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Lunch. Bob dreaded lunch. Lunch meant eating with all of his friends, including most of the jocks and cheerleaders. Most teenagers would be thrilled with that; being accepted in with the most popular kids, but in fact Bob despised the fact. In turn eating lunch with the cheerleaders meant watching Christa stick her tongue down Rays throat for an hour.

It was enough to put anyone off of their food, and many a time Bob had sheepishly pushed his tray away and made an excuse to leave. He was considering it today too, because though Bob had thought it impossible, Christa was being even more clingy than usual. She was situated in Rays lap, red lips whispering things in his ear. Bob could just about make out her promising him that she’d show him ‘a good time’ tonight.

It made Bob want to throw up and punch her in the same breath. When he looked to his friends beside him, both Frank and Gerard gave him sympathetic looks. Ray and Bob had never told the two boys of their relationship, but they knew anyway. It was all in Bob's face when Ray was with Christa, or when he walked into a room.

Bob just gave them a small smile and stood up to leave. They were great friends, but he didn’t want their sympathy. It made him feel even more pathetic for letting Ray do what he was doing. Said boy saw Bob leaving and threw an apologetic smile. Bob chose to ignore it and looked away quickly, taking his tray with him and leaving before he could feel any worse.



Bob kept walking and turned up the volume on his iPod, doing his best to drown out that voice. It was persistent though, and eventually with a growl Bob stopped walking, ripping his headphones from his ears and looking at Ray expectantly.


Ray licked his lips at Bob's tone. The boy was pissed, that much was sure. He had every reason to be of course, but it still hurt Ray, especially when he realized what he was about to tell Bob would probably make his mood that much worse.

‘I um... I cant hang out tonight.’

Bob scoffed. ‘Yeah I figured. What was it Christa said? ‘Come over to my house and I’ll show you how naughty I can be’? Have fun with that.’

Shaking his head Bob turned away and carried on walking, paying much attention to his shoes. He let out a noise of frustration when a tug on his shirt brought him to a halt.

‘Bob please’ Ray frowned. ‘I'm sorry okay? You know that I’d rather be with you.’

Bob didn’t say anything to that, just kept his focus on the hand Ray still had on his arm. He was surprised that Ray was still touching him. They were in the parking lot at the end of school, and though most kids had gone there were still a few traipsing to their cars. Ray never usually made contact with Bob when other people were around.

‘Look’ Ray started softly. ‘I’ll make it up to you tomorrow okay? Its Saturday, Moms at work. We can have a lazy day and watch movies and stuff.’

Bob resisted laughing at that. As though a movie made up for all the shit he put Bob through.

‘Please Bob’ Ray murmured, and Bob had to admit that there was real sadness in his eyes. Giving in as always, he nodded, and Ray closed his eyes in relief.

‘Thank you’ he said softly, and his hand came up to cup Bob's cheek. Bob watched him curiously as Ray looked over his shoulder, apparently seeing who was around. He must have been satisfied because when he turned back around he ducked down slightly and caught Bob's lips in a short kiss. It was sweet and gentle, and made Bob want to cry, because he hated that he couldn’t have those kisses all the time.

‘Let me give you a ride home’ Ray whispered when he pulled away.

Bob swallowed hard and shook his head. ‘I'm fine on my own.’

After that he put his headphones back in and turned away for the ten minute walk home. Ray didn’t follow this time, because he knew when Bob wasn’t going to listen to what he had to say, and rightly so because after all, Ray was the cause of his misery.

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