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Sleep Talking

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Ryan AAAALWAAAYS gets the blame for everyyyyythiiiiing?

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”WHO ATE ALL THE CEREAL? RYAAAAAN, YOU ATE MY COCO POPS!!!!!!!!!” Brendon shrieked in a high-pitched voice, waving his arms like wings, looking like a little bird.
”I haven't touched your cereal. I'm on a diet remember???? LOW CHARBS HIGH FAT? No cereal for me.”
“Like that's gonna stop YOU??? Go buy me new cereal. I want.. NO I mean NEED MY coco pops.”
“Why do I have to go? I AAAAALWAAAAYS get the blame for everyyythiiing. Why can't Jon go? He never has to do anything around here?” Ryan whined.
Right then, Spencer looked up from his cereals and exclaimed “Ryro stop whining, just go? Please? I need some peace and quiet.”
“Brendon started it. I didn't even say anything. I AAAAALWAAAAYS get the blame for everyyythiiing.” Ryan said. “And Jon should REEEALLLY go, SPENCER.” He added looking demandingly at Spencer.
“Right... Ehm. Jon, go buy cereal.” Spencer said sounding like he just found out that wheels were round like circles. (Really I though they were squares??)
Jon, who still hadn't said anything about the situation stood up silently, grabbed some money and walked out the bus with only a “Buy guys.. Oh, and by the way, don't forget your promise.” Eying Spencer and Ryan.
Brendon looked dreamingly at the door Jon just closed.
“Ahhhhwww. That's just sooo cute.” Spencer exclaimed with a huge grin on his face.
“What? What's cute? And what promise? Did I promise something? What was he talking about?”
Ryan looked at Brendon and sighed “We know you like him.”.
“Yeah, and you would be so adorable together.” Spencer added.
“Well, first of all you talk in your sleep. You always get cuddled up together in your sleep on the studio couch after we watched some horror movie. The looks you give him. How he never gets the blame for anything? The smile that crosses your face everytime someone mentions his name. I can go on forever. Do you need any more proof?” Ryan said without stopping for a breath.
“Who's name?” Spencer said, looking confused.. Again.
“Jon's name. You know. JON?”
“Ohhh. Right.”
“That's the smile I was talking about.” Ryan said pointing at a very dreamy Brendon.
“Yeaaahh.. So? I like him. Whatcha gonna do about it?” Brendon said sounding defensive.
“You would look so cute together.” Spencer smiled.

Right then, Jon entered the bus and threw the cereal box at Brendon saying “There you go cupcake” with a smirk.
Brendon eyed Jon suspiciously before he glared at Ryan and Spencer. “What's going on here, guys??”
“Ehmmm.. Nothing? I was thinking I would play some guitar hero.. If that's alright?” Jon said even more confused.
“Ahhhw.” Spencer added, still with a huge grin on his face.


That night, Ryan couldn't sleep. He was on his way to the “kitchen” on the bus, to get a bowl of Brendon's coco pops. While pouring the cereal he was startled by Brendon's voice.
“Don't do it.”
Ryan almost dropped the bowl and shrieked “I didn't do anything. I promise, these are not for me. I was just preparing your breakfast. I promise, I wont eat it....” He went quiet before he realized it was just Brendon sleep talking.
He chuckled and started to sneak back to his bunk that was on top of Brendon's.
“Jooon. Stoop.” Brendon continued, with a giggle. “You're making me...” he started chuckling again before finishing the sentence. “No not here Jon. Someone might see us. Shhhh. Quiet.” He continued before he rolled over snoring like a frikkin hellacopter.

Oh, and by the way. When Brendon screams "HOOOOOW DID YOU KNOOOOOOOW" after the confrontation, he sounds and looks just like this:
Watch at 00:40. We find it hilarious!

R/R, We love you guys!
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