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The talk, the show, the scene.

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Awkward. Awkward... and awkward.

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”Bye guys, see you later.” Brendon exclaimed before he went out on his daily jog.

They watched him slowly disappear around the corner. Jon sat at his usual spot at the table reading his favorite novel by Jane Austen, which today happened to be “Pride and Prejudice”. Spencer gave Ryan a nod and they sat down at the table, facing Jon.

“We know you like him.” They said simultaneously while starring at Jon. Jon peeked out from behind his book and gave them a weird look.
“I like who?... Mr Darcy?” He said, looking rather confused.
“No. We know you like Brendon.” Ryan said, both still starring at him.
“Yeaahh.. Of course I like him.”
“Well then, why didn't you tell us? And why haven't you told him?” Spencer said excitingly.
“I thought that was kind of obvious, and you already know that I like him. I like you too.”
“What? You like us the way you like him....” Spencer said giving him a surprised look. “Well I'm sorry bro, I just don't feel the same way.”
“Oh shut up Spencer. He's just playing dumb. Jon, of course we know that you like all of us already. The thing is, we know you like Brendon more than a friend.“

Within a brief second, Jon's face expression went from confused to terrified. Everyone kept starring at each other and no one said a word.

“How did you know?” Since they practically took Jon off guard with their statement he hadn't been able to come up with a defense, so he figured that the easiest way was to come clean.
“Well.. We sort of tripped over your journal..” Ryan began.
“WHAT? YOU READ MY JOURNAL??????” When they thought Jon's face expressions couldn't get any worse it went from terrified to absolutely dead.
“What.... I thought it was your journal???” Spencer looked at Ryan, confused... Again.
“Oh nooo. FOR THE LAST TIME SPENCER. IT WASN'T MY JOURNAL. IT'S JONS!!!!!” Ryan shrieked.. Again. “It's not like we would have done it if we didn't suspect anything. We just wanna help you.” He said, looking at Jon.
“Oh my god. I feel so humiliated right now.” Jon said acting all nervously.
“No, don't. It's alright. We're here for you bro. Do you want to talk about it?”
“I guess.... Since you already know. I just can't stand it any longer. The thing is, I'm not gay. It's just that.. He brings out a whole new side out of me. He make me feel things I've never felt for a girl before, and I've had girlfriends. It's so confusing because I mean.. I'm not gay.”
“It must be really hard on you.” Spencer said giving him a compassionate glance.
“I have never felt like this before, It is all new to me and the worst part is that no matter how much I am trying to forget about him, my feelings grow stronger every day. I know that he doesn't see me that way.
“How can you be so sure about that?” Ryan said remembering the incident on the studio couch. It wasn't the first time they had fallen asleep on the couch, getting all cuddled up while they were sleeping.
“Why would he think of me in that way? I'm just.... Jon.”
“Whatcha mean 'just Jon'.” Spencer said.
“Yeah.. Whatcha mean by that.. I mean you're handsome, funny, smart, boyfriend-material AND you can play the bass.” Ryan said.
“I would totally do you if I was gay.” Spencer said sounding almost to convinced.
“Ehhh.. Thanx Spence.”
“So what's the plan?” Ryan said.


“Be ready in fifteen guys.” Zack exclaimed.

“Oh my god, I have the worst hair-day EVER. I can't believe the kids are gonna see ME like THIS????!!!!! SPENCER HELP ME WITH YOUR MAGICAL HANDS, PLEASE.” Brendon gave Spencer the puppy eyes.
“Alright alright...”

Jon and Ryan were left alone on the couch in the backstage area.
“So.. Looking forward to the show tonight?” Ryan said trying to converse.
“Yeahh.. Sure.”
“What's the matter 'Jonny-Boy'?”
“Humpf.. Do you HAAAVE to be stagegay tonight?” Jon looked really sad.
“Ehhh.. Of course not.. I can't do anything about Bdon though.”
“You can avoid him?”
“That's gonna look weird...”
“Your right.. Thanx anyway.”
“Anytime bro.” Ryan exclaimed giving him the guy punch.

Zack came back and told the guys it was time to hit the stage.

The show went really well, except the fact that Ryan totally dissed Brendon everytime he came near. For example, Brendon danced over to him a few times, tending to give him a huuuuuuge hug, and a kiss on the cheek. But everytime he came, Ryan ducked and ran away or turned his on back on him.

“Ryan keeps dissing me! Have you guys noticed?” Brendon exclaimed to the audience. He turned to face Ryan and said. “Have I done something wrong? Are you mad at me? What did I do RyRo?”

Ryan froze, he hadn't seen this coming and he had no idea what to say. Right then, Brendon went down on his knees in front of him.

“Ryan, I LOVE YOU.. PLEASE DON'T DO THIS TO ME. ARE YOU SEEING SOMEONE ELSE” Brendon kept begging. Jon looked like he was about to cry. The only Ryan could think of was to play along.

“Ehhh.. I'm with.... Ehh.. J... Encer now. Yeah.. Spencer.” Ryan looked really awkward. “Sorry B.”
“How can you do this to me?” Brendon said looking devastated.

Right then, Spencer saved the show starting to play “Lying..”.
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