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Something New

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They're in love. They just don't know it yet. Will Spencer be cupid, or is he just to dumb?

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A/N This is a cooperation between me and BATD. Hope you like it. R/R.

19 May 2005

Dear diary. It's been awhile.. almost seven days.
Something really strange happened a few days ago. I met this guy, we totally connected on whole new level. In a way I've always imagined connecting with a girl, and you if someone knows that I never felt anything special for a girl.
This is so confusing. I can't be gay?.. I'm still attracted to girls.... I think.
So.. where do this leave me.

Anyways.. As I told you, I was on my way to Starbucks a few days ago. After I had bought my coffee I went to sit down and this guy bumped in to me. Unfortunately.. or maybe I should say luckily he spilled all his coffee all over me. I offered to buy him a new one, just to be nice you know, but somehow he convinced me to go to his place, which only was around the corner, only so he could wash my shirt. After all it would have taken me 30 minutes to go home and that ride wouldn't have been to exciting with a wet shirt.
I ended up spending the night... But it's not what it sounds like. We played Singstar, fought about who would be Barbie and who would be Ken, drank tea and talked about stuff I can't even tell Bella. We fell asleep looking into each others eyes talking about unicorns and rainbows. Sounds gay right?... I know.

The strange part is that it all felt so natural. Not once during that night I questioned what I was doing. I'm so confused. I have to see him again. But I don't have his number, and showing up at his doorstep would just be awkward. I should have forgot something at his place, that would have been a good excuse.

“What what what.” Spencer shrieked jumping around overly excited.
“You have to read this. He wrote it like a year ago. I KNEW IT.”

Spencer grabbed the journal and sat down on his favorite chair. When he was finished he looked up and said.
“OH EM GEE!!!”
“I know right. You knew it too?”
“Knew what?”
“About them of course, are you blind you dumbass.”
“About who? I thought this was yours” Spencer said, looking rather confused, waving the journal in the air.
“I'll show you, you fucking retard.”

They went to the back of the bus, where they found them on the studio couch.

“Ahhaaa.. I get it... I think.” Spencer said sounding pleased with himself.
“Shhhh.. Shut up.”

They were all cuddled up, sleeping. All of a sudden, Brendon threw his arm across the person lying next to him.
“Ohhh Brendon.. You smell so good.” He mumbled in his sleep and turned to face Brendon, snuggling up against his neck.

“Ahhhw, they're so cute.” Spence exclaimed.
“Get it now, or do I have to spell it out for you?”
“Yeaahh.. I totally get it.. Duuuh.”

“No.... It's my turn to be Barbie.” Brendon mumbled.

“What's he talking about? Barbie?...” Spencer sounded confused... Again.
“Didn't you just read the damn journal. I really do have to spell it out for you. I'm totally sure that it was about Brendon.”
“What was about Brendon. What has he got to do with this journal. I though it was yours.”

“Shhhhh. Can't you see that we're trying to sleep here... I love you're beautiful big brown eyes..”
At the same time, they opened their eyes, smiling at each other for a brief second. Next thing they knew, Jon was on the floor shrieking like little girl while Brendon jumped up screaming “WHAT DID YOU SAY?”.
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