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I've Changed my mind

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"So are you all packed" Olivia asked Jade the night before they were leaving for the tour.

"Yep" Jade said as she jumped up and down on her bed. She had made the mistake of making chocolate milk shakes for them both that night. Now Jade was bouncing off the walls, literally. She couldn't help but laugh.

"Can I have some of your energy" She asked and jumped on the bed next to Jade.

"Stand up Livy, jump" Jade said breathlessly.

Olivia laughed and began jumping with Jade. She loved spending time with Jade, she made her feel like a little girl again. They finally collapsed on the bed both out of breath.

"Dat was fun" Jade said with a giggle.

"It was. But now you have to go to bed. We have a busy day tomorrow" Olivia said as she slipped from the bed.

"Otay, I am not tired" Jade pouted.

"I know but when you wake up your daddy will be here and we are gonna head out" Olivia tucked the little girl in. Gerard had headed out that morning and She and Jade were meeting up with him the next day.

"Okay as long as I see daddy in the mornin" She smiled.

"You will" Olivia smiled and kissed the little girls head.

"Livy" Jade asked when She turned to leave.

"Yes honey" Olvia smiled.

"You want to be my mommy" She asked innocently. Olivia's heart stopped. What was she supposed to say to that.

"I will always be your friend Jade. Always" She didn't know what else to say.

"Always" Jade grinned then shut her eyes. She guessed that was a good enough answer for the little girl.

When she got to her room she tried not to cry. She was getting to involved in this family's life. She wanted to run but knew she couldn't do that to either of them. She heard her cell phone ringing and went to pick it up. It was Gerard. She didn't want to answer but knew she had to.

"Hello" she said hoping her voice sounded steady.

"Hey, how was your evening" He asked. She could hear voices in the background.

"Good" She said trying to sound happy.

"How's Jade" He asked.

"She's good, she just went to bed" She wanted to hurry the conversation.

"You okay" He asked sounding concerned.

"Yep just gonna take a quick shower then going to bed" She was pacing the room now.

"Oh ok. Well see you tomorrow" He said sounding confused.

She hung up quickly and walked into the bathroom. She needed a hot shower. She turned on the monitor and slipped into the shower. She had asked Gerard if it would be so bad if she stayed the other night and he turned her away. She was on a high from her day with Alicia and was feeling brave but in the end she had left his room feeling confused. She knew she wanted to sleep with him but it didn't stop there. Since it was much more than wanting him in bed it made it so much more complicated. God the entire situation was complicated. She shut off the shower and headed to bed. She needed to prepare herself for being in a tight closed off bus with Gerard for the next few weeks.

Gerard woke up that morning excited to see Jade, and Olivia if he admitted it to himself. He had only been gone one night but he had missed them. He got ready then headed down to the buses. He was the first person there so he sat down at a random picnic table and started to sketch. He pushed his black sunglasses up his nose and yawned. He had his coffee and a cigarette. Life was pretty damn good.

He saw a car pull up and jumped up with a smile. Jade was the first out of the car. She ran and jumped in to his arms with a squeal.

"Hey honey" He said kissing her cheeks.

"Hi daddy. Miss me" She asked and gave him kisses back.

"Of course. Miss me" He asked knowing the answer.

"Yep" She grinned showing her little teeth off.

He looked behind her at Olivia she looked tired and not so happy to be there. She had on jeans a t shirt and some sparkly tennis shoes. Her hair was carelessly pulled back and she had huge sunglasses on. She was beautiful.

"Hey" He said with Jade still on his hip.

"Hey. You look like you had a good morning" She said noting his smile.

"Yeah. Had my coffee! Was just relaxing and waiting for you two" he smiled and sat Jade down.

"Let me get your bags " he said and grabbed her suitcase and Jade's.

He saw a van pull up and watched Alicia and Mikey jump out followed by Jesse. He saw Alicia smile and wave at Olivia. He was glad she would have a friend on the road besides Jade. She watched to to women hug and start chatting. Well maybe that would put Olivia in a better mood.

"Hey Jadey" Mikey said as he threw his niece in the air.

"Mikes I missted you" She said giving him a kiss right on the lips.

"You know I misted you to" He said smiling.

Gerard watched Mikey walk off with his daughter. She was making the rounds now. Giving kisses to Jesse and anyone else she knew. She was shy like him accept for to people she knew and loved. She would grow up and be so beautiful. He already knew he was going to need to buy a chastity belt and home school her.

"In deep thought" He heard Frank say.

"Yeah. Watching Jade. Thinking about how I never want her to grow up" He laughed and gave Frank a punch on the shoulder.

"She will and she will find a guy like you and marry him" Frank teased.

"That's what I'm afraid of" Gerard laughed and walked towards the bus.

He sat their things down and pulled back the curtain to his bunk. "Home for the next two weeks" He said to himself.

"Talking to yourself"He hear Olivia say from behind him.

"Yep, I do it all the time" He smiled and surprisingly so did she.

"You okay, you seem down" He said wanting to touch her but holding back.

"Just tired. I didn't sleep well last night. Anyways where is my bunk" She asked happily. Something was bothering her and she wasn't telling him. He would find out though. She couldn't really avoid him in this small space.

"Next to Jade's near the back of the bus" He said and walked her to her bunk.

"Home sweet home" She laughed and threw her bag in.

Olivia watched as a million different conversations went on. She had been introduced to everyone and their wives. She felt out of place because she was just the nanny. No one made her feel un welcomed though. They were all really great and Jesse was looking at her alot. He had kissed her hand when they were introduced and Gerard shoved him playfully but was it jealousy she saw in his eyes? Jade was napping and she was reading in the back away from everyone else. She wasn't trying to be anti social, she was actually very out going and loved meeting new people, she just was feeling low today. And the reason behind her feeling that way was walking her way.

"I never thought you to be anti social" He said taking a seat across from her. She shrugged. Man she was in a worse mood than she thought.

"You mad at me" He asked.

"No" Now she was feeling bad.

"Sorry, I just... feel weird. Every other women here is with their man. I am here as your nanny. I just feel separate from them. I know it's dumb but it's how I feel" She sighed feeling stupid.

He stood up and sat next to her. "Don't feel that way. Your here as my friend to. They like you. You know Alicia does. This is not the Olivia I know" He said as he pushed her hair off of her shoulder.

What was she supposed to say? That she wished she was here under different circumstances? That she dreamed about him every night? That he was consuming her thoughts? She couldn't say those things without sounding pathetic. She had never been this bent out of shape over a man. She felt awful. And having him close like this made it worse.

"So what's your reasons" She asked looking him straight in the eyes. He knew what she was asking.

"What's yours" He asked back. She shook her head.

"Never mind" She stood up and he grabbed her arm.

"You know why. We both like our set up and don't want that to change" He said hoping she'd agree.

"I think I have changed my mind" She said and walked towards the front of the bus.

He sat back in the seat and ran his hands threw his hair. He needed a cigarette. So she changed her mind? Had he?
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