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Never Walk Alone

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"Nathan, please don't tell me you believe this" I dropped the picture on his lap. He bit his lips and examined the picture. "Who took the picture?" I turned to Rachel. "Luckily Josie was hanging around there to take the picture" she smirked. "Dude, Josie is a psycho bitch. She's trying to ruin our lives. Did you know that Matthew loved you not Josie? No you didn't because you were too stupid to believe Josie. And where did that bring you? It brought you here. You lost your lover and you're stuck with doing Alex every night. And guess what? Matthew might be in love with Fiona so it's your loss not mine!" I shouted at her and stormed upstairs to the bedroom. I angrily flipped through my drawers and picked out my clothes. I stripped down my current clothing to put on a black tank top and my blue fuzzy pajama pants.

I threw my outside clothes in the laundry basket and jumped on the bed. I turned to face the direction of my drawers and the closet. I heard some glass breaking downstairs. Hopefully no one breaks my crystal turtle paper weight. It was very special to me. Josh gave it to me as a wedding gift and I immediately fell in love with it. I ignored my surroundings but continued staring into space at the drawers and closet. It felt like an hour when I heard the door open. I didn't bother checking who it was. I was still deep into thought. I still can't believe I did what I did at Alex's house. He's my best friend and I shouldn't have manipulated him like that. It's kind of wrong in so many ways. Would we ever be the same again? What if Nathan finds out? Would he ever forgive me? As Matthew said, Nathan won't find out.

Nathan walked to the closet and opened it, finding his sleep wear. When he took it out, he stripped down his clothes as well. When he was done, he walked to his side of the bed. I could feel his weight on the bed beside me. Then within seconds, I could feel his arms around me. I turned towards him. He was smiling at me. "Hey" "Hi" I said awkwardly. "So how you feeling?" he asked. "Guilty" I admitted. "What are you guilty for?" "I freaked out on Rachel. What the hell was I thinking? It wasn't even her fault. Fucking Josie has problems" I gritted through my teeth. "I'm sorry" he played with my hair. "But, Matthew didn't deserve what he was getting" I sighed. "I know, I didn't mean to freak out on him either. I feel like we're all falling apart" "I think so too, do you think you and me are falling apart too?" I asked. He then looked at me with some kind of sadness.

"I didn't feel that. Do you?" he continued to stroke my hair. "I don't know, are you mad at me?" "Why would I be mad at you?" "Did you forget? Weren't you just mad at me for having a good time with Matthew?" I questioned. "Nope, because I don't believe in none of this shit" "I thought you did" "I did at first but come on, I promised you that I'd trust you. And what kind of husband would I be of I didn't trust you with my brother?" I kissed him. "I'm glad we're okay" "When were we not okay?" "True"


I brought the cup of orange juice to Fiona. "Thanks" she took a sip of it. "Anytime" I sat down beside her. "Matt?" "Yeah?" "Nothing" "Okay" I turned on the TV to kill the awkwardness. "Hey your song's on MTV!" I tapped on her shoulder. We both watched the video. It was the last single from their second album. The video consists of Skye trapped in a dark room waiting for someone to save her. She then gets angry and all the anger comes out and defeats the darkness surrounding her. But when she leaves, the darkness revives and continues chasing her. The video then shows the band performance on a rooftop.

Then the video ends with Skye being sucked back into the darkness. "Good video" I laughed. "The director was very creative" Fiona crossed her legs. "We're filming our next video soon" I said. "Which song?" "Welcome To Oblivion" I answered. "That's sexy! Welcome To Oblivion's my favorite song off the record!" I just smiled at her. She flashed me a cheeky grin and turned her attention back to the television. I took the remote and switched the channel to ESPN. "Hey!" Fiona walked over to me and stole the remote back. I tackled her to the sofa and tickled her, trying to get the remote back. She kept giggling until my phone rang.

I checked the caller ID. I groaned, ignoring the call. "Who is it?" Fiona asked, handing me the remote at last. "Rachel" I said in a mono tone. Her expression changed. It was unreadable but it affected her somehow. "Why don't you pick up?" she asked me. "Because I don't want to talk to her" I shrugged. "Why don't you?" "I have nothing to say to her" "But Matt..." "Fiona?" she opened her mouth but no words came out. "Are you going to end up with her?" "No I'm not because she blew the chance by being a fucking bitch and I have you" I explained. "Why me?" she asked. "You were there when I needed someone. You picked me up when I'm down" I pulled her into a hug. "But I think you guys were meant to be" she looked into my eyes as she was saying this. Then I let go of her

"Fiona, what are you talking about?" I groaned. "You and Rachel. You guys were like the example of true love and now you guys lost it for a really stupid reason. I don't want to get in the way of that" "Fiona your not getting in the way because this is my choice to want to be with you" I wrapped my arms around her but she pulled away politely. "Matthew, I don't think this is ever going to work out" she shook her head. Anger started washing over me. Why didn't she want me? Was I not good enough for her rock star standards? Was I not "Frank" enough for her? "Get the fuck out of my house then" I growled at her. "Matt, don't get mad" "Just leave" I yelled. "Matthew please..." I got up and grabbed her wrists, kicking my front door open. "Out"

And then she's out the door. I roared angrily, slamming my front door loudly. Why was I so angered by this woman? Women drive me crazy. First they want you then they tell you it won't work out. I jumped on my couch and began beating it up. Why was I so useless? It's not even a big deal, is it? The feeling of being unwanted and rejected sucks major ass.


I brought Nathan to the studio. We started the recording process for our third album. Alex was already finished with the drums. Casey, Collin, and Fiona finished about five songs. I didn't start vocals yet. We all talked about guest vocals and I suggested that I should bring Nathan in the studio to talk about it. They all happily agreed. Nathan was all in for it as well. I haven't seen most of them since the welcome home party. We didn't really end up on a good note. Just over the phone talking and planning. Nathan held onto my hand as I opened the door to the studio. I took his sunglasses off and hooked it on my shirt. He just smiled at me.

I have to be honest. I'm kind of scared. Lately the drama has been tearing this band apart. Everyone's feelings towards each other began changing. I brought a song I wrote about the tension between us. I was afraid they wouldn't like it and we'd start arguing. Nathan said that the lyrics shows that there was a stage where everything wasn't perfect and it's important to show that side of the band once in a while. When we got in the recording room, everyone was having their instruments set up. "Hello guys" I greeted. They looked up from what they were doing and waved at me.

We greeted the producer and I introduced Nathan to him. "Hey, show him the song that I wanted guest vocals in" I said to the producer. He nodded and began playing the completed instrumental of the song. "Do you have the lyrics?" Nathan turned to me. I nodded, flipping through the messy pile of paper. I took the lyric sheet out and handed it to him. We listened to the music several times and Nathan skimmed through the lyrics. "You know what I think?" we all looked up at him. "You should get Josh Ramsay to do the vocals for this song. I was thinking the second verse and some melodies for the choruses" we all looked at him like he was insane.

Josh Ramsay? Not even a month ago, Nathan was worried about the relationship between Josh and me. Now he's suggesting me to record a song with him? Is he mad? But when I come to think about it, everything makes sense. Josh and I harmonize perfectly together. Wait, how did Nathan know? "Rachel showed me a clip of you guys singing during the Canadian tour" Nathan answered as if he was reading my mind. "Oh, I'll contact Josh and see if he's up for it" I nodded, biting on my pen cap. "Great, I have a feeling that it's going to be a big hit" Nathan grinned. "I have a feeling your going to be a big hit" I ruffled his hair. I heard some chuckles in the background.

"So did any of you bring any lyrics or ideas?" Casey asked. "I got some lyrics" Fiona held out a paper and handed them to Casey. He read through it carefully. Nathan gave me a little nudge to give my new lyrics to them. I was really scared of what they'd think. "Fiona, something's bothering you" Casey gave the paper back to Fiona. "I know, there's just so much going on. Maybe this sucks but that's how I feel" she frowned. "Fiona, what's up?" she gave me her paper. I gasped as I read through it. I think I know what's going on. I gave her a look and she nodded. "I also have something" I spoke up. They looked at me questionably as I handed them my song. I was afraid but Nate was comforting me which made everything just about better. "Hey, the lyrics are really depressing and makes us look bad" Alex started. I grimaced. "But I like it" Collin snatched it away from him.

"Let's write then" Casey suggested. "Nathan, would you like to write a song with me for this record?" I turned to my husband. "So what's on your mind?" he asked. "I was thinking about writing an acoustic song and I want to write the song with you because I want a piece of you in the record" I told him. "Sounds like a brilliant plan to me" he grinned cheekily. I told the other guys my plan and they told us to knock ourselves out. They started writing the music for the song I brought in and we began thinking up ideas for the new song. "What do you want this song to represent for?" Nathan started. "I was thinking of the broken feeling inside of me when I almost lost you" I said. "That sounds interesting" "And I wanted this song to be from both of our point of views" then we both got to work. We first expressed our feelings of losing each other openly to each other then we wrote them down on paper. We rearranged some lines and within an hour and a half, the lyrics for the song were finished. Now we need to write the music.

Nathan grabbed an acoustic guitar and handed it to me. Then he grabbed another one for himself. We started working on the melodies as the producer sat there and watched our progression. Then by the next hour we were done. "Do you want me to scrap the other songs?" the producer asked. "Yeah, I want a lot of songs scrapped" I told him. I feel like most of the songs we wrote before were nothing compared to what we were writing now. "You want all of them scrapped?" the producer asked. "We only have to keep the four completed songs. I feel like we have to get rid of all of them besides the one we're going to do with Josh" I explained. We went back to the recording room to join the others. "Guys we wrote a song!" I exclaimed. "Good job, we did too but we need your melodies" Casey said. "But first listen to the song we wrote" I took my acoustic guitar and walked into the little private recording spot and sat down on the bench, putting the lyric sheet on the stand. The producer got the message and sat down in front of his controls.

"What's the song called?" he asked. "It's called Life Without You" I answered before he started recording and I strummed the first chord of the song. I played the whole song for them and there was applause after I got out of the area. "That's nice for a demo" Fiona said. "Yeah" the producer agreed. I hugged Nathan and he kissed my forehead. "I love you" I whispered to him. "I love you as well" he replied back. The rest of the recording session went well. I took a few more takes at recording Life Without You and the song was just about complete. We worked on other songs as well and scrapped some that we found useless now. Then our recording session of the day is over.

"Let's go eat to celebrate!" Collin shouted. "Hell yeah!" Alexander punched his knuckles. "Fiona" I caught sight of her. "Skye, we need to talk" Fiona hissed at me. "Nathan, we'll be right back" I told my husband. He nodded. I dragged Fiona to the hallway. "Something's up with Matt?" I asked. "Yeah, I told him that he's supposed to be with Rachel not me and he got pissed" she sighed. "I have a plan" we went over the plan. It was very simple. I just can't wait till we put it to work tomorrow. Matthew and Rachel did put a plan that got Nathan and I back together. It's about time I return the favor. We met the guys outside the studio. "Let's go" Nathan put his arms around me and we got in the car. He began driving. "So something up with Fiona?" he started the conversation. "Yeah" I just hope he doesn't dig more into it. "Oh" "Anyways, thanks for putting up with our crap today" I thanked him. "Hey, writing a song with you is amazing. I can't wait to see the fan's reaction for this" he winked. "I hope they like it" "If you put a lot of effort in it, it'll pay off"

The next day, I woke up beside Nathan. He was still sounding asleep so I quietly snuck out of the bedroom and into the living room. I send a text to Fiona. We both knew we were ready so we started. I dialed Matthew's number. "Hello?" he grumbled. "Still sleeping?" I asked. "Kind of, what's up?" "Matt, we were so happy with the progress of our studio time yesterday that I want you to check them out. I want to see what you thought" I told him. "Sure, where do I meet you?" he asked. Yes! He agrees! "How about I'll pick you up in twenty minutes?" I suggested. "Sounds good" then we both hung up. I walked into the bedroom to get ready. On the bed, Nathan was mumbling my name. I turned to him but he was still asleep.

I walked over to him and planted a kiss on his cheek. I went to the bathroom to clean up and get ready. As I was applying my makeup, my cell phone rang. "Hey Josh, did you get my text?" I asked. "Yes I did. It sounds interesting. When can I drop by?" this is perfect. The album is going to kick ass. "When is it possible for you to come to Chicago? I mean dude, you live in Canada" "Does next week sound good?" he asked. "Yes it does. Thanks for doing this for us" I thanked him. "Anytime Skye" we both hung up. I got changed and dashed to the living room. I decided to leave a note for Nathan. "Good morning baby, I'll be out for one or two hours to take care of some studio business. Breakfast is in the fridge. Hope you slept well. I love you - Skye"

I ran to the kitchen to prepare some breakfast for him. I left them in the fridge and ran for my car. I got a text from Fiona saying that she's gotten everything taken care of. This plan is going to work. I have that kind of confidence now. The UK station was playing Madina Lake's new single when I turned on the radio. I always feel like people in the UK have better music taste than Americans. That's why I installed the UK station in my radio. The song ended and Kill Hannah's Lips Like Morphine started playing. I hummed along as I didn't know the lyrics well. When I pulled over at Matthew's driveway, he was already waiting outside. He quickly got in my car. "Good morning bro" I greeted. "Morning sis" he ruffled my hair. "I can't wait for you to hear the songs" I squealed. I basically meant, I can't wait for the plan to work.

When we got to the studio, Fiona's car was there as well as Rachel's. I tried to distract Matt's attention away from the cars by showing him my excitability. "Here" I opened the door for him to access. "Thanks" we walked down to the hall and into the studio room. I quickly closed the door behind me, locking it with the key for the door. Matthew looked into the other side of the wall and saw Fiona and Rachel in there. They were in the recording room. "What is she doing here? I'm leaving now" he headed for the door to see it's locked. "Sorry bro can't help you there" I shrugged at him. He growled and sat down. When Fiona started talking I turned on the speakers so we could both hear them.


Fiona called me to meet her in the studio. I don't know what the hell she wants but I'll go anyways. Maybe she's telling me to lay off of Matt or something. It didn't matter because I have to tell her that he's supposed to be mine not hers. It was my fault to get mad at him over Josie's words but I want to talk to him and apologize. Maybe he understands. Or I'm too late. Skye said he's already fallen in love with Fiona. Hopefully she's lying. I didn't even know what to think of the incident with Matt and Skye. Maybe Josie was trying to keep me away from Matthew. First she lies to me and now she's showing prove. I can't believe I fell for her tricks. She made me lose my sister and the guy I loved. She's trying to ruin my life.

I got out of the car and walked into the studio. Fiona was already in the studio. "So what's up?" I asked her. "Come, I want to show you something" she said to me. I followed her into the recording room. She closed the door and showed me some lyrics. "Who wrote this?" I asked. "Skye and Nathan" "Wow really?" I read through it again and again, trying to find the purpose of me reading it. "The point of this is?" "I don't know, I'm just showing you the studio progress and how Skye wrote this with Nathan yesterday" she handed me more papers. "You guys did good job writing but is there a certain reason that I'm here?" I questioned. Fiona turned her head to the studio and back to me. Before I could turn my head, Fiona tapped on me. "I wanted to talk to you about Matthew"

I knew it! "Okay, what do you want to say?" I asked. "Do you think I deserve him?" I didn't know how to respond. "I mean you didn't do anything wrong, perhaps you do" I shrugged. "Good, I guess we're all clear here. I know you tried calling him earlier yesterday" she crossed her arms. "I did so?" "I want you to lay off of him" she said. "Excuse me? Who do you think you are? You can't tell me what to do" I shouted. I wanted to slap her so bad but I'm trying to keep my cool. "Hey, he's not yours anymore. You can't take another woman's man. You understand that right?" "I do but if you are going to approach me like that then you don't deserve Matthew. He wouldn't like that. He wants his girl to trust him with other chicks"

"Oh so I suppose you know Matt so well huh?" she smirked. "I've been his best friend for so many years, what do you fucking think?" I yelled. "Okay, so you 'know' stuffs about him. I bet you can't prove it" she challenged. "Oh yeah? Let me prove it to you" "Prove it then" "I know that Matthew's favorite sport is soccer. He used to eat meat but he doesn't anymore. He's a vegetarian. He get's excited easily and has an attention span of a fly. When we're at the water park, he'd always shoot me with his water gun" I was nearly into tears. Thinking of all the good qualities in him makes me miss him so much. Fiona's attention was averted somewhere else. I have a feeling I know what she's looking at. "I know that Matthew would never lie to his best friend about anything" I turned to where Fiona was looking at. Skye and Matthew were on the other side, listening to what we've been saying. "And I also know that I love him" I nearly choked on my tears as I looked into his eyes.

He ran out of the studio room and entered the recording room. He ran right into me with a hug. "And I love you too" he whispered in my ears. "I know" I sobbed. "Don't cry" he let go of me and wiped my tears. "Matt, I'm sorry. I'm such a bitch for letting you go" I said. "It's not your fault. I'm a jackass for moving on so quickly. Josie should be blamed for this. She doesn't deserve you as a friend" he then pulled me into a kiss. Does this mean that we're fine now? Are we going to live happily ever after?
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