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Diamond 14

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Diamond 14: Give me Justice

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Don't Give Me Diamonds

Diamond 14: Give me Justice

After waiting a while, to be safe, Team Rocket slowly climbed down from the trees, the danger had passed for now. They gathered around for instructions, the sun had already gone down and darkness invaded the thick forest making the multiple shades of green appear much darker.

As Giovanni spoke, everyone paid full attention, "defeat every trainer you find and take their pokemon, but don't wait to advance, if a trainer is found, two will stay and the rest will move forward, the two will catch up after the battle is over. They must have pokemon in storage and we can't give them a chance to call them all out. The groups will be balanced, each will have pokemon of different types, make sure to use those advantages in battle." From that point on he assigned the respective teams and they made the final preparations for the battle against the Tempest Gang.

xoxox xox xoxox

It was a moonless night, which provided extra cover for Team Rocket as they snuck towards the Viridian Gym and jumped over the fence noiselessly. The lights moved in even patterns, they stopped and observed them, then continued when the alignment was ideal to sneak past. They crossed the large yard and training ground, eluding the guards and reaching the back door.

Delia felt the rush of adrenaline and power she had become acquainted with lately return to her. At first she was a little worried about leaving the pokemon egg alone hidden in forest, but when the hour of truth came, she was focused on the mission. The egg had been with her for a long time and it was fine, it would be alright hidden by itself for a while, it was safer than bringing it along into enemy territory.

Picking the lock was easy since several members of Team Rocket's members had been robbers before joining. As planned, Delia and Giovanni went on ahead, quietly sneaking through the dark gym's halls. Strangely, the inside was quite deserted; it didn't look like a gang's hideout at all.

Even if the place was bigger than Team Rocket's old hideout had been, and taking into consideration that several of Tempest's members might have dropped out after their battle with Team Rocket left them in defeat, the lack of activity was still suspicious, they might be hiding somewhere.

The contrast between the Viridian Gym and the old Team Rocket hideout made Giovanni think there was much more to it than they thought. Back in his old hideout there wasn't a moment of silence, someone was always walking around even in the middle of the night, getting a glass of water, trying to alleviate insomnia or simply not in the mood to sleep.

Giovanni and Delia saw a light at the end of the hall, filtering through a door that was only open a crack. They slowed their pace and he approached the door, taking a quick peek inside and retreating immediately so as to not be seen. He didn't see anyone and tried again, this time taking a better look at the room; it was empty, though the light was left on.

A noise, as if a heavy sliding door was being moved sounded off, but it was the wall that was moving, revealing a secret passage from which one man exited. Giovanni called out Ivysaur, "vine whip, tie him up."

Before the man knew what was going on, Ivysaur had captured him, wrapping her vine whip over his mouth to prevent him from alerting anyone of their presence.

"I wonder if he will tell us anything about that passage..." Giovanni indirectly asked and the man's angry muffled noises were enough of an answer. "I didn't think so."

"Giovanni," Delia pouted, as if warning him not to use vine whip as a rope again.

Giovanni hit the man on the back of the head instead and knocked him out. "You can let go now Ivysaur, return." Delia made sure the unknown man was really knocked out, but still breathing, before following Giovanni through the secret passage.

The dark passage was filled with echoes from below, angry growls and agonizing cries. They went down to a dimly lit basement filled with pokemon in cages; it broke Delia's heart to see the suffering pokemon.

"You just look worse now," a woman's voice was heard causing Giovanni and Delia to stop and take cover behind a row of cages. "This wasn't what I had in mind, ever since Giovanni ruined your face, you've only gotten uglier. How unpleasant and I even had to play nice with him and his girl to buy you some time. Not just that, but you never returned my Nidoqueen."

"I'm afraid your Nidoqueen has passed away, but it was for a good cause, the process of elimination was completed faster," a man replied.

"This is not what I wanted, oh what am I to do..." She paused, as Giovanni and Delia moved closer behind the cages and identified her, she was Amethyst. "Stupid pokemon, they're giving me a headache and they're so ugly too, all scratched, scarred and bruised. Beauty, riches, fame and power, the first and second I have granted, the third is easy to get but the forth, real power... are you failing me? I don't think I like you anymore, anyone can see your strategy is poor, most of the pokemon are dead and all so you could become this hideous creature?" Amethyst tugged her long golden hair behind her ear, her delicate nose wrinkled in disgust, her violet eyes angry. "You're not worthy of me anymore, why did you do this to yourself? Why make yourself so much worse than the state he left you in?"

"In the end, beauty is fleeting and power is more important," the man remained out of Giovanni and Delia's line of view. His voice sounded like growls, they didn't recognize it at all.

"I'm breaking up with you, but I'm sure you already knew that, coming out of the lower levels looking like that. You nearly gave me a heart attack! I suppose I could keep you as a minion," Amethyst voiced. They went out another exit up some stairs.

"What a spoiled brat you are, thinking you can have anything you want. I abandoned Aayla for you; left her to be caught by the police because of your stupid jealousy even if I said we broke up. She's with Team Rocket now, do you have any idea how much that brothers me? Now you want to make me your minion? Don't make me laugh, it's about time I ended your annoyance."

The argument continued in the upper floor, it was the battle arena of the Viridian Gym. A horrified scream echoed as sharp metal claws slit Amethyst's throat, her body fell limp, a pool of blood spreading on the floor her face with a frozen expression of terror.

"Giovanni, I know you're there," the growling voice yelled towards the passage leading from the arena to the basement, "come out, there's no use in hiding, the same goes for your little friend who doesn't follow the rules. I can sense everything around me, the sounds, the scents; it's something a mere human wouldn't understand."

Giovanni and Delia came out of the passage, up to the gym's battle arena where at the opposite side Amethyst lay dead and next to her body there was a strange being. Noise had flooded the gym; Team Rocket was now battling the Tempest Gang after they came out from their underground base, a maze of passages.

The creature's face was distorted with propounding sharp metallic fangs and scaly skin. A patch of cyan hair still remained atop his head, crowned with four metal horns, sharp like knives. He had long claws as if he had three large daggers in place of fingers on each hand. "I am Venom, the leader of the Tempest Gang," he growled.

"I don't know what you've done to yourself, but this doesn't change anything, Team Rocket is taking over the Viridian Gym!" Giovanni never thought he would face an opponent like this, he never thought one could exist, but they had come too far and Team Rocket would find a way to be victorious.

"Let's play by the rules this time; it will be more enjoyable," Venom growled. "It was a surprising visit, I never thought you would come here, I'll admit I didn't expect it at all, but you will regret it. This time, we will not fight each other until the last of our pokemon falls, I want you to watch your weak pokemon fail and die before I end your life. First your pokemon, then your girl, then I'll torture you for a while and finally, I'll give you death, isn't that the perfect plan? Or maybe I should keep the girl; she might make an interesting guinea pig."

"Shut up!" Giovanni yelled, "there's no way you'll win this. Rhyhorn, Grabbler, Ivysaur!" Giovanni let out all his pokemon.

"Cloyster, Kingler!" Delia released her pokemon as well.

"Is that all you have? Alright then, my turn, I'll start with something weak, just to give your pathetic pokemon a warm up. I got this from Amethyst a little while before you arrived. Go Machoke! As you can see, this one is still in its natural state so it's weak. All five of your trash can attack at once if you wish," Venom laughed cruelly. "Come on, slaughter it, it's the only win you'll have, consider it all the mercy you're getting from me!"

Delia felt more anger than ever before, she couldn't and didn't want to believe that people like Venom existed in the world. That being could not be allowed to run free causing so much harm. She had convinced herself that karma was strong and justice would prevail, now was the time to prove it. "Machoke, please leave your trainer and come join us." Rhyhorn roared as if encouraging Machoke and soon the other pokemon joined in their words of persuasion.

"Machoke!" The pokemon, who had been staring at Amethyst's lifeless form, made his way to the other side of the field and stood on the far right facing Venom. Machoke knew from the start Venom was not to be trusted, but Amethyst could not understand Machoke's warnings and simply ordered him to cease the senseless chatter, or recalled him to his pokeball. She wasn't the best trainer and often mistreated Machoke, but he cared for her and wanted to avenge her.

Next to Machoke was Rhyhorn, who used to be Venom's pokemon and was thirsty for revenge for how he treated her. Ivysaur was next, having endured much in her life, but ready to loyally battle. Grabbler stood ready, holding a special pride in following the orders of the trainer that had defeated him personally.

Delia's pokemon stood to the left of Giovanni's; Cloyster, eternally grateful to Delia who had nursed him and given him the gift of evolution and with it the power to repay her. Finally, there was Kingler, who did not regret his choice of wanting to be trained by Delia; he stood ready and willing to do whatever it might take to win.

"Traitor!" Venom roared, crushing Machoke's empty old pokeball in his hand. "It doesn't matter; I'll show you true power!" He readied another pokemon, this one can take them all on; you'll all die!"

To be Continued

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