and whispered, “You said you love me.”

Frank visibly cringed and started talking so fast, Gerard could hardly understand him, “Gerard, fuck, I’m so sorry. Pretend you didn’t hear it. You were never meant to fucking hear it. I’m sorry. Please don’t hate me. Fuck! Gerard, I’m sorry-”

“Did you mean it?” Gerard cut him off.

“W-What?” Frank stuttered.

“Do you love me?”

“I-I…Yes…” Frank breathed and bowed his head, feeling completely and utterly embarrassed, “I’m so sorry, Gerard.”

“Don’t be.” he said, moving right next to Frank and wrapping his arm around his lower back, “Look at me.”

He slowly turned his head and met Gerard’s eyes. Frank had a few tears falling down his face and it made Gerard’s heart ache. He slowly leaned forward and held Frank’s face in his hands. Frank closed his eyes and leaned into the other man’s touch as Gerard softly kissed away the tears on Frank’s face.

“Frankie,” Gerard whispered, gently rubbing his nose against Frank’s, “Fuck, I love you too.”

“Really?” Frank whispered back, pressing his forehead against Gerard’s.

“Yes. So fucking much…and I‘ll never leave you.”

He couldn’t hold back any longer. Gerard pressed his lips against Frank’s their hearts melted at the same time. Frank eagerly threw his arms around Gerard’s neck and sent him flying back against the couch until Frank was lying on top of him completely. Shyly, Gerard flicked his tongue over Frank’s lips and was immediately granted access to explore his mouth fully. Frank moaned in Gerard’s mouth. He moaned because this is something he’d thought about for longer than he can remember. Gerard smiled into the kiss and pulled Frank on top of him as closely as he could, never wanting to be away from him again.

It took quite a while before they finally broke apart. They spent a long time making out and even longer just pecking each other’s lips, not wanting to let go.

“I love you.” Frank whispered against Gerard’s lips.

Smiling, Gerard replied, “I love you too, and I’m so fucking glad you talk in your sleep.”
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