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One Last Kiss

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(Two Years Later)


"Yeah Matt's coming back tonight" I confirmed. "You must be excited" Lorrie chuckled. "Of course I am. I haven't seen him in two months" I practically shouted. "I know, I'm just saying. Being a rock star's girlfriend isn't that easy now is it?" she asked. "Not really. It's really hard when he's away. My heart always ache and I would always dream about him" I sighed. "But he's going to be right in front of you in just about four hours. Anticipations killing you my friend" Lorrie teased. "I'll be making him meals and everything" I smiled even though she couldn't see. "Well, good luck preparing. Kendall's trying to steal Vanessa's Barbie again so I have to go" I heard whines in the background. I smiled. One day, Matt and I would have kids. "Bye Lorrie" we both hung up. Lorrie has been my friend since middle school. We haven't contacted each other for almost ten years until we accidently met at the mall just about a year ago.

Her life is still perfect as it used to be the same. She met the man of her dreams, Ethan. They married and have two beautiful children, Vanessa and Kendall. The two little twins are so adorable. I've been to their house several times. Every time I'm there, I play with the kids for a little while. Kendall is turning five this year and Vanessa is turning three next month. It's such a joy having children in your life. I wonder when Matthew and I will get married and have children. Matthew told me that he's willing to take this relationship slowly as it didn't start off with a good start. But I'm certainly ready to marry him and have his babies. Matthew knows that he loves me. I want to be with Matthew for the rest of my life so there isn't any reason why we shouldn't get married.

Skye and Nathan were definitely the best couple around. They're so happy with one another that people would get so jealous of their wondrous relationship. They understand what the other would be thinking or saying even if the words weren't out of their mouth. It's like they read each other like an open book. No more arguments were ever made between the two. Since the scene I caused at their house two years ago, they didn't have another fight. Other couples would scream at each other and fight over the most worthless shit but Nathan and Skye would just sit there all happy with one another. Matthew and I got into another fight that almost broke us up. It was over my mother. I don't really want to explain the whole fight but it wasn't pretty. You see, my mother approves of Nathan and Skye. She thinks that I shouldn't be with Matthew because Skye's with Nate.

She believes that it brings bad luck to both families. I still don't understand why. Matt got angry and started calling my mother insane. But being the good daughter that I am, I defended my mother. No one talks about my mom like that. Not even Matthew. Anyways Skye's six months pregnant with Nathan's child. Everyone was so happy for them. Some even envied them. They are the perfect happy couple that everyone wanted to be. Even I want that. I want my future with Matthew to be like theirs. The home phone rang loudly, interrupting the free flowing of my thoughts. "Hello?" "Guess who's coming home today?" Skye squealed. "Oh hell yes!" I giggled. "I have so many surprises for Nathan" she said. "Really? Aww that's so sweet" I cooed. "What are you going to do?" uh... What was I going to do exactly? "Um... Dinner then sex?" I said with uncertainty. Skye barked out a laugh. "I envy you" "Why the hell would you envy me?" I smirked. "Because you get to have sexual intercourses with your partner" I laughed at her humorless joke. "Come on, it'll be worth it. The beautiful baby would be a special gift"

"Yeah but I think it's too early. I don't think I'm ready" she was still unsure. I need to give her some encouragement. "Skye, you guys have been married for two years, of course you guys can handle it. You've been through a lot of shit and yet you guys still ended up perfectly together. That's amazing. If you guys could handle that, of course you guys can handle the pregnancy and the baby" "Damn Rachel, that's amazing" she interrupted me. "What's amazing?" "Your encouragement is amazing. Maybe you and Matt should have a baby" she suggested. It's as if she read my mind. "I wish" "Then talk to Matthew about marriage and the child" she said. "I'll do that when he comes home" "Not right away though" "Yeah of course" we chatted for a while and then ended our phone conversation.

I decided to prepare Matthew dinner when he comes home. Should I take him out to a restaurant? I can't cook for my life. Yeah, I'll wait till he comes home and then we'll go to a place to eat. I'd definitely pay with my own credit card. When I turn on the TV, the new music video Skye's band shot with Josh was starting. Great timing. I've never seen the video but I've heard that they shot it a few months ago. That time Skye just found out she was pregnant. I've heard the song several times but I've never actually taken the time to see the video. This is their fourth and set to be final single for the album before they go make a new album. Skye said that it was Nathan's idea for Josh to come and record the song with them. It's actually a great idea. The song came out great. It's actually one of the best songs on that album. That was everyone's favorite song from them.

Nathan told me that his favorite was Life Without You. It was a song that Nathan and Skye wrote together. How romantic. The video took place in a park. There was a mini Skye and a mini Josh in the playground building a sandcastle. Then it shows the band playing in a room filled with blue and red lights. After the first chorus, it goes back to the park. This time, the real Josh walks in the park as he sings the second verse. He looks around and looks at the old sandcastle he built with Skye when they were younger. Another clip shows Skye walking around that same park, walking down memory lane. The video goes on with them wondering around the same place but never meeting each other. It goes back and forth with the story line and the performance. In the end, Skye and Josh find each other. The video ends with both of them locked in a hug.

That's so cute. It's such a wonderful video. Skye and Josh would look adorable together but nothing can beat Nathan and Skye. That's what a lot of people think. But then another video appeared and I decided to just sit and watch the program just to kill time. I didn't even know what to do to distract myself. The thought of Matt coming home is overwhelming. Two months without him was lonely and empty. But luckily I could go on their next UK headlining tour with them. After they come back today, they won't tour for a while because Nathan said he wants to be here when Skye's in labor. He wants to be there to see his first child. Of course the band wants to take some break on touring. After their break, they are going to continue touring like monsters before they start to write for their fourth studio album.

I suddenly woke up to the phone ringing. It was when I realized I was sleeping. How long was I asleep for? I picked up the phone, "hello?" "Rachel" "Oh my god, Matt!" I nearly squealed. "I can't wait to see you" he said. I heard some chatters in the background. "I can't either. It's been so long" "Rachel, it's been two months" he laughed. "That's a long time without you" I pouted. "It sure is. We just got picked up at the airport. I'll be home in about fifteen minutes" "I missed you" "I missed you too Rachel, can't wait to see you" we talked for a while and then ended our conversation. I checked the time. I've been asleep for three and a half hours. How the hell did that happen? Oh well, it didn't really matter. My boyfriend will be home in less than fifteen minutes and sleeping did kill time.

I waited impatiently, staring at the clock. Can't time go any faster? I rolled my eyes when the second hand hit "5" and I didn't see any car pull up at the driveway. It's been 17 minutes and he's still not back yet. I need to calm down. When he said fifteen minutes, he was approximating. It's just that all these months without him are driving me mad. As I was trying to kill time, I began thinking about Matthew and me. I lost my job at the magazine company because I started not showing up to work due to personal issues. Then when I don't have a job, I don't have money. No money, no bills can be paid so Matthew offered me to move into his house and I sold my old one. I still remember the night I moved in. We walked into his house and immediately made love in his bedroom. That was one of the best nights of my life.

My wondrous thoughts were interrupted by the doorbell. I jumped but ran over to the door as fast as I could, nearly tripping on my slippers. I quickly opened the door and jumped on Matthew. "I fucking missed you" I said to him. He carried me into the house, closing the door behind him. "And life without you sucked as well" he kissed my cheek. I pecked his lips in return. "So are you tired from the flight?" he shook his head. "Do you want to eat?" I asked. "Maybe later. Now I just want to spend my time with you" he stroked my cheeks. "Alright" we sat down on our bed and talked about the tour. "No this chick was grabbing onto Nathan's leg and he nearly fell over onstage. I was laughing hysterically. If he fell, that would have made my day" Matthew laughed at the memory.

We talked for about two hours just about the most random things that came to our mind. Being with him makes me feel alive. I've been stuck in Chicago because of work. I work as a bartender at a pub downtown. That's what's holding me back from touring with them this time. Sometimes my boss let's me tour and sometimes she doesn't. But she understands as she used to go out with William Beckett from The Academy Is. Matthew pulled me in for a kiss and we both fell onto the bed. We both got the message as we began taking off our clothes. After we were both done, he flipped the top drawer and took out a pack of condoms. I bit my lips as I opened my mouth. I was going to speak my mind.

"Uh Matt?" my voice came out shaky. "Yeah?" "Uh... I was thinking..." I took the condom out of his hands and threw it across the room. "What was that for?" he almost smirked at me. "I want to uh... Have children" I could feel my face burning as I looked at the bed sheets. "Rachel, I'd love to have kiddies with you but nows not a good time" he said calmly. "But when is the time exactly?" I was still afraid to look up at him. "Just not now. We're not even married" "Why don't we get married now?" I asked. "Now? Rachel, I don't think I'm ready" he shook his head. "Matthew, I'm ready. Why aren't you?" I began questioning. "I feel like there's so much we haven't done. Having children means more responsibility. I mean I'd love to marry you. We could arrange that in the next few months but the kids can wait" "Aww Matt!" I groaned. Why is he making this so hard?

"Rachel, I'm serious" "So am I" I shot back. "Why do you want kids anyways?" he asked. "You don't want to have kids? What's wrong with kids? I've always wanted a child. Look at Lorrie and Ethan. They have freaking beautiful children. Vanessa and Kendall are just so adorable. I just want what they have" I expressed my thoughts to him. "Rachel, we're not ready" he sighed. "Yes we are" I patted his shoulders. "Rachel, this is ridiculous" he rolled his eyes. "Matthew, you are making this so frustrating" I gritted through my teeth. "Well if you wanted kids so bad then why'd you have an abortion when Skye hooked you up with a random guy?" Matt yelled. I stared at him wide eyed. He seems to mean what he said.

I can't believe he just said that. He doesn't understand how hurtful that comment was. My fingers clenched into fists. "Your right, why did I? That's supposed to be one of the biggest mistakes of my life right? Anyways, that problem can be solved. You don't want a child, that's fine with me. As a female, I have an advantage. I'll just go out on the streets and look for random guys to fuck. Oh maybe I'll be pregnant and have a beautiful child that doesn't look like you" I shouted. His face flushed with anger as he got up from the bed, knocking down everything at my bedside. He picked his clothes up and quickly put them on. Then he took the keys and walked out of the bedroom and probably out of the house. It took me two seconds to take in what just happened. "No Matt, wait" I ran to the living room to see that he was halfway to the door.

He kept going. "Matthew, I'm sorry. I didn't mean anything I just said" I pleaded. "Sure you don't" he mumbled. "Where are you going?" I asked. "Since you decided you wanted to fuck random guys out in the streets, I decided that I wanted to have fun too" with that, he walked out of the door. It took me a while to realize what I just done and what Matt will do out there. I fell on the sofa and broke down uncontrollably.


"Why did you get me a bass? Matthew plays bass remember?" Nathan held the new bass guitar up. "Well, I was hoping you'd teach me when you have time" I said hopefully. "Skye, I don't know how to play" he sighed. "Yeah you do" I laughed. "Trust me, I don't" he smirked. "Then go take lessons" "Are you kidding me?" "Yeah" "Oh" "I got this for free" I confessed. "How?" "Fiona's mom bought it for her but then she already has the exact same one so she gave it to me" I giggled. "Of course" he ruffled my hair. "I really missed you" I smiled up at him. "I missed you and the baby too" he rubbed my belly. I wrapped my arms around him and kissed his cheeks. "Is that the best you can do?" he challenged. "Yes, while I'm pregnant" I chuckled. "Sucks to be a woman huh?" he joked. "Hey, maybe one day men will be the ones pregnant not women" I pouted. "That's impossible" he pointed out. "What if?" he laughed.

"If you get pregnant one day, I swear the god I'll laugh" I added. "Yeah right" he smirked. "Who knows?" we both sat down on the sofa. It actually took me a while to sit down but Nathan helped me. "So what do you want to do?" he asked. "Whatever you like. You just got back from tour" I said. "I smell food, did you make anything?" "Yeah I wanted it to be a surprise but your stupid nose had to give everything away" I muttered under my breath. "You're too sweet" he kissed my lips. "I'm only sweet to you honey" I said when we broke apart. "Lucky to be me huh?" he laughed. "Yes really lucky" our lips met again. But it was interrupted by the phone. We both broke away, groaning. Nathan decided to pick it up. "Hello? Yeah... You okay? Fine I'll give the phone to Skye" then he handed me the phone. "Hi?" "Skye!" Rachel was sobbing. "Rachel, what's wrong?"

"Matthew fucking left me" she stuttered. "Matt left you? How?" I shouted. Nathan turned his head to me, confused. "I said something I shouldn't have said. I can't believe it. He's probably at the bar sticking his mouth down some other girl's throat now" she continued. "No he wouldn't Rachel" I promised. "He will, after what I said to him. Hell yeah" "Did you eat yet?" I asked. "No" "How about this? I'll get Nathan to find Matt and talk some sense into him. We'll go to that Japanese restaurant downtown okay?" I compromised. "Okay" she responded and hung up. As soon as I hung up the phone, Nathan immediately asked what happened. "Matthew walked out on Rachel. She didn't tell me why but can you find him for me? He's most likely in a bar. Make sure he's okay. I'm going to eat with Rachel. Is that fine with you?" I asked. "Definitely" he kissed my cheek and we got up. I took my car keys and we both walked to the garage.

I got in my car and he got into his. "See you later" then we both pulled out of the garage and away from the house. I drove to Matt and Rachel's house. Rachel appeared with smudged makeup when I rang the doorbell. "Rachel" I hugged her. "Skye, I don't know what to do" she sniffed. "Let's go eat. We'll talk about it" we got in my car and I began driving to the Japanese restaurant. Sushi was Rachel's favorite. Hopefully that'll cheer her up. I just hope that Matt will forget what happened and forgive her. When we got there, we sat at a seat for two. We looked in the menu and ordered our food. She ordered a Shrimp tempera roll and a spicy tuna roll. I just ordered a California roll.

"So what happened?" Rachel was into tears as she told me everything. "Rachel, you guys were arguing over this? What you said to him was very hurtful" I told her. "I know and I regret it" she sobbed. "Matthew will eventually come around. Just give him some time to just chill. Then when he feels better, you two will forgive each other. What he said to you wasn't right either so maybe you two should apologize to each other when you see each other" "If we ever see each other" "You guys will. Nathan will find him and everything will be better than now" I said to her. "I'm sorry I made you come here. It's supposed to be the night you spend with Nathan since he just came back" she apologized. "It's fine. We have some other time. I just want you to feel better" I said. "Skye, I appreciate this"

"Anything for you Rachel" "I feel really special. You drove around like a mad pregnant woman just for me" she chuckled a little at her own words. I smiled. At least she's kind of laughing. Even though it took a while for me to get in the car, I'd go through all that for Rachel. She's been a very important person to me for the past few years. I just wished we were like that during childhood. Then I realized how I was going to have what she wanted to have. She wanted a child. I'm about to have my first child and I feel like I'm not ready for it. Why can't we trade positions? I mean I'm definitely happy to have my first child with the man that I love but I feel like my first priority will be that child, not myself anymore. "So when will you guys start recording for your next album?" Rachel asked. "I was thinking we start before I go into labor and after I have the baby and Nathan goes on tour, we'll continue and finish"

We chatted about non-Matthew things and finished our dinner. My phone rang as I was paying the bills. "Nathan, did you find him yet?" I asked. "Apparently, I found him drunk at the bar Rachel works at and he was having a bar fight with this big bulky. Lucky for Matt, I came to rescue him" Nathan said. "Where are you guys now?" I asked. "We're at their house. He's still drunk though" "It's okay, we're coming" then we hung up. "How is he?" Rachel asked. "Pretty drunk, let's go. He'll probably forget all about it tomorrow" I said. "Good, let's go" we both got up and out of the restaurant. We were walking to the parking lot in the dark. It was kind of scary since no one else was around. I was sensing someone behind us.

"Freeze!" someone yelled. Yet I was right. We both stopped walking and someone cornered us. "Give me your money" he growled. Rachel panicked and took out her wallet. "Rachel, you don't have to" I whispered to her. This angered the guy and he took out his gun. Rachel handed him all her money in her wallet. I was scared as well. What if we died now? It wouldn't be right for Rachel and Matthew. Nathan and I were going to have our first child. This is something that I'd cherish for a whole lifetime. Maybe the guy will just take our money and leave. Then the guy turned to me. "Give me yours" he demanded. I nodded, taking out my wallet. Luckily I only have twenty dollars cash in my wallet. Thank god for credit card. I gave him the twenty.

"Are you kidding me?" he yelled. "That's all I have" I said. "Stay" he said as I took a step towards him, pointing the gun at me. Rachel looked at me and mouthed "call for help" to me. I got the message. "Oh I'll look for my money. I think I have more" Rachel said. The guy fixed his attention on her. I put my phone in my bag and pretend to look in it as I send a text to Nathan. "Help, we're at gunpoint. I'm really scared. We're at the corner by the Japanese restaurant. Call the police or something I'm scared. Please come as soon as possible" I pleaded with my message I cross my fingers that Nathan will make everything alright. Rachel was still struggling to find anything in her bag. I searched it myself to try to stall. "I don't have anymore" I confessed. "Don't lie to me or I'll shoot you" he shouted, pointing the gun at me. "I'm not. I have credit" I held out my American express credit card. He snatched it out of my hand and turned to Rachel. She gave him her credit card as well. Why did he need those anyways?

My knees started shaking and I was terrified. The police better hurry up. I bit my lips and breathed heavily. I looked over at Rachel. She was afraid as well. I want to go and hug her but my muscles couldn't bring itself to move. Why aren't the police here yet? "Alright, I think you guys are fine now. Don't tell anybody anything promise?" he pointed the gun in the air. We both nodded. "Good then" he started walking away but then several police cars pulled over. The guy turned to us furiously. He pointed the gun at Rachel and I. "Who called the cops on me?" he growled as the police started getting out. "Tell me or I'll shoot you both" he threatened. I looked at Rachel. She was nearly into tears.

"I did!" I shouted, holding my phone up. He pointed the gun at me and pulled the trigger as I closed my eyes. I heard a gunshot and I knew that my life's over. Let's just hope that Rachel's safe and live on happily with Matthew. But I didn't feel any pain. Was I dead yet? It felt like nothing hit me. I realized that I was able to open my eyes so I did. When I did, I saw the police pull the guy into a police car. At least he got caught and we're fine. I didn't feel any wound so something must happened to the gun. I looked over at Rachel in relief but she wasn't there. Wait, where is she? I turned to my other side and she was on the floor with blood dripping all over the floor. Rachel jumped a bullet for me. She's dying instead of me. "Rachel!" I shouted and kneeled beside her. "Skye" she said weakly. "Rachel, why did you do that? You're stupid" I cried. "Skye, you are going to have your first child. Your life shouldn't end here. My life isn't going to go any further than this. Matthew doesn't love me so there's no point. Skye, it hurts" Rachel grasped onto my wrists and tried to endure the pain. The paramedics came and brought her into the ambulance. They let me ride with her. I cried my whole way there.

When we got there, she was immediately sent to the emergency room. I was told that I had to sit in the waiting room. I was the only one there. My cell phone rang. "Skye, are you guys okay? Where are you?" he asked in a panicked tone. "Nate" I sobbed. "Skye, where are you?" he yelled. "I'm in the hospital. Rachel got shot" I stuttered. "Oh my god, we'll be there in a second" then I waited for about two minutes before Nathan and Matthew walked in. Matthew was sober enough to know what's going on. "Is she going to be okay?" he asked me. I could see the tears forming in his eyes. "I don't know, you tell me" I muttered. It was his fault after all.

I buried my face in Nathan's chest and sobbed uncontrollably. He didn't say anything. I guess he couldn't. What else is there to say? My sister's life is on the line here. We waited for about an hour before Fiona, Alex, Collin, Dan, Mateo, Lorrie, Ethan, and Casey showed up together. They were all worried as well and they were informed by the front desk clerk. They all sat down and everyone was quiet. What if Rachel died? It was my fault. If she didn't jump the bullet for me, I would have been dead instead of her. Why are we still here pretending like she's going to live? We all know that Rachel's dead but we just don't want to say it. "This is my fault" I broke the silence. "What'd you do?" Fiona asked. "I brought her out to eat and she got shot when it should have been me" I screamed.

Nathan buried his face in the crook of my neck. No one was telling me to calm down because no one else was. Everyone knew that Rachel was dead, yet they are here to hear what they already knew. One of the doctors came out of the emergency room. "Doctor, tell me how she is" Matthew pleaded. He has been crying but not as hard as me. It's his fault as well. If he hadn't been such a dick then she would still be here. They would be at home, making love or something. But instead we're in the hospital waiting for the doc to announce that she's dead. "I'm sorry she couldn't make it" the doctor said sorrowfully to us. "Nathan" I cried out. "Skye I'm sorry" his voice was shaky. I know that he's trying to show that he's a brave man and won't cry. He's doing it just for me. I can't believe Rachel's dead. After all the shit we've been though she didn't deserve to die.

Matthew was having a breakdown. His cry was the hardest. Nathan let go of me and turned to the others. "Skye, I don't know what to say" Fiona said and hugged me. "Just don't say I'm sorry. I heard enough of that shit" I mumbled. "We'll go through this together" she whispered in my ear. I nodded, letting go as I hugged everyone else one by one. "This is all my fault!" Matthew roared with anger. I turned to him. "Your right this is your fault! If you were being considerate of Rachel's love for wanting a child this wouldn't happen! You're the reason why I lost my sister. And almost me!" I yelled at him. Matthew just sat there and cried even more. "Skye, don't blame him" Nathan came over to me. "It's his fucking fault!" I growled with anger. "He already lost Rachel, don't make this any harder for him" Nate said softly. "Well too fucking bad is it? I lost my sister" I shouted. "But think about it, him losing her is like me losing you. I don't know what I'd do without you" he said.

"I blame him. He let my sister die sorrowfully. Do you know what she told me? Do you want to know what she fucking told me? She said that she did this because her life ended. She told me that you didn't love her anymore so she just let this happen to herself not me. It should have been me! This is your fault. I'm going to kill you!" I gritted through my teeth, walking towards him with my fist clenched. Matthew didn't stop me as I punched his mouth. "Skye, that's enough" Nathan pulled me away from him. Being the pregnant woman that I am, I couldn't break out of his grasp. I struggled as he held me against the wall. "Skye, that's enough. Rachel did this because she wanted you to have a better life. She wanted us to live a good life. She did this for us so we should take this and make the best of it" he said soothingly to me. I struggled more but made no progress of getting out.

"Well I don't care about this fucking life anymore. A better life? Fuck! A better life my ass. I'm not gonna make the best out of this. I don't care anymore. Screw me and this fucking baby. It doesn't matter anymore. Life doesn't fucking matter anymore. The world is a screwed up place. I'm not going to make the best out of anything in this screwed up place" I screamed. Nathan's grip on me loosened as he stormed away from the waiting room. I turned to everyone else looking at me. "Matthew, what did I fucking do now?" more tears streamed down my eyes. "You told him that you and the baby don't mean anything anymore. He's upset that you're talking like this and that you're feeling this way. Go talk to him" Matt said. I was once so angry at him but I just feel weak now. I feel helpless. My husband just walked out on me. I think I hurt him a lot by just saying that. Am I a monster?

Ignoring the tear stained vision, I ran out of the waiting area and looked for Nathan. I couldn't find him at the lobby but I found him walking towards the exit. "Nathan!" I yelled. He turned back to look at me. "Nathan wait!" I ran right into him and I buried my face in the crook of his neck. We stood there for s few minutes just crying. He wiped away his tears and I looked up at him. "Skye, you and the baby means the world to me. I want to let you know that" he said mutely. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to say that before" "Is this how you feel?" he asked. "I don't know. It's just that Rachel did this for me and I feel like I don't deserve living. I blame myself and her" I patted my belly, "for wanting Rachel to protect me"

"Skye please tell me your not giving up" Nathan's tears came back. It made me cry even more than I did. I wonder if I lost all my tears for a lifetime. I've never cried so much before. I started to think. Why am I doing this to him? He's still here. He won't leave me. We can actually have a good life together and create a family. I can't do this to him. I need to move on and make Rachel's death worth it. "Nathan" he sniffed, looking over at me. "I won't give up. I want to live the life that I've always wanted with you. I love you forever and always" he wiped all his tears away once again and hugged me. But we can't manage to stop crying. We both walked back to the waiting room. Fiona was pulled into a hug by Matthew. "Matthew?" he looked up at me from Fiona's neck. "I'm sorry. I didn't really mean to say what I said to you" I apologized. "It's okay. Your absolutely right" he stuttered. "No. It's not your fault. It's nobody's fault this is how fate is. Things happen for a reason"

(4 Years Later...)

"Angel, can you please sit still?" I groaned. "Sorry mommy. It's just that I can't wait" she said innocently. "I know, I'm sorry. I just wanted to dress you up like a princess" I told her, pinching her cheeks. "Will my prince be there?" she asked. "Who's your prince?" I questioned. "I don't know but I believe true love exists" she said confidently. "Yes they do but nows too early for true love" I kissed her cheek. "I still believe in love" "I know baby" "Mom?" "Yeah?" "Why can't I wear the white dress? It was prettier than this pink dress" she stared at me in wonder. "I know honey, it's a rule. You cannot wear white. No one can besides Aunt Fiona" I explained. "Why not?" "Because only the bride gets to wear white" "Oh, but Aunt Fiona will be dressed very pretty right?" she's so adorable. "Yes" "How about Uncle Matthew? Will he be handsome?" "He already is right?" I laughed. "Yes because he looks just like daddy and daddy is handsome. That's why you married him" she said matter of factly.

I sighed. "Angel, daddy is indeed very handsome but he's a really good guy as well" I said. "Yes he is!" she shouted. "Of course" I finished putting makeup on her and she looked in the mirror. "I look like a princess!" she yelled. "Yes you do" I kissed her forehead. "I'm going to find daddy!" she yelled. "Okay" I chuckled and she ran out the door. It's been four years since the accident with Rachel. Life has been very good for me. Nathan and I had a baby girl. We decided to name her Angel because I believe that she's an angel. She's one of the main reasons why I've coped with Rachel's death so well. Nathan and I couldn't have been any happier. Our lives were at our highest and nothing could come in between us. About ten years ago, I didn't know that I'd meet someone as amazing as Nathan and we'd end up like this. But we have each other and Angel so whatever lifetime challenges we face, we'll do this together.

It took Matthew a very long time to pull his shit together. Nathan never thought that he'd get over Rachel. I always believed that he will with a certain someone. Every day for him was agony until he fell in love with Fiona all over again. She helped him cope with the death. She made him forget about her death being his fault. She made him feel like he could start his life over and move on. And he was happy again with Fiona. And two and a half years after they got together, they're getting married. Today, Angel was very happy to attend to her first wedding. She loved seeing people in love. She'd watch all these Disney movies and she wants to be in love as well. She's still a bit ignorant but she will understand when she grows up. She will know what love is really like.

Knocks on the door interrupted my thoughts. "Skye, are you ready yet? You're taking way too long" Nathan groaned. "Wait" I did the finishing touches of my hair and ran out the door, straight into Nathan. "Looking gorgeous" he chuckled. "If course I am" I kissed his cheeks and we walked down the stairs. Angel was twirling in circles. "Hey honey, we have to go now or we'll be late" I said. "Okay mom" she started walking towards the door. Nathan picked her up and carried her to the car. I sat in the passenger seat and Nate got in the driver's seat. "Angel, put the seatbelt on" I commanded. "I did" she whined. "Okay I believe you" I smiled.

When we got to the ceremony, there were people outside with a guest list. "Name?" one of them asked. "Are you kidding me?" I muttered. "Skye Leone" "Wait, are you related to Matthew?" the other girl asked. "No shit" "Language darling!" Nathan called out. "Hey, that's Nathan. He's Matt's twin brother" they immediately let us in. "Mom?" "Yeah" "Shit is a bad word" she said. "I know. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that" I apologized. Nathan chuckled and we walked in. We sat down next to Collin and Alex. "Collin!" Angel shouted, wrapping her tiny arms around him. "Hello Angel" he ruffled her blonde hair. She has blonde hair and beautiful green eyes just like her father. She's one of the best things that have ever happened to Nate and I.

We sat through the ceremony. Fiona looked stunning and Matthew's never looked happier in his black tux. Fiona's sister, Carrie was the maid of honor. Dan was chosen as their best man. When the ceremony was on, Angel yawned a bit. "When will they kiss?" she asked impatiently. "Wait baby, just a little bit longer" I whispered. Then they got to the 'I do' part. "Matthew Jonathan Leone, will you take this woman as your wife?" "I do" "Fiona Sarah Pierre, will you take this man as your husband?" "Of course I do" "You may kiss the bride" and Matthew kissed Fiona. Angel was clapping loudly as everyone followed her lead. Then everyone started getting up, congratulating the newly wed. We waited in line as I watched Fiona's parents pull her into a hug.

When it was our turn, Angel ran right into Matthew. "Uncle Matthew! You look handsome" she complimented. "Thanks buddy. Do I look better than your father?" he asked, smirking at Nathan. Nathan flashed a devious grin right back. "No, daddy is very handsome" she said. "That's my girl" Nathan gave her a high five. I rolled my eyes and smiled at them. "Hey guys!" Fiona turned to us. "Hello Fiona" I hugged her. "Aunt Fiona, you look pretty! You guys are so cute together!" Angel yelled at the top of her lungs. "Why thank you" Fiona hugged her. Then we met up with Alex. Angel went to play something with him and Nathan pulled me aside. "What's up?" "Nothing, I just wanted to do this" he wrapped his arms around me and kissed me.

We broke apart to the sound of clapping. "Yay! Mommy and daddy!" Angel yelled with Alex and Collin beside her. "You guys aren't the newly weds, stop stealing their glory" Collin joked.


I carried Fiona to our hotel suite. "Wow, it's nice" she whispered. "Only the best for you Fiona" I grinned at her. "Your too kind Matt" she kissed my nose. "It's time to go to bed" I winked at her. "Well you know what that means" she laughs. "Take off that dress already" I dropped her on the bed. "Anything for you Matthew" she reached for her zippers. "I can't reach" she frowned. "I'll help" I unzipped her dress. "Yeah" she giggled. I took her sleeping gown from her suitcase and handed it to her. She put it on and helped me take off my tie. "I can't believe you still have problems with ties" she laughed. "Don't laugh" I pouted. "Here" she threw my shirt and pants at me. "Thanks" I changed and sat on the bed.

"Are you tired?" she asked me. "A little bit. How about you?" "Yeah, let's go to sleep" she yawned. "I love you Fiona" "I love you Matt" then we turned the lights out.

When I closed my eyes, Rachel's face came up. My jaw dropped open. I never got to say goodbye to her. The last time I saw her was when I walked out that darn door and I regret that. "Matt" she said. "Rachel" "How are you? Wait let me answer that. You've been good" she flashed a grin. "Yeah I've really been" I nodded. "Matthew, I've been watching over you and let me tell you one thing" "What?" "You shouldn't ever feel guilty about what happened to me" she said. "But if I didn't walk out on you..." "No Matt. Things happen for a reason. I'm so glad that Skye and Nathan are living happily. Angel is just adorable" she smiled. The beautiful smile that I missed. "Yeah she is"

"And I'm so happy for you and Fiona" she continued. "You are?" "Yes. She's the one for you" "You were the one for me" I said. "I love you but I'm not. You and Fiona were meant to be together not us. Here in heaven can teach you a lot. They tell you who's meant to be with who" Rachel explained. "Okay so who's Angel going to end up with?" I asked. Angel always dreamed about love. "He's a guitarist of a band. He's everything Angel won't be but she'll one day figure out that he's the one. Remember, things happen for a reason" she winked at me. "So we weren't meant to be?" I asked. "Nope we're not"

"Am I going to see you again?" I asked. "No you will not" "Before you go, can you give me one last kiss?" "Of course" she leaned over and kissed me. When I opened my eyes, I was back in the hotel suite. Fiona was sound asleep beside me. I smiled, knowing that my best friend Rachel will always be watching over me. She's definitely in a better place.

The End
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