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His Girls

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Things change with Gerard and Olivia

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Olivia couldn't sleep. She had never been one to fall asleep easily in the car so it wasn't a surprise. She tossed and turned then decided to get up and sit at the table in front. She watched the scenery pass by. Everything was quiet accept for the humming of the bus. She heard someone snore from time to time and smiled. The rest of the evening had been un eventful. She and Gerard hadn't talked much. She would just let him think about her comment for a while. Until then she would try to not be so down. This wasn't like her at all. She would wake up tomorrow with a better out look and just enjoy herself. She was excited that she would finally see them perform tomorrow night. She couldn't wait to see him on stage. She just couldn't picture it.

"Couldn't sleep" She looked over and saw Gerard looking at her. He had on a black t shirt and grey sweat pants, he looked tousled and sexy from sleep. Damn him.

"Nope. I have never been good at sleeping in cars, or buses in this case" She smiled.

"Can I keep you company?" He asked and took a seat next to her.

"Sure" she smiled. She really did want his company. She didn't want it to be weird between them.

"Look I am sorry for my attitude today. I will be in way better spirits tomorrow. I am looking forward to watching you guys tomorrow night" She smiled and turned to see him frowning.

"What's wrong" She asked.

"Nothing" He shook his head.

"I hope you enjoy the show" he said hating the small talk.

"Look about what you said earlier..." He said and she shook her head.

"Forget it" She said feeling a bit embarrassed.

"No" He said and turned her head towards him.

"I thought you wanted things to stay the same" He said not letting her look away from him.

"I did. But I was talking to a friend and I don't know... Why are we holding back? Why don't we take a chance?" She said pleading with him. She felt him place his fore head against hers and sigh.

"I have so much baggage" He said hoping she understood.

"So do I. So that's gonna be our excuse" She asked loving the way he was touching her cheek.

"I don't know" He said honestly.

"Are we making this more complicated than it should be or are we just scared" She asked.

"I think a little of both. Look I need you for Jade, but I want you for myself as well. It seems selfish" He said with a little smile.

"Let's be selfish" She said and lightly kissed him. It felt so right.

"What if it doesn't work out" He asked wanting to kiss her more.

"Let's not doom ourselves already" She grinned against his lips before she kissed him again.

Fuck it, he wanted this. He threw himself into he kiss. He pulled her against him and and deepened the kiss. He felt her hands in his hair and he wanted nothing more than to take her to his bunk and have her. He felt her lips leave his and missed them immediately. But felt them on his neck and he held back a moan. He felt her straddle him and he couldn't hide how much he wanted her anymore. He pulled her down against him so she could feel how much he wanted her. He brought her lips back to his again and tied his tongue with hers. It felt right, he couldn't deny that.

"Gerard" he heard her say and felt her sit back.

"Hey we have to stop" She looked down at him and touched his face. She looked flushed and sexy. He grabbed her butt and shoved her back against him and kissed her again. He heard her laugh and kiss him back. A few minutes later she sat back again.

"Seriously. This isn't gonna stop if we keep going and were in a bus full of people and Jade" She whispered. His eyes cleared and he shook his head in agreement. She regretfully scooted off of his lap and stood up.

"I am gonna need a minute" he said and stood up. She looked down and saw his problem. He saw her eyes get hungry.

"I could..." He wanted her to. So bad!

"Daddy" they heard Jades little voice say. That brought the moment down real quick.

"Hear hunny" He said and walked towards her bunk. Olivia walked into the bathroom and splashed water on her face. She needed to calm her body down. She heard the door crack a bit and saw Gerard peak in.

"I need your help" He said with a look of dread on his face.

"Is she okay" She asked and opened the door all the way.

"She wet the bunk" He said as she followed him. Poor Jade. She walked by him and saw the little girl standing in the back of the bus with tears streaming.

"Come here love" She said and picked her up.

"I will get you wet" Jade cried.

"It's okay baby. I don't mind. Let's let daddy clean the bunk and we will go wash up and change ok" She asked Jade.

"Otay" She was still crying a bit. Olivia carried her into the bathroom then went to get them a change of clothes. She stripped Jade and washed her off. The little girl stopped crying and was laughing at the funny faces Olivia kept making at her.

"Your siwy Livy" Jade laughed.

"I know but so are you" Olivia said then tickled the little girl. Gerard peeked in to see how things were. He smiled. Of course Olivia cheered Jade up. His little girl was laughing and looked much better.

"Your bed needs to dry off. Want to come sleep with me" he asked and she shook her head no.

"I want to sleep with Livy" She said and grabbed Olivias hand.

"Okay. Let her clean off then you can sleep with her okay" He said and picked her up.

"Otay. See you Livy" Jade said as Gerard took her out of the bathroom. Five minutes later he was tucking Jade in next to Olivia. He kissed Jades head and touched Olivia's face. "

Goodnight" He said then pulled back the curtain. Those were his girls. He thought with a smile.

"We have to look nice for your daddy's concert tonight. It's the first one I have seen" Olivia said as she brushed Jade's hair. They hadn't seen Gerard all day. He had a photo shoot and an interview so they had, had lunch with Alicia and Jamia and now they were getting ready for the show.

"You look pretty" Alicia said as she walked onto the bus.

"Thanks" Jade said and twirled in her little white and blue sun dress.

"Livy picked it" She smiled and hugged Alicia.

"Nice job Livy" Alicia winked. "Thanks" She smiled.

"You look nice to" Alicia said checking out Olivia's clothes. The girl could dress and she definitely looked nothing like Gerard's taste. It made her smile. She had on a hot pink tank top, jean Capri's, and zebra heels. Her blond hair was down and straight with a little curl at the end.

"Just want us to look good for the show" Olivia smiled hoping she didn't look awful. She just wanted an excuse to wear her new shoes.

"I am gonna take Jade on over to the venue and let you finish up" Alicia said and grabbed Jades hand.

"Okay I will be there in a minute" She said as they left.

Why did she feel nervous about seeing Gerard? Had last night changed things? Was he agreeing to see where it went? SO many questions. She grabbed her camera and headed out. She heard fans screaming and looked over to see people lined up on the other side of the fence. That was crazy! They were all there for the guys? She walked into the venue and was bombarded by so many people and sounds. She saw Jamia and was happy to see someone she knew.

"Hey" Jamia said as they hugged.

"You look great. Love your shoes" Jamia said admiring her new friends shoes.

"Thanks" She smiled then looked over and saw Gerard.

He was talking to someone with a tape recorder. He smiled and she smiled back then he turned to answer a question. He had on jeans and a grey t shirt. He looked amazing! His hair was all crazy and hanging almost to his shoulders. She wanted to eat him. Jamia noticed the way Gerard and Olivia were looking at each other and wondered if they thought no one saw the chemistry between them.

"Where is Jade" Olivia asked.

"She is off somewhere with Jesse"Jamia smiled as she saw Gerard head their way.

"Hey" He smiled huge.

"Hey" Olivia smiled.

"Well I am off to find my husband" Jamia knew neither of them had heard her.

"You look fucking hot" He said looking her up and down. She was still shorter than him in her heels.

"You don't look to bad yourself" She laughed. They wanted to touch so bad.

"We are ridiculous" She laughed and walked with him.

"I just want to touch you and I can't. It's hard" He said honestly.

"So we are really gonna do this" She asked, and stopped walking. He faced her and shook his head yes

"We only live once. I want to spend time with you and see where this goes. I am tired of holding back with you".

She smiled "I agree". She leaned forward but he dodged her.

"I don't think we should tell anyone yet" He saw her frown.

"Jade wouldn't understand. I think it should be just between us for now" He hoped she understood.

"Okay" She said and started walking again. She was annoyed. He'd went about that the wrong way.

"Olivia..." he said as she walked a head of him.

"Please understand why I want it to be just us for now" He was pleading with her.

She understood but she hated keeping secrets. She couldn't just kiss him when she wanted. She had waited long enough to touch him and kiss him and now she couldn't? Not in public at least.

"I get it, I just don't like it" She said and smiled.

"I don't like it either. Look I have to go, but I will see you after the concert ok" He said and squeezed her hand.

"Okay. Break a leg" She said and watched him go.

She didn't feel as good as she had. That talk burst her little bubble. She knew his reasons, but she wondered when they would ever be able to spend time together.

"Hey you! We have been looking for you" Alicia said with Jade in tow.

"Livy" Jade said and ran to her nanny. She picked the little girl up and hugged her tightly.

"You ready to watch the show" She asked Jade as they headed towards the stage.

"Yeps, I wove to watch daddy" She smiled.

They watched the two opening acts and Jade didn't make it past the first one. She was sleeping on a couch with Jamia while Olivia stayed for the show. They insisted she stay and watch and she gave in.

She watched the lights go down and heard the roar of the crowd. She watched them take their places on stage and felt their anticipation. The music started and the lights went up. She only had eyes for Gerard. He started singing and performing and she was shocked. There is no way this was her shy sweet Gerard. This guy was sexy and dirty and the crowd loved it... she loved it. He cursed at the crowd and they screamed. She found herself screaming to. There was so much energy she got caught up. When the show was over she was so impressed and proud.

He walked past her and she could see he was covered in sweat. He didn't look at her as he passed. He was in the zone still. She left the stage and walked towards Alicia but she was caught up in a kiss with her husband, so she didn't interrupt.

She headed in the other direction hoping to stumble upon Gerard. She heard herself yelp as she was pulled into a dark room. She found herself being shoved against a wall and felt lips crash down onto hers. SHe knew it was him immediatly. She could taste him. She immediatly clung to him kissing him back just as desperatly. She felt his teeth on her neck and his hands on her breast. She heard herself moan and was cut off when his lips found hers again.

"I want you now" She heard him say and she felt him moving her. SHe felt something hard hit the back of her legs and realized she was laying on her back. There was a table in this room? She couldn't see a thing. She felt his lips against her breast then down her stomach. Everywhere he kissed caught on fire.

"I want to see you" She said hoping there was a light. She heard him curse then tug on something. It was a dim little light but it was a light. He turned and gave her a devilish grin and leaned back over her. This was it. He wanted her now? She didn't care, her body started to take over. She saw him abover her and grabbed his face. He looked at her and kissed her forehead, then her lips.

"Hey" She smiled.

"Hey" he said and touched her face. They had slowed things down a bit. He lifted her shirt. She was glad she wore a cute bra. He leaned down and kissed the tops of her breasts. She pulled him down trying to get him closer.

"We can't do this here" She said breathlessly.

"Yes we can" He said trying to un do her pants. She stopped him and grinned.

"We can't as much as I want to" She laughed and sat up. He was staring at her like a man starved. Then she saw him shake it off.

"Sorry, I was pumped from the show and..." He gave her that sexy half grin. She pulled her shirt over her head.

"It's okay, I didn't want it to stop. Just there are tons of people around and Jade is asleep in the other room" She said then stood up. She walked up to him.

"Why do you try to get me naked when there are people around" She laughed.

"I have no clue. I saw you standing there on the side of the stage all night and all I could think about was having my hands on you" He pulled her to him again for one more kiss then backed away.

"Look we don'thave to rush any onf this" She said as he opened the door.

"I know. Now come on. I am beat" He said and she followed him out. She didn't see how they were ever going to be alone.

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