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Don't Tempt Me

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Gerard and Olivia struggle with their feelings!

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Olivia sat in the kitchen enjoying some quiet time alone. Jade was at her Grandmothers and Gerard was at his publishers. She sipped her coffee and read her book. It felt so good to sit in silence and let her thoughts get a break. She and Gerard had tried not to be alone and hadn't spoken to much since that night in the attic. She wanted to talk to someone about it, but Bree some times was very un realistic when it came to relationships. She sighed and turned to a new chapter. She jumped a bit when she heard someone say "Hello". She turned and saw Alicia walking in to the kitchen.

"You home alone" She asked as she opened the fridge and placed a tupple wear container inside.

"Yep just trying to catch up on some reading and enjoy the silence" She smiled. She didn't know what Alicia thought of her but she knew she wanted Gerard's sister in law to like her.

"You want some company" Alicia asked and hopped up onto the stool next to her.

"Sure. You want some coffee" She asked as she walked over to the coffee pot.

"I would love some coffee" Alicia smiled. She sensed that Olivia was nervous about being alone with her. She hadn't decided how she felt about the women yet but she was about to find out.

The two sat in sat in silence for a minute or two then Alicia broke the silence. "So what's going on with you and Gerard" She asked bluntly. She saw the shock register on Olivia's face.

"I don't know what you mean" She asked trying to play it off.

"I am not stupid, you should have seen the picture the three of you made the other day. Not to mention the tension crackling between you and Gerard" Alicia would not be fulled and looking at Olivia now she knew the women knew that. Olivia sighed. Hadn't she just wished there was someone to talk to about the situation?

"I'm not sure what's going on between us to be honest. We both decided to keep our relationship a work one. I have feelings for him but we like the set up we have. I love the job and he loves me having the job. We don't want to risk losing that" She turned and looked at Alicia who looked puzzled.

"So you aren't going to risk it to see where it goes" Alicia asked. Hearing someone else say it out loud made it sounds stupid. Was it stupid?

"Are you not a risk taker? I mean you could try it and lose everything or not try it and never know. What if he's your one? Don't miss out Olivia" Alicia didn't know where that little speech came from but she had a good feeling about Olivia. Gerard needed someone. She hated seeing him so lonely. He had Jade, but they needed that last piece! She saw that she had made Olivia think.

"On a lighter note, I could use a new pair of shoes. Want to come with" She watched Olivia's eyes change and knew she had found a kindred spirit.

"You a shoe lover as well" Alicia asked.

"I think I love shoes more than people sometimes" Olivia said jumping out of her seat to grab her things.

"Give me two minutes" Olivia said as she rushed to change. Alicia smiled, Kindred spirit indeed.

Gerard sat in Central park smoking a cigarette and people watching. He came here and sat like this from time to time. It was relaxing and gave him some time to think. The tour started in a few days and he was ready for it. He wanted a change of scenery for a bit. He also wanted Olivia to see the band perform. He didn't know why but it was important for her to like their music. He sighed and leaned his head back. He wanted her, there was no denying that, but both of them were making excuses for not giving them a try. He knew his reasons, he wondered what hers were. He felt is pocket vibrate and saw it was Mikey.

"Hey bro whats up" He asked as he put out his cigarette.

"I see ya" Gerard turned around and saw Mikey walking his way.

"Creepy" Gerard laughed and hung up the phone. Mikey took a seat next to him.

"How is it you know where to find me" Gerard laughed.

"I'm your brother, I know where you come to think. Was wondering if you wanted any company" Mikey asked and sat back on the bench.

"You know me so well" Gerard said and looked over at Mikey.

"I want Olivia" Gerard said, he wanted to talk to someone and why not his brother?

"I could have told you that" Mikey laughed.

"I know but not just for sex. I mean I want that to, but it's more than that" Gerard waited for his brothers response.

"It's about time you wanted something Gerard. You had a bad run in with a shitty women but you got Jade out of it, so there's the up side. But after that you shut yourself off all together from women. Maybe you needed to do that at the time to get your family straight and just be with Jade. But Jades growing up and she needs a mom.... Don't look scared at that comment" Mikey smiled and hit Gerard on the back.

"Your jumping ahead a bit" Gerard said nervously.

"I know but I am just saying, you have to have relationships with women to see if anyone fits with you and Jade. You can't be alone forever. I think Krystal messed you up more than you think dude, but you have to heal" Mikey was done with his rant and hoped that Gerard listened to his opinion.

"I am hesitant I will admit it. I want to protect myself and Jade. But I can't live with her like this and not want her. Sometimes I forget she's the nanny when were eating dinner and laughing" He shook his head.

"I just don't know what I am gonna do" They sat in silence or a while then talked about other things.

Mikey knew he didn't need to push the subject anymore. He had already put the thoughts in his brothers mind.

Olivia walked into the house late. Gerard had text her that Jade was staying with his mother so she could stay out as late as she wanted. She had such a good time with Alicia! She found someone who loves shoes as much as she did. She ran upstairs with her bags and knocked on Gerard's door. She was on a shoe high and wanted to show Gerard what she bought. He opened the door and she barged in.

"Look what I bought" She said and threw her bags on his bed. He looked so confused until she dumped out the shoe boxes.

"Alicia" was all he said as he watched her bring out the first pair.

"We found this shoe sale and I bought four pair. Look at these Zebra striped pumps" She held them up for him to look.

He smiled "There great".

"I just needed to distress and shoe shopping always helps" She was in such a good mood and wide awake.

"So I take it you had a good day" He laughed as he looked at the other shoes.

"A very good day. I love Alicia" She smiled and sat on his bed. She looked around and realized she had never been in there before. It was simple enough. King sized bed, Green sheets, A dresser...She turned and looked at him and noticed he was no longer smiling.

"She's great. I am glad you two have hit it off. Look I need to get a few things done" He said running his hands threw his hair. Seeing her on his bed was not helping out at the moment. She was flushed and happy. She needed to get out now.

"Oh okay" She said looking upset. She grabbed her shoes and headed to the door. Dammit he hurt her feelings.

"Olivia. I am not trying to dismiss you. Honestly I would love for you to stay up here with me" He gave her a look that he hoped let her see why she just couldn't stay.

"Oh" She said and he saw her blush.

"Yeah, I didn't meant to hurt you" He said when she walked by.

"I know... but would it be so horrible if I stayed"? She asked looking directly at him.

She wanted to stay? "Don't tempt me" He said as he fought with himself.

"Goodnight Gerard" she said then slipped out of the room.

"Goodnight" He knew he had a long night ahead of him, and non of it would be good.
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