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We got off the plane and walked to the baggage claim area. Skye held onto my hand tightly. She was yawning from the flight. She could hardly sleep no matter how many times I've tried humming tunes in her ears. "I can't find the luggage" she eyed the different suit cases revolving in circles. "We have to be patient" I mumbled in her ear. "I know but I'm just so damn tired. I need sleep" she yawned, pressing her head against my chest. I stroked her hair gently. "I know but you just have to hold on a little longer okay?" I continued talking softly to her. She smiled at me, nodding. We stood there, watching other people's luggage revolve. By the time five minutes passed, I was losing patience as well.

"God damn it, stupid luggage!" Skye yelled. "Calm down baby" I kissed her hair. "Sorry" she apologized. "No need to apologize" I laughed. "Excuse me, is there a problem here?" we turned around to see a security guy holding a walky talky. We both shook our heads at once. "Is this man bothering you?" the security pointed at me. Skye shook her head. "Okay" he walked away. "What the fuck?" Skye smirked. "Let's be patient here" I was trying my best to be patient as well. "Let's talk about something to kill time" she suggested. I couldn't talk about anything. It feels that the same thing as last night will happen and I don't want that. "I thought you were tired and cranky" I snickered. "Yeah your right" she continued to rest on my chest and I wrapped my arms around her tightly just in case she falls over.

Then ten minutes later, I started to get angrier. When are our things coming? I tapped my foot impatiently. Skye fluttered her eyes open and checked her surroundings. "Can we leave yet?" she asked. "Our luggages didn't arrive yet" I told her. "Yo, I want to get out of here. Can these people just hurry the fuck up? I need sleep!" she shouted. The security came over to us. "What's the problem?" he asked. "I'm sick and tired of waiting for my fucking luggage and the service here sucks. When will my things come? If I have to watch the luggage's spin around one more time, I'm going to kill you guys!" Skye yelled. "Miss, I advise you to calm down" the security said. "How can you tell me to calm down? I want to go home and sleep but I need my luggage" Skye was throwing a tantrum. I put my hand on her shoulder for her to calm down. She still didn't.

"Sir, could you tell your wife to calm down and be patient?" the man turned to me. "You know what? I'm not going to. Do you know why? Because I want to get out of here as well now would you guys help us find our stuffs?" I asked. "Sir..." "Excuse me?" we all turned to a girl. She looks around 19 or 20. "Yeah?" "Where do I put these? I took them because I thought they were mine but then I found out they weren't" she brought two luggages' out front. "That's ours" Skye said thankfully. "Thanks" I said to the teenage girl. "Anytime, and aren't you Nathan Leone from Madina Lake?" she asked, examining me. "Yeah, are you a fan?" I asked. She nodded. "Go get your luggage and you can finally leave" the security yawned and walked away. "Thanks for finding our things" Skye thanked her. "Anytime. Sorry I took it. They looked like mine" she laughed nervously. "It's fine"

Then we left the terminal. When we walked out, Matthew was waiting for us. He didn't look too happy. Of course he wouldn't be since he had to wait for us as well. "What took you guys so long?" he yawned. "A girl took our luggage by mistake and we were looking for it" I said tiredly. "Oh" Matthew didn't say anything more. Was something bothering him? "Dude, is that a hickie?" Skye asked out loud, pointing at Matt's neck. Matt looked down at himself and groaned, zipping up his jacket to cover the mark. "Wow, someone was busy with my sister" Skye laughed. Matthew chuckled and helped Skye carry her things. Something wasn't right. I can just feel it. I'll ask him about it later if he wanted to talk.

"Now let's go home" I wrapped my arms around Skye. "About time" she mumbled. "Hey guys?" Matthew spoke up. "Hmm?" we both turned to him. "Collin and Fiona were throwing a party for you guys. We tried to get as many people there as possible. Are you guys in the mood?" my stomach fluttered at Collin's name. It just feels kind of weird. Of course I wasn't jealous, Skye's my wife. I have her not him but I couldn't help but wonder what the hell they were doing when they're thirteen. "Sure, let's go. Are the guys there? Wait is Alex there as well?" Skye asked. "Well... You'll see" Matthew escorted us to the car and he began driving us to our house.

"They broke in?" I asked. "Rachel has the keys remember?" Matthew smiled. Something about that smile bothered me. Anyways as I said before, I'll ask him later. It was like a half hour ride but I spent most of it sleeping. Skye was curled up against me sleeping as well. "We're here!" Matthew yelled, waking us up. He got out and took our things as we just walked to the door. "The door is unlocked" Matt called from the back. We just turned to doorknob and walked in. "Surprise!" everyone shouted at us. Then Matthew walked in after us. "Welcome back!" Rachel ran over to us with hugs as well. I could see some marks on Rachel's upper chest. Yeah Matthew and Rachel were really busy.

"Hello!" Alexander gave Skye a really tight hug. "I missed you buddy" she said to him. "It wasn't the same without you" he said to her. Matthew gave him a sour look and walked over to the sofa, leaving our luggage's' by the stairs. I followed Matt to sit down. Matthew sat down beside Fiona. I sat down between Matt and unfortunately Collin. He ruffled his blonde hair as his blue eyes fell on Skye. I tried to hold back a growl. He needs to keep his hands and eyes off my girl. I'm trying to be okay with it. What they did was the past. They had no feelings towards each other. Come on, they've been playing in a band together for a really long time. Everything's fine. I just can't be that jealous guy. "Skye!" Collin shouted. "Collin!" Skye ran over to him and gave him a hug. "How's the trip?" he asked her. "Really good" she grinned. "Yeah that's good" he said before turning back to a conversation with Josie. I still didn't know why she was still hanging around us.


It was good to be home again. Everyone was here celebrating our return. "So guys?" I started. They turned to look at me. "So what did we miss?" I asked. "Nothing much" Fiona shifted uncomfortably. "Um... I guess that's good" I laughed nervously. No one seems like they were in the mood to share anything. "So what did you guys do in Italy?" Alexander asked. "Besides having sex?" Collin joked. "We shopped and ate" Nathan started. Casey, Collin, and Alex smirked, looking at me. I shrugged at them. "Did you sight see?" Rachel asked. Nate and I both nodded. "Well great" then no one had much to say. Matthew took this as a cue to turn on the TV. It was on the MTV Hitlist channel. Some Black Eyed Peas song was currently playing but we got back into chatting.

"So did you take pictures?" Mateo asked. "Of course we did" Nathan held out my camera in their faces. "Great we get to see pictures!" Casey said sarcastically. "You know you like pictures" I lightly shoved him. "Yeah I do" "So you guys going on tour anytime soon?" Rachel started the subject. "Not really we were planning on starting to write our third album" Fiona spoke up and Rachel immediately looked at her lap. I gave Fiona a questionable look but she looked away. Something is definitely going on. "Wow, aren't you guys excited?" Dan asked. "We are, this is beyond amazing" I gushed. "I still can't believe we've made it this far" Alexander sighed. "Yeah we did a very good job finding you guys" Matt laughed. "You guys sure did" I winked at him.

"Hey what are you doing?" Nathan's voice rang throughout the room loudly. We all turned as we watched Josie flip through my suitcase. "What the fuck?" I got up and tried to pull her away from my things but it was too late. She already pulled out my black laced lingerie and some condoms. "Oops, my bad" Josie dropped them on the floor. I glanced at Nathan and he just shook his head. What the hell is wrong with this chick? That's when the whole room bursted into laughter. I could feel myself blush. "Damn Skye, I wonder how you'd look in that" Casey snickered. "Shut up loser" I punched him. "I'm kidding dude" he held his hands up. I rolled my eyes, picking my things up and dropping them back in my luggage. I glared at Josie. She was smiling and biting her lips. How did she know? What is wrong with her?

Then people started teasing. "So Skye, was he good?" Collin started asking. "Shut the fuck up kid" I shoved him. "Oh I'm sorry. Honeymoons are supposed to be like this. You go and have sex. Of course. That's going to be me and Ashlee Simpson soon" he winked. "Ha! In your dreams" I laughed. Everyone's attention was averted to us. "What are you trying to say?" he glared at me. "Ashlee Simpson is married to Pete Wentz, you dumb butt. You steal his girl he'll kick your ass" I said. "Of course Ashlee will dump his ass just for me" he grinned. "Yeah sure, cause Pete Wentz is just so gorgeous and you are so not" I scoffed. "I'm not?" he frowned at me. "Haha, I mean look at Pete Wentz"

"I can do Ashlee better" he said confidently. "Pfft, yeah right" I smirked. "How can you not believe me? I'm just so charming!" he gloated. "Dude, your dad is more charming than you are" I teased. "Come on my dad?" "Your dad is amazing... In bed" I added. I heard some smirks behind me. "I am better than my dad... In bed" Collin mocked me. "Are you kidding me? No your not" I rolled my eyes. "Yes I am" "No you are not dude" "I am, ask anyone" "Yeah right" "Skye... You're hurting my feelings" he pouted. "Well I'm only telling the truth. No one wants to do you in bed and suck your balls" I shouted. "But you have" he answered before he covered his mouth. I did as well. There was this long silence. I looked over at everyone else. They were all very shocked.

I turned to Nathan. He looked like he was about to cry. He shook his head at me and ran up the stairs. "Nathan, wait!" I yelled. "Skye?" I turned to Collin. "You shouldn't have said anything" I mumbled to him. "You shouldn't have told him anything" he responded back. I ignored people's confused glances and ran up after Nathan. "Nathan?" I yelled. No response. The bedroom door was closed so I knew he was in there. "Nate" I opened the door. He just stood there staring at the pillow on our bed. "Nathan!" I yelled running closer to him. I wrapped my arms around him from the back. He shoved me away gently. "Nathan!" I yelled again. "Skye, what do you want me to say?" he screamed. "Why are you mad anyways? It's not even a big deal" I sighed. "It's not a big deal? Are you kidding me? It is! How do you think I feel? I'm first told that you slept with Collin then he's going to rub it in my face like that by saying that in front of everyone?" he yelled.

"Nathan, I love you and you're the only man that I'd want to be with. Is that not enough?" I questioned. "But I feel like I have to compete with Collin" he said. "You don't. You already won my heart" I tried again at wrapping my arms around him. "You still had some type of connection with him" "But I love you, not him. What happened was almost fourteen years ago. We were both reckless and curious but not in love" I reassured him. "I just don't want to be the jealous husband. I want to trust you with your guy friends. I do. But I just can't with Collin" "Nate, I love you and I won't choose Collin over you any day" I told him. "Good" he kissed me. "But I still have that insecurity. I'll try to accept that but it's not happening so soon" I shook my head but hugged him anyways. At least he's making an effort.

We both walked back downstairs hand in hand. Another thing that got us aggravated was that we were both tired and cranky but forced to stay up. When we got down, everybody was staring us in wonder. Too bad people will be curious about Collin and I. Collin was sitting on the sofa, looking uncomfortable. Collin got up and walked over to us. "I'm sorry" he said, pulling me into a hug. "It's okay" "And Nathan?" he looked at my husband. "Collin?" "I'll never do that to you again" he promised Nathan. "Thanks man, I appreciate that a lot"


"We have to go now" I said to them. "Oh okay" Skye hugged me once again. "Skye, can I talk to you?" I asked. "Okay" she followed me outside. "I don't get it before. What's with Nathan and Collin? Collin was just kidding right?" I looked at her. "Uh... He meant to say this as a joke but it's kind of not" She whispered. "You slept with Collin?" I yelled. "Thanks Rachel, couldn't you be any louder?" "Sorry, but really?" she nodded. "Wow but Nathan usually have no problem listening to you guys talk like that" I scratched my head. "I told him last night" she responded. "You should give him time to digest that information" I told her. She just nodded. "Tell me what's up with you and Fiona? You guys looked very awkward" I pointed out "Really? Nothing's up" I lied to her. "Rachel, don't lie to me. Is there something wrong?" I shook my head.

"Okay, but you have to talk to me before you take anymore actions" she gave me a look. "Okay but stop looking at me like that" I pouted. "Okay" we waved goodbye to each other as Alexander walked out of the house. "Let's go" he said to me. "Okay mate" I followed him to his car. "Drive safe!" Skye yelled behind us. "We will!" Alex yelled at her. Then we were in Alex's car. "Your house or my house?" he asked. "Your house sounds like a good idea" I winked at him. "Of course" he began driving to his house. During the whole car ride, I was thinking about how much I wanted to touch him. I wanted to get in his pants real bad. Then he parked his car in the garage. When we got out, he carried me to his bedroom. "I love you Rachel" he whispered to me. "I know" I kissed his lips.

He unbuttoned my blouse, dropping them onto the floor. I wrapped my arms around him. My fingers were tangled in his messy brown hair as we fell onto the bed. Then we were just curled up against each other on the bed. "Alex?" "Yeah?" "Do you think what we're doing is right?" I asked. "What do you mean?" "Are we supposed to do this to each other?" "I mean I want to because I can't help it. Just by looking at you makes me want to. I don't care if it's right or wrong" "How come I feel like it's the same thing for me?" I asked. "I guess this is all just lust" he sighed. "It is then" I admitted. "But I don't want to stop now" "Me neither" "Then let's not stop" he kissed me.


"Do you think Matt's expecting us?" I asked Nathan. We were both in his car on our way to Matthew's. We didn't tell him but we wanted it to be a surprise. He probably thinks we're still sleeping since we just came back from Italy last night. We brought him some Italian food we packed and hopefully he'll enjoy them. I surely did. "So Nathan, did you know what I suspected yesterday?" I asked. "What?" "Something happened while we were gone" I told him. "Yeah I could feel that too" he said. "Should we talk to Matt about it today?" I suggested. "I'll talk to him" Nathan said. "Okay, but don't make him sad or anything" I warned. "You know I won't" "Just in case" he parked the car in front of Matt's driveway. Then we rang the doorbell. "Do you think he's still sleeping?" I asked. "Nah" he knocked on the door. We waited for a few minutes before the door opened. Matthew appeared. "Hey guys"

"Matthew!" I hugged him. "Hello to you too" he let us into the house. "Why's your bedroom closed?" Nathan asked him. "It's messy in there" Matt scratched his head. "Are you hiding something?" I asked. Nathan nudged me. I apologized to him. "It's okay" Matthew sighed, walking to the living room. We followed him and sat down on the sofa. "So, we brought you food" Nathan took out the bag we packed for him. "Smells good" he smiled. "It taste good too, trust me" I licked my lips. "I hope you ate breakfast" Matthew joked. "Don't worry I fed her before we came" Nathan laughed. "Good job" I pouted. "It's okay, you eat some if you want" Matt said. "It's fine I don't want any"

Matthew took out the pasta we brought him and he took a bite. "Mmm, pretty good" he smiled. "Yep, that's what I told you" I gloated. Then Matthew's phone rang. "I'll be right back" he took his phone call and walked outside his house. Nathan and I gave each other questionable looks. "Something's up" he told me. "Let's go check" I dragged him to Matthew's bedroom. He slowly turned the doorknob and we walked in the room. As Matt said before, the room was messy. Clothes were thrown everywhere. "So someone's been busy" Nathan mumbled. "Yeah" I looked around at the clothing. "Wait a minute" I walker closer to his bed and picked up a light blue bra. "That's not Rachel's" I commented.

"How would you know that? It's not like you studied her bra" Nathan scoffed. "I don't but seriously, I know who the bra belonged to" I held it up in his face. "Yours?" he smirked. "Nate, it's not funny" I frowned. "Sorry" "It's Fiona's" I said. "Are you sure?" Nathan examined the bra. "Yeah, I go on tour with her, I would know" I stared at it in shock. "So that means that Matt's been having sex with..." I picked up a shirt from the bed. "Didn't you remember her wearing that the other day?" I asked him. He nodded. "So Matt's been doing..." "Hey what are you guys doing here?" we both turned to face Matthew by the doorway. I held Fiona's shirt out in his face. Matthew looked down at the ground. "I think we should get going now" Nathan grabbed me and started walking to the door. "Nate you can go now, I'll stay a little longer" I said. "No" he said furiously. "I'm staying" I growled. He shook his head at me and stormed out the door.

I walked back to Matt's room. He looked at Fiona's clothing sadly. "Matt?" "Great, now even my own twin brother's furious at me" he fell down on his bed. "Matt" I sighed. "Everyone hates me, what's the difference now?" he yelled. "Matt... I'm not mad at you" I walked to him and sat beside him on the bed. "Why aren't you pissed at me? Because you don't know what happened" he mumbled. "I don't care what happens, I won't be mad" I promised him. "My life is ruined" "Did Rachel know?" I asked. "It doesn't matter" "Matthew, tell me what happened" I demanded. He began sobbing as he told me the whole story. I pulled him into a hug. "Matt, it's not your fault. That Josie girl's psycho, I knew it. Something's wrong with her. I'm going to talk to Rachel about this" I growled. "So you believe me?"

"Yes I do Matt" I nodded. "Thanks, only you and Fiona understand" he said. "And Alex really did that?" I still couldn't believe it. "It doesn't matter. Everyone hates me" he said sadly. "Matthew, I don't hate you. They just believed in the psycho bitch" I stroked his hair. "Skye thanks" he thanked me. "No problem" I grinned at him. "I believe you, I believe you" I kept mumbling that to him. "I love Rachel, did you know that?" "Yes I do" I pulled him closer to me. "But whatever's going on between you and Fiona has to stop okay?" I asked. "I can't" "Why not?" "I can't" "Matt you have to tell me why not" "Because I love her too" my jaw dropped. "Matthew, she's married. You can't" "She's not anymore"

"Matthew, you made Fiona and Frank break up?" I asked him in disbelief. "No I didn't" "Then what happened?" "They were planning a divorce before your wedding" he replied. "But..." I shook my head. The world is falling apart slowly. Everyone's going their separate ways. Things are changing abruptly. "Look Matt, you have to make it up with Rachel okay?" I said. "She loves Alex" "No she doesn't. Look, I'll handle that okay?" he nodded. "Can you drop me off at Alex's?" I asked. "Yeah of course" we got up and walked to his car. "Hey go to my house first. I got something planned out" when he got to my house, Nathan's car wasn't in the driveway.

I walked in the house and got just what I needed before I got back in the car. "So I assume that Alexander is in Rachel's house right now" Matt nodded. "Good" I smiled. "You have a good plan?" he asked. "Yeah, but if Nathan finds out, he's going to hate me" I sighed. "Then he won't find out" Matthew's lips curved into a smile. "I guess that works then" he drove me to Alex's house. "Matthew, I'll go to your house or call you when something happen okay?" he nodded. I took my bag with me to Alexander's house. I have his keys so I walked into his house.


We were both sweating as I pressed my face against her chest. She let out a moan and I didn't stop. I didn't know what I feel for her is but it didn't matter. She looked like Skye so it doesn't matter what I feel for her is. I can't get Skye because she's married but I can easily have Rachel because she hates Matthew and wants revenge. What the hell is wrong with people these days? It didn't matter; there was something wrong with me as well. This isn't my first time wanting someone for lust. Rachel and I were both aware of this. I knew what we did wasn't right but it didn't matter. I wiped the sweat off her head and she moved her hand down my body.

Then my cell phone rang. We both groaned. "I'll be right back" I kissed her before picking up my phone. "Hello?" "Alex!" Skye sounded like she was crying. "Skye, what happened?" I asked, obviously worried. "Nathan and I had a fight so I got mad and walked to your house since I have your keys. Then someone broke into your house and threatened to kill me. Can you come back to your house? I'm scared and I need you" she sounded like she needed me urgently. "Skye, I'm coming as fast as I could okay?" "Thanks" we both hung up. Luckily we woke up early enough to go to Rachel's house and continue the action there. Skye might have seen us if we stayed at my house.

"You have to go?" Rachel asked. "Yes, something's up with Skye so I need to go see" I said. She looked at me sadly but nodded. "I'll be back okay?" "Yeah its okay Skye's more important than me" she frowned. I ignored her and changed into my clothes. Then I got in my car and drove to my house as fast as I could. There weren't any cars parked outside so the killer must have left. I parked my car in the garage door and dashed into the house. "Skye?" I busted the door opened. She wasn't in the living room. But I saw her shoes there so she was definitely in the house. I hope she's okay. If she gets killed it's my fault.

I checked every room until I got to my bedroom. I opened the door and Skye's back was facing me. "Skye?" then she turned to me. She smiled at me. "Are you alright?" I asked. "I am now" she smiled seductively at me as she took off her bathrobe. I almost wet my pants when I eyed her lingerie. It was the one that Josie took out of her luggage. "Skye..." she interrupted me by putting her finger on my lips. "Tell me something" she said. "Anything" I responded. "Okay... Tell me about Rachel" "What about her?" I lied. Skye grabbed my collars and pushed me onto my bed. Then she climbed onto me, pressing her face close to mine. I was definitely attracted to her. It's like this is my lucky week. I get to hook up with Rachel for the last six days and now I can do whatever I wanted with Skye. It's like a dream come true for me since I was fifteen.

She pressed her forehead against mine and took my hand in hers, letting me feel the shape of her body. Then she brought my hand down her clothing and into her breasts. I was having a ball and she knew that. "So are you going to tell me everything?" she asked me. "What do you want to know?" I stuttered. "Everything" "About what?" I stammered. "What happened when I was gone?" her lips were so close to mine. I want to keep everything a secret but Skye's making it so damn hard. I bit my lips as hard as I could to keep my mouth shut. She gave me a look and I shook my head. "You know you want to tell me" she cooed. I shook my head, biting harder onto my lips. Then it started bleeding. Skye pressed her lips against mine, licking the blood off.

I couldn't take this anymore. "When you were gone, Rachel and Matt broke up because he was being a dick to her" "Matt wasn't being a dick, Josie's a fucking psycho" she muttered. "I know" "But keep telling me" she brought back the subject. "Then Rachel turned to me. We needed each other and that's how it started" "What started?" "The lust!" I yelled. "I know, I'm just testing you Alex" she got off of me. "Look, let me tell you something. What you and Rachel are doing needs to stop. You need to find someone else who's perfect for you. Not Rachel. She loves Matt and he loves her. Let them be okay?" she asked. I didn't know why I agreed but I did. "Good" she got off the bed and walked to the bathroom to change.


I started to walk back to my house with the bag of lingerie in hand. I decided to dial Matthew's number. "How's the plan?" he asked. "Alex agrees to lay off of Rachel" "How did you..." "Seduction" "But Nathan..." "Yeah I know. Let's just hope he doesn't find out" "You'd risk your relationship for me? Thanks that means a lot to me" "Matt, you are my brother in law for god's sake. You are amazing and I know that. It's not your fault and I want to make this right for you okay?" "Thanks how many times do I have to say that?" "No but I have to thank you in some way after getting me to marry Nathan. That was the best thing anyone has ever done for me" I said.

When I got to my house, I turned the doorknob. Rachel's car was parked in the driveway. What's going on here? When I walked to the kitchen, Nathan and Rachel were seated on the sofa, expecting me. "Um... Hello?" I waved awkwardly. "How was your day today?" Rachel asked coldly. "Dude, what's up? Why so angry? I think I should ask you, how was your day today?" I shot back. "I spent my day getting pissed over an evidential prove" she held a paper on her hand. "And what would that be?" I raised my brows. "Don't act dumb" "What am I doing exactly? Does it have anything to do with Alex?" I shot her a look. Her face flushed red with anger. "You're the whore here" she got so angry that she dropped the paper. It looked like a picture.

I dropped my bag on the floor and placed my cell phone on the table as I bent over to pick up the picture. I gasped. Did they actually think it was... "Who's the whore now?" Rachel smirked. I examined the picture of Matthew and me. It was this afternoon. Why did this picture look like there was something going on? Matt's head was buried in my chest and my fingers were tangled in his hair. I was comforting him when he was upset about the Rachel issue. "That wasn't anything" I said bitterly. "Oh is it, is that why you weren't just on the phone with him five minutes ago?" she held out my phone. "Why are you looking at my phone anyways?" I growled, taking my phone away from her.

"Skye, why did you have to do that?" Nathan spoke up. He was silent and hesitant the whole time. He believed that too? Oh fuck, my life is over.
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